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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Celebrating the Final Day of the Global Coronation
of New Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace

30 October 2007


On the tenth and final day of the grand, global coronation ceremony of six new Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave the following inspiring address in the morning's inaugural session, following global Puja [Vedic ceremony of gratitude] to Guru Dev*.

Maharishi: 'Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. Today's Puja to Guru Dev is our supreme achievement. What comes to us is enlivenment of pure self-referral Purushottama [the Supreme Purusha, the Self, Totality] in our awareness. Today's Puja is a Puja to invoke supreme authority, supreme competence in the administration of our world family.

'The process is lively, only it was necessary [to take] our awareness to that level where the Paraprakriti** is one with Purusha [infinite silence, the unbounded Self]. Today's Puja is the tenth day Puja for crowning the fresh group of Rajas. ''Crowning'' means the administrative intelligence of the forthcoming Rajas is self-contained and self-sufficient in order that their administration is as self-contained and profound and perfect as the administration of the ever-expanding universe under the spell of the eternal Constitution of the Universe, which governs all life in the ever-expanding universe in the ever-growing phase.

'Evolution is spontaneous and all over creation. That spontaneity of evolutionary process, we are opening our awareness to that through Puja to Guru Dev. Guru Dev Brahmanand Saraswati, Vijayante taram [all victory to Guru Dev].

'Embarking upon invoking that spontaneity of administration of the universe—where everything is perfect—we are opening our awareness to that perfect administration of the universe. This is the tenth day of invocation of coronation of the blessed Rajas. Every item of Puja today has been picking up [lifting] our awareness to that most tender level of authority where infinite silence and infinite dynamism, the two opposite essential values, are perfectly coherent with each other.

'It is eternal coherence on that level about which we have been knowing as "Dashamas twam asi"—Thou art the tenth. And that tenth is the self-sustained, eternal state of balance, the full glory of Brahm, Purushottama, the silent, unseen administrator of the universe. Our Puja today has opened our awareness to that.

'We are absolutely blessed because today's Puja has opened the gate of spontaneous, perfect administration to our awareness. We are blessed. We are blessed today, Guru Dev.

'What is behind this? We can only say, our fortune that brought us to the feet of Guru Dev, where the total Natural Law is lively in the Shruti, Smriti, Purana*** value of knowledge and its infinite organizing power [is behind this]. This is the tenth value, the self-referral value of Purushottama—Raam Brahm paramarath rupa, [the transcendental Totality]—the gate of administration of Raja Raam, where [there is] infinite balance between two completely opposite values—silence and dynamism. Silence in the nature of pure knowledge of Totality, Unity; and inherent in it, infinite organizing power.

'Theoretically we had understood it from the phrase "Dashamas twam asi" [Thou art the tenth], from the phrase ''Narayanam, Padma Bhavam, Vasishtham'' [the first teachers in the Vedic Tradition of Masters]—all those things we have been repeating in every Puja of our life, ever since we found dedication to Guru Dev.

'A beautiful world is to dawn, a world with perfect harmony, positivity, health, affluence, invincibility to every nation, full enlightenment to every individual. And this is just by those few that, under the light of Guru Dev, we are training to be Rajas.

'What is the training of the Raja? The Raja is maintaining his awareness on the level of transcendental, self-referral consciousness, just this much. Transcendental, self-referral consciousness, and millions of people today having this experience for the last fifty years, [there is] a beautiful, beautiful new awakening of the destiny of all mankind.

'We are proud of that. We are proud to be a medium for that. Fortunately for the last few years we have an example of that in the silent administratorship of our dear Maharaja Nader Raam, the silent administrator of the Global Country of World Peace. The Global Country of World Peace is the heritage of that divine, most royal heritage of administration of the world, that the world has had in the history in the past. From time to time evidences are there in the Vedic Literature, the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God.

'Throughout the ages, the voice was heard, ''Man is made in the image of God.'' [It is a] beautiful reality, and fortunate we are today to have our awareness open to that. We don't mind how many centuries have gone in darkness. Dark nights are always out [gone] with the first rise of the morning sun.

'Today is the day, with the light of Guru Dev's compassion, that we are in a position to embark upon the responsibility of training Purusha****. Raja means independent of everything. The Raja stands on his own. The Raja stands on his own. He does not have to depend on anyone for his administration to be perfect. He is himself completely competent to have his finger on that which is perfect harmony, Total Knowledge, and Total Organizing Power.

'[This is] a wonderful, wonderful gift of life. Guru Dev, we are experiencing the onset of your total blessings in our consciousness. What we are today is just a reflection of your Divinity, of your Royalty, of your Constitution of the Universe. Guru Dev, give us success that we stand competent to fulfil the assignment that we are undertaking to do today on the tenth day of the Coronation ceremony—on the most blessed, most fortunate individuals on the level of their own existence, on the level of their own self-referral intelligence, the Purusha intelligence, the ruling authority over totality of diversity and Unity.

'[It was] a beautiful Puja today, and we want the seal of authority. For that we want to have the Vedic Pandits chant the tenth day of the Coronation ceremony through their traditional recitations, which are the authority from the Puja of Guru Dev—authority emanating and bringing a natural perfection for the administrator of life in our world family. It's a big variety, but [there is] a bigger variety in the universe, in the ever-expanding galactic universe, [and this] much bigger variety [is] always kept in the unified state.

'That unified state is Purusha, Purushottama, the ruler of the universe. Now the Purusha takes over. Purusha's rule is not a new thing to happen. It is going on, it is coming on for all the millennia of the universe and it will continue. It's a matter of our awareness. And today we found the light of Guru Dev, doing offering after offering, offering after offering, offering after offering. [Doing] Puja to Guru Dev, a few times like that, like that, our awareness gets completely sunk in that divine radiance, which is the authority over all the authorities in the universe, in the whole creation.

'This should be the time for us to have the blessing of the Vedic Pandits' traditional chanting on the tenth day, to bless the Coronation ceremony so that the Rajas come out with that confidence, with that radiant light which will spontaneously bring light to the administration of the universe in our world family.

'Dr Feldman [Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace], invite the Vedic Pandits to give their recitation for the tenth day of Coronation. After that, Maharaja Nader Raam will duplicate himself; he will bring coronation to the Rajas. He will be duplicating the silent administrators who will have authority in their own Being. After the Vedic Pandits, we will have that coronation today. We're really blessed after the Puja to Guru Dev. Guru Dev, we are in your light.

'Dr Feldman, invite the Pandits to do their job. Jai Guru Dev.'

Second Session

During the second session on the tenth and final day of the global coronation of the new Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi gave the following beautiful talk.

Maharishi: ' Jai Guru Dev. Today's Puja to Guru Dev takes us completely, completely on the lap of Guru Dev. The supreme affection of Guru Dev, we are expressing, we are experiencing today, now, on this 10th Day of Purusha Coronation. Something concrete that is coming to our awareness—the nature of Purusha, which was so far hidden by the divided eight Prakritis. Since yesterday, when we did the 9th day Puja of the Coronation, Paraprakriti** has been awakened in our awareness, Paraprakriti has been awakened on the experiential level of our awareness.

'This is Rishitau, the Sakshitau, the witnessing quality of our Self. It is difficult to say, but the reality is that the witnessing quality of our Self is in that warmth, in that absolute softness where silence is being crowned with dynamism, eternal silence with eternal dynamism, for eternal supreme quality of administration wherever administration is in our world, or in our heaven, wherever, wherever, wherever.

'Purusha, being open to his own nature, and what is in the nature of Purusha? Pure silence, fully awake in itself, that wakefulness for which the Vedic expression is "Yatha Raja"—as is the Ruler, as is the administrator—"Tatha Praja", so is the administered. The process of administration and the administered come on a level that in itself is completely, eternally unified in its infinite diversity of the action principle.

'In the action principle there is an actor, process of acting, and the object of action. Three values are there, but three values in one awareness. That is the Purusha, Purusha, the eternal ruler of all dynamism, the eternal ruler of the ever-expanding diverse universe. The ruler in the oneness is omnipresent, omniscient.

'So today is the Puja where that omniscient, omnipresent, almighty characteristic quality of the ruler of the ever-expanding universe is open to our awareness. Puja at the feet of Guru Dev, with the Purusha, who are officially embarking upon the responsibility of absolutely remaining self-referral without divorcing the multiplicity which requires administration.

'In the world of multiplicity, [there are] all trends in all directions, but in the awareness of the Purusha, all these directions miraculously unify and they create a unified state of administration, a unified state of administration. There is nothing to administer. State of Being, there is no be-coming. There is no path. That is the state of the goal of all paths, the self-administered state of Unity Consciousness.

'Today is the day with the Puja to Guru Dev, all the Purusha, the Purusha, the Purusha—now I am tempted to say—the element of Purusha, the lively witnessing quality of the administration dawns.

'We have had Purusha Rajas; this coronation of the Purusha Rajas is a very special characteristic quality of the administrator. It is himself, without a second, a state of perfection. In the Unity, there is nothing to administer. [It is] that supreme quality of administration on the level of ultimate reality where there is nothing to rule.

'Rule is a rolling quality, it's this and this, this and this. It's nature, a Constitution, but now we are at the basis of the Constitution where the Constitution is applicable to oneself; and when the Constitution is applicable to one's Self, there is not ruler, no ruled—simple Unity prevails. Opening our awareness on that supreme quality of—if we want to say, administration, no harm—but there are not two, there is no administration. It is the state of Being, to Be, to Be, to Be, to Be.

'Very fortunate Purusha, and very fortunate I am and very fortunate our dear first ruler of the world [Maharaja Nader Raam] is, that he is in that position today that he is established in his own perfect level of Unity. Of course, as before, there is no difference in that state, but he makes it concretely breathe its own special feature, special quality of administration, that it administers itself without administering. That is the state of perfect administration.

'This is that level from where speech returns, leaving off the speaker to himself, and the speaker has nothing to speak. Being. Being. Being. It is ''Be all'' and ''end all'' of everything on its own simple, self-sustained, self-contained, self-breathing Unity.

'Beautiful Purusha. Let the formality of being coronated be completed today. Complete the formality. Your status is already there. It's not that we are reaching it, but we are simply established in it. All Glory to Guru Dev.

'This Puja on the 10th Day of Coronation is a beautiful admittance of the ability of Purusha to be himself. We talk like that only because we have been in the divided nature of Prakriti. And since yesterday, 9th Day Puja, we have opened our awareness to the Pararakriti and today, to that big, unmanifest.

'From one angle, [it is] a big nothingness. From the other angle, [it is] Totality of itself, fully awake in oneself. When it is fully awake in itself, then today's Puja has been on a very grand level. [Every] move, every item of offering has a different quality compared to the previous, compared with the previous, and we think on itself it is Totality, Totality, Totality.

'So, Purusha, now gaining official status of administration. Purusha, Being, administrator, official administrator of the universe. Purusha, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. Come back home from diversity to eternal Unity. Unity handling itself is the administration of Purusha—unmanifest compared to the time when there was a lot of administration.

'When there was lot of administration, there was a lot of controversy to be reconciled here and there and there so far. So for the assembly of mankind there was administration needed, but now today that administration will be just a name, and a name may show some shadow of it. But in reality the world is going to be administered on its own which is the ultimate level of, for want of a word we say, Being.

'We can imagine what fullness, even though there is nothing new about fullness. There is natural fullness in the awareness, in the consciousness of our dear Raja di Raja [Raja of Rajas], Maharaja Nader Raam, but nevertheless there is something special, and what is special today? The same thing in which dear Raja Nader Raam is established—silence.

'He is consciously, silently established in himself, ruling the world without any action of ruling. Just Being is ruling on that level. But we can imagine the silent laughter in the Being, the silent Being of our dear first ruler of the world, what he is seeing.

'Today he is multiplying himself. Today he is multiplying himself; [it is] a formality, the formality of multiplying, because in the eternal Unity of Purusha there is no multiplication or no division, no minus, no plus, no division—that absolute, fulfilled state of the eternal administrator, in which Raja Raamji feels—more than ever before—there is no variation, but nevertheless the sense of that fullness. This is what we have done to ourselves, to our environment, by today's 10th Day Puja to Guru Dev.

'Now Dr Feldman [the Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace], invite the Vedic Pandits to formally bless the occasion and let us feel that we are there. The recitation of the Constitution of the Universe by the Vedic Pandits will miraculously enliven that thing which is our, I would say, new home, cosmic home. This is the Grace of Guru Dev and our first ruler of the world will have that, from our side.

'He is established in whatever is the ultimate. From himself, he has nothing to face new. But from our side, from our side we feel to offer ourselves to that. So ask the Vedic Pandits to recite the 10th Day Coronation Ceremony in their usual traditional way.

'Dr Feldman, you are very, very fortunate so please complete the proceedings of the Tenth Day Ceremony with the Vedic recitations by the Vedic Pandits and invite them to shower the blessings of today's Puja to Guru Dev in their own traditional way.

'All Glory to Guru Dev. Guru Dev Vijayante Taram [victory to Guru Dev].'

*Guru Dev is Maharishi's Master, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Badarikashram, Himalayas

** Paraprakriti: The ninth Prakriti, unified value of the eight Prakritis; total Natural Law at the transcendental level of existence, the nature of Purusha, infinite silence.

*** Shruti, Smriti, Purana: Three of the 40 qualities of Veda, Total Knowledge, as defined in Maharishi's Vedic Science: Shruti, 'that which is heard', the Veda, Total Knowledge experienced within unmanifest consciousness, the Self of everyone; Smriti, 'memory', of the impulses of Veda within the Self, responsible for the emergence of creation; and Purana, the 'ancient and eternal' quality of consciousness, the Veda.

**** Purusha: The infinite silence of the Self, Totality. Also, several of the new Rajas participating in the Coronation are longtime members of the Maharishi Purusha Programme—a programme designed by Maharishi for men who wish to dedicate themselves full time to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and to creating world peace. This is accomplished through the extended group practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, and activity dedicated to the fulfilment of the many programmes of Maharishi's worldwide organizations.

'Purusha is a very ideal programme. It is a wonderful programme for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.' —Maharishi



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