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ARCHITECTURE is the science and art of establishing structures where the part is in tune with the whole—the individual structure is in tune with its cosmic potential. This is the ideal of architecture—designing fortune-­creating homes, cities, and nations from the level of the Cosmic Architecture, the eternal design of the universe in accordance with the structuring dynamics of the field of Total Knowledge—the field of the science and technology of total Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.


‘The supreme value of architecture is the architecture of the unbounded diversity of the galactic universe. The tremendous diversity of the galactic universe is established in such a way that it is always orderly, always on the level of prevention from problems. Architecture of the universe is infinite diversity of Total Knowledge, but all in one synchrony, in one unified state. So we inaugurate today that knowledge, which has its range in the unboundedness, and inauguration of that is opening it up to human awareness, applying it in human affairs, human life, human speech, human behaviour, human physiology.

‘Everything is full of boundaries of space and time, and yet it is eternally going on. Everything in the space of space and time means fluctuations, and fluctuations means temporary existence, but this temporary existence on an eternal basis—this is the ideal of architecture: unlimited, yet not devoid of limitations.’

1 March 2006, MERU, Holland

Inaugural Address to the Parliament of World Peace, Session on Economy

‘It is not the bricks and mortar, but how the bricks are laid out and how the front wall of the house is laid out, whether it is laid out properly North and South so that the main entrance of the house in the centre is facing East. This entrance of the house, facing East, is facing the source of life energy from the Sun. East provides the rising Sun, and the rising Sun means life-giving rays of the dawning Sun. It has a great influence when the Sun enters the main room, the main entrance, of the house from the East. It is said in the ancient architecture, Vedic Architecture, that this is the best influence on the house.

‘The tilting of the house also has its own influence. It is said that the entrance in the Southern direction is very inauspicious; it is as inauspicious as the value of the entrance in the North is auspicious. If it is tilted towards West, maybe twenty degrees, sixty degrees, or eighty degrees, whatever, the degree of tilt has its influence.

‘It is all stated. People do not have to believe; they just have to see in what disorientation they are living—how the house is tilted in what direction. We have the whole literature, which says how inauspicious the entrance is if tilted in this direction or in that direction. It is not a matter of believing. The record of the Vedic Literature is the result of this scientific architecture.

‘Ask the people, those who are living with a South entrance or an entrance tilted towards this or tilted towards that [direction]. See what is recorded [in the ancient texts]. Then you will know it is not a matter of discussion; it is not a matter of discussion. It is a matter of preferring either to continue in a questionable house or quickly change it to a house with a satisfactory set-up.’
10 August 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference




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