His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


World Peace and Invincibility


Maharishi’s Programme to create INVINCIBILITY for every nation and WORLD PEACE presents tried, tested, and proven principles to naturally live wholeness and enjoy grand Unity in every phase of life and living for the individual, the nation, and the world. Maharishi’s Supreme Political Science creates a permanent state of invincible, unbreakable union, giving rise to invincibility for every nation and perpetual world peace.


‘Invincible Defence is the nature, is the essential characteristic, of the administration of the universe, and it is available to us inscribed in everything that we perceive, and everything that we perceive is inherent in, is pervading that almighty Nature. One cannot dodge it. One cannot surmount it. One cannot go against it. It is invincible. Water has been floated by it, and water is always water. Fire is always fire. Air is always air. The space—Akash—is always Akash.’

‘Eternal means invincible. Time cannot swallow it. Space cannot limit it. It is pervading all space; it is pervading all time. Its own nature expresses itself into multiple expressions. In whatever words we express it, the content is the same, whether we say this is the Will of God flowing—fine. It is never wrong. It is Will of God flowing. If we say Natural Law is flowing—absolutely right. It is Natural Law flowing. In any language we express it, it is eternal.

‘Invincible it has to be, because no twisting and turning around of space and time can damage it or do anything to it. Its nature is always the same, same, same, same. That is why we say: invincible, eternal is the basis of all change. All change is inherent in it. It is non-changing with the potential of all change, and that is why, being everything, it is always full, it is always total.’

‘It is a great joy to inaugurate this field of knowledge today, which will purify this generation and will always give rise to enlightened generations. Peace will be everywhere; prosperity will be everywhere; real pursuit to God-Realization will be everywhere, and the Light of God will shine in every man—Light of God will shine everywhere.’
25 February 2006, MERU, Holland

Inaugural Address to the Parliament of World Peace, Session on Invincible Defence

‘We are teaching unity as a living reality in all the diverse ways of behaviour and action in the world. Whatever is the intensity of darkness, we can forget about it with a ray of the onset of light. We have that knowledge. We have that knowledge with which we take pride in reconstructing the world—rejuvenating every aspect of life—to a supreme level of dignity, affluence, fulfilment, integration, and finally, invincibility in all aspects of life.’

‘Our programme of bringing enlightenment to every individual and invincibility to every nation collectively is a programme of simplicity—utter simplicity, absolute naturalness. There are no complications in it. It is all clear and simple and total and perfect. Take the programme and enjoy totality of life. Totality of life, by the grace of the Creator of life, is infinity—nothing finite—everything enormously fulfilling at all times.’
5 October 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference



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