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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

9 October 2002 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks


Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It’ll be a joy to entertain questions from the press on this forthcoming, very bright time for the destiny of mankind.

‘The time is coming for peace on a permanent basis for all nations, for the whole population of the world, because we have the evidence from total Natural Law that governs the universe with perfect order. We have the evidence in our programme for the last 40, 50 years. ever since I am teaching Transcendental Meditation in the world. The proof has been gained that Transcendental Meditation enlivens total Natural Law in human awareness. The transcendental field of intelligence, or transcendental field of consciousness, is the field where Natural Law is eternally awake.

‘Natural Law is eternally awake in the field of the self-referral, transcendental level of intelligence. This means, in every grain of creation, in every grain of creation, Natural Law—total Natural Law—is always awake. We can say it more explicitly: in every grain of creation, total Natural Law is eternally awake. Total Natural Law is eternally humming: hummmmm. Total Natural Law humming, and this hum, the self-referral hum of the Unified Field is the administrator of all life everywhere.

‘All life has its basis in this eternal hum of total Natural Law in the transcendental field—Transcendental Consciousness. When Transcendental Consciousness is brought to human awareness, then human awareness is lively in the value of total Natural Law, and it is total Natural Law that governs the universe with perfect order all the time.

‘Millions of years of past and future and the whole time in the present is governed—infinite diversity of the universe is governed—by this total Natural Law fully awake, fully humming in its transcendental dynamism. In its self-referral dynamism, it is humming. And now through Transcendental Meditation, it gets to be lively in human awareness. Then human awareness is that supreme administrative intelligence of Nature. Human awareness partakes with that supremely awake intelligence of Natural Law that governs the universe with perfect order.

‘This is our programme: to have Natural Law administer the universe [human awareness]. Fortunately, during all these 40, 50 years, it has been established that a few people in the world—out of 6 billion population,—a few people, 8,000 people, and for safety sake we can say four or five times 8,000 people practising together, create a universal effect of harmony and positivity.

‘That is the knowledge with which we want to bless the human society. The total population of the world will be governed by the evolutionary power of Natural Law everywhere on earth by a few people. So we are refining our programme to create such groups in the world.

‘We had planned last week [to have] 8,000 people in the Vedic City of America, where the Mayor’s name is Wynne. So the Mayor of the Vedic City in America, Dr Wynne, is going to create a win, win, win situation for every city in America and the world.

‘It’s a Vedic City, one city, Vedic City of America—America is the most powerful country of the world—and in that Vedic City, Mayor Wynne is going to create a group of 8,000 Yogic Flyers there in our University of Management with Dr Bevan Morris.

‘So one 8,000 [group] will be created in America. Another 8,000—we are searching for land somewhere in Europe. Soon the land will be found and we will have a group of 8,000 here. Somewhere we are searching for land in Russia, in that region, so we will have 8,000 there. And we will have 8,000, 16,000, 24,000, something like that, in India.

‘So like that, 8,000, 8,000, 8,000, 8,000, around the world—the world will never be a problem-ridden world. The time of struggle and strife will soon be over. And the administration of Natural Law, is naturally going on eternally, but now it will be lively in human intelligence, in human consciousness.

‘And our people—these three, four 8,000 groups—will be completely enough for all time to maintain a very high quality of world consciousness, coherent world consciousness, united world consciousness, based on the most ancient formula of a world family contained in the Vedic Literature.

‘In the modern times, Dr John Hagelin, the very famous world physicist, has informed me that the research in the Unified Field is now authentic enough to give a theory of a unified world—a world administered by the Constitution of the Universe. Because that Constitution of the Universe is eternally humming in every grain of creation. And that hum can be identified by human awareness through regular practice of Transcendental Meditation and its Advanced Techniques and this Yogic Flying.

‘It is a very authenticated programme, verified in all times of the past, which is present in the ideal administration called the Administration of Raja Raam. Administration of Raja Raam—administration of that Supreme Intelligence which is Brahman Intelligence—"Ram Brahm Paramarath Rupa"—supreme level of unity.

‘And now, with all these 40, 50 years of four to five million people practising Transcendental Meditation, the proof has come to us that if we can organize these four or five groups of 8,000 in the world, here, there, everywhere, the world will never be the same problem-ridden world. Peace and happiness will always be the prime sunshine for all mankind.

‘And it will be a joy to answer questions from the press. It’s a very delightful area of knowledge, of programmes based on this knowledge, and the results of this knowledge, which is going to be a win, win, win situation in the name of the first Mayor of the Vedic City of America [Mayor Wynne].

‘It’s a very great good thing that is happening. So welcome the press for their questions, and it will be a joy to reflect on this possibility for mankind to be fully enlightened, free from problems and suffering.

Dr Michael Dillbeck presents to Maharishi the questions from the Press.


Question: On How to Reconcile the Current World Conflict


Dr Dillbeck: ‘Maharishi this question is from the editor of the Cambridge Evening News in Cambridge, England, referring to the current conflict between the United States and Iraq. He asks, "Is there something that can reconcile or satisfy completely the opposing sides in the current world conflict?  What do you advise, Maharishi?" ’ 

Maharishi: I advise approach to that universally present, omnipresent unifying field of Natural Law, total Natural Law, the knowledge of total Natural Law—that is the solution to all diverse values.

‘It’s not one or two or three. There are innumerable diversities in our world—that’s what makes a world. But they are all unified on that level where total Natural Law is humming within itself, self-referral hum of total Natural Law, Unified Field, "Para ki Chetana"—in the Vedic Language "Parame Vyoman", the field of self-referral, Transcendental Consciousness.

‘Enlivenment of that, knowledge of that, is that which will unify all differences. Only the knowledge will do it; knowledge will do it, knowledge will do it. Not the talk of knowledge, but the enlivenment of that knowledge in these groups, which we are establishing. These groups—each group of 8,000, will have an influence of positivity and harmony in the whole world consciousness.

Each group will be the pride of the human race. That is the solution. Because, in the world, there are not only one, two, three, four problems. The world is full of problems. Just as darkness is full of problems, and we have the knowledge to bring the light. That knowledge will be the solution to all problems.’

Question: On Counteracting the Harm that a Country May Be Causing


Dr Dillbeck: ‘Maharishi this question says,"I am an independent journalist and Yogic Flyer in the United States, and my article on Yogic Flying will soon appear in a British/Australian magazine. I have protested against President Bush’s warmongering and expressed my concerns about it to legislators. I practise Yogic Flying regularly with my local group. What else can I and other Americans do to counteract the harm that the country may be causing?” ’

Maharishi: ‘You are very wise for practising what you are practising and you are very wise in expressing your opinion freely. So continue to do that. You are in the ideal citizenship that you say what you are, what you know; you let other people have it.

‘You have a very good, neat and clean, simple and natural intelligence. I would congratulate you on the choice of practising Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying and, as a free writer, you are expressing your views unhindered, unobstructed. It’s very good. Just continue to be what you are, and you are a good world citizen.


Question: On the United States


Dr Dillbeck: ‘One other question, Maharishi, on the topic of Iraq. According to an article in the Sunday Times in England, Iraq’s bio-weapons programme started with the help from the United States two decades ago. The United States may have provided the key ingredients to the weapons that America is now considering waging war with Iraq to destroy.

‘My question is this, does Maharishi think it is too late for the United States? Has America sown so many seeds of destruction that nothing can save it from reaping what it has sown?

Maharishi: ‘Even in the pitch darkness of the night, when the lightning comes there is light for some time. So such a thing can happen to the President of America today. Dr Hagelin can come up as a President of the United States and there will be a scientist, a scientist who knows Unified Field, a scientist who knows how to unite.

‘The present man, whatever he is—he is a chosen leader; he is voted by the people, but the people must be realizing that they made a mistake. He was selected because his father was President. So people thought he may have inherited some leadership of the President, his father. But now they must be realizing that it’s astray. . . . He is a man of lack of science, lack of knowledge, lack of good advisers to him. He’s wild. He can be wild today but how many such wild rulers have been in the world in the past?

‘That is why there is no hope for the world to be a better world as long as humanly conceived constitutions are prevailing in the world to administer. Humanly conceived constitutions—they are always full of human failings and human weaknesses.

‘The whole world is like that; the whole world is like that. Two hundred or more countries are there. Everyone is in the same boat, and everyone is not satisfied, to say the least of it, by the government. And the next government comes, people are not satisfied; next government comes, people are not satisfied; next government comes people are not satisfied. For this dissatisfaction to prevail, the basis is man-made constitution, man-made constitution.

‘It will be a new dawn, a new destiny of mankind, when the Divine Will of God, Natural Law, will rule the world of human beings as it is ruling the galactic universe. A great fortune of the world will be rising—for that we are trying. All these groups that we are trying to create, they will [create this].

‘We have created the Global Country of World Peace. We have created the ideal system of Raja Raam in the world. And Raja Raam is the greatest scientist of the world, who has established supremacy of consciousness over the prevalent knowledge of the physiology. Every physiological expression in creation is the expression of the underlying field of consciousness. This is the discovery of Raja Raam.

‘His Majesty Raja Raam, the first Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, is the ruler from that level of the total Natural Law, which is the field of consciousness, consciousness, consciousness. So there is a ruler with total knowledge of consciousness, and he is out to first create these 8,000, 8,000, 8,000—two or three groups of 8,000 in the world, and the world consciousness as a whole will be enshrined with the quality of harmony, unifying quality of intelligence, unifying quality of consciousness. So the world will never be the same problem-ridden, suffering world.

‘It’s a very good time for mankind; it’s very great, good time for mankind. Time for the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment—dawn of the Age of Enlightenment in the reign of the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, the ruler of Natural Law.

‘The Constitution of the Global Country of World Peace is Veda. Veda: total field of knowledge. Total field of knowledge means knowledge of the physical value, knowledge of the underlying field of intelligence or consciousness, Total Knowledge.

‘This is the time. We are proud of our scientific age where total knowledge of the fundamental value of the Unified Field, the field of self-referral consciousness and its transformation in innumerable varieties of physical structures in the world—sun, moon, galaxies, the whole thing.

‘So we are in the grip of Total Knowledge, and we are establishing the centres of this Total Knowledge to radiate Total Knowledge and take away the pangs of the incomplete, fragmented field of knowledge. In every university, knowledge is fragmented, and it does not help the individual to make use of his full brain physiology.

‘His Majesty Raja Raam is going to soon announce a health care system where Consciousness-Based Health Care will be promoted. Very soon medical colleges will be established throughout the world, in every country, in every language, that will give health care from the field of consciousness. And this will be a total health care system.

‘Again, in the same way, there will be a total educational system being promoted by Raja Raam’s administration. Very soon this globally available field of knowledge, total Natural Law, will be made available in the field of education; in the field of health care; again in the field of agriculture; again in the field of administration.

‘The purpose of administration is to provide the individual with something that he himself cannot provide to himself. The individual can provide some things for himself. Something that he cannot provide, he expects the administration to provide for him. And this is the ideal administration: Prevention-oriented, ideal administration, which will serve as a parental role for the whole population.

‘Government is supposed to have a parental role for the whole population of the country. That is going to be the situation, and it’s going to be very, very soon; its going to be very, very soon.


Question: On the Result of Negative Actions


Dr Dillbeck: ‘There is this question, Maharishi: "With all the violence and stress caused by terrorism in the world, there seems to be a great need for forgiveness. But as Maharishi has pointed out, once an action is taken, the result cannot be undone. How do forgiveness and penance in religious teachings relate to the reality of ‘As you sow, so shall you reap?"

Maharishi: ‘It’s hypocrisy in the name of religion or in the name of God that a man puts his hand in the mud and he expects God to forgive him; and he expects to bring a neat and clean hand out of the mud. Hypocrisy.

‘Any religion that says in this way is a hypocritical religion. That’s all. It’s impractical. It’s fooling around. You can’t fool the intelligence of God. Its hypocrisy that you say: “Yes, yes, I made a mistake, and you’ll be forgiven.

There’s no excuse for the ignorance of law, Natural Law. It’s hypocrisy; it’s hypocrisy.


Question: On How to Change the World


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question, Maharishi, is from a magazine writer in California. "With all the different belief systems throughout the world, how can society begin to change its current, limited world view to your unity perspective?" ’

Maharishi: ‘Darkness does not go by itself. Light makes it disappear. All these negative things; all these wrong values will simply not be found when the world consciousness rises to a unified state, a harmonious state.

‘It won’t be through lectures; it won’t be through human endeavour, it won’t be through human endeavour. It’ll be through the influence of awakening that Natural Law which is humming in every grain of creation.

It will only be through Transcendental Meditation practised by a few people, here there, in four or five different places in the world—8,000, 8,000, 8,000. And 8,000 number is just nothing in the population of six billion people, just nothing. That is our strength. A few groups of 8,000 here and here; we just do it and no fuss about it.

‘All the negativity, all the bad things will disappear and all good will dawn in human awareness. Good will be practised, and all those wrong things will just disappear, that’s all.


Question: On the Cause of and Solution to Poverty


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question Maharishi is from the British Magazine called The Big Issue in the North: "What do you think are the main causes to poverty and what are the solutions to poverty?"

Maharishi: ‘Bad education and illiterates in the field of administration. Illiterate, uneducated people forming a government and they form the administration—like a blind leading the blind. And both of them go into the ditch sooner or later. That is the situation in the world. Blind leading the blind. . . .

Look to that what is happening in Britain and what is happening in America. America is a big country; Britain is a small country. Both countries are baffled today. If they want to earn money, they must create destruction: create weapons, and sell their weapons. And if the weapons are not sold because it’s a peaceful world, they’ll create differences, they’ll create distinctions. It’s a very bad thing. . . .


Question: On How Economic Prosperity Will Grow


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question, Maharishi, is about economy: "The world’s two largest economies, the United States and Japan, are both in difficulties. You have said that economic prosperity will grow with large groups practising your technologies, how does this take place?"

Maharishi: ‘It will take place with coherence coming to dominate the world consciousness, coherence, quality of togetherness. Quality of togetherness—it’s the quality of togetherness in the world consciousness.

That is why we can’t think of a country here, or a country there. No, no, no. One little thorn throws the whole body out of balance. So if there are 200 countries in the world, one little country or one big country, anyone could be like a thorn. It will throw the whole word into imbalance. That is why we have adopted a programme whereby the total world consciousness will have a unifying quality, a positive quality; and all these differences, all these differences will simply disappear. They will just simply disappear, that’s all.

‘The world press will have nothing to compare. A new light comes, harmony comes, everyone is helpful to everyone else, everyone is a joy to everyone else. It’s a family feeling, it’s a family—it’s the brotherhood of man, like that.

All people, the same children of God in the Light of God. They would not fight like dogs on a loaf of bread. No, no. This nation, this nation, this nation. It’s bad education; bad education, very bad education.

‘The effect of eureka for whole human race; eureka for whole human race: the effect of coherence will be generated, and it will be generated soon, because we are handling Natural Law, Natural Law, Natural Law.

‘And Natural Law is not obscure; it is in every grain of creation. It is in the whole, ever-expanding universe, which is also run by the same Natural Law. It is the same Natural Law which is lively, which is humming in every grain of creation, and which can be brought to human awareness through this Transcendental Meditation.

‘There are enough people in the world, only they have to come together to live in a community of 100, 200, as was proclaimed in the introduction. 3,000 Peace Palaces are in our manual, 3,000 Peace Palaces. And we have these 8,000 groups and all that.

‘Let us hear from our, our Minister of Finance. Let’s hear from our Minister of Finance of the Global Country of World Peace, his programme in short about establishing these 3000 Peace Palaces and all. Dr Feldman give them a glimpse of the whole idea.’

Dr Feldman speaks.

Question: On Differences in Nations as Peace Grows


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question, Maharishi, is from a writer in the United Kingdom. "Many countries such as the United Kingdom have provinces with different cultures and even different languages. Sometimes this creates conflict. As the world comes to enjoy a state of peace through your programmes, will the countries of today break into smaller individual nations or will they remain as they are but with greater harmony?"

Maharishi: ‘The second one: with greater harmony. It doesn’t matter whether the country is small or big, as long as it is harmonious in its quality.

‘The world is full of differences, so differences cannot be eliminated. Differences will always be there. Small differences will be there. Big differences will be there. But differences will not be biting each other. They will all be netted together in harmony. So there will be unity in diversity, and that will be the miraculous evolutionary influence of Natural Law.

‘There is unity in the world; there is diversity in the world. The diversity will remain as it is. Unity will remain as it is. The full value of life will be enjoyed by all the individuals and all communities in our beautiful world.

‘That influence of light will be there instead of absence of light. In the light, everything will be enjoyable. In the darkness, everything is suffering, suffering. You can’t move a foot because you have the chance of stumbling over the wall or something or something.

‘So in the state of enlightenment—we have in our Global Country of World Peace a Ministry of Enlightenment. And we have a very enlightened Minister heading this Ministry of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace.

‘Have we with us Dr Bevan Morris, the Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace? Give them the message of enlightenment, that it’s not going to swallow the differences, no, no, no, no. Differences will be there only they’ll be glorified by the shining light of unity. Listen to our Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris.

Dr Morris speaks.

Maharishi: It’s a very beautiful welcoming to the whole world consciousness by the Minister of Enlightenment. by the Minister of Enlightenment. [He is shown on the video screen.] The theme of His Majesty Raja Raam is the theme of action for a perfect world. Talks he has had throughout his life, as a brilliant career of a successful doctor, medical doctor, and in his research he has spoken enough. He has talked enough. Delivered enough lectures. And for all that he was weighed in gold. Now his theme is less talks and more action.

‘Day and night His Majesty Raja Raam is busy with his scientists and artists and engineers to create that ideal system of administration which will lead the people to enjoy the birthright for which they are born in the world.

‘The birthright of everyone, according to Raja Raam, is Cosmic Consciousness, bliss of life; and bliss now to the whole population of mankind by ideal administration. Ideal administration through ideal education, and that is education of self-referral consciousness, which is the field of total Natural Law. Education of total consciousness: that will bring enlightenment to every individual and in every national consciousness everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

‘So the time of Raja Raam, every moment is so precious. It is precious in brightening the fortune of mankind. Ideal administration resulting in ideal education, ideal health care, ideal agriculture, ideal defence, ideal engineering: ideal everything for the man to enjoy his own heritage with which he is born.

‘It is a very good, great time for the world that as the world consciousness is rising on the field of Total Knowledge, the administering intelligence is also active to establish an ideal system of administration that will help everyone to enjoy his heritage—the heritage of his nation, the heritage of his culture, the heritage of human life.

‘It’s a very good, great time for the world press to enjoy the news about His Majesty Raja Raam, and the different themes of education, and all these different fields of human concern. It’s a very good time for the world. I admire the fortune of the world press now today to brighten the whole future of tomorrow for all mankind. It’s very good, it’s beautiful.’


Question: On Joining the European Union and NATO


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question, Maharishi, is from the newspaper in Rega, Latvia, called Evening Rega:  "Our government in Latvia is doing its best to join both the European Union and NATO. Which future do you think would be most favourable for Latvia?" ’

Maharishi: ‘Join Global Country of World Peace and you will have put them together in one joining. Shake hands with the Global Country of World Peace. When you want to join someone, join the Supreme Intelligence; join the biggest magnitude of authority and power and knowledge. That will be my advice. Do it today, because tomorrow never comes.


Question: On Administration Systems


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question, Maharishi, is from Nepal: "Political systems may be different but they all express the will of the people, so would democracy as a system really be the source of so much corruption and fighting, or would it be something deeper—that is the patterns of thinking of the people or whatever is at the basis of those patterns?" ’

Maharishi: ‘No, no, patterns of thinking depend upon education. Education depends upon the administration. Because of administration, Nepal today is in the air, no dignity, nothing, nothing, nothing. Nepal was a country which had its traditional kingdom. All that is gone. The people of Nepal could re-establish the identity of administration of Nepal in the world. . . .

‘Nepal had enjoyed harmony, peace, happiness. The religion of Nepal was Vedic religion and all. They have all lost it; they can regain it


Question: On Consciousness-Based Medicine


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This question Maharishi is from a health writer: "You mentioned that Consciousness-Based Medicine would be introduced. Can you explain how Consciousness-Based Medicine works as opposed to western medicine." ’

Maharishi: ‘Western medicine has failed. They are continuing on the basis of the economy; it has gone in the economy. Even when medicines have so much of side effects and new and new diseases coming out of that, they are continuing because they earn money by giving poison to the people. Just in the same way as these weapons-creating countries; earning through a very bad kind of trade. It’s bad.

‘Consciousness-based health care is like the trade of a gardener. A gardener is trained to handle the wellbeing of the leaves and flowers and fruits by attending to the sap. The sap is the basic ingredient of all the leaves, of all the flowers, of all the fruits, of all the branches, everything. So learn from the trade of a gardener to handle the sap in order to handle the thousands of leaves and all that. Because all these leaves and all that, they are the expressions of the sap.

‘So attend to the cause to modify the effect. Handle the cause to handle the effect the way you like. If you like the body to be healthy, attend to consciousness. Learn from the discovery of His Majesty Raja Raam that every particle, every grain, every fibre of physiology is the expression of consciousness. And all knowledge about consciousness is there in the Vedic Literature. That’s why Vedic Medicine, promoting health from the field of consciousness, is going to be a supreme procedure for handling health.

‘And very soon, His Majesty Raja Raam is going to proclaim his health care system from the field of consciousness. Every fibre of the physiology he has shown to be expressing consciousness, all the time—consciousness, consciousness. And the total knowledge of consciousness is there in the field of physiology.

‘In a very few days, in a very few weeks from now, it will be a very great joy for the world press to hear from Raja Raam that it is now possible to create a man free from weaknesses and diseases and suffering.

‘Let it be known, even from today, that modern medicine is as much of a failure as the modern defence system. Millions are ready in the military to die, but they cannot save the nation.

‘The whole thing is fraudulent, absolutely. Government means a fraud. It’s a big thing every four years—three years, five years, whatever is the time—they make the laws and they throw out the government. And the government is never satisfied.

‘That is why now we are coming up with a government, a rule from the almighty, omniscient, omnipotent, merciful Will of God, Natural Law. That will reign in society;that will reign society, and that will be a total administration free from weaknesses and problems of human failings.

‘It’s a very good time. I feel so good proclaiming to the press, and this is going to be more and more a practical reality as days go by. That is our joy.



Question: On How the Influence of Peace from Groups Will Affect the World


Dr Dillbeck: ‘Maharishi, this question from CFUN radio in Vancouver, Canada: "Maharishi, how will the global influence of peace that you say you will be creating through large groups of advanced meditators be able to affect people who are spiritually asleep, that is not awake to this higher level of consciousness?.’

Maharishi: People may be sleeping, but when the light is on, they will wake up in light. When harmony is there, the world harmony will bring everyone to a new, new awakening, a new awakening. That's why we are handling world consciousness—all the world consciousness at a time, at a time, like that like that.’


Question: On Role of the Heart in Developing Higher States of Consciousness


Dr Dillbeck: ‘This last question, Maharishi: "You said that developing the whole brain functioning brings higher consciousness, what role does developing the heart play in achieving higher consciousness?" ’

Maharishi: Heart is a supporter not a competitor of the brain. Heart and mind, they go together. It’s a natural harmony. They are two, but they are one.

That is what is the miracle of Natural Law: they are two, heart and mind, but functioning in complete uniformity with each other. They don’t compete. They harmonize—harmony, harmony. So when total brain functions, it does not exclude the right functioning of the heart or other parts of the body.

‘It’s a very good thing; it’s a great news to the world press that the time is soon coming that they will not be required to write dirty things, weak things. They will not be required to report the human failings of this part of the world or that part of the world. The world will come up as a bright star of good fortune and all good to everyone.

Jai Guru Dev and good luck. Jai Guru Dev.












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