Maharishi's Global Press Conferences Highlights

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

9 March 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks


Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. I was listening with a great interest [to] your introductory remarks on the whole thing. And this week, more than the previous, you have expressed the response of the press—response of the press to the message. And now the press, from now on, week after week, will have more interesting inputs in the world news.

‘And that will be that we are now directly contacting the governments, contacting all governments, contacting all governments, including the India government and China government and Russia and all the small governments of the world. And what the world press will start to receive is: what government today, this week, and what government tomorrow, next week, what government next week, what government next week. Week after week, we expect government after government starting the programme to make their country invincible.
‘I’m telling the governments that it’s not a matter of them understanding what invincibility means and what invincibility can be produced from. No. They don’t have to understand. It is obvious, they don’t have invincibility. And when they don’t have it, we can’t expect them to have the knowledge of it. So they don’t have the knowledge of it, so we can’t expect from them any knowing about it. So we are telling them, “Don’t waste time in knowing.”

‘I am telling them that a government, when it wants to build a bridge—two-mile-long bridge over the river from here to there—what they do? They ask the companies, “Who will build it?” Some company says, “We will build this.” And then they contract with the company. When they contract with the company, they don’t contract with the company on the basis of their knowledge—how the company will build the bridge. No. They are not engineers, and they are not competent even to ask the engineering company how they will build. If they ask the engineering company—any engineering minister of any country—he will welcome them for ten years of training in some engineering college. And there, they would know how to bend and how to put the screw here and the bolt here and nut here and this and this.

‘So I am telling them, “Don’t try to understand me. Don’t try to understand the philosophy, the principle of it. Concern yourself with the purpose. You contract my universities for rising to invincibility. That means you want to be free from enemies. Enemies are: negative trends in life, all negativity, all lack of complete knowledge in health, in education, in defence, in every area of human concern, in every area of national concern.

‘Invincibility is a rare commodity. Invincibility in the world market is a very rare commodity, it’s a very rare commodity. But I am telling them, “I have [it] in my shop; you can buy it from here.” That’s what it means. You spend all the expenditure that is necessary for training those groups in your country [and] your own people will be trained, your own people will be trained. And for that, you engage them, and you give them proper housing according to Sthapatya Veda, according to Natural Law. They should live under the protection of Natural Law. They will be trained to practice total Natural Law, which will make them capable of doing anything. And this will be the level of invincibility of the nation.

‘Every government should be invincible. No government is invincible. And therefore, I am reaching, since this week—I am reaching directly to the governments. I know it’s hard for them to understand. It’s hard for them to understand, in the same way as when someone says, “I would like to design a flight to the moon.” The government says, “All right. It seems to be impossible—we don’t believe you can do it, but you can have this money, and you can have this certificate—whatever you want. You try to build up the flight to the moon.”

‘Experimentation, research, is a very well known government policy and practice. I am asking the government: “Go by the same practice and gain invincibility.” And I have been telling them that I am not new in the world—fifty years and the whole thing has been proved. And it’s not that I am proving it for fifty years. India has been proving it for all generations—millions of years, India has been using those techniques, which are the techniques of the Constitution of the Universe. Constitution of the Universe is that collection of laws which is capable of maintaining unified wholeness of all the infinite variety of laws.

‘How beautifully in today’s introduction, and in every introduction every week, Dr Hagelin is explaining to everyone all these different levels of creation: atomic, nuclear, atomic—and all those beautiful explanations. And now, it is possible, it is possible, it is possible for any head of state to cash in on invincibility. More than that I cannot say.

“The taste of pudding is in eating”—this is a very ancient phrase. On the other side, I am informing the government point blank that they are not competent to defend their nation. They are not competent to offer prevention-oriented health programmes to their people. Again, they are not competent to develop the functioning of full brain. They are not competent to produce all the nutrients in the crops that they grow in the fields. That means: in every area of responsibility, every government is completely ignorant of functioning from a good level of satisfaction. This being the situation of every government—knowing this—I am telling them: “That doesn’t matter; there is a technique which is called invincibility. You use it, you develop it, and all the different deficiencies in your administration will be fulfilled.”

‘This I have started to deliver at the door of every government, every government, every government. I have only to see whose fortune is strong enough to be first and second and third and fourth. Once one, two, three governments pick up, all will follow—absolutely all will follow. But [each] one would be thinking, “Who has done it? Who has done it?” I say it’s not a matter of a government seeing whether some government is becoming invincible or not, whether someone is becoming invincible or not. For such curious people [we] have an answer: try to be invincible yourself. Even if no one else can become invincible, you can become invincible.

‘I’m approaching every government. It’s a very great joy; it’s a very great joy. With great sympathy I am approaching them—with great love, with great kindness, with great cordiality, with great respectfulness. I consider these are all my family members. And I know every family member has a different character than the other family member, but nevertheless it’s a family. The family of all nations must be with different, different characteristic qualities. But nevertheless, the parental role of a government must belong to every government.

‘Whatever the government—whether it’s a king, one-person rule; or whether one dictator, dictator rules; or whether there is a democracy, that one keeps damning the other, one [keeps] condemning the other, but keeps on maintaining administration. Every four years, five years, change, change, change. And there is always a big fight. Even when one is ruling, the other is making a nuisance in public. So, the whole system of administration in democracy is absolutely idiotic. It is supposed to maintain order, and it creates disorder. And in disorder he says, “Oh, yes—freedom of choice.” Freedom of—what?—“freedom of speech, great freedom of speech!”

‘This is the kind of administrative skill of the people of the governments today—that they want to create order, and they are creating disorder. Their system of administration is based on creating disorder. And that creating disorder, they think [is] giving freedom to the people, giving freedom to people. The whole thing is obsolete and completely useless and damaging.

‘Dr Hagelin, this is our world. And we have to see that—whatever is our world—with our knowledge, in our time, they are peaceful, they are happy, they are fulfilled, they are free from problems, they are free from sicknesses—all this. It’s our responsibility. It’s like children don’t understand what to do, what to do, why doing this, this will be harmful, this will be harmful. It’s the parental role that protects them from doing wrong. It’s a parental role.

‘Now mark this thing; I am going to elaborate on this thing. It’s a parental role that makes them, prepares them, not to face undue things, not to face negativity. Like that, we are the custodians of that knowledge. We are the custodians of that knowledge which is total knowledge of the law, Natural Law, Constitution of the Universe, which manages infinite diversity of the galactic universe, ever-expanding universe, perpetually growing, growing, growing, growing, growing.

‘We have that knowledge. And with that knowledge, we think it is completely within our reach to have all our children, all our family members in the world, face no disaster in future, face no disaster in future. For that, we are knocking at the door. Take the invincibility; this will do you good, this will do you good, this will do you good.

‘Our packet of invincibility: we are handing over to the government, not closed packet—open packet. We are knocking at the door of every government out of kindness, out of love for them. They are unnecessarily suffering. It’s like someone is suffering from cold or cough or something. Now someone has a tablet; he is desperate to give him the tablet: “Take this tablet and you’ll feel relief, you’ll feel relief.” It’s natural for the possessor of the tablet to give it to him, to give it to him.

‘Like that is our position. This position is the nature of everyone—nature of kindness. Parental role, we call it, parental role: put everyone in the light of God. And so many different fields of knowledge—this and this and this. All religious knowledge, all scientific knowledge, all knowledge on faith and all—different packets of knowledge are there. And each knowledge is provided to the people out of kindness, out of kindness, out of kindness.

‘This I am telling to remove the doubt from anyone that there is no malicious intention in my offering invincibility to every nation. I know, if world peace is to be there, it can only be, it can only be, world peace can only be when all the countries are invincible. When every country is invincible, every country is invincible, then only world peace could be permanent. World peace will always be fragile as long as all the countries have not risen to invincibility.

‘And therefore, all those who want to be in the company of others—all these different, different groups of countries: ten countries make a group there, twenty countries make a group there, ten countries, twenty countries, thirty, forty countries—they have their own rules, and they make their own constitution. All these different, different countries together—it’s from the same spirit that in togetherness, there is safety; in togetherness, there is safety.

‘But in every group—take any group, any group of the countries, either in the East or West; take any group in the country—some people are always grumbling that: “This country, this big country, he is bossing over us.” In each of these unions of these five, ten countries here and there—even in this European Union and all that—the intention is good to be together and feel safe. But the technique to be together is not natural. It is humanly made—human concept. And a human concept will always have human weaknesses and human failings.

‘That is why all these humanly conceived constitutions of the unity of small groups of government, or single government, which are all being governed by a man-made constitution, are the football of circumstances. They are not the masters of their destiny.

‘I bring them the light of mastery over time, over space. I bring to them the authority from the transcendental field—from that field which is all over, everywhere, always, and can never be disturbed, can never be changed, can never be challenged. This is that invincibility which no one can disturb. And this is what I am going to gently or forcefully and gently-forcefully and naturally offer to my countries here and there and there and there—in their own interest, in their own interest.

‘It’s beautiful. India has this. India has this knowledge. India has this knowledge, Veda, the Constitution of the Universe—Veda, the Constitution of the Universe. In the Veda, in Vedanta, in Upaveda: all the whole Vedic Literature is just the reverberation—that means different values of the sounds—reverberations of the unmanifest field of eternity, unmanifest transcendental field of eternity, which in itself is eternally sustained—eternally sustained in its infinite, eternal silence, endowed with infinite, eternal dynamism—Totality, Totality.

‘How beautifully we heard today from Dr Hagelin and Dr Morris: Purnat purnam udachyate. This is the voice of that eternally self-contained, self-sustained, self-perpetuating field of total Natural Law, the light of God. When we say “the Light of God”, such beautiful emotions we enjoy—“the Light of God”, “the Light of God”, “the Light of God”. But in this scientific age, it’s available to us without doubt—straight, without doubt. It’s available to us in terms of knowledge; it’s available to us in terms of the transformation of knowledge into action; it’s available to us in action; it’s available to us in the transformation of action into the fruit of all action.

‘So, from knowledge to action to fruit of all action: all the three are completely available in the state of invincibility. That’s why this is one thing that we offer to governments and make the government capable of anything and everything.

‘Every government in my world will be a government, an administrator, of all possibilities on their own right. That’s all. No matter in what language you speak, the language and all that, it’s a matter of speaking. The words will be different and all that, all that. But the content will be total. And the life will be the flow of that Totality: Purnat purnam udachyate, Purnat purnam udachyate—Purnat.

‘It’s not a matter of finding the people who know it, but it’s a matter of educating the people, educating the people. The situation in the world makes it very clear that no government and no constitution of any country has competence to prevent problems. And prevention of problems is the only way to end the problem.

‘People are searching for the solution for those who do the crimes and all that. But then where is the solution? The solution lies in educating the people to function in full accord with the total Natural Law. Action has to be natural. And natural action alone will always be in full accord with two values: infinite silence and infinite dynamism. It’s such a joy to give to our world, and the world of all times, now.

‘We are making all these how many thousands of Peace Palaces in the world, creating administrators of Peace Palaces—Rajas. And whatever Rajas we have created in the field, a wonderful influence they are creating. And now it will not be long for the world to continue with its undesirable problems and failings and sufferings and sickness and cries. No, no, the world is going to have, be a big laughter, a big laughter in bliss—bliss, laughter in bliss. Natural Law, Unified Field will laugh. And what it will laugh into? It will laugh into the Light of God, what we say, Light of God.

‘All the religious, holy scriptures, all of them are going to be fulfilled. From where they are going to be fulfilled? From the base of them all. “Religion” means they go back to find the source. And to go back to find the source, practically, it is Transcendental Meditation. And proof of it is in Yogic Flying.

‘Transcendental Meditation, and proof and practice in Yogic Flying—and the effect is: enlivening the greatest power of Nature. The greatest power? The greatest unifying power, the greatest power of gravity. Put things together: it puts the abstract, unmanifest field of knowledge, different fields of knowledge, together in the unmanifest. It puts all manifestations, all diversity of manifestations, the always increasing galactic universe—it’s always kept coherent. It’s always in the unity state. Versified, unified, versified universe, versified—uni-versi, uni-versi—unity, versity, unity, diversity, unity, diversity—together, together, together—as it is, as it is, as it is.

‘One has to be simple to be perfect. And simplicity is more natural to one than complexity. When one wants to manipulate this and this, it’s so complicated—one gets tired all the time, all the time. Simplicity is simple—simple, truthfulness, simple, simple.

‘So our offer is nothing strange, nothing out of the way. It’s on the most simple level of the nature of life. Whether life is silent totally, or it is in small fluctuations or big or big or big activity, it is completely, completely natural to be holistic, even in every state of unified expression of the single expression of the Unified Field. It’s a beautiful field of knowledge; it’s a beautiful field of experience; it’s a beautiful field of action; it’s a beautiful field of freedom, a beautiful field of freedom.

‘So, we are asking all governments to learn how to govern. We don’t dismantle all the knowledge that they have. All the presidents are 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 years, 90 years of age. We say, “Yes, Honourable, Honourable”. And people have elected them to be president; people have elected them to be president. And the president has appointed some scientists, some physiologists, some doctors, some lawyers, some—“You’ll run the whole thing; you’ll run the whole.”

‘So, it’s a mutual, friendly feeling that structures a government. All the authorities lovingly transfer to this one level, this second level, third level, fourth level. But the whole thing is lacking in some holistic reality. That is due to lack of knowledge; that is due to lack of health, lack of prosperity, lack of Totality. And now we are telling them, “Take it, take it, take it. And be happy it’s there. It’s your own right; it’s your birthright, it’s your birthright.”

‘So that’s very good. What can be added to this, Dr Hagelin? I think you have said everything. And Dr Morris also has said everything. If you think the message of today is enough—and now we are waiting. Every week, we hope we will be announcing: “This country has accepted to be invincible.” Every week a few countries, every week a few countries. There are about—what—200 countries. So if every week, twenty countries come up, even then it will take ten months, one year. But why allow our world to continue to suffer for a year?

‘Every week we can expect more than twenty, thirty countries. Every day we expect three, four, five emails to come, saying that “Yes, you are welcome to raise invincibility in my population, you are welcome to raise invincibility. We will give out your programme.” We say, “Alright, that many people of your country will be trained.”

‘And in order to have that support from the field of knowledge, there is more—something very precious which we will use from the Indian Pandits, from the Vedic Pandits. They are the families in India who have preserved all this Vedic wisdom by the oral Vedic Tradition. So the whole thing is kept. It’s kept quite a lot in purity, in purity.

‘We’ll engage some of those people, along with so many hundreds or thousands of the local people in every country. We’ll put together, express to them, that all those nuts and bolts of the field of higher consciousness, create higher consciousness, and then the nation will rise in that level which will be very coherent inside—very harmonious inside. No enemies will be born. And then, from all these foreign influences, the country will be saved. No foreign influence with any malicious intention will be able to penetrate the country.

‘Otherwise, every country is full of foreign spies and full of poison. Every country is full of these tricky—these spies. And the embassies in every country: they study the people, they study the culture, they study the mannerisms and inform their country. And then the spies go in some way—as traders or as this or bankers or this—many ways of tempting and destroying the tradition of the country.

‘This is the present situation of the governments. That means every government is prone to influence from every other government. And no government can prevent it. No government can have that courage to put off the embassies of this country or that country. Knowing that that country is very dangerous, that country is destroying the world and all—knowing that, they don’t have the courage to close their embassies, close their embassies.

‘In such a situation where, not invincibility, but slavery to foreign powers is completely in practice, at this time, we say, “Now, come on: you rise to invincibility.” And that is not through fighting but through quietly changing the quality of consciousness.

‘[With] a few people—hundred, two hundred, or thousand, two thousand people, depending on the number of the population of the country, this group of a few hundred or a few thousand—the consciousness, collective consciousness of these people, will have such an intense influence of harmony and coherence that that coherence and harmony will naturally pervade the whole field of national consciousness, collective consciousness. And then no enemy, no wrong person, will be inside the country. And from outside the country, no enemy, no destructive influence, will be able to come in that very strong coherence of the national consciousness.

‘So this is a very, very safe and steady thing to do. And we are offering to government. We are trying to express in such simplicity, but because it’s a new thing—it’s a huge thing, invincibility. Who can think it’s a possible thing—invincible: “How I can be invincible?”

‘When one hears the word “invincible”, one remembers Hitler. At one time, he was invincible. Today he was invincible; tomorrow, he fell into disaster. So, these invincibilities on [the basis of] the muscular strength or the physical strength—the strength of the arms, the strength of killing—this is no safety to any nation, any nation, any nation. No military can say that they can really save the country. No military can say they can really save the country. In spite of that, knowing that, so much of the wealth of the nation is being spent in entertaining a military, and all that a military is—a fearful thing.

‘That means—I want to say something which I don’t want to express, because they are not good-sounding words. The whole governmental behaviour with the people, to take all that money and to spend it on something which they know is not going to work, is a fraud. It’s fraudulent. It’s cunningness on the people. If a businessman does not give you tax, you put him to jail. This is cruelty on him. You are earning money through all these cruel means from your people, and you are using that hard-earned money, you are wasting that money on the path which you know is a dirty path.

‘It has no future. It is going to be completely unsuccessful. Knowing that the military is not going to defend the nation, why does a government have the power to use all the wealth of the poor people in the country, and spend in a way which they know is an unsuccessful way, a not-going-to-work way? That is cruelty to the people. Is there is any sense of responsibility, is there is any morality in it?

‘This being the situation of the government, because the government has been going on like that, year after year and century after century, they don’t think, “What else we can do? Without military, how we can defend?” But there is a way to favour the Natural Law and know that Natural Law is always evolutionary, evolutionary. If you favour Natural Law, and use that Natural Law on the door of defence, you’ll not be required to kill the enemy. And always, you will be safe; you will be free from the problems of enemy and all that.

‘Such wisdom of administration on this side, which we are offering, and such innocent, such complete—what we can say?—immaturity that is in practice today. Ask the world press to ask questions. I am presenting to them what is possible and what is going on. What is going on is fraudulent in terms of management or administration. And what can they be? They can be real administrators who will prevent problems for them. This is the kind of government we are going to create.

‘Welcome, all governments. Do it early; do it today. Don’t wait it for tomorrow. Use the present, use the present, use the present, use the present.

‘With your comments, invite the press to ask questions, Dr Hagelin.


Question: Raising Man-made Constitutions to the Status of the Constitution of the Universe

Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi, for that beautiful introduction of this dawning new age of Sat Yuga in the midst of Kali Yuga. Thank God for the parental role that the wise naturally feel for the world—the world, which Maharishi said, we’ve inherited anyway. This is the world we were born into; this is the world we have to change. . . .

‘The first question, Maharishi: “Last week,” a journalist asks, “Maharishi made a strong point in saying that man-made constitutions, with all their human weaknesses and failings, are the cause of all problems in government. The solution, Maharishi said, is for such man-made constitutions to be supported and supplemented by the eternal Constitution of the Universe which administers the vast universe with perfect order. Maharishi, what change in the man-made governments and man-made constitution—what amendments to the constitution—could raise man-made constitution and man-made government to the status of the Constitution of the Universe?” ’ 

Man-made constitutions cannot be turned into the Cosmic Constitution. Only, the people being driven by man-made constitutions can, through the Vedic programmes, through their daily morning, evening programmes, fathom the transcendental field and fathom the Cosmic Constitution on the individual level. And the groups can create a widespread influence of the Cosmic Constitution.
And the Cosmic Constitution means Sattva. Sattva means coherence, coherence, coherence. Coherence means orderly thinking, orderly thinking, orderly thinking. Orderly thinking means thinking according to Natural Law, thinking according to the power of evolution of Natural Law, Natural Law.
So, man-made constitution—it says, “Now you are going on the road. Now, you’ll go left, right, and you turn right,” and this and this. All these are humanly conceived, humanly conceived laws to govern human life. But mind governing, intellect governing, ego governing: this can be on the level of the Constitution of the Universe so that, spontaneously, what one thinks is adopted by total Natural Law—by Prakriti and Purusha.
The whole terminology of explanation is there in the Vedic Literature. And it is in that that we train the people. It’s not transforming the man-made constitution into this, but taking away the deficiencies in the man-made constitution and making the purpose of the constitution to be always in the advancing, in the progressing, in the evolving direction.
So, it’s a different technology; it’s a different technology. The present technology of only the laws of the country—they are based on punishment and police and military, and some engage the people, put them some money, or detain them, don’t give them money—all this on a very relative field of operation.

'But the Constitution of the Universe is on a more basic level of consciousness. And consciousness is trained to be completely familiar with this Natural Law, total Natural Law, by transcending, going beyond space and time. And there, in its self-referral field of the Unified Field, self-referral field of the Unified Field, and the whole Vedic Literature of the Itihasa, Purana, and Smritis, and Shrutis—it’s beautiful, beautiful sequentially evolved literature of the Constitution of the Universe.
Somewhere, sometime, someone asked me, some press man asked me: “Constitution is always written.” I said, “Yes, it must be written so that people can read it and know it and pass it on to others.” And he said, “Where is the written Constitution of the Universe?” And I said, “Yes, yes, yes—you have not been told. It is called Veda—Vedic Literature.
Veda, Shruti, Smriti—it has its own terminology, it has its own terminology. Every field of knowledge has its own terminology, from its gross value to subtle value, to subtle value. This is how science has been probing into finer and finer values, finer and finer values. Now science has come on the unified level. In this unified level, it’s such a fine level—[it is] the reality which puts the two things together, dynamism and silence together. They become one thing. And that is the unmanifest field—a complete unmanifest field, unmanifest field, complete unmanifest field. And that is Constitution of the Universe.
It’s a beautiful thing. One cannot transfer to the other. Only, one’s own mind could be in this saturation of the value of the Cosmic Constitution. And the man-made constitution will be with reference to the relative field of activity—this and this and this and this.
It’s not enough that the children are only trained in the knowledge of the man-made constitution. It’s very necessary that they are trained in the Constitution of the Universe, which is in the finer fields of their own consciousness—ultimately in the Transcendental Consciousness. Transcendental Consciousness is the total ocean of the Constitution of the Universe—very well inscribed and very well flowing in the ultimate reality of total Purnat purnam udachyate. Purnat purnam udachyate.
I was so happy hearing this phrase from Dr Hagelin—I mean Dr Morris. Flow of fullness: that is life. Flow of fullness: that is life. And that is going to be the life of the governments. One government will flow into the other, not as a horrible thing coming to the other, but as a flow of Totality to the reality of Totality. And that also flows.

'All governments on the level of permanent peace means invincibility flowing from country to country to country to country to country to country. No one can be an oppression to the other; no one can be an oppression to the other; no one can be an oppression to the other. That will be the most civilized family of nations. And that we are going to create.
We admire all the human efforts for so long in each government and in the combinations of a few countries here and a few countries here, and unions and the United Nations and all that, all that. But whole thing comes on one pitiable level of human concepts, human creations, intellectual things. But that is not enough when the relation of one to the other is concerned. This relationship of one to the other is a reality of the gap between the two. And gap is unmanifest. So, the science and technology of the unmanifest, science and technology of the unmanifest, science and technology of this transcendental field alone is a solution to all peace, prosperity, fullness, and everything nice for human life.

That is the life we want to create in our world. And it’s a very good joy that this is the scientific age. We can talk plainly, we can talk simply, even to those who are not scientists, but they have been hearing about science, science, science, science. So they have some kind of faith. Every government has some kind of faith. Even these heads of states and this—they don’t know anything of science. Whatever they may be knowing may be twenty years’, thirty years’ test-tube science, test-tube science. So they make the laws: when you open the science college, you have to have this test tube and this table and this—superficial, superficial.

Now is the time that the ultimate has been sort of discovered or uncovered. The Unified Field has been opened. So start the education of the people from the level of the Unified Field, Unified Field. Give the benefit of the Unified Field. What I am saying is: give the children an orange—beautiful, sweet. And solemnly give them, tell them, “This is an orange; this is an orange.” How it grows, how it grows in four years to come to this. Tell them later, but give them the fruit. If you have a machine, teach the man how to use the machine. How the machine was made, tell him later.

So how invincibility is structured, tell him later. Give him invincibility. Give him invincibility. Make your government really capable of governing. Don’t govern with those tools which have to be all the time amended to be better and better and better and better.

'Governmental organization has been pitiable, all these—when we look at it from this point of view: that it’s possible for any nation to be functioning in full accord with that law, with that Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe in perfect order. When this is possible, then we know what a mistake has been going on in ignorance, what a mistake has been going on in ignorance. And every country says, “My government, my government.” Of course, your government—but is it a government who can govern your life or is it a sucker of your life, is a poison to your life?
Every government is a poison to the people, because they collect all the money from the—hard-earned money of the people—and they use in the channels which they know are not going to be fruitful. It’s a wrong thing. But this wrong has not been brought out,because there was no solution to it. But now we have a solution. So we can see—but we are not fond of putting wrong, because by telling it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, it’s not going to do anything to anyone. But in order to understand that what we are saying is something different than what has been going on, and what has been going on was a fraud, was a fraud. What has been going on only deserves to be put in the bundle of fraud, that’s all. One simple word “fraud”—ignorance.

'We realize what we are. We realize. And when we express ourselves, we don’t want to hide the truth. We say, “Yes, we are what we are saying what we are; we are saying what we are.” And what the world has been is wrong, wrong. The whole world on one side of wrong. I am on one side of right. And I am bridging the gulf now—gulf—and now come to a level where the final gulf will be bridged, and the whole structuring dynamics of administration is finally going to be really competent, the government is going to be invincible. And that means: at every level of responsibility, it’s going to be successful from beginning to end, from beginning to end, from beginning to end. This will be the authority of a government that invincibility will produce in every government.
So, world press, we are very happy to invite you to take this message to your countries, whatever is your country. We are speaking to the world press. Wherever you are, tell the people, tell the people to take a chance with me. If whatever I say comes out to be true, then the country will be enlightened all the time. If nothing comes out, then whatever is there is already there. If nothing comes out, then whatever the world is is there. Nothing bad will happen, at least, it will continue the same way. But in case it comes out, the world will be enlightened, and bliss and all those nice things will be the characteristic quality of the forthcoming world.

So, Dr Hagelin, it should be enough. And I am expecting every week a “Yes, yes, yes, yes” from ten, twenty governments, so that in one or two, three months, all will fall in. It’s our great joy, really very great joy. It’s such a joy to talk about it, to say about it, and confirm. It’s a joy. It is our joy to confirm, week after week, week after week. We keep on confirming, confirming it’s a joy. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.’  



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