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AGRICULTURE is the science and art of agreeing with the culturing intelligence of total Natural Law, in order to create fully nourishing and vital food, the basis of perfect health for the individual and the nation. The total culturing intelligence of Nature operates at every stage of growth and evolution, and at every level of life. Supreme agriculture, total knowledge of agriculture, utilises the science and technology of total Natural Law, with its basis in the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.


‘“Agriculture” means “to agree with the culturing agency”. What is the culturing agency? The evolutionary creative intelligence of Natural Law is the culturing agency—automatically. Everything that is there is put to growth, whether plants, animals, man or whatever; it is put to evolution. Vedic Vibrations [sounds] are the vibrations of the evolution of life. Exposing man to these, man grows in an evolutionary direction; plants grow in an evolutionary direction.’

3 August 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference

‘Musical sounds are pleasing to man, to the animals, to the birds, to everything; they are also pleasing to plants. It has been researched so much already that plants grow better and produce healthier fruits if they are exposed to melodies.

‘Now, amongst all melodies, the melodies of the Veda are the melodies of the nourishing, evolutionary quality of Natural Law. Veda is the flow of perfection. When the sound of the Veda is available to the plants, they rejoice with healthier growth, healthier existence, and radiate health. All their leaves, their branches, and their fruits become very healthy.

‘This is what Vedic Organic Agriculture is. The plants are given Vedic melodies to listen to. In ancient India, when the parents were going to the fields, the children were also going to the fields, and the children were reciting the Veda. In that way, they were learning the Veda. They were learning the Veda, and the Vedic Sounds were received by the growing crops. The crops were healthier, and the atmosphere, air, water, earth—everywhere—was healthier. Seasons were very favorable to health.

‘The whole thing is very natural for growth. “Natural life” means life in the direction of growth, in the direction of perfection—more and more. Healthy organic agriculture means the agriculture is most profound.’

3 August 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference

‘We have to intelligently use what God has given us—the land. From the land comes the food. And so much of land is being unused. In all these developing countries they are suffering from poverty. We have been inviting them now. I asked the press to awaken the interest of the developing countries, that they don’t have to remain poor anymore, because they have a lot of land, and the land could be put to organic agriculture, and organic food is very much needed in all the wealthy countries, because in all the wealthy countries the production in the country [of food] has been so spoiled by the poison, by all these what they call poisonous fertilizers. So there is a cry in the world for a healthy food, and now all these developing countries have a chance of completely getting rid of their poverty.’

3 July 2002, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference


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