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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

3 May 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It is such a joy to hear you, Dr Hagelin. You are the voice of the time. You are the voice of the time when the darkness of the night is coming to an end, and the bright dawn is rising. Your beautiful exhortations of the reality of life—everywhere throughout the world—are so remarkable. Your expressions of the proper evaluation of the dawning sun are so encouraging to hear. I would like to hear you all the time.

Your message is so clear, so simple, so truthful, and so much in the interest of absolutely everyone. When you say, “Invincible America”, what echoes throughout the world is “Invincible Every Country”—such a beautiful thing. Such a beautiful thing: your introduction to the whole thing. After all these fifty years, the world is awake. It's not going to be the same world. It's just not going to be the same world.

What does the world press want to ask, after all the evidence of this great feat of life? Are there still any questions from the world press?


Question: Unmanifest and the Field of Total Knowledge


Dr Hagelin: Yes, Maharishi. Jai Guru Dev. There are some beautiful questions from the press on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and its application in education—also on the Global Financial Center for a whole new financial fortune for the world. But first, Maharishi, on the theme of education, there are two questions on this subject of Total Knowledge, which is quite a fascinating concept for the press.

‘First question: Maharishi has said that Transcendental Meditation leads the mind to the source of thought, the field of Total Knowledge. What is the relationship between the source of thought, which seems to be transcendental and devoid of content, and Total Knowledge, which would seem to be a field of all content? Why is the unmanifest source of thought also a field of Total Knowledge?’ 

Maharishi: One little example of the hollowness of a banyan seed: the whole big banyan tree has its emergence in the hollowness of the banyan seed. This hollowness of the banyan seed is a big emptiness, is a big zero, is a big nothingness, is the reality of the unmanifest. Because if the Totality has to be everywhere, it can't remain in any isolation in space and time; it can't be divided in isolation in space and time. It has to be on a holistic level.

This answer is: the basic source of the whole creation, the basic source of all manifest creation, is the field of the unmanifest, self-referral field of intelligence, which has been unfolded through quite a lot of logic and investigation and without any doubt now. The Unified Field [is] the self-referral Unified Field, because self-referral is not object-referral. And because it’s not object-referral, it is referring to itself.

It's just the situation of zero-point reality: nothingness, unmanifest, total unity, made of total diversity in the state of unity. It's complete. Just that simple example: the hollowness of the banyan seed is the source and course and goal of the whole huge banyan tree. Same way, the entire creation emerges from that complete, unmanifest, self-referral reality, Unified Field.

Your equations, Dr Hagelin, which you laid out in the mathematical calculations from all arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry—all the different aspects of verification—the whole thing is in its unmanifest state, a total reality of all times. The process of creation is also in the nature of the unmanifest. The process of creation is also in the nature of the unmanifest, and the basis of creation is also that unmanifest—the nature of the unmanifest.

Transcendental Meditation came out to be that brilliant stroke of genius. We just close the eyes and it takes you to that source of all creation. It takes you to a place: you want anything and that will come to you there. Wanting and getting—there is no time difference in the two processes. Desiring is getting. That is self-referral dynamism—self-referral dynamism of the unmanifest field.

The whole reality of the tree is in the hollowness of the seed. It doesn't need much logic; it's simple. You see there is the whole tree, and you see the tiny seed. How did the whole tree come out from the tiny seed? You see how. You ask your gardener how it happens. The gardener says, “You eat the fruit. Why worry about anything? It happens all by itself. Concern yourself with the fruit. Don't worry about how it comes and all that.”

Be the gardener of life. Be the savior of yourself. That is what has been the clarion call from all the wise throughout the ages. Be in the light of God. Be in the light of God. It is there with you. It is there at the basis of you.

These surprises are not surprises. They come as a surprise to us because we became too much engrossed with the boundaries, boundaries
, boundaries. So, we lost the grandeur of owning the unmanifest—owning that which is nothing, just nothing.

I think it is beautiful. And you have alerted the press; the world press is after you. You have already inaugurated Invincible America, and here the Rajas of your administration are all expressing the same thing: day after day, the European countries are waking up to be invincible. Nobody had thought, but now your voice of invincibility is reaching every home.

Everyone is going to rise to invincibility. It is such a beautiful thing. It is a reality now. It is a reality of today, tomorrow, this morning, this afternoon, this evening. It's no more a thing of any future—no, no. It's all happening now.

‘You tell them what is happening here, on a very concrete level, in this country where I am—Holland. Four hundred Yogic Flyers have assembled here, and they are practicing Yogic Flying. Their flights are bringing modifications in the trends of national life in Holland. And yesterday, I heard that the awakening of Holland had reached Belgium also. And today I heard that it is reaching Switzerland also. Austria is waking up also.

German youth have come up to declare invincible Germany. Do we have German youth attending this press conference? If Raja Emmanuel is there listening, I would ask him to relay [this in] his voice of Germany for Germany to be invincible. Otherwise, he’ll come along.

Raja Willem and his Prime Minister are so proud of their Yogic Flyers. What is Yogic Flying? Bliss—the experience of bliss on the individual level and coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation. On that level, [there are] modifications of all the wrong tendencies and problems that have been faced by society in the past months and all. They are all getting sorted out in a very natural way.

‘Our Prime Minister of Holland every day, every day
, every day, is issuing articles from the Dutch press that indicate the rise of coherence in the country—the rise of positivity in the country and the lack of disharmony. All those negative things are going out, like the darkness going out, and the brightness of the dawning sun is being experienced by the people all over. It’s happening; it’s happening. In one country, Holland, it's happening. The world press is rejoicing and reporting all that is happening nicely, nicely.

And Dr Hagelin, you can invite your friends, Rajas there who are going to create a global seat of wealth and prosperity in New York, [to speak]. Give them an idea of what you are creating there.



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