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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

27 October 2004 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It will be a joy to answer any questions from the press. For fifty years we have talked about the same invincibility present in the self-referral consciousness of everyone, Atma, the Unified Field.

‘I have declared Raam Raj. Raam Raj is the most ideal system of administration by cosmic intelligence—the intelligence of Unity Consciousness, all the laws of nature in their unified state. Now we are establishing the cosmic, Vedic government of Raam Raj. Raam is Brahm. Brahm is the totality of knowledge and action—all possibilities—which is handling the orderly, ever-expanding universe. 

‘We are establishing a system of administration in our dear world which will be direct, straight, and prevention oriented. . . . 

‘Times are different, as Dr Hagelin has announced. The science of today is not the science of yesterday. Yesterday’s science was a test-tube science with isolated investigations into the laws of nature. But now, Totality, the unified state of all the laws of nature, has been physically discovered. It has been discovered now, but that does not mean that it came into being now. Total Natural Law is eternally there—millions and billions of years. It is not that after 2000 years or 1600 years one says, “This is my religion, his religion, and your religion.” Fields of ignorance will always disappear, as darkness is seen disappearing over and over again with the onset of the dawn of the sun. 

‘We are establishing Raam Raj, the most ideal system of administration, and are creating capitals so that in the future all the children in our world will have prevention-oriented administration. . . . 

‘There is a possibility that no one will have to face fear, ill health, weakness, failure, or anything negative in life. That is the royal, divine government we are out to create.  

‘It has begun very well in America. All the nations will now be saved by the Peace Government in America. The discovery of the Unified Field reveals the constitution which will support, enrich, and glorify any man-made constitution.
‘The other day when inaugurating Vedic America, Dr Hagelin said, “Constitutions have to be rewritten.” He said that he as a scientist has already written the constitution of every country on the basis of the constitution of the infinitely expanded, galactic universe.  

‘Each word that I am speaking is meaningful. The infinitely expanded, infinitely ever-expanding, galactic, physical universe is being administered by the Constitution of the Universe, the constitution of total Natural Law, the will of God, which silently puts everything and everyone in the evolutionary direction.  

‘How many suns, moons, stars, and galaxies are being run by the government of the cosmos? Where is the constitution that runs it? The Constitution of the Universe is ingrained in every grain of creation as it governs the infinitely expanded and infinitely ever-expanding universe. . . .

‘If there is darkness in the night, it does not have to continue as darkness. Science is just two or three hundred years old, and the discovery of the Unified Field is five, ten, twenty years old. But the Self, the Atma, the transcendental field of reality is the same in everyone. Whether the body calls itself an American, British, German, Indian, or Chinese body, it does not matter. The house can be of anything, but the indweller of the house is the same thing—the eternal, immortal, blissful Self. In the Vedic Literature it is called Brahm, Totality, Unity Consciousness, Brahman Consciousness. The whole Vedic Literature is full of knowledge about it and is the golden, lighted lamp for everyone.  

‘No one can say, “I belong to a 2000-year-old religion,” or “No, no—not 2,000 years—I belong to a 1500-year-old religion,” or “No, no—not 1,500 years—I belong to a two-year-old religion.” You may belong to anything, but definitely you belong to the eternity of time beyond time and space. Where do 200 or 2,000 years hang? They hang in the infinity of time.

‘One could follow anything, but if one follows one’s own inner reality, it is the Self in whatever language—Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Indian, or Sanskrit. In any language, the content is the same—enlightenment—whether we say “Paramatma” in one language, “God” in another language, or “Natural Law” in another language. Speaking the same thing in different languages does not change the content.  

‘Life is the same, whether it is the life of an American, an Iranian, or a Chinese. A Chinese life is for how long? Maybe 400 or 300 years. An American life is for how long? Maybe 100, 150, 200, or 500 years. Where was he before that, and where is he going to be after these 200 years? The Self is the same. The Unified Field is eternal life. This is the reality of my life, your life, a man’s life, a child’s life, or an old man’s life.  

‘Do not make a mistake and think, “I am American.” You are American—a very beautiful American—but inside is the same consciousness, same reality, and same light of God as in any nation’s individual.  

‘It is a shame that every government today does not know, and in the past did not know, how to protect its people. No ruler knows how to protect the people. No government has prevention capability. They can prevent neither disaster nor enemies.  

‘Killing an enemy does not mean saving a nation. I am speaking to the world press. Killing an enemy is not issuing a certificate of long life to the nation. You are losing your own youth in the name of administering the nation.  

‘Where is the administration of the nation? Where is the government that can say, “Yes, we can save our nation”? No government can save the nation and no government in the past has saved the
nation. . . . 

‘We want to see government with a parental role for the ruled. Where is the government that can claim, “We have a parental role”? They are bullies engaging their own people to die in the mirage of security for the nation. When the youth is gone, where is the nation? This institution of government is absolutely full of stupidity and ignorance and has been for quite a long time.  

‘We are establishing a government of total Natural Law—a government of Unity Consciousness. A scientist with a reliable intellect, has created an awareness of the same one thing existing on all levels of manifestation and beyond manifestations in the transcendental field, the cosmic field. This same one thing is the one field of consciousness.

The tradition of Vedic Masters and this knowledge have created two brilliant scientists in this scientific age. One is Raja Raam, a physiologist, who has presented all the physical values of existence in terms of consciousness.

‘Now there is a chance, for those who want it, to have a parental role for their people. But those who want to continue to be brutal to their people can say, “I am the ruler, you are the ruled, and I must send you to jail.” By punishing a man and sending him to jail, the government only records its inability to rightly govern. Governing through punishment is wrongly governing. This epidemic of wrong government must be discarded, discredited, and thrown out of use.

‘This is what we are going to do. We are not going to ask anyone to do it. We are silently creating that effect. Dr Hagelin has very rightly called the effect the administration of a Peace Government. Administration through the Unified Field is administration by peace. The administration of peace is the administration of harmony. All the diversity is put together. In Sanskrit, the Vedic language, this is called Brahm. Brahm is the word for the Unified Field.  

‘When the Unified Field is discovered, nothing new is discovered. It is the same old Brahm, same old Totality. Totality is nothing new. Only it was out of sight; now it is brought to sight. This is the uncovering of Total Knowledge. . . . 

‘We are creating an ideal state of administration of Totality, administration of Brahm, “Raam Brahm Paramartha Rupa.” We are creating a Global Country of World Peace, a global administration, and establishing capitals of the Global Country of World Peace. Very soon, the whole atmosphere of the world, world consciousness, is going to be so coherent, so together that all these differences will simply fall away. . . . 

‘We have the technology and have started in America—Vedic America. Dr Hagelin has beautifully described all that is going to be in Vedic City in the middle of America. We are going to have groups of 8,000 people practising Yogic Flying in different places in the world.  

‘The world has to know that Yoga is just the Unified Field. The Unified Field is the force of gravity that puts all things together. The force of gravity has a miraculous character: it puts all things together and maintains all things separately. This is the almighty power of God which maintains unity and diversity. It feeds unity and it feeds diversity. Diversity is no danger to unity; unity is no damage to diversity.  

‘This is the Peace Government which has complete possibilities. It is a field of all possibilities in the field of administration. This is not gossip. Such an administration exists. We are going to adopt it in our life, and all the millions of generations of mankind have adopted it.  

‘Those who have adopted it have seen time in terms of Satyuga, Kaliyuga, Dwapara, and Treta. Kaliyuga is this time period. It is like the onset of the day: a small, small light becomes bigger and bigger until it becomes midday; then it fades and fades until the onset of darkness and the darkness increases; then the light becomes more and more. This cycle of time continues without damaging unity or diversity. It is the natural diversity that maintains unity; it is the unity that maintains diversity. Countries have to take notice of it, learn it, and take advantage of it. . . . 

‘We have the knowledge, and we are going to use the knowledge to create a few groups of 8,000 Yogic Flyers here, there, and everywhere in the world. Then, automatically, as the dawn of the sun eliminates the darkness, we will not have to fight with these people.’


Question: The Written Constitution of the Universe

Dr Hagelin: ‘The first question concerns the Constitution of the Universe and its practicality. According to the dictionary, a national constitution is “a written document that contains the basic principles and laws of a nation that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people.” However, Maharishi has said during his news conferences that the Constitution of the Universe is not a written document, but rather it is an abstract field of consciousness that people experience during meditation.  

‘How can an abstract field administer the day-to-day life of the people? Is there also a need for a written constitution for the nation—a code of written laws to promote or prohibit certain kinds of human behaviour? Even religions provide written codes of conduct, such as the Laws of Manu or the Ten Commandments, that are spelled out clearly for the people to read and follow.’ 

Maharishi: This takes me back many years to when I was asked exactly the same thing by the British press who had sent an investigator. He felt that there should be something written and asked, “Where is the cosmic constitution written?” I said, “The cosmic constitution is written, and its writing is not erasable. It is written in a language which can never be erased. Only, you have not been exposed to it in your education of law.”  

‘The Constitution of the Universe is the field of Total Knowledge. We can talk about it in terms of the Unified Field. The Unified Field is a written document. You can write it, read it, and draw the meaning from it. You can have it as a total concentrated collectedness of all laws, and you can have it in differentiated values of the knowledge of law.  

‘So it is written. Now I can tell you where it is written. It is written in the unerasable, transcendental language. I will give you an example. Where is the constitution of a tree written? Where is it written how the tree sprouts, grows, becomes branches, leaves, and fruit, and then again becomes a tree? It is written in the hollowness of the seed. Those who see it, see it. Those who do not see it have to see it with those who can see it.  

‘Who sees it? A gardener sees it; a gardener knows it. He knows how to handle the hollowness of the seed and what manure and water to give it. These are the laws. Where are they written? They are written in the memory of the gardener, his father, his teacher, or his teacher’s teacher.  

‘How far back can we go? Who knows the constitution of the banyan tree and how it grows? Somebody knew. When would somebody have known? Ever since the banyan tree started. That means it is written in the memory from father to son, or we can say from the master to disciple. Where it is written? It is written in empty space. Those who know it, they know it. They use it and can successfully grow the tree.

‘When we come back to the writing of it, where is the Veda written? It is written in the transcendental field of self-referral intelligence. That is the Self. It is written in the Self. And it is written in the Self in terms of one word. Memory. It is called Smriti—memory.  

‘Whose memory? The memory of what was before. Memory is always of something in creation which existed before. For example, a banyan tree is written somewhere. Where it is written? It is written in empty space. What do you call this empty space? Dr Hagelin’s scientific word is fluctuations—quantum mechanical fluctuations. Something is written there.

‘Veda is a written document, but something prior to its writing is in terms of memory. The Vedic Literature is traced back to the source, the transcendent field of self-referral Being. From Being, it becomes. This means from the unmanifest it manifests. Where is the writing of it? The writing is in the first syllable of the Veda, which is “A”. The expansion of “A” is the expansion of the whole Veda. A further expansion of the Veda is the whole physiology, and then there is contraction back into the Unified Field again.  

‘This is the discovery of His Majesty Raja Raam, the first ruler of the Age of Enlightenment, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. In modern terms he is a physiologist, an expert in physiology. He says simply that every aspect of the physiology is an expression of consciousness. It is first like a vapour, then like flowing water, then like soft, freezing, snow, and then like harder ice. These are the different values of its expression from aerial to liquid to solid to very solid to the whole changing universe, with
the non-changing underneath. It is the Unified Field and the diversified field.  

‘Regarding the answer to if it is written: Yes, the Constitution of the Universe is written. If you ask a Vedic Pandit, he will say, “A, AK”. He will say, “A, Agnimile Purohitam Yagyasya Devam Ritvijam.” He will recite the whole Veda from beginning to end. Ending the Rig Veda, he will go to Sama Veda, then Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, all the Vedangas, Upangas, all the Angas, and all Ayurveda. This is the Constitution of the Universe, which is written out. The word for it is “Nitya Apaurusheya”. These are the words of the Veda. “Nitya” means eternal. Something which is eternal is certainly not made by anyone.  

‘Coming back to the administration of this country 100 years ago, 20 or 2,000 people sat together and said, “All right, this will be our constitution.” They wrote a man-made constitution. Whatever nice things they knew, whatever good they knew for their children, they wrote. Whatever they wrote, that was their written constitution.  

‘But there is a constitution already inscribed in their self-referral consciousness. It is written in self-referral consciousness, the language of the Self, the language of intelligence. The language of intelligence is written in the vowels—a, aa, i, ii, u, uu—and in terms of the hymns called Mantras. They are honoured because infinite silence is there coexisting with infinite dynamism. This is Shanti and Kriya. Shanti relates to knowledge; dynamism relates to Shakti. Shanti with Shiva; Kriya with Shakti. Shiva-Shakti. All the Devatas are in terms of silence and dynamism.  

‘It is written out. One should know that the Constitution of the Universe is written out, and it has been transferred from generation to generation, from father to son. One could go back any length of time—millions and billions of years to the beginning of creation. If the creation ever began, from that time it is all written out, but written out in words.’

‘It is spoken words. The writing is how many years old? The people used to write it by hand, however it is not the hand writing, but the spoken word that is the Mantra. Vedic Mantra is spoken word. The spoken word has been written out. The Constitution is written out; it is not a mystery. It is only a mystery for those who do not know it.  

‘This is why the lack of the knowledge of silence and dynamism together has created a mess in the relationship between man and man, master and disciple, ruler and the ruled, and this and
that. . . . Now we are coming to something truthful. 

‘I could say a thousand times—if anything could be authentic, it is the Veda as the Constitution of the Universe. The phrase for this authenticity is, “Shruti is the Praman.” “Praman” is the proof. Veda is the supreme proof. If you want authenticity and want to prove it, there is the Veda. How many values of the Veda are there? Atma is the source of Veda—Rig, Sama, Yajur, Atharva. A huge amount of literature is there.

‘Veda is such a very beautiful food, saviour, and protector. It has life-giving principles. All these dos and don’ts of every religion come from the Vedic texts. Where is the authenticity of why one should not eat something that is called poison? The authenticity is in the Veda. For all times, you are prohibited to eat dirty things. You are not allowed to eat the mud, but you are allowed to eat some tender petals of the lotus. It grows from the mud, but it is out of the mud. All the dos and don’ts come from the eternal knowledge of the totality of life.

Life is on two levels: the manifest level and the unmanifest level. In Dr Hagelin’s words, the Unified Field is a combination of two values: silence and dynamism. It is written not only in letters, but also in numbers. All the number systems—one, two, three, four, five—account for the reality, the changing values, and the relationship of one value with the other in the field of knowledge.  

‘In the Unified Field, there is all unity and all diversity in both kinds of language. Language in numbers—number systems, equations, mathematics—and language in words. “Unified Field” is a word that has a meaning that explains its characteristics. Or there is one, two, three, billions. Or unity, one or zero, one big zero; everything starts from zero. 

‘Number-wise, alphabet-wise, or sound-wise, in any way, the Constitution of the Universe is written. Because it is not in their education, people do not know this, and because they do not know the Constitution of the Universe, they are not able to live in harmony with the universe. Not living in harmony with Natural Law, they break their heads here, there and everywhere. Very wrong principles have become the guiding light in terms of the administrative values. The same thing is in education; the days of test-tube science should be over. The whole thing is a muddle.  

‘Now Raam Raj is going to be established. “Raam Raj” means the administration of total Natural Law, Brahm Raj—"Raam Brahm Paramartha Rupa." That is the real Sva Raj—the Raj of the Self. . . .

‘We are going to establish a peaceful world. A really good time of brilliance and knowledge—Total Knowledge—is already dawning. We will be starting to train and educate these administrators everywhere. They will have a small group and practise their own enlightenment themselves. As a result of this, they will have a coherence-creating influence in their national consciousness so that every country will enjoy invincibility.’

Question: The Practicality of Invincibility

Dr Hagelin: ‘This next question is on the practicality of invincibility. We live in violent times; one nation can rain destruction on another from thousands of miles away with pinpoint accuracy through guided missiles. If this is the case, how is it possible for one country to really be invincible, if its enemy remains violent and committed to destruction? How will a group of peace-creating experts in one country prevent another country from launching a missile attack on its people? Is not the peaceful country dependent on the enemy to also become peaceful?’

Maharishi: No, a peaceful country depends on its own peace. It does not depend on others. There are many examples from science and from the knowledge of the Veda. We were talking of that level of vacuum fluctuations. A vacuum is something which is all-pervading, an unmanifest field. Fluctuations in that field are invincible. Dr Hagelin has very beautifully laid emphasis on the independence and invincibility of these fluctuations. They are in themselves—completely independent of anyone. They are not dependent on anyone. They are dependent on what was before—memory. 

‘This theme of invincibility is derived from that value. Whatever was before, a million years ago, the same was before ten million years ago, and the same was before two thousand years ago. The reality—the vacuum fluctuation—is not a time-bound, situation-bound, or circumstance-bound reality which will ever change.  

‘You are raising a good example, that the missile will hit from maybe ten thousand miles, but from the level of vacuum fluctuations you can hit from billions of miles away, because on that level there is no restriction, no barrier. We call it a slippery ground. The Unified Field is beyond space-time boundaries, so there are no boundaries. A missile can maybe go up to ten thousand miles because it meets with resistance. But a missile shot by thought from the level of the Smriti—the level of vacuum fluctuations, which we understand as the source of thought—can hit the entire infinity. A desire at the source of thought can continue to hit the entire infinity all the time because it moves on a field which is frictionless and it does not have to meet with the resistance of space-time boundaries. 

‘This is the advantage of this science of consciousness. The science of consciousness is infinitely invincible and powerful because it functions on a level which is not, and cannot be, obstructed by space, time, or anything. It is a field of no resistance—unity, that unity which has all. On a highway, there are exits: one exit, two exits, three exits, four exits, five exits. The field has its own exits, infinite in number, but on a ground of no resistance. This is that level of fluctuations. This is the function of Unity Consciousness.

‘This is the efficiency of a governmental policy from that level of invincibility. The government wants you to do something and you can only do it, that is all. If you are able to violate a policy, that means the government’s policy is not from that efficient level where your little individuality cannot obstruct it.  

‘This is the government we want to create. This is the government of the universe. The silent government of the ever-expanding universe is the almighty government which is absolutely prevention oriented. Nothing can obstruct it. The policy of the government is such that no one can violate it. It is not that if you violate it, you will be punished, but by nature you cannot violate it. That is the governmental policy which we want to create.  

‘This is our Raam Raj, our most ideal system of administration which we are going to achieve through Vedic Education, Vedic Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Brahmi Consciousness, enlightened consciousness. This is the government we want to create. It is absolutely simple and easy through the blessings of our tradition of Vedic Masters. This is the reality of the transcendental field of life which we have been teaching to the world for fifty years. Now we are talking of that level of invincibility on a collective level.  

‘My purpose is not to criticize any government, but to tell them they can be more successful, most successful. The government does not have to change. The government will always change if it is not competent to prevent disorders or suffering. But by educating the people to function from that level of all possibilities, where silence is infinite and dynamism is infinite, and total Natural Law is lively in human awareness, the governing process will be completely automatic.  

‘This is automation in administration, not law enforcement in administration. Law enforcement is bad administration; it is the blind leading the blind. We want to break the tradition of the blind leading the blind. Now every government is going to enjoy the invincibility and the strength of every other government. Every government will enjoy the wisdom, creativity, friendship, and all the good of every other government. That will be the supreme achievement of every government. 

‘Today, the achievement of the government is, “Oh, I have more power, so you remain under me. I will give you some money, and you obey me.” It is slavery—the business of slavery. It is not the parental role of the government. We want to bring in Raam Raj—the administration of Unity Consciousness.  

‘I am repeating to the world press that I do not depend on the governments. I am creating the effect with a small number of people here and there. They will automatically generate through their own daily routine of enlightenment that most desirable level of harmony and invincibility in their own countries.  

‘It is a very beautiful thing and enjoyable to talk about, to establish, and to give to the world for all present and all future.  

‘It is possible for every single individual to function from that level where stars, suns, and galaxies are being governed. This is human possibility. This is an educated man of our Vedic America, Vedic India, Vedic China, or any Vedic country. “Vedic” means full of Veda, on the ground of the Cosmic Constitution—the total value of knowledge involved in every thought, speech, and action of everyone. 

‘Great glory to Guru Dev. Raam Raj Vijayante Taram—Peace Government Vijayante Taram.  

‘The picture that has been painted today for the world press is so delightful and beautiful. We will materialize it soon, everywhere, in all parts of the world.’



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