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ECONOMICS is the science and art of accessing affluence. The ideal of economics is for everyone in the whole world family to live abundance and fulfilment in daily life. This ideal is achieved by harnessing the infinite creativity and abundance of total Natural Law available at every point in creation at the transcendental level of existence. This is the field of the total knowledge of economics, available in the field of the science and technology of total Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.


‘I remember today that inauguration of economy was the aspiration when I inaugurated the Spiritual Regeneration Movement fifty years ago. That was the one aspiration—that the reality of life is so vast, on the level of infinite dimension, on the level of the infinite diversity of the universe, and in that is the principle of economy. The principle of economy means, just in simple words, ‘‘Do less and accomplish more’’.’

‘Do less and accomplish more defines the word economy, and taking it to the extreme level—do nothing and accomplish everything is the ideal of economy. Do less and accomplish more is the call of economy, and it defines what economy is, and the ideal of economy, supreme dignity of economy, supreme value of economy is, do not do anything and accomplish everything. On the level of doing—zero. Do nothing. Be zero. Be a big nothingness. Be a big zero and accomplish universal achievement.

‘The idea is well contained in a poet’s words: ‘I am the monarch of all I survey’—wherever is my vision, wherever is my comprehension, the situation is under my command. This is what I inaugurated fifty years ago, and today, again, I am repeating the formality. I am repeating the same formality that the ideal of economy is do nothing and accomplish everything.’
20 September 2006, MERU, Holland, MERU, Holland
Inaugural Address to the Parliament of World Peace, Session on Economy

‘It is natural for the rich to give money to the poor, but it does not solve the basis of poverty. We are going to create a few groups here, there, everywhere in the world [practising Yogic Flying]. Then the whole world consciousness will rise in coherence and positivity.’
3 August 2005, MERU, Holland, MERU, Holland
Global Press Conference


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