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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Invincible America Assembly—One Year Review

27 July 2007

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On July 27, Maharishi joyfully celebrated the achievements of the first year of the Invincible America Assembly, as its first anniversary was announced to the global press.

Maharishi: ‘Dr Hagelin's words are the words of total Natural Law. He is the inventor of Unified Field theory. Knowledge of the Unified Field has been there all the time. Knowledge of the Unified Field is the knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe, that unifies the diversified state of life in the world.

‘Dr Hagelin is pronouncing something that has been the basis of all good to everyone. There was a time when little, little lamps were in every house in the night, and somewhere, some people discovered how to create electricity. Powerhouses came out there. And other people saw and said, “I will also do it, I will also do it.” So something that had been found useful was adopted by the people everywhere. Now, today, we have electric powerhouse everywhere. There is a challenge to the darkness of the night.

‘It is human nature—if you find something, you discuss it with others, like that. If someone has found some gold mine, he invites others also to do the mining there. Then everyone goes there and does the mining. Like that, the Unified Field has been found by a scientist, and by human nature, he would like the advantage of the Unified Field to be enjoyed by all the people everywhere.

‘My spiritual master told me that life is bliss. And you sit like that, and you close the eyes and you let your mind go deep within yourself, and you get to Transcendental Consciousness. I did with him, and I found it so good, so good, so good. I saw in the world people suffering and all, so I came out to say, "No, no, no. Suffering is not good. Deep within you is Bliss Consciousness—life is bliss”. How to explore it? Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

‘I did this* in India for some time. Then, I thought the thing is so good, the thing is soooo good that I will go to those countries, where the people are fond of experiments, where the people are scientists. So, at that time I knew that America and Germany were the two countries where the people are fond of experimentation. So, I went to America.

‘I was in San Francisco, and the second day there an article came out saying that what I teach brings you good sleep—“You will sleep better”. I thought, “I have come to a wrong place.” In India, I taught people to get enlightenment, and here I am being written-up to be a good sleeper. I said, “I should get out of this country soon.” But I was patient. I said, “It doesn't matter for what reason anyone starts Transcendental Meditation, he will get the whole benefit out of it. Doesn't matter for what reason he does it, but he will enjoy.”

‘I continued, I continued, I continued, and then the scientists and engineers of America tried this. Then experiments came. Everywhere the experiments came out to be useful. [More than 600 scientific research studies, conducted during the past forty years at over 200 independent universities and research institutes in 30 countries, have validated the profound benefits of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme for the individual and for every area of society, including health, education, business, industry, rehabilitation, defence, agriculture, and government]. So this is how it spread. It spread from human nature.

‘What made Transcendental Meditation spread is the nature of life. One man finds something—closing the eyes. For whatever reason, he will [start to meditate]. People generally started to meditate thinking that they will feel relaxed, but when they found their self relaxed, the relaxation took them to that self-referral state of consciousness, which is nothing other than Self. And then when they heard that I say, “Life is bliss”, they said, “Yes, yes, yes”. So many people [experiencing] “Life is bliss, life is bliss.” So when one man finds it is useful, it is human nature to spread it.

‘Now what happened is that so many, a few million, people—two, three, four million people—started to meditate and all. Everywhere there are people in the world who are practicing Transcendental Meditation, and what they found was what experiments found.

‘People also are doing the advanced technique of Transcendental Meditation, Yogic Flying. What is Yogic Flying? The mind has a command over the force of gravity. The body is lifting in the air by a thought. This is the technique of Yogic Flying. In Yogic Flying, the mind is gaining consciousness awareness of the force of gravity. Now what we found was that gravity is a force, which on one side, gravitates—puts things together—and on the other side, it repels. So attraction and repulsion—the force of gravitation putting things together, in other words, is unifying and diversifying.

‘This is how unity is gained by “versity”—diversity. The universe is unified and diversified. Science was investigating what that thing was, whereby one thing could be found to be the basis of everything. A unified value was found by the scientists.
‘Experiments have been done in all fields of physical sciences investigating into if there is a common thing in physics and chemistry and physiology and biology and all these different sciences. What was common? The common was attraction and repulsion.

‘This attraction and repulsion came out to be the experience of self-referral consciousness. Transcendental Meditation gave the people the experience of unity—transcendental, no diversity there. The state of unity, unified wholeness, which is the result of all the attraction—the force of gravitation—came out to be the basis of all diversity. So here in the Unified Field is the experience of the basis of diversified fields. The Unified Field is the basis of all diversified fields.

‘Physical sciences are roaming in all fields of diversity. They, the intelligentsia of the unifying, came out to know that this, at the basis, is also diversifying. So there is a level of intelligence where unifying and diversifying, two opposite values, meet together. The meeting point of two opposite values, unified field and diversified field, is a field of all possibility.

‘This came out of the direct experience of a programme which has been there in the history of the world in the oldest field of knowledge, Veda. The Veda is the oldest knowledge, Total Knowledge of unity and diversity, making each other hidden. Unifying and diversifying—at a point, they become both unmanifest. Neither this is seen nor that is seen—neither unity nor diversity. It is a unified state of diversity and unity.

‘Fortunately, centuries of research in the physical field of diversity has resulted in the declaring that there is a Unified Field. And this Unified Field, which is an unmanifest field is neither this nor this. Both the unmanifest values are present all over.

‘The unmanifest is the basis of all manifestations in their unified state and diversified state. In India this was a knowledge throughout the ages, an old knowledge, nothing new, because a unity of diversity and unity is a basic phenomenon of creation. Ever since creation, there is a field, a Unified Field, a self-referral field, a self-referral unified field.

‘Fortunately today, Dr Hagelin is the one voice in the world, the one scientist in the world, who has located the Unified Field from the approach of physical sciences. He came in contact with this field through Transcendental Meditation. He practised it, and he experienced it. He intellectually located the Unified Field, and he experientially located the Unified Field. . . . . He said, “Unity is the basis of diversity”—the voice of unity. It is the clarion call of today's most advanced state of science. The technology of that science is in Transcendental Meditation and the advanced technique, Yogic Flying.

‘Here is a perfect man, who is calling the people to rise to perfection. When he heard, “Man is made in the image of God”, then he found religion is as true as science. Here is a person who sees science and religion both have their origin, both have their reality, on one level of Total Knowledge, the Unified Field. That is why his call is a clarion call for all mankind to be what they are expected to be. Every man is expected to be made in the image of God Almighty—all capability, all possibility. Invincibility is the clarion call of Dr Hagelin today—invincibility. He is celebrating the one year anniversary of the experiment to create invincibility. The reality of invincibility is proven by positivity in every field rising, rising, rising, rising, rising.

‘So his word today is the word of God. He is made in the image of God. And therefore he has a right to speak from his level, from the level of the will of God, From the level of religion, from the level of science, from the level of knowledge. from any level, he is the authority of the reality of life. . . .

‘The Finance Minister of our Global Country of World Peace, the Communication Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, and the Science and Technology Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Hagelin—they have organized a new communication system. Tomorrow is the global birth. Life has to be profound, perfect, full of affluence, positivity, health, long-life everywhere in every country. Every country has to be in invincible.

‘If Dr Feldman is there, I would like him to tell the Press in two minutes, what is his plan around the world. Three systems have been organized to broadcast news from the level of the subtle field of dynamism in the transcendental field that is called “Devata”. All Devatas are the expressions of the eternal silence—Shiva and Vishnu and all that.

‘One communication will go around the world in those words which are the words of silence—“Rudra”. This is a Sanskrit word. This is a Vedic word—Rudra, Rudrabhishek, adorations to Shiva, adorations to Silence, adorations to the Unified State, the silent state of life, silent state of consciousness, the silent state of Being. That is made to reverberate in the language of the Veda, the transcendental language of the Unified Field. So the language of the Unified Field is broadcasting its value all the year round around the world—every day.

‘Here is a voice which is calling, “The darkness of the night is over. The light of dawn is dawning.” In the ancient words, Kali-Yuga is at the end. Sat-Yuga is dawning. A new time for the world is dawning. A new time for the world is dawning. And Dr Hagelin says it is dawning in economics, dawning in the politics, dawning in sociology, dawning in psychology, dawning in every field.

‘The light of dawn is not restricted. When the sun rises, it does not eliminate darkness only in some place, but in every place equally well. This is the first year of the invincibility dawning in US, and this is now being replicated in many places. Actually, the day after tomorrow, on the full moon day, we are inaugurating this dawning of perfection in life, the dawning of invincibility in life in 192 countries of the world.

‘There are 192 countries in the world, and their sovereignty has been shaky, fearful. Everyone was fearful of their neighbour. The neighbour, becoming powerful, pounces on them. So the wars have been. This is like one animal running after the other animal in the forest. This was not nice, this was animal kingdom. From there it is coming up to human life, where man is made in the image of God. One source of all reverberating, diversified state of the universe—the versified value—and the unified value, diversifying and unifying. The meeting point of diversification and unification has been located, and human consciousness can be the owner of that.

‘And a few individual owners of that, practicing that, in every country are good enough to radiate the same thing all over, because all diversified values have their origin in the Unified Field. So, the “being” of two million people is just Being—one Being, one self-referral state of consciousness. And even a few people starting it, and it radiates all around, all around, all around.

‘One little stick on quiet water, one little stick on a quiet lake will create ripple all over the lake. Like that, one person here and one person there, so the formula was found many years ago: the square root of one per cent of the population will create coherence. Create coherence means starting that little thing that is the unified state of all unity and diversity. Diversity is very obvious; unity is not known. But the unity state is gained by individuals in their own Self.

‘The transcendental Self of one person is the transcendental Self of every person, because it transcends diversity—self-referral, in the words of Veda. It is transcendental, and it is universal. This is explained by an example of the lamp at the door—inside light, outside light. The Self of everyone, the transcendental Self of everyone, the Being of everyone, is lamp at the door. It lights light inside, it lights light outside.

‘In itself, there is no inside, there is no outside, but light is there, the same light inside, the same light outside—the same light, the same Being. You close the eyes and let your awareness get to transcendental consciousness, self-referral consciousness—this is inside. Open the eyes, and the eyes open to outside, diversity. Inside unity, outside diversity. The self of everyone, the awareness of everyone the consciousness of everyone, the intelligence of everyone, has a state in itself, self-referral being, self-referral Transcendental Consciousness.

‘There is the seat of God, which is uninvolved with in or out, but it is the light of in and out, the life of in and out, life of unity, life of diversity. This is the voice of Almighty, merciful—merciful because it is inside light, it is outside light. It is light inside, outside—merciful. It does not distinguish; it is equally applicable to all the time.

‘This is the clarion call of Dr Hagelin, who is a scientist. “Scientist” means something reliable, something that has been proven through experiments. Dr Hagelin is celebrating the one year experiment with so many people in one place on earth. Today is the ceremony that he has already described. How much light he is spreading in the black spots! There were black spots in economy, in politics, in this, in this, in this, and now, they are becoming brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter.

‘So thank you, Dr Hagelin. Your voice is the voice of today, and you are the embodiment of the Unified Field from both levels, from the ancient science—Vedic Science—and modern science.

‘About 10 years ago, Maharaja Nader Raam came out with successful experimentation and successful investigation into what consciousness is. What he declared was that consciousness is the basis of all physiology. Consciousness—self-referral being, self-referral consciousness—is the basis of all the diverse expressions in the physiology. For this, he was weighed in gold, his physiology was weighed in gold. And that was not enough to honour him. He was crowned as the first ruler of the Age of Enlightenment. . . . He was crowned as the first ruler from that level of consciousness which is declared to be the fountainhead of all physiological expressions.

‘From him came out the administration of the Unified Field from the level of the unified state of self-referral transcendental consciousness. So he is silently administering. He is silently administering from within like everyone who is practising Transcendental Meditation—a few, 2-3 million people in the world. He is silently seeing that, yes, where these people are more in whatever part of the world, there the collective consciousness is influenced, national consciousness is influenced. And it is from there that the formula came out that the square root of one per cent of the population of a country will make the country rise to a balanced state, where diversity and unity could be balanced.

‘From where could diversity and unity be balanced? From the silence. Deep within everyone is silence, pure Self, self-referral silence—in the Vedic terms, Shiva and Atma and, in the Vedic terms, Vishnu and Surya and so on.

‘Maharaja Nader Raam found that consciousness is at the basis of all physiology. He correlated the English expressions with the Vedic expressions and found that the Vedic expressions relate what he has found. He became the first administrator of the world to give invincibility to every nation. And Dr Hagelin is the Science and Technology Minister of the administration of Raja Raam, which is promoting administration of silence.

‘It is silence that administers. Silence is unmanifest. Unmanifest is nothingness. Nothingness is zero. The whole infinitely multiplied universe has its basis and is governed by zero. This is mathematics—zero, from zero, from the awareness of zero. When the zero is aware of itself, it is only one. And being one, it is the knower, knowing and known. It is three. Zero is zero. And then we look what it is: it knows itself. And if it knows itself, it is its own knower, knowing process, and known—one in three and all this one in three, zero, nothingness. So, nothingness by nature is one, two, three. Science is pure knowledge and technology both together—pure knowledge and technology.

‘Eternal silence and deep within it dynamism—silence and dynamism both together have a name in Vedic terms, Brahm. The voice of the Veda is, “I am Brahm, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, I am Totality, I am silence and dynamism.” “Totality” means silence and dynamism. Silence and dynamism both together is a big zero. Because they are opposite in quality, they neutralize each other. They neutralize each other; they hide each other.

‘Veda is the knower and the process of knowing, and that which hides—together—Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas. This is just a scrutiny of what it is. It is the knower of itself. It is the knower, knowing, and known—three together in the state of unmanifest. It is neither this nor this, it is togetherness and togetherness of this. It is a field of all possibilities.

‘It is Brahm Consciousness. It is Unity Consciousness, all-pervading everywhere, so all the diversities are points of Unity Consciousness—nothingness, zero. It is a beautiful field of the play of the enlightened. This is the field of talk between the enlightened. This is the field of play of Unity Consciousness—Brahm. “Aham Brahmasmi”—I am Totality. And not only I am Totality, not only “Aham Brahmasmi”, “Tat Tvam Asi”—you are also That. I am Totality. You are Totality. “Sarvam Khalv Idam Brahm”—all this is Totality.

‘These are the Vedic expressions which bring together the Veda. And Veda means: yes and no together; one and three together; zero and everything together. That is why Transcendental Consciousness is zero. There is no multiplicity—“Neha Nanasti Kinchan” is the equivalent word in the Vedic Literature.

‘So, “Aham Brahmasmi”, “Tat Tvam Asi”, “Sarvam Khalv Idam Brahm”, “Neha Nanasti Kinchan”—these are the Vedic expressions. All these expressions, Dr Hagelin has experienced. All these are the Vedic expressions he has found in the equations of mathematics, systematically satisfying the intellect.

‘The intellect is a feature of being which decides. Mind is a feature of being which multiplies. Senses are the features of being, which put the awareness to all multiple experiences. So here is a unification of all diversity in two different languages: modern, scientific language and ancient Vedic language. Indian Vedic Pandits have preserved the Vedic language.

‘Modern scientists are now the followers of Dr Hagelin. Dr Hagelin is the president of his universal scientists' organization. He will not talk of himself, but he has inspired all the scientists of the world to form one global organization in order to eliminate the deficiency in the field of knowledge in every country.

‘He has now proven, through a one year experiment of the Invincibility Assembly, how to create invincibility in every nation. And why Dr Hagelin is doing this? Because the sovereignty of every nation is fragile, is shaky. Even if one country does not rise to invincibility, then the sovereignty of that one country will be as fragile as the sovereignty of any country has been throughout the ages in the past.

‘Sovereignty is a begging bowl today, and it has been a begging bowl yesterday—all past—because it was not really sovereign. It depended on the goodwill of the neighbour. Dr Hagelin has realized that this sovereign is shaky. Man, who was made in the image of God, is suffering. Dr Hagelin is raising a voice, the clarion call of this enlightened age of science. The age of science is a Vedic age. So scientific America today is Vedic America.

‘The leader of the Vedic America, the intelligence of Vedic America, is having a clarion call for the whole world, for every nation. We have done experiments in small, two week World Peace Assemblies and one month World Peace Assemblies. Now, in his university, Dr Hagelin made an experiment for one year. He has proven without doubt that this programme of invincibility—a few hundred people practicing yogic flying in every country—is going to create invincibility. It is going to give fearlessness to the ever-afraid sovereignty of every country.

‘Now every country is going to be sovereign. This is the clarion call of the great sunshine today, which is expressing itself in the modern words of Dr Hagelin, and practically, being expressed from the Ministry of the Science and Technology. . . .

‘This is the time of truth in life, everywhere—the reality of God's will to be lived and enjoyed by every shadow of God. Life is the shadow of God. Life speaks for the Creator, Almighty. And this is going to be the experience of everyone. Your one-year experiment of enlivening that reality in your university has proven that.

‘Thanks to the press today. They are fortunate to have the results of the one-year experiment of yours on invincibility in life, on life being blissful. Now life, practically, is going to enjoy bliss which is the will of God, the Constitution of the Universe, on the level of science and technology, on the practical level of daily living in all parts of the world.

‘What you have created is a unified family of nations. You have created, the practical possibility of a phrase from Vedic Science, “Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam”—the world is my family. You are playing a guardian's role, a parental role for the world, and the world will always be indebted to you.

‘All Glory to Guru Dev. All Glory to Guru Dev. All Glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.’

*Maharishi began teaching TM in India in 1955. In 1957, in Madras, India, at the conclusion of the conference of Spiritual Luminaries, Maharishi founded the Spiritual Regeneration Movement to spiritually regenerate the world. Thereafter, he began the first of his many world tours to teach Transcendental Meditation and to carry the beacon light of the Himalayas to all mankind.



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