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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

16 March 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi:Jai Guru Dev. I must congratulate you, Dr Hagelin, for explaining to the world press for all times, the mechanics of, what you have said, transformation of a world of problems to be a world of peace, happiness, and fulfilment. So for all times, your one talk today, this is the substance you have given out, of all the fifty years of our messages to the world in different countries, in different years. And now you have summarized in one short lecture.

Any one single individual or one single nation, if they want to understand what is at the basis of our proclamation that we offer invincibility to the world, what knowledge is there at the basis of this achievement that is going to be the world achievement now, this knowledge you have given out in one lecture. You have given out the knowledge in terms of modern science, in terms of experimentations, and in terms of eternal science of administration—prevention-oriented administration. You have given out the knowledge.
What I have to proclaim to the world: Now, world press, see—begin to see—the light of this beautiful knowledge redeeming the world, redeeming every country. All the wrongs on which present civilization—the field of politics, economics, and all these business and all—all these are full of shortcomings, because they are humanly conceived principles. And humanly conceived principles, they have a different character when the man is drowsy in the evening, or drowsy in the morning, when he is a little bit more awake in the day. So these are variables. That’s why the constitution—manmade constitution of every country, which is the guideline of every government—has been very unsatisfactory because of human failings and human shortcomings imbibed in the constitution of the countries.

‘Now what I am telling the world press today: Now watch, whether it is one week or two weeks or ten weeks or twenty weeks—it may not go that long, it may not go that long. Much before twenty weeks, much before ten weeks, you will begin to see the rise of coherence in world consciousness. Rise of coherence in world consciousness will spontaneously topple down all trends and actions of negativity in any area of life.
And present governments are full of negativities. I would not like to go into them now. I would only say: No government can save the nation. No military, no defence department of the government, can save the nation. No medical department of the government can prevent disease—more and more disease, more and more disease, more and more disease coming up. More and more poverty coming up, more and more poverty coming up, more and more poverty coming up, more and more towards the negativity: this is the ability of the governments today.
And what I am going to ask the world press: Be ready to observe how soon the wise people, the fortunate people who are ruling the countries, fortunate governments, how soon they become wise or, if they don’t become wise, then how soon they get out of ruling authority. Next people will come, and soon they’ll go. But here is a chance for the world press to see.

My programme is not starting now. It’s fifty, fifty, fifty years, [since] starting, starting, starting. And now I am proclaiming some tangible results on the level of administration—prevention-oriented administration. Dr Hagelin has hundred times today said, “Prevention-oriented administration.”
So, any government who wants to know what is behind my emphasis on offering invincibility to every nation should listen to this introductory talk of Dr Hagelin. And listen, and listen, and listen. And think of your own country’s inheritance, your own country’s cultural inheritance. Have that in mind, and listen to Dr Hagelin’s talk today. And, it is hoped that the fortune of the country, which is being held by you, will bring you in the light of enlightenment, and you will be able to contract with my university. I am asking you to contract with my university. And that will train your people and establish a high level of safety, security, reaching to the level of invincibility.

‘When I am saying the word “invincibility”, I mean what the meaning of invincibility is for every government. Governments today are so saturated with problems; they cannot understand that invincibility is a possibility. But I am telling you: if destruction of nations is possible, quite on the same level, from my side, invincibility is at hand.

Governments, do it; governments, do it. Otherwise, remember: “Tomorrow never comes”. “Now or never” is the word—another phrase. Losing time today—let not any government tell me that they are so busy in this and so busy in this and so busy in this, and they are setting up a committee, and I should satisfy the committee. I am not going to explain [to] them. I’ll send Dr Hagelin’s tape from today, and if they have any intelligence in the field of science, or any patriotism for their people, or they have any sense of duty, they should contract, and raise the nation to invincibility.
This is one aspect of it. The other aspect of it? My programme is already under way, but it’s going to take a long time, because the organization is a single organization. It has its activity in so many hundred [and] more countries—but, an organization. Therefore, it’s going to take long time. But the effectiveness is increasing. More and more groups individually are starting. And the thing that will happen is: I think very soon, within a few weeks or two, three months—within a few weeks or two, three months—I can expect—maybe even sooner, we can’t say—but the world press should begin to see transformation: transformation of destructive tendencies, transformation of the mud into a beautiful lotus, begin to be seen.
Each government has its election time, either in a year or two year or six months or this. Within this time, the government can make itself invincible—within this time. There are some governments, I am told: they have six months and election, they have ten months and election, and they are thinking so many ways how to do the election so they come more in power. Before election, they can raise that level of national consciousness, which will make everyone in the country so relaxed, so free from stress and strain, so free from fear, so free from conflicts. Use this technology to come back again in your election.

Or, another thing may happen. This kind of administration, which is called democracy: that may find its way out completely, as the darkness finds its way out completely with the onset of light. Democracy, which is a hard slogan of the destroyers of the world, is going to die out. And how soon? We will see within a few weeks, within a few months.

‘Look to the democracy of India. It’s already crying. It’s already in a disturbed situation. And this is the biggest democracy of the world. And I am very happy that biggest thorn in the world is going to be out. System of democracy—changing the government every three, four, five years—is the greatest crime against life in the country, in any country.
India’s traditional system of administration is by Raja. Who is a Raja? He is a Raja who is Rajate—Raja rajate—“Raja established in himself”, fulfilled level of consciousness, Brahmi Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, which is spontaneously harmonizing all diverse values. So, the ability to spontaneously harmonize all the diversities is the characteristic quality of the ruler of the country of the Veda, India. .
'India has drifted far away, but doesn’t matter; the change of the system of administration in India is inherent in the Indian breath. Atma, Brahm, Veda, Veda bhumi bharata—doesn’t matter the Indians have forgotten all that, but the cosmic system has created the Total Knowledge, an ideal basis of all life, in one country in the world. And that is the country of Bharata—Prati bharat—Bharat prati bharat.

'India, the land of the Veda, the land of knowledge, the land of all possibilities, has always enjoyed the slogan: “World is my family—Vasudhaiva kutumbakam.” And now, a part of India is an enemy of the other part of the India. One party man in the same house has his brother in the other party. Shame to the downfall of Indian consciousness.

But, putting shame to them will not help. We are going to transform the quality of Indian consciousness from a general rise of Sattva, a general rise of coherence in world consciousness, a general rise of coherence in world consciousness. We are not those people who will create street marches here and rallies and all to change the democracy—no streets. Quietly, in the same quietness as the darkness disappears with the onset of light, we are going to welcome the dawn of Sat Yuga now. With the dawn of Sat Yuga we concern. Going out of Kali Yuga, we just don’t mind. Don’t waste time on that.

'So, greatest democracy of the world, greatest confused in principle and in practice system of administration. The world press—I am inviting them to see when this greatest democracy of the world changes—in how many weeks, in how many years. That will be the proof.

‘And intellectually, if you want, I’m not going to waste my time. I have spoken fifty years. And now I ask you to go through Dr Hagelin’s address of today. If there are scientists in India, if there are scientists in India—Is there a scientist in India?—take a lesson from American scientist, Dr Hagelin. And get onto his words, get onto his words, get onto his words. And see that tomorrow you’ll become a better scientist—in the name of science.
In the name of religion: Sanatana dharma. That means: “eternal religion”. What is eternal religion? A religion, a path to Totality, to God-realization, that never changes. Eternal religion: it doesn’t change. It doesn’t depend on a man here two thousand years ago or fifteen hundred years ago or three thousand years ago. It’s not dependent on the individual. It is dependent on the reality, which is infinity—infinity and its point. Between infinity and its point is the flow of fullness, fullness. That fullness is the field of cosmic administration. That is the Cosmic Constitution of the Universe; that is the way.

‘Doesn’t matter if you know or not, don’t worry about it. You eat a few grains of sugar, that’s all: your mouth will be sweet. So, enjoy it. Later on you may know how this came about to be like that, like that. It came from the same soil which also produces very pungent, very salty other fruits. But it also produces sugarcane. And through so much transformation, transformation, you get a sugar particle—so nice. And the same thing will produce this, this, this, this.

So, it’s the same cosmic law, the same eternal Constitution of the Universe, which makes everyone to evolve—go from stage to stage, from point to point to point to point to point to infinity. This is the range of Cosmic Constitution.

And present-day India: manmade constitution—useless waste of energy, waste of time, waste of hopes. This democracy: what it does? It creates in one home a brother fighting against the brother, a brother fighting against the brother. This is very cruel and very bad system of administration.

'But doesn’t matter. Whatever are the difficulties in darkness, with lighting the lamp, they’ll simply disappear. My programmes are under way. Whatever they are, they would be known by [their] effect.

'The effect of coherence—the effect of invincibility that I am going to produce for any country and all countries—is not based on press reports. I am aware there are very patriotic press in India. They are feeling so sorry that the big, huge press in India, has been simply borrowed by the foreigners. And they are—they think, by handling the publicity, they’ll be able to change the country. Forget about it; just forget about it.

We have the programme whose capital is every Indian home. Raam is there in every Indian home; Krishna is there in every Indian home; Shushankar is there; Shuprasad is there; Ganapati—all the Devatas’ names are there. Roots of India are deeply rooted in Vedant. Veda is there; Vedant is there; Yoga is there; Karma is there; Bhakti is there; Ayurveda is there, Ayurveda is there.

It’s not for me to tell the Indian people or to the world how many are wrong things happening in every country. It’s not the case with only India. All are on the same boat; all are on the same boat. All are on the same boat.

India has that philosophy. If India goes to democracy, it’s a bad luck for the whole world. It is shameful—just as, matter of common sense, if we change your parents every four years, what will happen to the children? You change the country every four year[s], you change the country every four year[s], you change the country every four year[s]—democracy, democracy, democracy—change the country every four years: what will happen to the population?

'So, it’s not one thing wrong; it’s everything that is wrong. It’s the time of Kali Yuga. But eternal is the tradition of Vedic Masters. Eternal is the reality of Veda and Vedant and Atma and Brahm and Aham Brahmasmi and Aham Atma. This is India.

Government, take invincibility from me now, in this generation or some other government will come and some one—changing one or two governments—and the India will be set on its Indian reality. And that will be Vedic India. That will be Vedic administration. And Vedic administration in India will radiate Veda—that means, “knowledge”. And what is there to radiate? Unified Field. Vedanta is Unified Field; Yoga is Unified Field; Bhakti is Unified Field; Bhagavan is absolutely Unified Field. Only the source of world peace, which is a country centred in India, but not in present government of India—no. . . .
I am inviting the world press to just wait. How many weeks it takes, for the greatest democracy of India to fall out? And neat and clean coherence will establish the Indian wisdom of administration, Indian wisdom of education, Indian wisdom of health, Indian wisdom of defence. And listen to Dr Hagelin’s today’s lecture. Listen to Dr Hagelin’s today’s lecture. And rise to yourself.

So, Dr Hagelin, tell the world press. There is nothing much to talk anymore. They see how silently the destroyers of the world are going out of fashion, and how soon their own whims will fall out—their own characteristic qualities will fall out.

How soon this happens? I am only concerned with how soon it begin[s] to happen—maybe it’s beginning to happen. Otherwise, [in] a few weeks more, a few months more, it’ll happen, it’ll happen, it’ll happen. And as some governments contract, in those countries, more rapidly, negativity will go out, positivity will be enjoyed by everyone, affluence will be enjoyed by everyone, peace, cordiality, happiness—everyone.
It’s such a joy that all nations have been—what you say—groping in darkness, and now my whole world family will come in the bright sunshine. And congratulate them, Dr Hagelin. And ask the press to tell us they see; a better time is dawning, dawning, from today—every week, next week, all that.

'Dr Hagelin, you can invite the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace? He has issued some information to the world press. And I would like him to read to the world press what he has issued last week. Dr Feldman—you can invite him. Introduce him to the world press. And, world press, listen carefully to his proclamation from the Finance and Planning Ministry of the Global Country of World Peace, which is our organization to repair the damages of the world and to reconstruct the world.’



Question: The Specialty of the Vedic Pandits



Dr Hagelin: Thank you very much, Maharishi, for that extraordinary introduction—a message that certainly all governments of the world, and India perhaps most especially, should hear, but all governments of the world should hear again and again.'

[Dr Hagelin introduces Dr Feldman]

[Dr Feldman speaks]

[Dr Hagelin speaks]
‘Maharishi, you may feel that we’ve spoken all the principles necessary to understand the knowledge. There are, nevertheless, as usual, some very excellent questions from the press based on Maharishi’s remarks. I might pose one such question, if Maharishi would like to go into it.

'This is following up on a comment of Maharishi’s of last week: “Last week, Maharishi said that his programme to raise a nation to invincibility included training groups of local people from that country in the coherence-creating technologies of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. But Maharishi also spoke of strengthening that positive influence of these local experts with a group of specially trained Vedic Pandits who would come from India. What is the specialty of these Vedic experts? What will they do to create peace and invincibility that the local experts cannot do?’ 

Vedic Pandits have, in their tradition, committing to memory the text of the Veda. The text of the Veda is in the language of infinity, language of eternity. It’s the transcendental field of speech. Veda script, the mantras of the Vedas, the melodies of the Vedas, the composition of the Vedas: they are not manmade. They are the actuality of the ultimate reality, which is endowed with Total Knowledge and total organizing power and is at the basis of all that is there in the universe.
Universe we know as an ever-expanding, galactic universe. The physiology of the universe is ever expanding, expanding, expanding. The same thing we find: the physiology of anything is expanding, expanding, expanding. Trees expand; the monkeys grow from childhood; the man grows; everything grows, grows, grows, grows. So, this ever-growing field is the field of intelligence. And the whole of the Constitution of the Universe is in every point of this growth.
A point knows where it is going to grow next, next, next. But where is it going to grow? Going to grow to unity, unity, unity, unity. The seed knows where to grow, where to grow, where to grow. The whole thing: tree grows, all these leaves and all that, all that, and ultimately again it becomes a seed. So, from seed to seed—from the unmanifest hollowness of the seed to the unmanifest hollowness of the seed, from the unmanifest hollowness of the seed to the unmanifest hollowness of the seed—is the growth of the seed. 

So, where is the growth of the seed? Within itself, within itself, within itself. So all the growth—means all knowledge and all dynamism—is within itself. Being within itself, the Constitution being within itself, the Creator is within itself, the creation is within itself, and the creative process is within itself. This is the Constitution of the Universe.
And this, Indian Vedic Pandits have a tradition to memorize, to memorize, to memorize. What they memorize? In one word: they repeat the word, and then in two words, in three words, in four words, all sequentially growing—millions of words. And they are all the extension of the one little word, one little sound, “A”.
So, this recitation of the Veda by the Vedic Pandits, whose tradition is to memorize Veda from beginning to end—Vedic—and then there are innumerable expansions of the Vedic Literature. They read it. There is a class of people—these are Vedic Pandits—who memorize, who memorize the Vedic structure, I mean this Constitution of the Universe. When they do it in their own fully developed consciousness.

There are seven states of consciousness and all that; we have been teaching [this] for all these years, and that Dr Hagelin has summarized in terms of modern language, this, this, this—Unified Field and all that, all that. So the whole knowledge is completely in the transcendental field. And that is eternal, immutable, self-sustaining, Unified Field—self-referral.
The other values? Everywhere else, all other countries and all, people can rise to Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness—all the seven states of consciousness. But the speech as such belongs to the oral tradition of the Vedic Pandits. When they chant together, then they are reverberating. They are creating those waves, as you put the stone on water, as waves spread all over. Recitation of the Vedic Pandits is a phenomenon which enlivens the entire Constitution of the Universe in every point of the universe. It’s a huge science; it’s a huge science.

'During foreign rule in India for so many centuries—we don’t want to waste our time on that. This is enough to say: that whatever foreigners knew about life, they introduced that thing. What else they can do? Because in their mind: “Oh, that is the best; they are the rulers, they can make laws, they can make laws, they can do something.” But because the Veda is an eternal reality, eternal reality and in the tradition of Vedic Pandits, this recitation of the Veda is a natural thing.

‘So, oral tradition of maintaining liveliness of the Constitution of the Universe generation after generation: this is the specialty of the Vedic families in India. We are giving them all that is necessary to protect them from all these poisonous things that are going around, and in this democracy—swings of useless waste. We want to save them. So, we are organizing their life. And the thing will be: bright sunshine of positivity and harmony in Indian life, and from there, that will spread in the life of every nation.

‘So, when we say “invincibility to every nation”, we are saying from this two points of view: Vedic recitation values and there are rites of the Vedic Pandits—morning you do this, evening you do this, morning you do this. Their lifestyle [is] all in terms of the natural significance of rise and fall of the sun and the moon, from birth to this. The whole science of Totality, Jyotish and Yagya: they’re a tremendously beautiful science. Due to foreign rule in India, all these things have gone in the background. But the seed is there, because basic reality of life is infinity, eternity, self-sufficiency.

Everything changing is in the structure of the unmanifest—huge, when you know what it is. Everything is at a point; everything is a point. And our offer of invincibility is on that level of knowledge which is lively, which is absolutely lively and awake, in the Vedic traditions of India.’  


Question: Coherent Brain Function and Education

Dr Hagelin: Thank you very much, Maharishi. Perhaps we could close with one more question on the critical subject of education. The question is: “This Friday, Maharishi University of Management will host a major national science conference on Transcendental Meditation and the brain. Scientists will present new research that shows Transcendental Meditation promotes coherent brain functioning among students, and that there is a marked integration of brain functioning within different parts of the brain and between different areas of the brain. The conference has become big news. Brain researchers from throughout the nation, universities across the country, and science writers from major newspapers across the country will participate in the conference via live Internet webcast.

‘My questions for Maharishi are this: Why is it important for a brain to function coherently, holistically? And in particular, what are the benefits for a student? What changes are needed in a school’s curriculum to introduce Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based education, and how long will it take to see concrete results?”’ 

Concrete results in individual life begin to be seen from the day he dives into the field of consciousness. Transcendental Meditation takes the mind to the Transcendental Consciousness, bliss consciousness, which is the transcendental basis of everything. And being transcendental, it cannot be influenced by anything. That is the level of invincibility. That is the basis of all changes in life and all that, and all that.
All our smiling for present and future of the world is from that level of Transcendental Consciousness, which is the consciousness of Totality, of infinity, of eternity, of non-change, of invincibility. Every government is going to be smiling now, smiling now. The days of weeping and tears should be over for every government. Conflicts and these oppositions and wars and all should have an end to it.
Now we are not going to fight the destroyers of the world on their level. We are going to silently produce coherence in world consciousness, and all these bubbles of unrest will naturally disappear, will naturally disappear, will naturally disappear, as the darkness disappears with the onset of light—simply, no struggle.

We are not strugglers. We are masters of life. We dictate our terms. And those who take it, they’ll enjoy life. Those who don’t take it today, they’ll take it tomorrow, next day—otherwise, in the next birth. They have to come to this level where the reality of life is always smiling in bliss and moving in the waves of bliss.
Ask the press in all the coming weeks to listen to today’s Dr Hagelin’s talks. And all the scientists gathering, whenever they are gathering there in MIU [Maharishi University of Management] and all that, all that—every meeting of scientists will make the people who come there wiser scientists, wiser scientists, wiser scientists. And this total brain functioning is a big, huge thing. And for us, it is the normal development of the brain functioning of every individual through Vedic Education, Vedic Education.
‘So, now the time to mention the results is quite over. Now take it, and be it. Enjoy. And don’t take it? Tomorrow you’ll take it; third day you’ll take it.

'All governments should see to their fate quietly. They may be very wise to say, “Oh, yes, Maharishi, this and this”. In next week, next two weeks, we will see what happens to those governments. Today, when they are in power, they may say, “Oh, yes, oh yes; we are allies of America, and America is the strongest country”, and all that, all that. See what happens to these ideals and these slogans of slavery on the part of every government through fear and temptation. All these: “Ah, yes, this, this, this”—all that will be flat within a few months, because the world consciousness is going to be coherent. It’s not a matter of taking votes. Take vote in the favour of war? Security Council: big huge humbug—useless waste of time, Security Council!
So, all these dramatic things are going to disappear. Just see when this disappears. Whatever is the date today: from that, one month, two month, whatever, whatever, whatever. We’ll survey on the Guru Purnima day, on the day of our spiritual master, Vedic Master. There are still three, four months. By that time, the world would have changed.

I am saying it. These words are not the words of publicity. Publicity we have done all these fifty years. Now this time is to take the cream out of it. Much before Guru Purnima, we will see the dawn of a new time for the world. Sat Yuga is descending on earth.’  





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