His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Future of the World Is Bright

‘Our slogan has been—and it is now going to be realized—“Heaven on Earth”, the simple expression, “Heaven on Earth”. We are on the way for everyone to enter into Heaven on Earth. If it is a dream, it is such a beautiful dream, and “dream come true” is the phrase that we enjoy.’
10 August 2005, MERU, Holland

Global Press Conference

‘The dawn is the destiny of the night. Night proceeds; darkness proceeds towards the dawn. We think this is the time. We have celebrated the dawn of this perfect age of bliss and invincibility for every nation during the past two, three months, and we are heading towards it to make it perfect.’

‘It is very good. It is such a joy. We have the wisdom from Guru Dev, from the Tradition of Vedic Masters. We feel we are doing justice to the Vedic Wisdom by creating this uniformly blissful state of all mankind on our global earth and radiating coherence and invincibility to all the planets and all the galaxies, so that no one will ever conflict with anyone else. The world will come up to be a beautiful mosaic of differences.’
5 October 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference



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