Maharishi's Global Press Conferences Highlights

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

6 November 2002 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. Congratulations to the world press and to this great scientist of our world today, Dr John Hagelin, who spearheads the frontline of scientific research in the world of physicists. Dr Hagelin, who introduced this press conference just now, is the Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace.

‘When he was speaking to the press, introducing this press conference, I remembered something of about 25 years ago when I said sometime, “Through the window of science, I see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.” This was 25 years ago.

‘Having felt the changing time, having felt the change of the direction of time from suffering to peace, happiness, and all that, all that, I was delighted to see through the scientific research—after about 20 years of my world tours—that through the window of science, I see the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

In a hurry I went around all the six continents ringing the bell of Eureka for this Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment rising. And today, it has taken these years until, on a very practical level, the greatest scientist of all times, now His Majesty Raja Raam, has declared consciousness as the ultimate reality of all the physical existence.

‘His research has proved what throughout the ages has been recorded in terms of Vedanta. Vedanta is one of the supreme—not one of the supreme—the supreme level of intelligence and knowledge, where the individual is declared to be cosmic. "Aham Brahmasmi"—this Unity Consciousness, which was upheld as the basis of all the physical expressions of life, is like the sap in a tree. A tree has thousands of leaves and flowers and fruits and different values, but all of them at their basis have the existence of the sap.

‘Consciousness at the basis of all physical existences has been declared from the level of physiology, and this is Dr Nader [Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam]. In his researches in physiology he has shown all that was described or that has been available in the Vedic Literature, as the impulses of consciousness, the whole Vedic field of speech.

‘Veda is expressed on the level of speech. These Vedic terms, Vedic expressions, are the expressions of consciousness—consciousness of everyone. The Self of everyone is the unbounded field of Transcendental Consciousness. This has been scientifically expressed by the scientist in the field of physiology.

‘And now, on the basis of this effacing the diversity and establishing eternal Unity at the basis of all differences, Dr Tony Nader has been crowned as the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. This Global Country of World Peace has as its units all the governments of the world. It’s a global concept and this global concept is just the fulfilment of the desires of so many unified values of different countries.

‘Now there is the European Union, now the United States—there is a sense of unity in the field of diversity. So many unified values of different countries exist in the world, and now this sense of all the nations to move towards to a grand unity has been fulfilled by a Sovereign Ruler, His Majesty Raja Raam, who has recently opened his Administrative Capital in the USA, in the Vedic City.

A Vedic City he has chosen because of the citizens of the Vedic City, with its enlightened Mayor Bob Wynne; Wynne has won over the Constitution of the Universe as the Constitution of his Vedic City.

‘His Majesty Raja Raam felt so good about the Vedic City that he chose to have his Administrative Centre, Capital of the Global Country of World Peace, in the Vedic City, and he has inaugurated it. This is the first place.

This reminded me of 25 years ago: "I see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment" and in a hurry I went round, around the world. This tradition is being practically demonstrated by His Majesty Raja Raam: his first Capital he went to inaugurate and now he is on a world tour. His plan is to visit all continents and to establish his working Capitals, his Administrative Capitals, in all the different continents. It’s a very great thing.

‘What is happening is very, very enjoyable for us. I would like to tell what is going to happen through this global inauguration of the Administrative Capitals of the Global Country of World Peace by His Majesty Raja Raam.

‘Raja Raam is the Ideal Administrator of the Universe with his Constitution in the Vedic Literature, which is elaborately expressed in Ramayan. Ramayan is a part of the Vedic Literature, which shows how Raam, total Natural Law, the embodiment of total Natural Law, the physical expression of the abstract value of total Natural Law—Eternal Natural Law—is displayed in Ramayan in the play of Raam.

‘Dr Nader, His Majesty Raja Raam, has shown in his researches in the physiology that every part of the physical aspect of the physiology, human physiology, is an expression of those vibrations that are expressed in speech form in the Ramayan. Ramayan is the display of Total Natural Law, which constructs every part of the physiology.

‘His Majesty Raja Raam has shown all the details of the performance of Raam in the Ramayan. And a very, very interesting thing: last month in the world press, came out the picture of a bridge between India and Sri Lanka. This 30 kilometre bridge was built by the army of Raam for Raam to go to Sri Lanka.

‘This bridge was created by the army of Raam. Now you see on the map: the map shows Sri Lanka and the bridge on the West of Sri Lanka. The line that we see is the bridge that was built by the army of Raam and Raam went through this bridge.

‘This bridge is sunk in the ocean, but NASA has discovered from the aerial pictures that the bridge exists there a few metres in the ground.

‘So now Raja Raam wishes to build that bridge. It’s a great news for the world press: that a bridge built by Raja Raam millions of years ago—that was Treta Yuga, and now this is Kala Yuga: that’s a huge number of years, there is no end to counting the years—now that bridge will be built by Raja Raam, who is out to unify all the different countries in the world. So this is physical—this is physically unifying the world. And the bridge, Raam’s bridge, is called "Sethu" in the Ramayan, Sethu.

‘Now this shows that the Ramayan, the story of Raam as it is understood to be, is the actual description of the Creative Intelligence in Nature, which transforms consciousness into physiology, and Sri Lanka has been located, has been discovered to be existing in the human brain.

‘Some time we will request Raja Raam-ji to bring out in his own words his research that the whole Ramayan—Raam and Ravan and all these armies, and the whole thing—is a matter of expression in the physiology: the expression of consciousness, very well recorded in detail in this Vedic Literature—Ramayan.

‘This is a good news for the press today, and 25 years ago I saw the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. That was on the basis of so many of scientific researches proving the benefits of Transcendental Meditation; that is the discovery of the Unified Field, discovery of the field of Consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness.

‘In a practical way the time is now that a government has been established in order to fill in the blanks; in order to fill in the gaps between countries and countries in our world.

‘With this news I welcome with great joy the world press to rejoice today the onset of a very good time for the world. The time of peaceful—peaceful time for the world, as peaceful as recorded in the ancient history expressed in the Vedic Literature—Sat Yuga, Treta, Dwapara, Kali Yuga, four times of infinite value of time, supreme time.

‘So this problem-ridden world is now being turned around and brought to a field of enlightenment in this scientific age. Great, great credit goes, of course, basically to the Vedic Literature; credit goes to the Tradition of Vedic Masters. Credit goes to the Tradition of Vedic Wisdom in India. And credit goes to the Vedic Literature, and credit goes to the scientists, great scientists like his Majesty Raja Raam, and Dr John Hagelin, the Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace; and to Dr Bevan Morris, the Minister of Enlightenment of the Global Country of World Peace; and to a great genius, Minister of Finance, Dr Benjamin Feldman.

‘Very great geniuses of this generation are in the Cabinet of His Majesty Raja Raam and they are all going to succeed in pushing forward the beam of light of enlightenment for a very bright future of mankind.

‘I invite the press to think with me from different, different angles. It’s a great joy to think on the turning point of the problem-ridden world to a world of freedom from problems. It’s beautiful: the dawn of perfect peace on earth, perpetual peace on earth. Let’s have some questions with great delight.’


Question: On the Quality of the US Government


Dr Hagelin: ‘There are many questions from the press today, some quite deep and profound and others extremely practical. We will start with a practical question. ‘Maharishi, in yesterday’s US elections, President Bush’s Republican Party won both the House and the Senate, and therefore in principle may be more easily able to enact Bush’s warmongering policies.

‘At the same time, we have a more unified government—one party rule. Since you have said recently that the problem with democracy is that opposition parties fight like dogs, do you see this new unified US government as positive or negative? Could you please comment’ 

Maharishi: Unification is through positive quality rising in the world consciousness. It’s always a good thing.’  


Question: On Resolving the Problems in Kashmir


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, this question pertains to India and Kashmir. How will your world peace plan help to resolve the problems of Kashmir—a 55-year old problem that has so far remained unsolved by the United Nations, governor generals, civilian governments, dictatorships and religious governments on both sides? How will your world peace programme help to resolve the problems of Kashmir?’

Maharishi: In the same way as a lighted lamp dissolves darkness, even if darkness may have been there throughout the ages. Whatever the length of existence of darkness, the darkness cannot bear with light.

‘As the light drives away the darkness, with the coherence rising in the world through my efforts of the peace-creating groups in the world—not only the Kashmir problem, but all problems everywhere, they will dissolve, because the reign of Natural Law is dawning.

‘The time for a problem-free government, problem-free government of the Universe, is dawning. The Constitution of the Universe has been very practically established in the world with this establishment of Raja Raam’s Global Country of World Peace. So the time is there, now, coming, and this will absolutely do away with all kinds of things that are labeled as problems of the world.’


Question: About Business Courses on Ethics


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, over the past few months, there have been a series of scandals in accounting and in business, certainly in the United States, that have shaken investor confidence and shaken the markets.

‘This question is from a business writer in the United States. Business schools throughout the US have begun to offer courses on ethics to help avoid situations like Enron and other recent US scandals. Such courses are offered at Harvard, North Western, the Wharton School and elsewhere. Yet even most faculty teaching these courses do not expect them to work.

‘If ethics courses alone will not prevent bad ethics, why not? And how would your technologies help to prevent bad ethics?’

Maharishi: : ‘These courses are on the talking level. Talk of peace does not create peace. It’s very obvious from the existence and failures of the United Nations—all talks about it. Every country is frustrated within itself. Every government is frustrated. People are frustrated with the governments. So, all the frustrated people sit together and talk, and what they do is create differences—talk about it, talk about it.

‘Talking will never be a solution. Not talking, but experiencing Being; not talking but Being. The basis of talking is the transcendental field of consciousness and that is the field of Unity: experience of that.

‘All these 50 years I have spent in the world teaching Transcendental Meditation, and this experience is now purifying the world consciousness. And now all the Meditators everywhere in the world are trying their best to increase the number of Meditators.

‘It is the experience of Reality, not talking about it. Courses should be with the experience of Transcendental Consciousness. And those professors who are teaching, they are completely correct by saying that it’s not the talk about peace that will create peace. There should a practical experience of what they are talking about.

‘Peace is a thing of the self-referral consciousness, which is theoretically discovered as the ultimate reality of all physical diverse values—in physics, in chemistry, in physiology, in mathematics. So it’s the experience of it.

‘So it’s all right if it is being taught in the schools and colleges, but talking will be a theoretical understanding. But, along with talking, that thing about which they are talking—peace, peace—is an experience thing, and it is available. It’s available.

‘Teachers are available everywhere, and they could be engaged to teach the practical experience of peace within themselves. And then the same courses, ethical or whatever we call it, the same will be meaningful. Otherwise it’s the talk about water without giving the water; it will excite the thirst more.  

Everything is all right. It’s moving in that direction and a little more coherence—for which we have the programme of 3,000 Peace Palaces and different groups of 8,000—we are creating in the US and everywhere we are trying to gather these groups of Yogic Flyers. Soon it will happen; soon it will happen.

‘We are going ahead with our plans, and very soon the groups will begin to, begin to exist. The only delay is the time taken for constructing these things. We are searching out places where the could build for groups of 8,000 Yogic Flyers. And one, two, three groups like that, here, there, everywhere we will have.

‘We will have the coherence in world consciousness, and that will be the mid-day, bright sun about which the dawn we declared about 25 years ago. And we are continuing to set up the practical programmes for the dawn to be the day, bright day. It won’t take much time, just a few months more, and we’ll have a very beautiful world of ours.


Question: On Maharishi Vedic City and the Global Country of World Peace


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, it has been announced in the news that Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa will become the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace. What will happen there, and why does the world need a new country?’

Maharishi: (SOUND MISSING) ‘[A new country] is needed because old countries have not produced a right kind of administration. In today’s world, and yesterday’s world, and day before yesterday’s world, last week or last month’s world, it was pitiable for every government, pitiable for the rulers, pitiable for the ruled.

‘Neither the rulers were satisfied nor the ruled were satisfied. Every three, four years, a new party comes and then it is thrown out; it didn’t bring satisfaction; and then another party comes, and another party comes. It has been going on for quite some time. And it has proved that this problem-ridden world cannot in itself be successful in eliminating problems.  

‘It is like a sick man. A sick man needs a doctor. A sick country, as every country is today, needs some healthy laws, some healthy laws. Administration everywhere needs some help from that administration which is flawless, which is faultless, which is problem-free—and that is the Constitution of the Universe: Administration of the Constitution of the Universe.

‘Constitution of the Universe we say from the point of science, Natural Law, and from the field of religion, we say the Will of God. The Will of God, the Merciful Father, has a parental role for all his children. Innumerable galaxies in the universe, huge—how many suns and moons and all that? Such variety, but all is administered by the Will of God; all administered by Natural Law.

‘And a lot of Natural Law has been known to human awareness through scientific researches, but the total Natural Law description is available in the ancient, ancient, literature, Vedic Literature. Vedic Literature means literature of Total Knowledge, literature of Total Knowledge. It‘s available there.

‘Manu was the first law giver to the world, and Manu is an identity, a total expression of Natural Law—Manu, Law, Will of God, Devata, all the Devata. The whole Vedic Literature is a very great, precious possession of human life.

‘We are reviving the knowledge of the Vedic Tradition, and very soon the Vedic Pandits of India will regain strength in their performances, Vedic performances—Yagyas and Graha Shantis.

‘It’s a huge knowledge of life, knowledge of evolution. Very perfect knowledge of evolution is contained in the Vedic Literature. So we are going to make use of it and create a beautiful world of ours.’


Question: On the Need for Maharishi’s Programmes


Dr Hagelin: ‘This question is from a reporter from United Press International: "In recent days, the Israeli government headed by Ariel Sharon has collapsed, and now Israel is planning new elections in 90 days. In Turkey, the government was thrown out of office during elections and a new, more hard line Islamic government has taken over. And yesterday, in the United States, results of the election showed a big wave of national support for President Bush and his policies. My question is do you believe that of all of this change is due to the effects of your programmes in the world or is it a sign that your programmes are needed more than ever?"

Maharishi: Both angles we can take and we enjoy on both things. It is needed, and maybe what is happening is happening from there. We can take both viewpoints, and they will be all right.

‘Change is inevitable, everywhere—change, change, change. So it doesn’t matter if this changes to that or that changes to this, no, no. We are aiming at a total transformation of time value—problem- ridden time for the world, or time free from problems of the world. Both. So we are aiming at the total transformation. Total transformation.

‘For our enjoyment we can take everything in our favour and enjoy yes, this, this, this, this. But it doesn’t matter. We want the whole thing to be consolidated, and then we rejoice. And what is the rejoicing? Our world family will stop suffering, that’s all. That will be our joy.

That we want to create; in the middle we can take pride in this, in this, for our own inspiration and feeling good about the whole thing. But we want to reach the target as soon as possible.


Question: On Maharishi’s Advice for a New City Planned in the United Kingdom


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, this question is from the United Kingdom, from a reporter in Kent. A proposal was announced in The Times in Great Britain yesterday to build a new town in South East England of one half a million houses in order to relieve the extreme pressure of housing and congestion in London. The consortium behind the report is asking advice from all quarters on how best to proceed with planning the new city. What advice would Maharishi have for them?’

Maharishi: Vastu building. Vastu is a system of constructing homes and constructing the villages. This is ancient Vedic architecture. Ancient Vedic Architecture: there are rules for it. The walls will be the same, the roof will be the same. Everything will be the same, except the orientation of the building will be set.

‘Vedic Architecture means architecture that takes into account the total field of knowledge, and the total field of knowledge is that which connects the individual life with cosmic life. So Vedic Architecture is helpful for the individual consciousness to be in tune with cosmic consciousness.

‘For the cost of building, it doesn’t make any difference. Only the orientation and mathematical calculation—the length of this, and the height of this, and how many doors and how many windows and this and this—it’s a supremely intelligent guided cosmic design that is Vastu, that is Sthapatya Veda.

‘It’s a section of Total Knowledge of Natural Law. It’s a section of Total Knowledge of Natural Law, which connects and maintains connectedness of the individual with cosmic life. It’s a very beautiful question that was raised. It’s such a joy to expound it.

‘Vedic Architecture is a Veda in itself. It is Sthapatya Veda—the Ved, the knowledge of establishing. You establish a thing so that the thing in its isolated boundaries is not dislocated from the unbounded, infinite, boundless value of the universe.

‘Vedic Architecture maintains the connection of the individual with the universe. This is Vedic view of constructing the building; Vedic view of establishing the cities, like that, like that. It’s a very beautiful value of the unseen quality of structuring life. And this unseen quality of structuring life is transcendental value of existence, which is in the field of Transcendental Consciousness.

‘That is my field; that is my speciality—transcendental experience and all about the transcendental value. So this Vedic Architecture also comes within the range of my expertise, and I define this the Vedic Architecture as the architecture that maintains the connectedness of the individual potential with the cosmic potential.

‘And that is why, broadly speaking and finely speaking, the individual is cosmic. The individual is Cosmic. The Vedic value of architecture—it’s very beautiful. It’s very beautiful.

Question: On the Effect Generated by the Vedic Pandits


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, here is another deep question about Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology. Maharishi, as I understand it a group of Yogic Flyers radiates waves of positivity and harmony in all directions, just like a light bulb that radiates light in all directions. But we have also heard that your group of 40,000 Vedic Pandits in India will perform Yagyas for specific countries. How does it happen that the effect generated by the Pandits can be so precisely directed to a specific location or specific country?

Maharishi: How it is done is very easy to understand on the basis of understanding of what a vibration is: a vibration or a wave, a wave. When we speak a word what vibrates is consciousness, consciousness. Any speech, any word, any sound that regenerates is reverberation of consciousness; it’s a frequency, frequency, frequency.

‘Vedic words are the frequencies of lively, fully awake consciousness, or lively, fully awake intelligence: intelligence reverberating. Now intelligence reverberating within itself has been located by this Unified Field—the self-referral Unified Field.

‘So reverberations of the self-referral value are the reverberations of consciousness, and those reverberations, they express themselves in terms of speech. And reverberations of speech in turn express themselves as frequencies of physiological values. So the whole physiology is just the expression of speech, which is the expression of consciousness.

‘So consciousness in its self-referral state, it begins to come on the auditory level. The mouth can speak it. The ears can get it; the ears can receive it. So the consciousness, which is non-sensory, which is the transcendental value of reality, it reverberates in speech. Reverberating in speech, it expresses itself; and expressing itself—it’s like you put a stone in water, ripples come out, and ripples come out and they travel, travel, travel. They travel to the end of the lake.

‘Like that, reverberations of self-referral consciousness, they set themselves up like a ripple: a ripple and the ripple is not restricted any particular direction. It’s an all-directional ripple—an all-directional ripple.

‘‘They express themselves in terms of different effects in the physiological order. That’s how so many membranes and so many fibres of the physiology: some fibres create the eyes, some others create the tongue, some others create the touch and all.

‘All these different values are the expressions of the different permutations and combinations of the frequencies. And these frequencies, when they are the original frequencies of consciousness, then they are creative intelligence—creative. They are creative intelligence.

‘So the Vedic Pandits, in their Vedic performance of Yagyas, they make use of these prescriptions that are preserved through their oral tradition of parents. They learn that thing.

‘They are like the prescriptions of any medical use, medicine. It’s just the play and display of different reverberations, different frequencies, different frequencies. And the knowledge of these frequencies constructs these systems of Yagya.

‘So Yagyas are just the words, but properly, sequentially organized words of the Veda, Vedic words, they produce the effect. They make a resolution in the beginning: "I want this disease to be cured. I want this condition to be like this; I want to change this into this."

‘Transforming one to the other, transforming one to the other, these are the plays and displays of the prescribed values of the Vedic sounds. It’s highly technical and a highly systematized value of knowledge of frequencies, frequencies, frequencies. Knowledge of frequencies. Just the knowledge of frequencies is the knowledge of the programmes and procedures of different Yagyas. Different Yagyas for different things. It’s all prescribed.

‘Only, through the foreign domination in India for hundreds of years, the tradition has been distorted. But the seed is never lost. From there, we are trying to systematize it again and to make it more and more effective.

‘We have to create that atmosphere of purity and sanctity for the life of the Vedic performance of Yagyas. That is all that is taking some time, but soon we will have it, because we got into that channel; the correct direction we got through the blessings of our Vedic Tradition of our Guru Dev, and we are going revive this most precious treasure for human life.

‘They are all super human. They are not man made. These Vedic words, Vedic procedures, they are not man-made, they are not man-made, they are not man-made. They are self-made structures. That’s why one can’t do anything. One says "Will of God, Will of God, Will of God. Omniscient, omnipotent, always in the evolutionary direction." That’s all that we define them to be.

‘The Vedic terms are in terms of Nitya and Apaurusheya. These two words they define the Veda. What is Veda? It’s Nitya. Nitya means always eternal—yesterday, today, tomorrow, next time, next time, million years later, million years past. Veda is Veda, expression of Total Knowledge, the expression of Total Knowledge.

‘In the Vedic Literature we have found each word is reverberating infinity; each letter—whether vowel or consonant—each letter is the reverberation of infinity. That is the language of the Veda.

‘In the language of the Veda, it is infinity that flows. It is Totality that flows. It’s not human speech, it’s not human speech. It’s enough that the human brain, it’s so highly sensitive that it can reproduce that sound; it can reproduce that particular sound, which is transcendental in its character.

‘Nitya and Apaurusheya. Apaurusheya means not made by anyone in space and time. It is beyond space, beyond time. It is the source of space and time. It is the transcendental, unified, omnipresent level of intelligence—omnipresent level of intelligence reverberating in itself. That is Rig Ved; that is Sama Ved, Yajur Ved, Artharva Ved. We have seen that value. We have been describing that value.

‘Transcendental Meditation came out to be the practical approach to direct experience of that transcendental field, that unified field at the basis of all diversity. And that is the field of enlightenment. When it opens to our awareness, then our awareness, whether it is speaking or not speaking; whether it is physically expressed or non-physically expressed. Whatever it is, it has that level of transcendental at its basis.

‘This is Yogic philosophy. Yoga Sutras are there. This is Vedanta. This is Vedanta. Ved and the end of the Ved. The end of the Ved is flat, oneness, and Ved is reverberation in terms of speech, in terms of speech. That is the Veda.

‘It’s Nitya and Apaurusheya. It is uncreated and it is eternal. It is humming in every grain of creation. It is humming. Veda is humming in every grain of creation. Veda is the Self of everyone. It’s the Self of everyone. It reverberates in terms of intellect. It reverberates further in terms of mind. It reverberates itself as the means of reverberation in the physical value, physical, senses, and behaviour, and all.

‘It’s a very beautiful field of knowledge within everyone and outside everyone; within everyone and outside everyone.

‘And we are now, with the blessings of our great Master, we are reviving in its theory and its practice, and its practical programming about it. The world is going to be a blissful world, a world of bliss. No problem, nothing. It’s a very beautiful field of knowledge. Total field of consciousness. It’s very good.’


Question: On the Role of Faith in Maharishi’s Programmes


Dr Hagelin: ‘This question is from a reporter in Boulder, Colorado, USA: "Maharishi, what role does faith have in your programmes to rid the world of poverty and create global harmony? If people have faith, will the world become better sooner?" ’

Maharishi: One believes in light or does not believe in light. It’s not a faith that makes it; it’s itself that makes it. It’s not the faith. Whether I believe it or not, if I put the finger in fire, the finger will no more be there. It’s not a faith; it’s a matter of fact. It’s a matter of fact; it’s not a matter of faith. Whether you have faith or not, you are going to enjoy freedom from problems—faith or no faith.


Question: On the Difference Between Man-made Law and the ‘God-made’ Law


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, you have decried the age-old system of deterring crime through punishment. Would you please explain the difference between man punishing man through man-made law, and God punishing man through the God-made law of "As you sow so shall you reap?" ’

Maharishi: ‘As you sow so shall you reap" is not a punishment; it’s a reality. You do plus you have plus. You do minus you have minus. So it’s not a punishment.

As you sow so shall you reap" is the nature of law, Natural Law—the Will of God. It’s not a punishment; it’s a neutral fact. It is neither positive nor negative. You do positive, you have positive. You do negative, you have negative. But the principle is absolute principle.

It’s not a punishment principle. Natural Law—As you sow so shall you reap", plus or minus. It’s not a punishment, no, no.

‘Punishment and reward—that is human understanding about it. For God, God is innocently watching. This is our concept. God is watching. Whatever is happening is happening. Somewhere ice, somewhere flames; somewhere dark, somewhere light. Nature, Nature does it.

‘So God, when we say "God", then we have two values: silence, dynamism. Two values: silence and dynamism. What is dynamism against silence? It’s just the different modes of silence that make dynamism. What makes action is the move of silence. Silence moves and it becomes action. So the whole thing is silence, oneness. All diversity is the flow of oneness. Eternal existence of silence is eternal flow of silence.

‘It’s just a matter of a viewpoint: you look at it—silence, absolute silence. But you look at it from always silence: today silence, tomorrow silence, next day silence, next year silence, then you see, "Oh, silence is flowing." The moment silence is flowing, it’s dynamism, it’s activity.

‘So ultimately, the reality is that it’s all silence. And that is Purusha value. That Purusha value is the chief controller. And that is the ideal of administration—that the consciousness is all itself, and being all itself, it has a catalytic character, a catalytic character. ‘What does a catalyst do? It doesn’t do anything. By its presence it allows creativity in its atmosphere.

‘So Purusha, a catalyst, is the sole commander-in-chief. And the commander-in-chief doesn’t fight. Just by its presence, its army fights. Like that, the army is the Brahm, the total Natural Law: total Natural Law, by virtue of its presence in every grain of creation and in the Totality of the creation, it’s the same silence, the same silence, the same silence. That is the Reality. And that’s why we say, Unity in diversity; diversity in unity."

‘Activity is the flow of silence. And steadiness of activity is silence, both ways. Whether we talk of silence in terms of dynamism or we talk dynamism in terms of silence, it comes out to be the same thing.

‘That is why the Ultimate Reality is that "I am Totality"—total silence and total dynamism, both are two aspects of my own nature. I am all that is important. Aham Brahmasmi—I am Totality. And not only I am the Totality, Thou art also That—Tat Twam Asi, Tat Twam Asi, Thou art That. And, I am That, and not only you are That, not only I am That, all this is That—Sarvam Kalvidam Brahm, all this is That.

‘It’s a beautiful, beautiful reality of one’s own individual Being in terms of cosmic Being. It’s a very beautiful thing that we are having this now on the level of the administration of our family of nations.

‘Raja Raam is the controller—it’s all silence. All silence, and in his presence, all dynamism, all dynamism. Forty are the ministries of the silent Raja Raam, the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

‘So we have imitated the reality in our physical world, and we are going to demonstrate our physical world to be administered with that immense power and energy and order with which the entire diversity of the universe is being administered. It’s a very beautiful time for us all.

‘And for this we are grateful to our Tradition of Vedic Masters, the Masters of Total Knowledge. We are transforming the world, and we are very proud of having taken this profession of unifying the world now in a very independent way, just holding on to our own nature, silence. It’s a very beautiful thing.


Question: On the Effect of the 8,000 Yogic Flying Group on Mental and Physical Illness


Dr Hagelin: ‘This question is from Belgium: "Maharishi, what would be the effect of an 8,000 group [of Yogic Flyers] on people who have mental and physical illnesses in society?" ’

Maharishi: The effect of a good medicine. Because atmospheric influence has a great deal to do to the sickness of every man. Atmospheric influence.

‘Atmospheric influence plays a very great role in diseases, and all that. When there is harmony, then that harmony of the atmosphere will get infused in the physical body, and the body will feel a soothing influence, as it feels through any medicine or through any comfort.

‘The effect of 8,000 people, in every way, will create a unifying influence in the whole world consciousness. And if there are three, four groups, like that, in different parts of the world anywhere, anywhere, because the effect will be enlivening the transcendental field of intelligence, transcendental field of intelligence, or wherever there is a sense of difference, that will begin to breathe the influence of harmonizing value, harmony.

Disorder is just the dislocation of order. And harmonious influence, even from outside, will cause more unifying influence. It’ll have a soothing effect in every diseased person.’


Question: On the Development Currency, the Raam


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi you said last week that the Raam will bring satisfaction to both the wealthy and the poor and bridge the gulf between the wealthy and the poor. Can you please explain how this will happen? Will it be based solely on your agricultural projects?’

Maharishi: Agricultural projects are the means of creating new wealth on the physical level. There’ll be more currency, more wealth created.

‘That’s why we say the Raam is a global development currency with the quality of catalytic agent. It’ll serve to create the hard currency. Raam will be used to create more crops, and the crops will be exported, and that export money will come in different currencies. And that is why we call the Raam a catalyst currency.

‘The Raam may come in a country for two, three seasons of the agricultural project, and then it will be a catalytic agent. After two years it could be withdrawn, but it has created wealth there. So that will be on an economic level, and economy plays quite a great deal in comforting life, and all that,. It’s a physical value that will be created.

‘But the basic thing will be created by these groups of Yogic Flyers. They will create harmony, and harmony will induce richer thinking in the people. It will make the governments more creative, and they will begin to honour the Will of God more readily.

‘This will happen completely naturally—that from inside, the collective consciousness of every country will be guiding the governments in a very natural way, but always in the evolutionary direction. The silent influence of the Will of God will help the governments to firstly disallow problems, and secondly, if problems come out for some reason, they will be outdated very soon.

‘It’s a very beautiful theme that has come up. It’s a great reward, we say, of the Will of God. That’s all we can say. Glory to God. Glory to Guru Dev. Glory to Holy Tradition.












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