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ADMINISTRATION is the science and art of organizing problem-free progress, leading to fulfilment for everyone. Ideal administration has a parental role for everyone. Ideal, problem-free administration is available in the Constitution of the Universe, which equally upholds all life in a nourishing and evolutionary manner. This is the field of the total knowledge of administration organized from the field of all positivity, the field of the science and technology of total Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.


‘When we are laying the foundation stone for a government to be governed by the Constitution of the Universe, then we are preparing a home for it in terms of its own self-referral dignity. In the self-referral dignity of the wholeness of the Constitution of the Universe, the wholeness of Natural Law is there.’

12 April 2006, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference

‘We are going to establish every government on a successful level of their parental role for all the millions of people that they are administering, because the administration of the huge, enormous galactic universe can now be inherited in a very simple way by a few people in any government, in any nation—a thousand people, two thousand people, five thousand people, or five hundred people for a small country. We can enliven their awareness with the enormous awakening of the total creative intelligence of Natural Law. The result will be that the collective consciousness of their nation will be surcharged with the liveliness of all possibilities that is the nature of the total law that governs the universe.’
 5 October 2005, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference

‘Now, listen carefully. In any country where punishment is allowed, it is a failure of administration. Administration should be able to educate the people so that they do not make mistakes in their life. If two people fight on the street, that means the government has not educated them to be quiet with each other, friendly with each other. So it is the education that is faulty.’

‘Government should have a parental role for the people. See, there are two different kinds of role: one role is a parental role, where the parents give everything to the children; the other is an employer-employee role, the employer’s role. The employer says: “You do this much work, I will give you this much money.” The employer-employee relationship demands work and money. The parental role doesn’t demand work and gives money. Out of the two, I say everyone should agree, that the government will be an ideal government if it goes with parental role: gives to the people all that they need.  Just the parental role—and then the government will be really sucessful.’

‘If a man is criminal, government is responsible, because government has the reins of education. “I will teach education.” Fine. You teach education. But make him competent: give him Transcendental Meditation so that he uses his full brain, and in using his full brain, he will go only straight in the path of evolution—Natural Law will support him. This is the thing lacking in administration. We want administration to be an automatic procedure for good things built in the character of a man—good notions, good thoughts, helpful thoughts, all that God wants man to be. In most of the religions, the teaching is the same: “Man is made in the image of God”. We want to correct the age-old deficiency in administration in the world.’

‘Man-made law is the administrator of every nation today. We cannot eliminate man-made law. The administration has to continue through man-made law. We are going to create  these groups [practising Yogic Flying). These groups will not do the administration day-to-day. Administration today will be done by those who are administering the nation through the man-made laws. These  groups will create coherence in national consciousness. Quietly they will create coherence in national consciousness. And all this has been proven scientifically.’

‘These groups [practising Yogic Flying] in every country will create coherence in national consciousness. And a coherent national consciouness will reduce down the crime rate, will reduce down negativity, will improve the behaviour of the people, and in this way, the man-made constitution will not have to fight the criminals in the country. Criminals will be less and less, and the time could come that the criminals don’t exist. So all the energy of the people, of the government, will be used for good things.’

‘Collective consciousness is the basis of what government does. And therefore let them [governments] do what they do. But create some groups [practising Yogic Flying], and they will create a better collective consciousness, and that will create a better government.’

24 July 2002, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference


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