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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

16 November 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It is such a joy today to express to the world press that I have taken a new step to enhance the achievement of the goal. Since I have taken this new step during the past two, three weeks, I see that the new step to enhance the achievement of the goal seems to show some promise.

‘I was being asked all the time by the press and all the people: How soon can I achieve what I want for my dear world family? How soon can I achieve peace, prosperity, happiness, and all those beautiful values? I was thinking all the time, “What more can I add?” I found that as long as my workers in the world are not living in proper Vastu homes—not living according to Vedic Architecture—so long their efforts and their desires will not bring the right result.

‘So what I did was two, three weeks ago, I stopped talking to my workers in the world. I told them, “If you are not living in proper Vastu homes according to Sthapatya Veda, then please do not waste my time anymore, because you are not capable of understanding what I am saying. Your brain functioning has been quantified by our scientists. Dr Hagelin has been telling you that when one practices TM, brain functioning is measurable, coherent, and is absolutely free from any weakness. But another aspect of Natural Law is that total Natural Law does not function if one is not living in a home built according to Vastu principles—Vedic Architecture.”

‘I told them, “I do not want to talk with you, because whatever I tell you and whatever you tell me, in response about your things, is not practically supported by total Natural Law.” Therefore, I stopped talking to all those thousands of workers, who were seen to be so loyal, so devoted, so one-pointed, but not supported by total Natural Law, because they were not living according to Vastu.

‘All my workers throughout the world, from the top level to the bottom level, are rapidly changing their living situation. What I found, just a few days ago, is that now I have begun to hear that the whole objective of my Movement to eliminate problems, difficulties, sickness, and cries from my world family is being fulfilled. The whole world has started to be guided by very beautiful, enormously powerful thinking.

‘I will give you the word today, and elaborate on it after a month or two, when I have produced the results. The word is that there is a programme now involving one trillion dollars to eradicate world poverty and to establish permanent world peace. The project cost is one trillion dollars.

‘I do not want to give information on the details of my programme, because there are lots of enemies of world peace. There are destroyers of the world. And they will try to destroy the plan of a worldwide programme to eliminate poverty and establish permanent peace on earth in one stroke. A one-year, two-year, three-year programme of one trillion dollars is going to be practically implemented as my workers begin to live more and more in Vastu buildings. That is the reality of the programme today.

‘The press was asking me all the time, “When, and how soon, could this be?” Today I am revealing that when my workers are living in Vastu buildings, then my worldwide programme will be supported by total Natural Law. Something supported by total Natural Law is transforming impossibility to simple possibility.

‘Dr Hagelin, congratulate the world press. We are vigilant every moment of our breath to hasten, as much as possible, the achievement of the goal of a beautiful, happy, fulfilled, integrated family of nations on our earth, and life of Heaven on Earth. We are going ahead as we have gone, all this half a century. We have come to realize that anyone who is not living in proper Vastu will be struggling to achieve anything successfully.

‘I have stopped talking to governments, because they are not competent, they are not capable, they are not thinking clear enough to understand the simplicity of my expression and the simplicity of my approach through total Natural Law for having a beautiful, peaceful, fulfilled, problem-free society in our family of nations.

‘This is the new thing, after so much time. This is the new thing. And the world press does not have to believe me. Just see how the transformation takes place, and see that you are seeing in the waking state of consciousness, not in the dreaming state of consciousness.

‘Today, I thought I would give the world press a glimpse of my policy. The policy is abstract, unseen, because it is embedded totally in the transcendental reality—in the home of all the Laws of Nature, which is in the transcendental, self-referral field of Being, or as Dr Hagelin says, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

‘I stopped talking to the government long ago. But now, for one, two weeks, I have stopped talking to my workers, to my leaders of the Movement—great, giant intellectuals. I have told them I do not want to talk to them, because “What you will understand is doubtful; what you will tell me will be ambiguous.” In this scientific age, we go by the practicality of the logic, not the imaginary, not fooling around, but actually actualizing what word goes out.

‘All my leaders of the Movement are practicing the Transcendental Meditation Technique and are achieving increased coherence in their brain functioning. But now, the outer atmosphere of the house itself will be in tune with the coherence between the individual structure of the body and the cosmic structure of the galactic universe. That has not been so clearly announced. But today I thought, “Let me announce it. Let everyone clearly see what has been the basic impediment for total Natural Law to create that quality of life on earth, which is basic to its source.”

‘The source of life is the Self. The nature of the Self is bliss. But why is bliss not on the surface? Because of the dislocation of the relationship of the individual physical structure with the cosmic physical structure. Now, we are laying full emphasis on that, and then it will not be a long time that the world continues in all despair and distress and all those things.

‘Here is something: the high flag of the Global Country of World Peace to declare waves of global constructive values in the silence. It is a very beautiful thing. Dr Hagelin is the Minister of Science and Technology of that government. Reveal the secret, Dr Hagelin, and tell them that the achievement is now at hand, because your Unified Field is a frictionless flow; it has no friction. This was the last friction between the relationship of the individual physiology and cosmic physiology.

‘Tell them this is the day to rejoice in the open sunshine for all mankind to be a new world of fulfilment, of peace. Tell them: All glory to the source of this knowledge in the Vedic Tradition of Total Knowledge in India—the Vedic Tradition. Glory to the Vedic Tradition. We say, “Glory to Guru Dev.”

‘Dr Hagelin, tell them the days of effort, hard work have come to an end, and the days of the bright sunshine—the beautiful, beautiful destiny of mankind—is ahead. And let us rejoice. Jai Guru Dev.’


Question: Objective of Maharishi’s Organization


Dr Hagelin: ‘Jai Guru Dev, Maharishi. That was absolutely beautiful. It is an extraordinary and historic time.

‘Maharishi, there is a question or two from the press that I think has a direct bearing on the knowledge Maharishi has brought out today. The first is from a reporter, Ruth Molina, who is a leading Spanish journalist for the magazine El Mundo, which is one of the most important publications in Spain. Her first question is a basic one, and then there is a more specific one. Her question is: Maharishi, what is the principal function and objective of your organization? And then, more specifically: Will your meditation end situations like poverty and starvation in the world? Thank you very much.

Maharishi: This is what I expressed today in a very flat manner. The programme, in terms of money, is one trillion dollars. The time will be very short because those financiers in our world who are always hungry to get orders and to get more business—and this is a sizable business for them—are going to pounce on it. They are going to make money out of this risk-free financing. The project will be just a matter of a few months. See how long it takes; it should not take a long time, because it gives business to the business-searching people. It gives profit to the profit-desiring people in business. So this is a win–win situation for everyone.

‘The answer was given before the question was raised, but give her the satisfaction of knowing when it is going to happen. Soon, it is going to happen.

Question: The Impact of Maharishi's Teaching on the World

Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you, Maharishi. National Public Radio in the United States recently reported that deaths due to war in the first half of the twentieth century—from 1900 to 1950—were very high. In fact, war deaths totaled more than four percent of the world population. But this terrible death rate has dropped by about ninety-eight percent during the second half of the twentieth century, between 1950 and year 2000. This corresponds to the fifty years of Maharishi’s teaching of Transcendental Meditation throughout the world. The question for Maharishi is: If you have achieved this already, what will be the impact of your knowledge on the world during the next fifty years? What will the world be like in 2050 as a result of Maharishi’s teaching?’

Maharishi: We do not think of fifty. You take away zero first, and then you are left with five years. Take away five, and count to one year. That is long enough for the darkness to go and the bright sunshine of heaven to be shining on earth on a permanent basis.

‘What does it takes to light the darkness? A moment of light of the candle, and the darkness goes. It does not matter whether the darkness was fifty-years old or five-years old, instantly it is gone. Now, the last stroke is that the workers of the Movement, who are dedicated to seeing a better world, are now going to live with full support of Natural Law in the buildings they will build.

‘That is why the programme has a plan for reconstruction of the world. Builders have been allowed to earn as much money and profit, from this reconstruction programme of the world, as they like. From all over, they are plunging into this awe-inspiring opportunity for their business, for their building programme. They are learning to construct homes according to Sthapatya Veda. It does not matter how long the darkness has been. Instantly, it will go with the onset of light.

‘It is such a joy. It is such a joy to say it; it is such a joy to create it; it is such a joy to live in that creation.’

Question: What Students Should Know About Their Lives

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, it is a total joy and very historic for the world. There are a couple more questions, if Maharishi has time. There have been 1500 very positive stories on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and its impact on education over just these past couple of weeks, precipitated in part by the national tour of filmmaker Dr David Lynch and accompanying scientists, who have talked to thousands and thousands of students at universities on the powerful impact of Transcendental Meditation to transform education and to develop the brain.

‘My question, Maharishi, comes from many, many student writers and student newspapers across the country. Their question, I can summarize, is fairly simple: Maharishi, as many people were able to see from the recent university tour on “Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain”, more and more young people seem to be deeply interested in meditation and enlightenment. Maharishi, what should students know about their life that they do not already know?’

Maharishi: One word: Total Knowledge. And the students should tell their parents what the orientation of their house is and whether the house has a proper east entrance. The students should tell their parents what the orientation is of the school building, college building, where they go. Does the college building or school building have a north entrance? They should never go to a school which has a south entrance or west entrance. They should refuse their parents and should refuse their teachers saying that a south entrance is very unfortunate, a west entrance is very unfortunate. At least that one feature of the Sthapatya Veda construction of homes should be followed.

‘They should tell the mayors of the city where they are living that the roads are topsy-turvy and the housing is not properly oriented. This is one thing that everyone should know, and they should allow themselves to actualize this knowledge.

‘This is not knowledge to know and set aside—no. The students should tell their parents this in favour of Total Knowledge, in favour of their health, in favour of their relationship with their parents and teachers, in favour of everything of which their life is composed. They should know Total Knowledge, and they should know how to be properly oriented in the home and where to be in the classroom. This will be a student of this year. Otherwise, he will be a student of the past century.’

Question: The Role of Government

Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. I have a question about government: There is an ongoing battle in politics between people who advocate big government and those who advocate small government. Some people believe that government should have a big, prominent role in the nation—that government should be there to provide support for people throughout their lives with government-provided health care, government-provided education, government-sponsored housing, and so forth. Others believe that government should be very small—close to non-existent—and that people should be self-sufficient and support themselves. How does Maharishi see the role of government? Should it be big or small? And how does Maharishi see the role of the Peace Government?’

Maharishi: The role of the government is to provide the individual with what the individual cannot provide for himself. Whatever the individual can provide for himself, that is his responsibility. But there are things which are beyond his individual area—social, national, international, universal. These are all the areas beyond the range of the individual, and it should be the responsibility of the government to provide these for the individual.

‘Otherwise, the government has no significance. There is a role of the government, and that is the parental role. Children do not understand that winter is coming. They do not know that they should have warm clothes and all that. So that which the children cannot provide themselves, the parents have to provide. . . .

‘Government will slowly take a very pious role, the parental role, which individuals cannot achieve through their own level of effort, acting, thinking, and planning. The government is there to plan for them; that is the parental role—that is all. The parental role protects every child of the nation.’


Question: Veda As Its Own Commentary


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. There is one last question that pertains to very deep knowledge. Maharishi has said that the Veda provides its own commentary, that each Vedic sound is a commentary or an elaboration on the previous Vedic sound. Would Maharishi please comment on this style of Vedic commentary? What does it mean for one Vedic sound to be a commentary on the previous Vedic sound? What is included in that commentary?’

Maharishi: The question is so delightful to answer. The flow of the Veda is from infinity to the point—from the enormous infinity to the point. From the point, there is an enormous expansion to infinity. This is the flow of the Veda.

‘I want to give you a picture of something very delightful in the answer to your question. There are two flows: firstly, the flow of the Vedic text, from word to word to word to word to word to word. It goes on and on and on. There is another flow: the flow of life from today to tomorrow, tomorrow to the next day to next day to next day. You see the two flows? One flow is in the field of language, the other is in the field of physical reality—today, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, flow, flow, flow. In the same way that there is a word, a word, a word, a word, from a word to the next word, from the next word to the next word, from the next word to the next word; there is one day to the next day, one day to the next day, one day to the next day. These are the two flows.

‘The two flows are exactly in the same reality. That means from one word, another word emerges; from the second word, the third word emerges; from the third word, the fourth word emerges. Exactly in the same way tomorrow emerges from today; from tomorrow, the next tomorrow emerges, the next tomorrow emerges, the next tomorrow emerges.

‘When you understand, the sequential emergence of the Veda is exactly in conformity with—is exactly the same as—the sequential flow of the days and months and years and centuries, one from the other, one from the other, one from the other. One from the other means the next that comes is a commentary of the previous.

‘This is what “Veda is its own commentary” means. Each word, each following word, is a commentary of each previous word. This is the Veda. Each following word is a commentary of the previous, in the same way as each day of a life is the commentary of the previous day. This is the case with any world, the world of man or the world of any animal—ants and the world of monkeys, the world of tigers, the world of crows, the world of swans. In any species, any life, the following is an expression of the previous. That means that the following is a commentary on the previous.

‘The conclusion is: Veda is known by the Veda itself. Life is known by life itself. That is why life is Veda. “Ayu” means life. Ayurveda: Ayu is Veda; life is Veda; Veda is life. The next is a commentary on the previous. It is such a delightful picture of knowledge growing all the time.

‘What is fascinating about it? If you know one word, you can have the whole historic development of the word into infinity. That means that the total Veda is in the first word of the Veda. The total life is in the first day of the newborn child. That is why the whole history of the forthcoming life—for one hundred, two hundred, a thousand years—can be detected, calculated, and brought to light by the science of mathematics and all the different areas of mathematics.

‘That is why the secret of Vedic teaching is, “Know that by knowing which everything gets known.” Know the first word of the Veda, and from there, you can know the whole run of the Veda. Know the first moment of your life—the birth point—and from there you have, in the horoscope, all calculations. This is the Total Knowledge available to everyone on the level of Vedic Knowledge.

‘That is why we have a programme to have schools, colleges, and universities of Vedic Knowledge, so that every child born on earth, whether on the North Pole or South Pole or Equator or anywhere, with whatever language, will have a one-word knowledge. Within that word, he will have the total field of knowledge vibrant, lively—the field of consciousness lively. It is a delightful picture of what reality is.’




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