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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi
28 March 2007 Press Conference Highlights

The Declaration of Global Raam Raj

Dr Hagelin: ‘We have just completed the second day of a global, three-day celebration of Raam Navami, a very important day in the Vedic Calendar. “Raam Navami” means celebrating the renaissance of Raam, an administration of Raam. “Raam Raj”, means administration through Natural Law, administration from the level of total Natural Law that governs the universe with perfect order and without problems. It has been a glorious celebration these few days, with the upsurge of these new principles of administration. These principles are guiding the destiny of humankind in a more favourable and glorious direction—to invincibility, affluence, and peace everywhere.

‘The successful implementation of these profound principles has culminated in just these last few days and weeks with the declaration of Global Raam Raj—simply a recognition of what is happening everywhere in the world as more and more countries avail themselves of the Vedic Technologies for invincibility, flawless administration, ideal health, ideal education, ideal architecture and ideal agriculture. These technologies are all from Maharishi’s revival of the complete Vedic Science of life—a Vedic Science of consciousness, which is also a Vedic Science of unity, the unified field at the basis of all diversity.

‘Modern science, through its own means of gaining knowledge, has over the past quarter century, explored deeper levels of nature from molecular to atomic to nuclear to subnuclear, culminating in the recent discovery of the Unified Field, fulfilling Einstein’s life-long dream of the discovery of a single, unified foundation of the diverse laws of nature governing the vast universe. A million laws of nature emerge from a unified source, a fountainhead of all the Laws of Nature which is called the Unified Field or the “E8 cross E8 heteronic string field”, in the language of modern theoretical physics, and has led the modern sciences in the discovery of the fundamental unity of life. . . .

What Every Military Needs to Ensure National Security

‘What is of really pressing importance to the world—Maharishi sees this as an absolutely crucial priority today—is to give the military of every country in the world what it needs to really ensure national security, to really ensure national invincibility, because the situation on earth is so precarious, especially in the last few years, with the threat of terrorism in even the mightiest countries. World history records that bigger countries always seem to be ready to pounce upon smaller countries as big fish pounce upon smaller fish. This has unfortunately been the way in the world, because there has been no defence. Truthfully, smaller countries of the world have been defenceless. And today, even the biggest countries of the world find themselves defenceless against terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and new technologies and methods of attack that have no conventional defence.

‘Because the situation has been so precarious and remains so precarious, because the world has been under the umbrella of possible nuclear attack and under the terrible fear of a nuclear outbreak, nuclear confrontation for too long, Maharishi has come to the world and has announced that with no more delay, right now, every country should simply step onto invincibility and total national security. Every military should fulfil its mission of bringing national security and national invincibility without delay just by availing themselves of this new technology of defence—Vedic Defence, Unified Field-based defence, which means defence based upon the discovery of the Unified Field. . .

‘It is now possible to create such indomitable positivity and coherence, through the group practice of Yogic Flying, so that no nation should ever have to face the prospect of war. Enmity within the world, antagonism within countries, will simply dissolve as darkness dissolves with the onset of light. Every country will be such a nourishing source of positivity, strength and coherence to its neighbours that enemies simply will not be born, and any existing enmities in the world will be diffused. This provides the supreme science of defence—true defence.

‘Military so far has been based purely on offensive technologies,
offensive weaponry that kill and destroy, but with the associated threat of retaliation, if a country were to attack any other country. Peace based upon threat of war, peace through war, has never worked very well. Peace through war is barely, if at all, logical anyway! The past has had a deplorable track record where one war leads to another, because it creates such seeds of enmity and vengeance that inevitably the defeated, the vanquished, rises up and wreaks retaliation on the vanquisher. Through history there has been an unbroken cycle of war and terrible destruction, decimation and devastation due to war.

‘All of that is obsolete. All of it has been due to the fact there has been no preventative approach, no defensive approach to prevent war. Bit now that exists. It exists in a powerful, simple way through these technologies of the Unified Field which produce such an indomitable strength of positivity that negativity simply cannot survive— just as a shadow cannot be seen when a room is flooded with light everywhere. Now the military, with responsibility to protect the country, is spending an enormous fraction of the human resources of a country.

‘The youth of the country and the financial resource of the country are charged with the constitutional responsibility to defend the country, but they cannot really do so in and reliable way—even in the United States, which spends more on the military than probably all other countries in the world combined. Still the US is continuously in fear of the next inevitable terrorist attack. So, the military in the United States, and in any country, knows its vulnerabilities, and the public knows the vulnerabilities, but there has been nothing in the past to do about it.

‘Now, Maharishi has given the military leaders, the commanders-in-chief, and the heads of state a powerful secret. However, that secret is no longer a secret, because now it is in the realm of scientific discovery. The discovery of the Unified Field is ten million, million, million times more powerful that the nuclear force. Previous offensive technologies, based on the nuclear force and based on the application of biological weaponry and chemical weaponry, are superficial and comparatively weak, despite their apparent destructive potential. They are comparatively weak in comparison to the Unified Field which again is ten million, million, million times stronger.

‘The Unified Field was unused, out of sight, out of mind, and out of use, until Maharishi said, “Eureka, modern science has discovered it, and here are the technologies to use it.” In using it, overnight, all these offensive weapons become irrelevant, impotent, and obsolete, because Maharishi’s technologies will put an end to the very legacy of war, the very threat of war, eliminating enmity in a potential enemy, so no adversary ever rises against one’s country.

‘Then what is the need for offensive weaponry? Maharishi is saying, “You do not even have to get rid of your offensive weaponry. There is no harm; it is not going to be used any more. If you want to hold onto it, hold onto it, because what we have now is something so simple that it will effectively prevent all war.”

‘It is so easy to implement that all it takes in a country as big as the United States is 2000 trained experts. In India and China, about 3500 trained experts, and those countries will become invincible. The small countries, like Holland or other smaller countries, will be invincible on the basis of 400 Yogic Fliers. How easy is that! Any military in the world could provide the special training in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme to one per cent of its troops. This typically would be enough to create a peace-promoting influence, an indomitable strength in the national consciousness. There is no risk involved. It is not necessary to dismantle the military. It is not even necessary to drain the budget of the military, because there are military academies giving military training everywhere anyway.

‘We could have young people—future soldiers—in the military schools and train them in whatever way we train them, but add THIS. Add instruction in the Vedic technologies of consciousness, technologies of the Unified Field, to give the students the ability to actually prevent the outbreak of war. In military academies, there are going to be a few hundred people, even a few thousand, and that is enough for any country to produce invincibility, indomitable peace and positivity. So why not, when a cadet is in training in school, let the student learn that which will firstly develop his own self maximally, develop his total potential of the brain—maximum alertness, maximum sharpness, maximum coherence, maximum intelligence, creativity, performance, physical stamina, physical strength, freedom from disease, everything ideally that a military teacher and commander would want for the cadet.

‘If everything is in terms of personal training through the incorporation of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, then as a side benefit, students will simultaneously bless the country with invincibility, bringing indomitable peace and coherence. What an incredible result is that!? That would not cost anything, because the schools exist and the training programmes exist to augment those training programmes with the knowledge Maharishi is giving to the world. It is that simple. And no nation will ever have to face this devastation of war.

‘Right now, every military commander and every head of state, in his parental role for the country, profoundly laments ever having to send the youth of the country into battle to die for the country. If the precious youth, the pride of the country, are sent to die for the country, then what is left of the country? It is a terrible dilemma, if you are a soldier, to kill or be killed, as it is said. That is the tragedy, and every military leader laments it and regrets it. Yet that has been the only defensive methodology so far.

‘Now Maharishi is saying, “Do not send the soldiers to die! Train them to be enlightened. Give them enlightenment; teach them Yogic Flying—powerful technologies to enliven total brain functioning and to experience, stimulate, harness, and apply the Unified Field. Give them that! Give them inner bliss, inner stability, inner peace, vitality, and health. Give them that! Give them the ability to thrive and flourish and, at the same time, protect all their fellow soldiers from ever having to go to war again.” That is the gift from Maharishi’s Vedic Defence. It is such a gift! It literally transforms the whole concept of defence from offence to defence, from crisis management to prevention.

‘In a scientific way, we can now neutralize an enemy—not kill the enemy—by killing the enmity within an enemy, turning the enemy into a friend on a scientific basis. It is extraordinary, it is revolutionary, and its time has come. In the presence of this, to continue to use the barbaric and ineffectual destructive means of defence that cannot defend the country is criminal. Military experts will know this, since nothing I have said is not already known to them.

‘So far we have lacked the information and the programmes that will allow any military leader to fulfil the very purpose of joining and leading the military, that purpose being defence of the country—invincibility of the country. . . . Now it is easy, literally easy. A few hundred to a few thousand troops, along with cadets in training in the military academies, can be given this knowledge to gain maximum from life, to develop the full potential of life simultaneously with invincibility. Overnight it can be done. . . .’


The Celebration of Raam Raj Enlivened Totality


Dr Bevan Morris: ‘ . . . It really is Maharishi’s great concern for the world that causes him to celebrate the days in the calendar of the Vedic tradition like this celebration of Raam Navami. This day is the day of Raam. Maharishi said yesterday that “Raam” means the Totality, the totality of all the Laws of Nature, and the whole universe is the expression of the Totality, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. So this celebration is of that level of reality, of the level of the Unified Field itself in the terminology that Dr Hagelin and modern science are using.

‘Maharishi finds in these days, like the celebration of Raam Navami, the opportunity to further accelerate the dawn of a Golden Age for the human race. . . . This he did yesterday first by inviting the Vedic Pandits, the traditional Vedic families of India, to recite from the centre point of India, the Brahmastan, the specific Vedic sounds that would invoke the dawn of this age, which in the Vedic terminology is called Raam Raj. “Raj” means administration or rulership of Raam. “ Raam” means the Totality.

‘Maharishi has utilized the Vedic Pandits in India and the power of their oral recitation of the Veda from the Unified Field level to enliven the administration of the world on the same level as the administration of the whole universe, which is being conducted by the Unified Field of natural law. It is Maharishi’s objective that the administration in every nation should be as flawless and successful as the administration of the entire universe by the totality of all the Laws of Nature, so that everywhere in the world people will feel heaven has descended on earth.

‘Maharishi explained what the word ”Raam” means. It is in the etymology of the word that we can understand what it is. It has the sound of “Ra”and “Am”—“Raam”. The “Ra” is the reverberation of “Aaaa”. “Aaaa”, in the Vedic experience of the Rishis of the Veda, is the sound of infinite silence, the sound of the Unified Field at the infinite, silent basis of everything. And “Am” is the sound of a point of consciousness. So, in the sound “Raam” is the total range from infinity of silence to its own point. In that range is the whole infinite dynamism of the Laws of Nature of the intelligence of the universe, which express the galactic universe itself.

‘Raam is the Totality. It is the totality of silence; it is the point of silence; and it is the whole range of possibilities between infinity and a point, including all the intelligence, all the impulses of Creative Intelligence that are expressed in the totality of everything that there is in creation. So Raam Navami is the celebration of the birth of that which administers the life of human beings on earth, so that it is free from suffering. This is described in the Vedic Literature as “Raam Raj Duhk Kahuna Vyapa”, which means that in the time when that reality of Raam reigns, suffering belongs to no one in the world. There is no suffering, no war, no disease, no violent crime and no negativity. That is the reign of Totality. When fully enlivened in the affairs of governments and the affairs of human beings, then the world is without suffering.

‘After the Vedic Pandits had inaugurated this day with their oral Vedic recitations, Maharishi explained that the key to the dawn of this new time—it is very simple—is in the art of thinking. Maharishi said that we have been given a key for thinking. That key was given to Maharishi by his own great teacher, Guru Dev, who taught Maharishi how it is possible for any human being to think from inside, from the self-referral field of Transcendental Consciousness or, in modern language, from the Unified Field. Maharishi has spent the last fifty years distributing the key to inner thinking from the level of the basic intelligence of the universe.

‘Maharishi has distributed this to people in more than a hundred countries, and he has said that he feels confident that now there are enough people everywhere who have this majestic and royal thinking from within, from the lively presence of the Unified Field, the field which is Raam. Another expression Maharishi used for it is “Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa”. This Raam reality, as described by the sages of the Vedic Tradition and illuminated in the Vedic literature, is, in fact, Brahm. “Brahm” is a word that means the totality of everything—of silence, dynamism and the laws of nature of the entire universe. Raam is that reality, Brahm. Raam is the field of pure spirituality, the field of pure knowledge, of pure self-referral intelligence.

‘Now Maharishi has trained people to practice Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying in over a hundred countries. Now, there are enough people who know the technique of thinking from this inner level, from this level of the Unified Field itself. This is the level which Maharishi says is “within.” The whole galactic universe is administered from within by this level of intelligence.

‘ “Within” is the secret word. The key is to turn within and then, from that level, thinking from that level, it is a turnkey operation. Then the totality of that intelligence of the Unified Field—or as it is called in the Vedic Tradition, the field of Yoga or the field of Veda—is there to make the Constitution of the Universe a trigger. The Constitution of the Universe, the field of total Natural Law, is actually the administrator that supports the operation of the governments of each nation, so they become successful states. Maharishi said in his address yesterday that this is the programme that is in United States. We have a natural desire and are duty bound to play a parental role for the well-being and happiness of all the individuals in the world and for the whole family of nations.

‘In the celebration of Raam Navami Maharishi celebrated the stirring of eternal freedom, invincibility, integration, and all positivity on the level of the national intelligence of all the 192 countries of the world. Maharishi’s activity in the world is to secure this. To symbolize this we have the flag of Raam Raj, administration from the level of the highest intelligence of the universe. This flag was hoisted everywhere around the world where there are enlightened citizens creating groups of Yogic Flyers. These are groups of thinkers on the inner self-referral level, Unified Field level. They are going to bring the support of the administration of the universe to their nation. . .

The Role of the Global Financial Capital of New York


‘In addition, as Dr Hagelin mentioned, the Global Financial Capital of New York was inaugurated yesterday as part of this great celebration.
. . .

The Global Financial Capital of New York has been established with six purposes: first, to crown the nation with invincibility; second, to reconstruct the world, so that every building is a good fortune-creating building—auspicious, health-giving; third, to create high-level medical colleges in every country that offer natural, prevention-oriented, side-effect-free medicine that can relieve the chronic diseases of the world and prevent people from falling sick on the basis of the enlivenment of the inner intelligence of the body, which is unified with the intelligence of the entire universe. The fourth purpose is to establish new universities, colleges and schools in every country—consciousness-based institutions that develop the total brain functioning, uphold the highest level of Creative Intelligence in the students, give them the totality of knowledge rather than fragments of knowledge, and raise them to a leadership status that will guide the golden age that is now dawning for the human race. . . . The fifth theme is to produce healthy food through the promotion of Vedic organic agriculture in every country. And the sixth purpose is to eliminate poverty in the world. These are the six goals of the Global Financial Capital of New York. . . .

‘Dr Benjamin Feldman, the Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace, who is the key figure in the formation of this institution and its one hundred branches in countries throughout the world, remarked that, on this day, he was creating a reserve fund of the Raam currency. It is also a currency now, which will exist side by side with the currency of a nation in different nations for the purpose of development, particularly the development of the poorest countries of the world. Dr Feldman announced that in the European Union this currency is being approved more and more for use now. . . . He created a reserve treasury in Raam currency for the founding of invincibility in every country, so that every country can be successful in its activities with the support of the treasury of Raam.

‘After the inauguration of the Financial Capital of New York, Maharishi commented that the establishment of these financial capitals and the new principles of economic activity that they are introducing will take away the fear from the world economy. . . . and open the gate for the world economy to be healthy, wealthy and wise. With all these things, economic behaviour will not be under fear, as in the past.

‘Ever since New York became the dominant financial centre of the world, it has always been in the hands of those afraid of loss. The economy has been trembling in fear of loss. But the onset of the Raam currency in the world is giving every country political invincibility, an integrated national consciousness, and a strong threshold of economy that will never be under fear. The whole economy will rise from fear to boldness. So, all that has been done in New York, Maharishi said, will be bringing the economy into dignity, and it will not be under the fear of loss.

‘Now is the day of freedom in world economy and politics. This day has been inaugurated in the spirit of Raam Raj, the spirit of the administration by that intelligence that is the predominant intelligence of the universe. With that life will not be under fear anymore. The progress of the world will be in high leaps and bounds.

‘Maharishi asked the press to note that tomorrow or near to tomorrow, there will be no poverty in our world. There will be no poverty in any part of the world—only richness and dignity to life from this base in New York. The world economy is going to be worthy of its value. The value of economy is for everybody to have richness of life. Richness will have a grand role to play now. Everyone will feel: I am rich, but also my neighbour is rich, and my neighbour far away somewhere in another part of the world is rich—everyone in the world is enjoying wealth, not some rich and some horribly poor.

‘This is the Global Financial Capital of New York. Its role is to create a beautiful solid ground for richness to come. . . . The place in New York that was selected for it is just the right place for that. So, Maharishi encouraged all to go ahead with confidence. It is a very timely aspiration, very timely breath. This was another point from yesterday.

‘Yet another point was that Maharishi had Dr Eike Hartmann, the Minister of Architecture of the Global Country of World Peace, and Dr Roger Audet, the Surveyor General of the Global Country of World Peace, lay the. . . foundation stones for nine colleges of Maharishi Central University in Kansas yesterday. All of these things happened on the first day of the celebration. . . .’



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