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Music and Art

ART AND MUSIC MUSIC is the science and art of expressing the real nature of life, enjoying bliss in every wave of creation. The supreme value of music is achieved when music gives expression to the eternal, unmanifest field of sound ­located at the transcendental level of all life. Total knowledge of music is available in the flow of total Natural Law, at the level of the science and technology of total Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

‘Art and Music, they appear to be two things, but they are absolutely one thing. Art is musical. Every field of art and music opens to our awareness when our awareness is on the transcendental level, when it knows itself.’



‘Inaugurating the knowledge of Art and Music, I am inaugurating today the self-referral performance of the unmanifest infinity, Totality, Unity functioning within itself. I am inaugurating that aspect of human life, which is within itself moving and unmoving—blissfully changing to be more and more and more and more.’

‘The sap in a tree is one single sap. When it begins to multiply itself, then the process of multiplication is blissful, because it is expansion from one to two to three to four to infinity. So inaugurating the field of Art and Music, I am inaugurating that which is the essential quality of the unmanifest field of life in its process of manifestation. The bliss is in the waves. Waves of Being becoming is the seat of supreme Art and Music.’

‘Habit bound we are saying that in every generation this knowledge of Art and Music has to be in the student’s life, and when he is still student age, he should know how to live the way a leaf lives. How does a leaf live? The leaf blossoms into a colorful flower. The colorful flower blossoms into many tastes of fruits. So one blossoms into many, increasing the magnitude of bliss, increasing the magnitude of bliss. Self-referral is the key. Transcendental Meditation is the key. Advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation are the keys. Yogic Flying is the proof.’
9 March 2006, MERU, Holland
Inaugural Address to the Parliament of World Peace, Session on Art and Music



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