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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

12 July 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. . . . There is nothing for me to say; it is now [for] the press to see what has been created. Now, next week and the next weeks, as Dr Hagelin has announced, thirty countries in the world—thirty countries in the world—are rising to that effectiveness where negativity will not be found.

It is not a matter of the future; it is a matter of the past that the world has begun to be a better world, a united world—a better world in every way. And every day and every week now, new aspects of that betterment will be witnessed. This is on the basis of what we are saying. We are not saying [this] anymore on the basis of hope. We have been saying for the last many, many months and many years that “This will happen; this will happen.” Now we say, “This is happening; this is happening; this is happening.” And what is not yet happening will happen from today—it will happen tomorrow; it will happen next day. Such a beautiful thing this is.

I want to say that this is how the God has intended to design life when he started to design life. All the scriptures of the world of all religions say, “Man was made in the image of God—image of God.” Now we see how man is made in the image of God, and he is rising above that cloud in which the knowledge of it was sunk—the knowledge of it. Now, in this scientific knowledge, all the knowledge is unfolded. And what is happening is what should have happened right from the beginning. The God has designed man and creation.

It is such a joy. It is no more a hope; it's a present vision. Now you see what should be life, and you'll see every day what will be life, like that, like that. So many things are there, new every day, every day. The press should hear Dr Gelderloos from Holland [describe] what is happening in this country. And the press should hear from our Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, which is designing the turn-key operation for Heaven on Earth now. It'll be very good to hear.

Yesterday, we heard a song. Dr Morris, you can play the song to the press.
The press should enjoy Heaven on Earth. It is a delightful thing. It's delightful—it's a thing of the present; it's a thing of the present. You see, you see, you see, you see, you see, you see, you see.

Only—I can express the joy of this beautiful technique of learning how to think and create. Not that you have to do hard work to be anything. Just learn how to think; learn how to think in silence. Learn how to think in silence, and that thought creates whatever you want.

That is why it is simple, everyone. Otherwise, in the world you have to work hard and you have to work hard and you have to work hard. And all education is to put them to work, to work, to work, to achieve. No, no, no. Now the education will be: think and achieve—not work to achieve, but think and achieve, and think and achieve.

‘This is the natural consequence of the knowledge of total Natural Law that has been unfolded. The law is nothing new; only, it was lost to human awareness. And now, with this, the human awareness got it. And that has eliminated all the hardship for any man to achieve what he wants to achieve. No hardship, no hardship—no hard work to achieve. Close the eyes and think, and the thought will blossom into achievement. This is life on earth which is sung in terms of Heaven on Earth.

Let's hear the song of yesterday.

[The song 'Heaven is Descending' plays.]

‘Invite the press to enjoy, Dr John Hagelin. You are setting up your Government of World Peace, and this is what is happening already: heaven has started to descend. All achievements will be from the level of the mind thinking in the most blissful level of thinking process, which is the source of thought in the transcendent. It's happening; it's happening; it's happening. Let the world press see it and enjoy. Jai Guru Dev.’

[Dr Hagelin speaks about the transformations in the world with the rise of collective consciousness due to the practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM Sidhi Programme.]

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there are beautiful questions from the press, but at this moment we also have Dr Paul Gelderloos available to report from where he is via teleconference call to share with us the great transformation that has occurred in these three months in the collective destiny of the country of Holland. So, Maharishi, we could hear from Dr Paul Gelderloos, or we could perhaps take a couple of questions from the press, as Maharishi prefers at this time.’ 

Maharishi: ‘Let’s hear Dr Gelderloos, because that will solve most of the questions. And then we’ll have time for questions. It will be a joy. 

[Dr Hagelin introduces Dr Gelderloos.]

[Dr Gelderloos speak about the great transformation in the collective destiny of the country of Holland.]

Dr Hagelin: ‘Dr Gelderloos you have inspired us all. . . . Even a relatively small group in comparison to the population of a country can completely transform the trends of time and bring a rising destiny for the entire country. . . . Maharishi, there are a couple of questions from the Press we could address quickly if time allows. One of them is not a new question, but it seems to be particularly timely in light of the remarkable presentation we have just heard from Dr Paul Gelderloos.’

Maharishi: ‘It will be a joy to listen to the

Question: How a Small Group of Yogic Flyers Can Create an Effect on the Whole Population

Dr Hagelin: ‘This is from a member of the press: ‘I have followed the good news coming from Holland ever since Maharishi announced, during his news conference several months ago, the establishment of a group of 400 Yogic Flyers in MERU. I see the effect that Maharishi predicted: the increased positivity in the nation, the improved economic conditions, more positive actions on the part of government. But, I must confess I do not fully comprehend yet the cause.

‘How can a group of just 400 Yogic Flyers, in one spot in Holland with healthy coherent brains, so dramatically influence the stressed incoherent brains of 16 million people in the rest of the nation to make them all think more positive, healthier, happier, and productive thoughts? Four hundred is such a small number, Maharishi, and 16 million is such a large number. Would Maharishi please help me understand how a group of 400 Yogic Flyers in one part of Holland could produce such a dramatic effect on the whole population?

Maharishi:The first thing will be, please believe what you see. That is the first thing: believe what you see. That is on the sensory level.

‘The second logic is just measure the size of the candle—a candle—and measure the size of the room. The size of the candle—what a small [thing] it is—and size of the room, how big it is. Believe that the small candle can lighten the big size room.

‘You have a doubt on [that] which you don’t see, but see the size of a candle and see the size of the room and see the darkness is challenged by the little candle. So, for all logic to be sensible and true, believe what you see and find a reason to believe. If you don’t believe, then the reason will be a little lamp. A little size of the candle does lighten the big room. That will be alright?


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much Maharishi for that beautiful and sublime answer. And certainly it is clear to understand how much more powerful light is than darkness from this beautiful example Maharishi gave: the size of a candle versus the size of an entire darkened hall, and that darkness is eliminated by a simple little candle. And it’s perhaps because darkness isn’t anything anyway. It has no substance. It is just the absence of light. So, naturally that absence is filled when the light is brought—very, very beautiful.

‘And I wanted perhaps very quickly add one more example from modern science that may help to understand. The city of Amsterdam in order to meet its energy needs requires a trainload of coal every day or one small handful of uranium will fuel the entire city for several days. So, how can one handful of uranium outweigh in its power a whole trainful of coal? And the reason is: the nuclear transformation or nuclear power that is utilized with the uranium fuel involves a transformation at the nuclear level which is 10 million times smaller and therefore 10 million times more fundamental and powerful than the chemical transformation taking place in the coal.

‘Like that Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of consciousness are technologies of the Unified Field which is ten million, million, million times more powerful even than the nuclear force. All we need is the Vedic techniques to access, stimulate, harness that field of unity to overwhelm all the entropy and chaos on the surface level of life. It’s the fundamental nature of the Vedic Technologies of consciousness that explains their power in transforming a whole nation.  


Question: On Invincibility Schools with Yogic Flyers


Dr Hagelin: Maharishi we have quick question, a practical question on the concept of Invincibility Schools. Maharishi has said that Invincibility Schools are now being established in every country to create groups of Yogic Flyers in order raise each country to invincibility. This question comes from a parent who is interested in sending his child to one of these schools: Will the Invincibility School be for young children in elementary schools or middle schools or for teenagers in high schools or for older college-age students?’ 

Maharishi: Middle-school age will be enough. Twelve, thirteen years—from there we can start. A simple closing the eyes and seeing—closing the eyes and seeing. So little children we don't do. A little higher—twelve, thirteen, fourteen years—from there we can start.

The whole society is run by those the age of after twenty-two. By that time these people—they are about one tenth of the population of a country—[will be] thinking from that level, which is a million times more effective, as you said Dr Hagelin.

The process of thinking is what makes the action succeed or fail. If the thinking is more profound at its base, then the action will be bringing the results quickly—quick, quick results. All the obstacles and all that are because the root of thought, the basis of thinking, is not proper. Like that, you can keep on watering different parts of the tree, but unless you water the root, you don't nourish the whole tree.

Thinking from the transcendental level is like thinking from the very basis of thought. Thinking from the very basis of thought will be like watering the root and supplying nourishment to all aspects of the tree; otherwise, you keep on supplying water to the leaf, to the branch, to here, there—all the surface values—and it won’t be from the basic value of the tree.

Like that, in the school age, every child must be educated in how to think—this Consciousness-Based Education—how to think. When you know how to think, then you know how to manipulate the thought. The thinking level is a very, very profound level of life. From there, life will be life lived in waves of bliss.

‘So, world press, continue now in the waves of bliss.’

Question: The Curriculum of Invincibility Schools


Dr Hagelin: ‘Jai Guru Dev, Maharishi. Perhaps, if it is all right, there is a quick follow-up question from the same parent about the curriculum of the Invincibility Schools. Will Yogic Flying be the primary focus for the students, or will students also have a course of study that includes traditional academic disciplines, such as the arts and sciences, or practical training in business, law, or information technology, etc.?’

Maharishi: The whole thinking process is very, very damaging to the creativity of the boys. In the early age, the sense of examination—you have to learn—the sense of examination is a horror to the boys. And every three months, a horror, a wave of horror, a wave of horror. That whole thing is very, very wrong. This is because the forgetting of what one has learned is very, very natural. You learn, you learn, you learn—whereas, in our theme of Consciousness-Based Education, what consciousness is comes to be experienced and it becomes a part and parcel. Fine levels of consciousness become a part and parcel of the thinking process.

‘This thinking process is just the process in the unmanifest field of intelligence—in the transcendental field of intelligence. There is the total creativity. So, acquaintance or conscious awareness of the basic value of creativity makes creativity lively in the mind. So, whatever would one think, creativity will be lively, creativity will be lively.

This technique is what will make the boys know what they should do and what they should not do. This will make them naturally not go for waste of time of their life. Every moment of life is so precious. And this preciousness can be valued, basically, only during these early years of study—how to know a thing, how to know a thing, how to do a job.

‘Doing the job is more tiring on the sensory level, on the behavioural level. But it is more blissful on the thinking level, on the deciding level of the intellect, on the experiencing level of the ego—it's all bliss, bliss, bliss. So, the whole education has not been very proper. Now it'll be proper.’


Question: The Knowledge of the Golden Age


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much. This question has come before in different forms. I haven't asked it before; it's an interesting question nonetheless: Maharishi had said that the dawning Age of Enlightenment is bringing fulfilment to the aspirations of the wise throughout the ages for permanent world peace. Indeed, for millennia, saints and sages of all religions and spiritual traditions have had revelations or cognitions of a Golden Age that they predicted would come at this particular moment in history—the very Sat Yuga that Maharishi is creating now, as we speak. My question is this: How did these saints and sages of antiquity all know this? How did they all know that the Golden Age, or Sat Yuga, would come now?’ 

Maharishi: The thing is set. There is a proverb: “Nothing is new under the sun.” So, all the best time of full enlightenment, and gradually eighty percent of it, fifty percent of it, five percent of it, zero percent of it, and from zero it rises. This is the relative expression of the absolute reality. It's only in the human awareness; it's only in the human awareness. Total value of bliss is there, but in human awareness, it becomes less, it becomes more. That's what makes time and space values.

So, the whole thing is nothing new—nothing new. The golden times are nothing new. There have been golden times many times, many times, in the infinity of time. There have been golden times, time after time, in the infinity of time. There is nothing new. It is only a matter of opening the awareness—human awareness.

Human awareness—you open it, and then you know everything, and you are all right. You close yourself to it, and you get into the ditch—darkness. There is nothing new; there is nothing new.

All these times, different times, are counted in the Vedic Literature: Sat Yuga, Treta, Dwapara, Kali Yuga. It's hundred percent bliss, and seventy-five percent bliss, and fifty percent bliss, and twenty-five percent bliss. These are the degrees of bliss. These are like the degrees of darkness. These are the degrees of light. And they are all set; they are all set.




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