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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Global Press Conference on Poverty Removal

19 June 2007


On 19 June, during the Conference on Removal of Poverty broadcast live by satellite and the Internet from the Financial Capital of New York, Maharishi gave a strong message to the banks and financial institutions of the world.

Maharishi:All good things in nature happen naturally. The sun rises naturally, and the darkness of the night disappears naturally. The people of the world do not have to make an effort for the sun to rise, but the dawn every morning is a natural phenomenon. Disappearance of the darkness of the night is a natural phenomenon.

‘In the same way, I am inviting the world to witness the removal of poverty in the world—a natural phenomenon. Poverty removal in the world is going to be a natural phenomenon. We have that miraculous turn-key operation from Guru Dev, where everything good is going to be a natural phenomenon. Poverty removal is going to be a natural phenomenon.

‘And at this time, if I am asked to speak about it, I can only challenge those who are flowering in wealth. That poverty is not going to be removed by their wealth. I have been talking to some banks and some institutions of financing. They bring out a hundred reasons that they cannot support the [poverty removal] projects because of “risk, risk, risk, risk”.

‘The economy of the world is full of risk element. All the big banks, who are publicized to be the top banks in the world, have billions, trillions every year in their income. Some other bank is number two, other bank number three, other bank number four. When we talk to the banks about poverty removal, they say, “God forbid! We can only spend our money where money is.” This is a very shameful aspect of the world economy.

‘World economy seen in its proper perspective is a shame to human existence, to human endeavour, to human creativity, to the presence of God on earth. All these big banks, very big banks, they can spend only when they see the profit in advance. This is not the area which is going to create freedom from poverty. I am fond of that level which is nothingness, and that I am going to inspire to eliminate poverty in the world.

‘In just a matter of a few weeks, a few months, not many years, the world will have freedom from poverty. Dr Hagelin has been emphasizing and has been putting forward the argument that wealth is really the basis of life. Life is bliss. Bliss is fullness, lack of scarcity, good health, good wealth, good wisdom.

‘I am inviting this world to witness the reality that is being offered to the world by the great speakers of the Movement. John Hagelin is a champion of that wisdom of the Unified Field. With the onset of the Unified Field, what is going to suffer is the existence of diversity where one has so much wealth and one has no wealth. These are the big differences which are going to be completely eliminated. No one would know how the world was when the differences were predominant. With the dawn, with the first ray of the rising sun, people forget about the darkness of the night. That time has come.

‘My programme is to create affluence in the world, that affluence which will not be timid affluence, which will not be afraid. In today’s banking systems, there are very wise people, but they are a shame to the world. Today’s world economy is a shame to economy. If the world press is listening to me, they should publicize point-blank that I declare the world economy today to be cruel—to be cruel for others and to be cruel to itself.

‘They have rejoiced for hundreds of years, taxing the people, and they will invest only where they see the profit in advance. Civilization is completely lost in the field of difference. Now the time is changing. The time is changing to what it should be in human existence. Human existence is a time of bliss.

‘I want to address religions that have grown in the world. Religion, the path to God-realization, has come out with the problem: life is suffering. The time of those religions to plead that life is suffering is over—it is over. It does not matter what the population is following blankly—this religion or that religion which pleads for suffering. Life is not suffering.

‘When you walk towards the light, darkness doesn‘t increase. When you are on the path of God-realization, that path will not bring you suffering. And, if the path to God-realization brings suffering, it is not the path of God-realization; it is not a religion. I have never spoken so flatly to the world about the religion which pleads for suffering.

‘The whole intelligence of mankind is driven by the principles of diversity—divergent. And very wise people are sitting in the first bank in the world, second bank in the world, third bank in the world, saying, “I am one of the ten top banks in the world”—very proud, but deplorable. It is a shame to all the big banks in the world that so much suffering is prevailing in the world.

‘How I am going to remove the suffering? Not by bringing money, but bringing life. I am inspiring life. I am having a few hundred people or a few thousand people, according to the population, practise consciousness. And that consciousness will produce integrated national consciousness. Integrated national consciousness, the light of life, the light of God, will take away all the values which create fear.

‘Religious priests have been enjoying the respect of the society because they think of God. They are the messengers of God. And what they teach is suffering, “You must suffer, because your God, whose-ever God, also has suffered for you”—such stupid arguments. Life is bliss.

‘Now a few hundred people will create an integrated quality of national consciousness, where everyone in the nation will be blessed by positivity. What will be eaten up by nature is negativity, ignorance, fighting. All that is going to be a history of the past, very soon, in a few weeks, a few months, hardly a year. The times are changing.

‘I am not criticizing anyone. I am telling the people that the world has been lived by the individual on a wrong level of knowledge, very wrong knowledge, heart-rendering knowledge. And therefore, it is the time now that the night is ending. The dawn is dawning.

‘The university of Dr Hagelin, I am told, is starting to raise a monument of invincibility. The first Tower of Invincibility is being raised in MIU where the Assembly is going on, and the teachings of Dr Hagelin are giving the experience of that freedom that belongs to nature of life—the Unified Field dawning.

‘In the Vedic Literature, this was the whisper of all times: life is bliss, and That Thou art, and That I am, and That all this is “Sarvam Khalv Idam Brahm”—all those very beautiful exalted expressions about life, the eternal voice of time, the Will of God.

‘It is very good, Dr Hagelin, you have come out with the words of the modern language [of science]. It is very beautiful. Go ahead and keep on telling them the logic. They may not understand you, but very soon these groups of invincibility are growing in the world. With the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, and the Science and Technology Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, the Global Country of the World Peace is a unified country of all the diversified countries.

‘The world is going to be a uni-verse. And that will be governed by the Will of God. It will not be the God that favours suffering. I am challenging the heads of all those useless religions today; that I am doing after fifty years. I have never criticized any religion, because at least they have the name of God. I have heard some remarks of some people who, in the name of God, are becoming popular or something.

‘So, the time of the dawn is rising. It is just a matter of a few weeks, a few months. We gather some people in every country. Organizations are being built to raise the national consciousness of every country to be tempered, I would say, in the light of invincibility. [This] may be out of concept of the so-called suffering people, but there is going to be the rise of the sun, and with the sunrise, the first ray eliminates the darkness of the night and does not want anyone to remain in the darkness anymore.

‘If the Prime Minister [of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris] would allow time, I would like to hear the song that is sung about some realistic vision of the world—Heaven descending on Earth. This is the time that is described in this song by those who can see what is worthwhile seeing. Darkness going, nobody sees. Light coming, everyone sees. So, the time is coming. A few people—it is all in our hands. And it is rising day by day, day by day, day by day.

‘Dr Morris will explain. And our Finance Minister of Maharaja Raja Raam’s treasury will reflect on how poverty is going to disappear in the same way as with the dawn, the darkness of the night disappears. There is nothing much to say. I have been saying it all these fifty years. Now is the time to be quiet and see what I have been saying. The world has to see now—see, see.

‘And the Prime Minister of Maharaja Raja Raam will be able to picture what I have actually meant with these few little words. All glory to Guru Dev, and we will hear from the Finance Minister. The time is different now. Yesterday is over. Today is full of light. Jai Guru Dev. All Glory to Guru Dev.

‘I invite the world to see. Jai Guru Dev



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