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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Maharishi Celebrates Krishna Janmashtami—
the Day of the Birthday of Krishna

4 September 2007


In the global celebration of Krishna Janmashtami on 4 September 2007, following Vedic chanting by the Vedic Pandits of India, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, performed Guru Puja* and then gave an invocation to Krishna in Sanskrit. Maharishi then gave a beautiful address about the profound significance of the day. The global celebration was broadcast live via satellite and over the Internet on the Maharishi Channel.

Maharishi: ‘Today on the birthday of Shri Krishna—the birthday of Total Knowledge incarnate—birthday, we would say, of the eternal administrator of life on earth, we have the opportunity to offer ourselves to those rising waves of bliss which come to us as the light of dawn of a new administrator of the world, Shri Krishna, Total Knowledge incarnate, total silence incarnate, total dynamism potential incarnate, total Kriya Shakti, Gyan Shakti, Samanvayat, Purna Brahm.

‘The totality of knowledge in silence, self-referral totality of knowledge in potential of dynamism—capability, creativity, infinite creativity—that administers all life on earth. Today is the day, most fortunate day of all the days of the year.

'India, Vedic Civilization, rejoices in welcoming today's day year after year. And this eternal tradition of Vedic India keeps renewing in human awareness. If in the hustle and bustle of daily life of the physical universe, the silent basis of all life has been forgotten, then today is the day when the new light of Total Knowledge dawns and everyone is celebrating the offering of his life, offering of all his knowledge, all his possessions, all his creativity, to freshen the light of Total Knowledge, to freshen unity as a living reality of daily life.

‘It is very difficult, it is very difficult, for life in India to forget that unity is reality. Diversity is an aspect of it, as long as unity has not become a breath of life—the reality of every action. Year after year this day comes, the birthday of Krishna.Year after year this day comes, the birthday of Krishna—the reality of absolute Union of everything. And "absolute union of everything" means everything.

‘Whatever controversial they may be in themselves, but unity of them is an eternal reality and that is Krishna. On one side "Krishna" means black. "Black" means nothingness. On the other side, everything else is a manifestation of this nothingness. Everything is a manifestation of this nothingness.

‘Nothingness is the reality of total unity. Total unity means no diversity, and that means all the opposite values coming in perfect union with each other, all the infinite diversity meets at a point of eternal unity, and eternal unity is that which is all reality. "Sarvam Kalvidam Brahm"—all this is total Brahm, total Krishna. Krishna—all silence with the eternal lively potential in it—and this is life.

'Everything in every aspect of life, like every wave, is [an] inseparable part of the ocean. Like that, all different aspects of life are part of this eternal life, Brahm—Krishna. And dawn of it—the birth of it in the awareness of the human being—is the awareness of Totality.

‘Absolute totality of knowledge inherent with the total dynamism—this is Veda, the flow of total Constitution of the Universe. Veda, the flow of Total Knowledge, is the flow of the Constitution of the Universe. And by "flow" it means it is silent, but it is full of life. It is not inertia. It is not inertia. Total life, totality of life, totality of Being, in how many words we can say it—it is the summation of all differences, the unified state of all life.

‘Thanks to the evolution of knowledge, [in] the present day. . . . research in the reality of knowledge from the physical aspect of life—"physical aspect of life" means from the level of diversity of life. Modern science today is proud of having investigated into the reality of the Unified Field.

‘Unified Field is the scientific discovery from all the physical sciences [of] that reality which is eternally sung in the Vedic expressions. We don't call it a literature. Literature has a different meaning about it. Literature means intellectual interpretations of this and this and this. Veda is its own commentary. It stands on its own. That is why Veda is the singsong of Brahm. Veda is the singsong of Brahm.

'When this singsong is a reality? When Atma—the self-referral Being of everyone—wakes up in this Totality. Atma waking up in the Totality means unification of diversity and unity. Unified state of all the diversified values in one reality which in itself is unmanifest. Anything manifest comes in the range of duality, anything unmanifest comes in the range of duality. But the basic value of duality is a unified state of all diverse values. All diverse values in the universe have their real basis, real existence in the state of unity and that is Brahm—Krishna, Krishna, Krishna—the whole beautiful life of Krishna, life of the unmanifest total reality, which is constituted in diversely differentiated values in the field of diversity.

'Today is the birthday of Krishna, birthday of Krishna. That unmanifest total reality is blossoming in the light of all life. All life in the universe today is breathing the birth of Krishna, the dawn of unity, the reality of all diversity.

'The day of Krishna, Krishna Janmashtami day, the word is expressive of total analysis of unity. What is the total analysis of unity? Ashtami—the Eight. The eight Prakritis are divided nature of Prakriti. Prakriti means the nature, the reality. Eight Prakritis divided, and they are the qualities which multiply themselves to become innumerable diversity of the universe—innumerable diversity of the universe. They are all the expressions of the eight values, eight Prakritis.

'Eight is the divided nature of the ninth Prakriti. Ninth Prakriti is the unified Prakriti. "Prakriti" means the nature. Nine is a unity of eight. Nine is a unity of eight—still in the field of action, the field of action.

'What is the tenth? The Vedic expression is ''Thou art the Tenth''. What is ''Thou''? Purusha. Silent reality of Purusha. What is Purusha? Purusha is self-witnessing quality. Self-witnessing quality is the Purusha. And Self-witnessing being a verb, the Purusha is the subject of the verb. Experiencer, experiencing, and experienced—all the three are in unified state, and that unified state has been seen in terms of two qualities, the subject and the object. The subject—the seer—process of seeing, and the object of sight. Seer, seeing, and sight. Knower, knowing, and known. Knower, knowing, and known.

'Knower, knowing, and known is the value, the characteristic quality of the Self of everyone, and when it is awake in its value, when it is knower, knowing, and known. It is Purusha and Prakriti and the result of action, result of Prakriti.

'When the Atma is fully awake in itself, Vedic expression for that is "Ayam Atma Brahm"—this Atma is Brahm. Otherwise Atma is the Self of everyone. Self of everyone is the same Self of everyone. The Self of everyone is the same Self of everyone that has knower, knowing, and known. The doer—the actor—acting, and action. So the whole multiple expression is unified in a state, and that is the ultimate reality—Brahm—and that is the Krishna and awakening of human awareness. Appreciating that, that is the day today.

'The day of the birth of Krishna, the day of the birth of Krishna, the day of the birth of Krishna. And what is our fortune? Our fortune is to have the opportunity for the blessings of Guru Dev**, who said to us, ''Pashya, Pashya, Pashya, Pashya''—see, see, see. You are essentially Purusha. You are essentially the nature of Purusha. You are essentially the summation of all the divisions of Purusha, the eight Prakritis, ninth Prakriti, the Para Prakriti, and Purusha.

'And today is the day of total awakening. The day of total awakening is the day that comes year after year, year after year in the Vedic calendar. Vedic calendar—miraculously each day approaches the light of Totality through some angle, through some angle. And that angle, that means, one takes delight in calling Devata, this Devata, that Devata. Every day in the Indian calendar—the Vedic calendar—is a day of awakening. Innumerable qualities of differentiated values of the eight, all in terms of multiples of eight values, same eight values, same eight values.

'It is a great science of life, a great science of mathematics. In the Vedic terminology, science is expressed in two expressions: language and the language which is flowing. "Agnim ile purohitam" [first expression of Rk Veda]. Language flows. Science is expressed in terms of flow. Science is incomplete if only expressed in terms of flow.

'Science is complete when it is flowing and coming to a decision of unity, and not flowing and coming to a decision of unity. This approach of ''not flowing'' is the approach of number system—one, two three, four. One is always one, two is two, three is always three. No flow in the number system—no flow. This is Vedic mathematics. But non-flow also is competent to put things together and come to the same decision.

'He who is numbering, he himself is knower, knowing, and known—the three values. Always the three values are there, through the number system, through the language. And this is expression of the Constitution of the Universe in terms of Veda. Constitution of the Universe means administrator of all diversity coming to unity and unity diversifying itself to diversity. Diversity unified, unity diversified. Both these things together are Brahm. They are Krishna. Both these things together are Krishna. Both these things together are Krishna.

'This is portrayed in the life of Krishna, when eternally free Brahm, is seen tied down in boundaries. This is the picture. Mother Yashoda, Mother of Krishna, tied Krishna down with the string. This is how infinite unity is tied down to small diverse values. Atma is tied down to some senses, some ego, some intellect, some mind, senses. Five senses of gaining knowledge, five organs of performing action, and all the five tied down to one. ''Tied down'' is the value in the relationship of Krishna and his mother—tied down.

'This is a secret of how Purusha is tied down to Prakriti, and Prakriti is tied down to Purusha. It is eternal reality. Purusha and Prakriti are inseparable. Unity and diversity are inseparable. They are two opposite values coming together, but they are inseparable. They are separate, but they are not separate. This is the vision of today's day. This is the importance of today's day—the birthday of Krishna.

'We are fortunate to perform Puja to Guru Dev because in Guru Dev we have the reality of Krishna—reality of Total Knowledge is embodiment of Total Knowledge. "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur, Guru Devo Maheshvarah, Guruh Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah." Guru Brahma—Guru is the creator. Guru Vishnu—Guru is the maintainer. Guru Devo Maheshvarah—Guru is eternal Shiva, absolute silence. And Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, and Guru is the summation of the three, diversity, and unity. Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah. That is why we bow down to Guru Dev. Bowing down to Guru Dev is in essence, in reality, subjecting ourself to that eternal unified state which is the be-all and end-all of existence.

'Today's performance of Puja is welcoming the birth of Krishna, new light of Totality, new light of Totality, total light of creativity. When the Pandits of India were performing Puja with me today, every phrase, every word, was knocking the door of enlightenment. There will be some time I will have the joy of explaining every phrase that the Pandits chanted one after the other, one after the other, repeatedly.

'The Vedic procedure of performing Puja brings out the unity of the three values—knower, knowing, and known—Purusha, Prakriti, and divided Prakriti. Purusha, undivided Prakriti always inherent in the nature of Purusha, and divided Prakriti is a characteristic quality of the unified Prakriti.

'So here is the unity and diversity, unity and diversity, unity and diversity. And unity derived from diversity. Diversity derived from unity. And this eternal constancy of exchanging realities is the birthday of Krishna. This reality of Krishna, this reality of Total Knowledge, this reality of the Constitution of the Universe, that is enlivening consciousness of the Vedic Pundits in India, and that is enough to maintain order in the administration of the universe.

'Today we got the ordainment from Guru Dev to establish the adminstration of the Constitution of the Universe, to establish Constitution of the Universe and make complete the constitution of every country.

'What has become and what has been since long time; the age of darkness came, Kali Yuga [age of ignorance] came, and what happened was administration of every country was governed by human intelligence, and human intelligence is a very limited intelligence, like the children's intelligence. Children can see so far, only so far. It is the parents that have the clearer vision. So the parents train the boys, educate the boys, in order to have that long-range vision, in which absolute diverse qualities are always shaking hands together.

'Diversity is unity, unity is diversity, diversity is unity. All this is expressed in so many ways—Rk Ved, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda, Vedangas, Upangas, Upavedas, all Upanishads, Aranyakas, Brahmanas. All this Itihas and Smriti and Puranas, the whole Vedic literature and not only this, the source of the Veda in the Smritis. A big huge literature of the Smritis. It is the Smritis that become Shrutis.

'It is the mental reverberation that comes to become appreciated by the senses, all five senses, and put to action by the five organs of action. So the whole basis of action in the Smritis which is the Shruti which is heard. What is heard is the reverberation of mind which is Smriti, memory. So the whole Vedic literature is the expression of memory, that is Smriti, waves. And waves are the reality of the silent ocean.

'Silent ocean is eternally the same non-changing Purana, the ancient. The ancient is completely unmmanifest. So what is the ruler of the world? The basis of the world is the ruler of the world. The basis is unmanifest reality, Self-referral reality. Self-referral basis of reality is Brahm, Brahm, Brahm.

'We are today putting in action all that we have been glamorizing in our awareness throughout all these fifty years, and all the saints of all ages in their time have been singing the glory of unity in different languages. All the languages have the basis of their culture in diversity, in unity, and diversity in unity.

'So today we are fortunate to be launching the programme of Invincibility to Every Nation. Invincibility belongs to the level of Brahm—Totality, Totality, Totality.

'What comes today? Our programme now will be to establish a section of Purusha in every country, establish a section of Mother Divine in every country***. Purusha, Mother Divine, another level of performance in the field of action. Because Purusha and Mother Divine have their silent offer. There will be a group of Yogic Flyers—a group of Purusha, a group of Mother Divine.

'And everyone will be offered the knowledge of Vastu Vidya—all the designing of their home and working places in terms of Vastu Vidya, Vedic Vidya. And this is our programme to transform the world for all time, the world will be free from all these difficulties and conflicts and negativity.

'We are proceeding in this today. I ring the bell of Eureka, to bring a practical programme for all mankind and all the whole world Movement of ours will be established on a real government run by the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda. Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev.’

Puja is a Vedic performance of gratitude; Guru Puja, of gratitude to the spiritual teacher

**Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas

***The Purusha programme for men, and Mother Divine programme for ladies—advanced programmes for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to rapid evolution to higher states of consciousness through deepening experiences of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programmes, including Yogic Flying, and to radiating a powerful influence of harmony and bliss throughout the world.



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