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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Celebrating Victory Day

21 October 2007


During the first part of the grand, global celebration of Victory Day, the auspicious Vijaya Dashami Day in the Vedic Calendar, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, inaugurated the ten-day Coronation ceremony of six new administrators, Rajas, of the Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi gave the following address in the morning's inaugural session.

Maharishi:In what connection all this is being studied to create an ideal administration, to create an ideal administration. . . . Our Prime Minister has kindly translated the first, we could say, the first out of the ten, coronation ceremonies that were held with Raam. “Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa.” We have with us the Rajas who have started to be crowned from the Puja* to Guru Dev** on the Vijaya Dashami Day and followed by the Puja, with Puja we got the total blessings.

'And total blessings for the Coronation of our Rajas—a fortunate thing for us. This is the one thing whereby we are going to establish “Raam Raj Dukh Kahu Na Vyapa”—let suffering belong to no one. We have the ceremony of Coronation for the Rajas here [in MERU, Holland], in America, and Vedic Pandits are chanting from India. So the whole ceremony is going around the globe.

'Very fortunate to have this on the first day—Vijaya Dashami—Coronation of Raja Raam. This is how we are going to establish a very solid foundation, not only the foundation, but the working of the administration of Natural Law, which involves the whole of the Constitution of the Universe—whole of the Veda. We are very fortunate to have had this day Puja to Guru Dev and with the blessings from him we are coronating Rajas. And we would continue the ceremony for ten days.

'Dr Feldman (Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace), brief everyone, introduce all the Rajas who are being coronated and will continue the ceremony for ten days. It is a very fortunate time for us, time for Raam Raj. Times have changed. Kali Yuga departed, Sat Yuga stepping in. And all the Rajas are there from so much in the past.

'And today's coronation ceremony we are very fortunate to witness, and have the introduction of the Rajas. And all the Rajas are here full of blessings for the new Coronation for the new Rajas, welcoming them to complete, so to say, the galaxies of administrators of the world on the basis of the most ideal administration of Raja Raam.

'Our ceremony is blessed by the presence of the greatest scientist of today who has assumed the role of administration of the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda. Veda is what has expressed itself in different species, and ultimately the supreme quality of mankind. Just a few people in every country, from this Vijaya Dashami Day, a few people in every country, hundred, two hundred, five hundred, one thousand, two thousand, depending on the population. A few countries acting on themselves—Self-referral rule. It is Self-referral rule. It is a Self-referral rule being established by the Vedic hymns.

'All the Rajas are here. They are all full of light of the reign of Raam, which is spontaneous, because Raam being Brahm, it is omnipresent—present everywhere. So the Kingdom of Raam is a spontaneous phenomenon of perfect order. We have been desiring for this day in life, and we feel we are blessed. Great blessings from Guru Dev.

'And Dr Feldman, bring the blessings of our first ruler of the Age of Enlightenment—Maharaja Ahiraj Raja Raam. And bring his blessings to all the Rajas and the forthcoming Rajas who are being coronated today. Great blessings of Guru Dev. Pandits from India are thrilling the atmosphere of the globe with those supremely endowed with the natural ruling power in the world. We are sending forth today and from the past so many years, all the Rajas [who] are reigning in their territories with their most natural, perfect, supreme order where suffering belongs to no one.

'Very soon, very soon, the history of the world will be different. We are blessed for this occasion. And the Finance Minister, the great Planning and Finance Minister will beautifully plan for the perpetual rays of silence, peace, integrated national consciousness in every country—the reign of Raam.'

Addresses were also given by Dr Benjamin Feldman and other leaders of the Global Country of World Peace.

During the second session of the grand, global celebration of Vijaya Dashami, the auspicious Victory Day in the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi described the profound significance of the ten-day Coronation ceremony of six new Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace beginning on this day.

The entire ten-day Coronation ceremony was broadcast live on the Maharishi Channel beginning Sunday 21 October. Following is Maharishi's address from the second session on Victory Day:

Maharishi: ‘It is a very fulfilling day, very fortunate day. A most fulfilling day, most fortunate day for us, to have gotten this opportunity to offer ourselves to the lotus feet of Guru Dev**. We have done Puja* on Vijaya Dashami today, the Day of Victory. We feel fulfilled. Today's Puja has opened for us the door of Heaven on earth. We have been administering the world for the last few years under the spell of the Constitution of the Universe, Veda, the Will of God.

‘The Will of God is with us in the script of the Veda. Veda is inscribed in Atma. “A” is the first syllable of Atma, and the same “A” is the first syllable of Veda. The whole Veda is concentratedly lively in “A”, which is the expression of Atma. Everyone's Atma is lively in Total Knowledge, the Veda. And the Total Knowledge has infinite organizing power in it—infinite organizing power inherent in the first syllable of Veda, “A”, which is the impulse of Atma.

‘Total Knowledge and total organizing power. The characteristic quality of Total Knowledge is total organizing power. The power of Total Knowledge is lively in the power of total action. Action is vibrant, dynamic; knowledge, self-referral silence. And the self-referral value also has its basis in organizing power. It holds onto itself. It holds onto itself. It remains in the self-referral state, in the state of Being, and that Being is directed to itself.

‘Self-referral Being is the steady administrative skill of the universe, uni-verse, ever-expanding universe. How it is administered? It is administered by the inward status of the administrator, the Purusha. Fortunately, with the blessings of Guru Dev, the technique of administration came to us in the characteristic quality of Purusha—inward. Purusha, inward. Prakriti, outward, and inward. Outward and inward, they are two opposite directions of dynamism—outward, inward.

‘Outwardness is opposed to inwardness. Inwardness is opposed to outwardness. Summation of the two, unity of the two, is that grand principle of Being. Being balances inward becoming and outward becoming. Becoming in opposite direction is balanced by Being—Being, self-referral, and that has been named Purusha. So the rule of Purusha, the rule of Purusha, that handles the self-referral state of Being and the object-referral state of becoming, Being and becoming—the balance, the grand balance between the two, is the secret of diversity governed by unity. Otherwise diversity will fall apart in all directions. Nothing will remain.

‘But everything remains. Everything remains [in the] outward direction, outwardly directed; and everything remains inwardly directed at the same time. Unity centralizes all diversity, and in centralizing all diversity, it maintains order in the flow of diversity. Otherwise, the outward flow will make the whole thing null and void. But outward and inward, outward and inward, outward and inward—two opposite directions—activity is that most perfect, most balanced state of administration that upholds infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe in its steadiness.

‘This is Brahm. Our Guiding Light, Guru Dev, Brahmanand Saraswati. Saraswati is the steady, non-flowing flow of total intelligence that spontaneously maintains order in creation. That system of administration is coming back, and that is the dawn of light, after the long darkness of the night, coming back. So the administration in all our world family is getting to be from that most basic level, which is the level of Purusha, containing Prakriti within itself. Beautiful time for the world is coming. And it's not ''will come''. It is coming. It has started its value. Our aspiration is to quickly establish this most natural system of maintaining order in all our countries in the world.

‘Today is the Vijaya Dashami day, the day of victory, victory of the sun over the darkness of the night. It's a beautiful, beautiful fortune of ours that we got today's Vijaya Dashami day to do the Puja to Guru Dev, and we have done Puja to Guru Dev.

‘And I am with the ruler, the first ruler of the universe, on the ground of total Natural Law, the state of consciousness, silent rule. And this is the day, we thought this is best to coronate the Rajas under training. Very fortunate day for us to have the coronation ceremony performed under this warmth of the Puja to Guru Dev. And we have done that Puja to Guru Dev. We are in that atmosphere of total order, total order maintained by the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda, 'A', which is the flow of Atma, Atma. Aham Atma, I am Atma. Aham Atma, I am Atma. I am Veda—Veda Aham. And one more ''I am”—I am the extension of the Veda, which is Vishwa, Vishwa the universe, I am the extension of the Veda. So Veda Aham, Aham Vishwam, Aham Brahm, Totality.

‘What is this Totality? We have been talking with Purusha. Purusha is aware of what this Totality is. Totality is infinity and point in togetherness, togetherness of infinity and point. And where is this togetherness? On the level of memory—Smriti, Smriti. Infinity has memory of the point value “Ma”. “A”, infinity, has memory of the point value, “Ma”. “Ma” is point value. Point of infinity is “Ma”. So the relationship between the infinity and its point is a moving relationship. “A”, infinity, moves onto “Ma” on the Smriti level, on the level of Smriti—on the level of memory. And “Ma” has memory of “A”, and “A” has memory of “Ma”. “A” has memory of “Ma”; “Ma” has memory of its origin, “A”. “A” infinity, has memory of point “Ma”. Point 'Ma” has memory of “A”.

‘This circular motion from “A” to “Ma”, from “Ma” to “A”—this is Atma, Atma, Atma. . . . Forward in the descending order. . . forward in the ascending order. So ascending and descending, ascending and descending—going forward, coming backwards; going forward, coming back. This is Atma, Atma, Atma. Atma is always movement. Kriya Shakti, power of action, is Atma. Power of becoming from the state of Being—Being becoming. Being becoming.

‘This is Atma. So Atma is in a circular motion, back and forth. And going forward, coming back; going forward, coming back. This is Atma. And it's not one after the other. It's simultaneously back and forth. The simultaneity is the miracle. . . . Simultaneously it is this and that. It is the meeting point, junction point. There is neither this direction nor that direction—directionless, but nevertheless unity of two opposite directions. Unity of two opposite directions is that state which is able to handle with perfect accuracy, with perfect order, with perfect help to both, the minimizing of infinity to point and maximizing of point to infinity.

‘The whole field of infinity—maximizing from infinity to point; and minimizing from infinity to point; and maximizing from point to infinity. The summation of it, unity of it. Here comes a word, unity, a state of two opposite directions, held up in perfect balance. Being becoming this way, becoming this way. Being, state of Being, Atma, Atma, Atma. “Aham Atma”—I am Atma. “Aham Atma. Aham Veda. Aham Vishwam. Aham Brahm.”

‘So the rule of Brahm, the blessing of Guru Dev is that the rule is going to be orderly now, because the ruling is going to have that balanced state of intelligence in itself. The ruling power is a balanced power now today under the influence of Guru Dev. Otherwise ruling has been a hodgepodge for centuries. That is the time of Kali Yuga. Four people say we want this, ten people say we want this. They fight and get the majority. This is, in simple words, ignorance. And truthfully speaking it is a lack of knowledge, and one word for lack of knowledge is stupidity. The whole field of government today and for the last centuries in the past has been stupid.

‘Government is meant to govern, and governing is support, growth, maximizing one's status, that is what governing means. And where there is conflict and party fighting, the present and the past of the world has been deleterious as far as the administration is concerned. And now with the Grace of Guru Dev, Be, you Be, and you Be, and you can become this way, this way, this way; but always you remain Be while becoming, always remaining Be while becoming. This most spontaneous value . . . is now coming to be lived in the life of the people throughout the world. And that is the reign of Raja Raam.

‘We have Raja Raam with us today. We are performing the ceremony with the new Rajas in the world. Today is a very fortunate day that we have this Puja to Guru Dev and we have these blessings of Guru Dev. The Finance Minister of Raja Raam, Dr Feldman, introduce the Rajas who are being coronated now. The Coronation ceremony will continue ten days, we are on this tenth, the miraculous situation—''Thou art the tenth''. Atma, “Ma” to “A”, “A” to “Ma”, “Ma” to “A”—the circle, the circle, the circle. The circle is a big zero. Circle we are tenth; nine Prakritis unified, ninth Prakriti; eight Prakritis divided. So the whole of the Veda, whole of the Constitution of the Universe is in terms of eight, eight, eight, eight, eight. Ak ni mi le pu ro hi tam—eight, this is Rishi. Yag yas ya de vam rit vi jam—this is Devata eight. Chhandas: Ho ta ram rat na dha ta mam. Each word is made of two: Ak—Ak ni mi. . . . So there is a union of the two. And this union is two times four—the union of four in two.

‘It is such a beautiful, beautiful assemblage of the order—Veda that maintains order, is always in terms of two, in terms of one: two in one, two in one—and this two in one is a miraculous, unified state of governing, administration in silence. Administration in silence, 100, 200 people, maintaining their own Being, and all the millions of people in society will be under the coherence. And that is the coherent society that will enjoy perfect order.

‘We are fortunate to have the torchlight in our hand. We are fortunate that we are the engineers of creating the powerhouse. We create the powerhouse and light will be enjoyed by all the people. This is the Grace of Guru Dev, and this is the day we are imbibing ourselves in the light of Guru Dev. Beautiful forthcoming ten days—Dr Feldman, congratulate all the participants, the Rajas participating whose coronation starts from today, and we'll continue for ten days.

‘This is the Vedic Tradition of imparting the rulership in the Rajas. So we will be doing Puja to Guru Dev and then there will be the Vedic recital of the Coronation of our ancestry, ancient Rajas—starting with Raja Raam today, and then ten days there will be recitations of the Coronation. And this will impart the ruling authority, the advanced state of Total Knowledge and organizing power lively in all our Rajas, and we will bask in the sunshine of that radiance—every day Puja and every day listening to the coronation of our tradition of the past, Vedic Tradition. All Glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.'

* Puja is a Vedic performance of gratitude; Guru Puja, of gratitude to the spiritual teacher

** Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas



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