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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Maharishi's Address at the
Celebration of Dipavali — the Festival of Lights

9 November 2007


During the global celebration of the Festival of Lights, the Vedic Day of Maha Lakshmi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, performed global Puja (Vedic ceremony of gratitude) to his Master, Guru Dev* and then, following a brief speech in Hindi, addressed the assembly.

Maharishi: 'Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev. Having performed today's Puja to Guru Dev, the Puja of Maha Lakshmi, this day out of the 365 days of the year [is] dedicated to Maha Lakshmi—the source of affluence, the inexhaustible source of affluence—Maha Lakshmi. Maha Lakshmi the source of all orderly, affluent administration of the universe [is] enlivened in our awareness in waves of offerings to Guru Dev—one after the other, offerings to Guru Dev—the impulse of creativity through the levels of administration of the ever-expanding universe, the Custodian, the Mother of all beings in our universe, the unified state of administration of the versified, infinitely-differentiated universe, but compactified, unified, on the lap of Mother Divine, Maha Lakshmi Maiya.

Fortunate, very fortunate we are. Our fortune today is beyond description, beyond speech. It is on the transcendental level. Fortunately, we are aware on the level of our intellectual understanding and also in our experiential level of direct knowledge, we are aware of the source of all order, affluence, integration, unification of all diversity in Maha Lakshmi Maiya—the Mother Divine of affluence, affluence of infinite compactified divine bliss, the characteristic quality of the administration of the universe.

Our offer to Guru Dev takes away today all the disorders and distinctions and mutual challenges and restlessness in the administration of the universe. This is what we are sunk in today—transcendental bliss, self-referral Brahm. Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi, Sarvam Kalvidam Brahm, Ayam Atma Brahm. All our Puja to Guru Dev comes out with the Puja to this Paramba**, Maha Lakshmi, comes co-existing with our self-referral Purusha consciousness***. We are a part of that divine, orderly administration of the universe today by having awakened the reality of Maha Lakshmi Maiya, Mother Maha Lakshmi, Mother Divine.

This comes to us as representation of the silent administration of Brahm [Totality], of Raam Brahm, of Rajadhiraj**** Nader Raam, representing this great Lakshmi of human race at the basis of all that we call the universe—unified, versified reality in the state of unified existence—Maha Lakshmi Maiya, the most precious level of administration of the universe, inseparable from the personality of the administrator, Maha Lakshmi Maiya, inseparable.

We are fortunate. On the surface of it, it is the Festival of Light, today, Dipavali—the Festival of Light in the Indian calendar, the Festival of Light, the Festival of Light. It is in the Festival of Light that the world is breathing its existence, its evolution, its fulfilment. That we have faced in all these waves of offerings to Guru Dev.

Fortunate we are to have the Day of Light celebrated with the whole world family and with the administrator of the whole world family in silence—Maharajadhiraj, Raja Nader Raam—the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, putting the fragmentations and differences of the world in a grand unity on the level of silence where this grand unity is undivided, eternal. And this eternally unified world is going to be the blessing of the silent administration of Raja Nader Raam, in whose presence, and with him, we have performed Puja to Guru Dev.

In that act of performance of Puja, we have celebrated the Festival of Light, the most awakened day out of the 365 days of the Vedic Calendar. And that momentum gained today, in the unification of our scattered awarenesses of the 6 billion people of the world, stands unified in complete light—the Festival of Light. And the world festival belongs to all the species, all different variations of the span of life of all the species—the Festival of Light.

We are fortunate. Dr Feldman, the Finance Minister of Rajadhiraj, Raja Nader Raam's Finance Minister, is holding the inexhaustible treasury of Raja Raam, the currency of Raam, the Treasurer of Raam currency, the inexhaustible range of authority upheld, sustained by that inexhaustible treasury, which is the natural structure of Mahalaksmi Maiya, Mother Divine in charge of inexhaustible affluence in the currency of Raam.

'Please, Dr Feldman, invite the Vedic Pandits to shower on us the traditional, eternal blessings of Maha Lakshmi Maiya. Mother Divine, the custodian of the administration of Brahm, shower on us the blessings of Maha Lakshmi Maiya, the custodian of the treasury of Brahm, inexhaustible treasury of Kubera*****. And the unlocking of it, the turnkey operation to unlock it, is in the custody of the Vedic Pandits.

Please ask them to unlock, to unlock, to unlock the inexhaustible treasury of Brahm through the recitations of the Constitution of Brahm, the Veda. Tell them all we have performed the Puja, and now we are waiting to bask in the sunshine of the showers of Maha Lakshmi from the inexhaustible treasury of Brahm. Please invite them.

[These are] very fortunate moments for our world family, very fortunate moments for the custodians and administrators of the world family, all the Devatas in heaven and earth, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Please invite them to bless us from their traditional expressions of the Constitution of the Veda. The actual items of that perform orderly administration of the universe. We are wanting to bask in the sunshine of those showers of blessings. All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.'

Dr Benjamin Feldman then concluded the introduction to the celebration and welcomed the Vedic Pandits. Then the Vedic Pandits then began their recitation.

Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

** 'Para' means transcendental. 'Amba' means the all-nourishing power of Natural Law.

***Purusha is the silent, self-sufficient quality of Transcendental Consciousness.

****A title for the highest of Rajas, the Raja of Rajas.

*****Kubera is the impulse of creative intelligence that oversees the infinite treasury of wealth.



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