Maharishi's Global Press Conferences Highlights

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

10 July 2002 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It's a great joy to hear the introduction of this press conference from the greatest scientist, greatest physicist, of the world, Dr John Hagelin, when you are expounding about the greatness of the research in the field of modern science, the Unified Field.

‘But let me ask the press, how many of the governments in the world, the top presidents and the prime ministers and their retinue—how many of them know about the Unified Field? How many of them know about the frontier of modern science? The scientist was introducing this press conference in terms of science—great glory to modern science—but how many of the administrators of the world, the presidents and prime ministers and the other ministers of different governments in the world, how many of them know the Unified Field? None of them, absolutely none of them. That is why I am not talking of science. All the science has been expressed by the greatest scientist of the world, Dr John Hagelin. So, that is enough.

‘I talk on the level of common sense. And the level of common sense is that every government has a constitution, which is a man-made constitution. A man-made constitution is the national constitution of every country. Some people a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, or ten years ago—they sat together, they said: we will use this guideline for our administration. They wrote the constitution of their country, and that man-made constitution of the country is administering the government of every country.

‘‘And man-made, just this word “man-made constitution”, must have in it, weakness of human mind and weakness of human failings. It doesn't need much science or any complicated logic to understand, that any man's thought is a man's thought, which is not a perfect thought.

‘Perfect thought is God's thought, God-made law, Natural Law that governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order.

‘So, there are two [kinds of] laws: man-made law, governing the affairs of humankind on earth, and God-made law, Natural Law, total Natural Law, administering the universe.

‘‘I have the knowledge of that total Natural Law from the tradition of Vedic Masters. Vedas are the eternal storehouse of knowledge. They are the lively knowledge, total knowledge of Natural Law, the Will of God. Whatever the Will of God, whatever the Natural Law, that is the Natural Law, which is not man-made. That non-man made, that we prefer to call God-made. Natural Law is the real governor of the universe.

‘That's all the logic that I'm offering to the press, and through the press to the whole world. That there are two laws: Man-made, which are prone to human failings, human mistakes, and human weaknesses. And that is the reason why every government on Earth—mark this point—every government on Earth is not satisfactory to its people, and the people's behavior is not satisfactory to the government. There is chaos; there is weakness; it is full of human failings. The administration of every government is full of human failing. And the administration of God-made law, Natural Law, whatever it is, it is administering the universe. It’s administering the universe.

‘Between the two—whatever the governments are doing—I have decided: let governments do man-made laws, but I have the knowledge of Natural Law. I have been teaching for 50 years in the world the basic transcendental field of life, the unified basis of all the diversity of life and the laws. Total Natural Law administers from that transcendental field, and I am going to create groups of people who will radiate that harmony, that positivity, that infinite silence which is the basis of all dynamism. And that silence, lively basis of all dynamism, is the real administrator of the infinite diversity of the universe.

‘Know it. Do it. And create an ideal society.

‘And I have been addressing the governments of the world for how many years? But still I have in my presence in the world [those] that are full of human failings, with destruction of the world by the governments, openly, openly, openly. The president of the scientific country, USA, is openly declaring war, destruction—“whosever comes I’ll kill him.” What is all this nuisance, nonsense, ignorance, stupidity? This is due to lack of knowledge of science, lack of knowledge of religion—someone wild. This is a situation of the government due to being driven by man-made constitutions.

‘These man-made constitutions have to continue, because when one man pounces on the other that man thinks, “Yes, this government is no good. I can really govern these people who are suffering under the administration of this government. I will govern them better.” Ask the invader: has he created an ideal society in his country? Ask the invader: has he created an ideal society in his country? On the basis of that he is pouncing on the other to create a better society. The whole thing is fraudulent. The whole thing is stupidity. The whole thing is labeled as sin, and sin will have hell as the destination.

‘My effort is to prevent the warmongers from going into hell. They can take destruction, but after life, is what? Straight open door to hell. Sin, sinning is crime. Criminal are the countries who are waging war, and this is because the lack of some better sense of law, better sense of law.

‘So, in short, my effort is to create a group in every country—to create a group in every country and one big group in India, where the Vedic families are found in plenty, are found in great numbers. So, one great, good, big powerhouse to radiate the light of knowledge of Natural Law—not by words, not through speeches, but through creating the effect of harmony, creating the effect of harmony.

‘That is why I raise the voice that I'll create a good world. It doesn't matter how thick is the darkness; I have the knowledge for lighting lamps. I light lamps, and the darkness will go away.

‘I am not going to fight with these governments who have absolutely man-made constitutions, and they are naturally incompetent. One government has so many million people, and each person has so many—how many thousands—of tendencies. How is it possible for a few people to fulfill the desire of all the people and bring satisfaction to them? That is why dissatisfaction prevails, because the governments are not able to fulfill all desires.

‘The government is not able to forward that education that will make a man fully knowledgeable about the total value of Natural Law. Knowledge of Natural Law through science and all that—that is alright. But how many people know about the frontiers of modern science? And even if they know, there is no sense of consciousness in it. There is no sense of consciousness in it.

‘A few years ago I heard a great, well-known scientist of New York saying, “I'm not going to meditate.” “Why you are not going to meditate?” “Because meditation is a phenomenon of consciousness, and I am a physicist.” So, he remains within the level of physics, not going to the basis of physics—consciousness. So, this kind of ignorance is a popular thing in the world, and that is why suffering has become popular. So, to the press my message is that it is possible to have that administration of Natural Law which is not man-made, and which is not full of mistakes, full of shortcomings, full of human failings.

‘We leave government as it is, because for 10, 15 years I have known that now, no more I am going to waste time, I am going to develop these groups. I'm going to develop these groups on the basis of a few million people—a very small number in the whole world consciousness.

‘Nevertheless, there are people. And nevertheless, all the people, many of them are business people, are earning. Everyone is earning his own living, his own living. So, they contribute something, something, something. And I will ask them to create some means of earning for these groups also. So, my movement of all those people who are practicing, they will add some values of earning money, and that money will be used to cater for these Vedic Pandits in India, and for these people in every country. There'll be a group of Yogic Flyers in every country.

‘‘I have the organization in about more than 100 countries where people are meditating. So everyone knows the, the significance of meditation, the practice of meditation, the peace that it gives. And everyone is aware that if groups practise this thing together, they will radiate peace in their atmosphere.

‘So, a lamp here, a lamp there, a lamp there throughout the world, and there'll be some harmony in the world consciousness. And that's how we've built up a very strong influence of world harmony in the world consciousness—global harmony in world consciousness. And that will be the end of all these stupid practices.

‘Any government who has punishment within it is a failure. The government is a failure. Two people, if they fight on the street, it is the failure of a government. A man does crime; it's a failure of the government. Government has not educated him to be a sensible man, to be a right thinking man, to be a supportive man to his fellow men— help thy neighbour. The government has not trained the people; so, at fault is the government.

‘‘So, I am going to have a different set of people to create that influence of harmony. Talking about harmony is one thing. Spreading the peace conferences here and there—that is one thing, but it has no value. Peace conferences have been; thousands of peace conferences have been here and there and there, but they don't last very long. The world is under fighting, under war, under conflict situations.

‘And look to this man, he says: “I will kill everyone.” What is this stupidity? And this is from the field of science. And he himself is so afraid that he has formed another shadow government and all that, all that. The whole thing is very, very inhuman, full of ignorance, and this cannot be resolved through conferences, through lectures—no. It will only be resolved by practically creating a harmonious influence in every country, in the whole world.

‘Coherence, harmony in the world consciousness—that is my offer to the world. And there will be, there is enough money in the world. Nobody's contributing in the name of this kind of endowment fund, where the money is deposited and its interest will serve the payment to the Pandits and all these groups everywhere. If there's no endowment fund, doesn't matter. But money is enough in the world, and there is no dearth of peace-loving people in every country, peace-loving people in every country.

‘And every man knows if war comes, what will happen to the money? It will remain in the bank account. And banks are also not found. All will be smashed and gone.

‘But not by creating fear in the world, I am going to create peace, but by an influence of peace within the individual, within the groups, a bigger intensity of harmony, and that harmony will prevail. And these ignorant, these systems of fighting, systems of crime, and all that will simply not sprout in any society—that's all, that's all, that's all.

‘So, I'm inviting the press to be fond of writing about this theme. It's a new theme. It's very practical. And just that one logic, simple logic, and common sense about man-made constitutions and natural constitutions—God-made constitutions. We create harmony, and this harmony created in every country will naturally support the administration of the man-made constitutions.

‘‘I'm not against any government. I am for supporting the purpose of the government, by creating harmonious, peaceful, national consciousness in every country, and this alone can secure the freedom of every country, invincibility of every country. Otherwise, all this sovereignty, it's a shame.

‘Every sovereign nation is indebted to other people. What is the sovereignty? The whole thing is fraudulent, absolutely fraudulent. Countries who are suffering themselves, they have a territory. And they say, “It is my territory.” Your territory for what? Maintaining poverty? Not allowing people to have better housing? Not giving them their own administration? What is all this? Inhuman. All these inhuman practices on Earth will disappear as the harmony in the world consciousness rises through these programmes that I'm forwarding.

‘I'll be very happy to answer any question from the press, but just this simple thing: man-made constitutions will always have human failings and human weaknesses and will be inadequate to support the bright future of its people.

‘And it's a shame to any government who has poverty within it, who has lack of housing within it, who has lack of roads within it. Rica Shanti Rashtra—I've been hearing that Costa Rica is a country without war. A country without war is alright, but what about poverty prevailing, poverty prevailing, poverty prevailing? Give the poor people to handle themselves, and my global government, Global Country of World Peace Treasury, will give them support, will improve their economy, like that, like that, like that.

‘It is the parental role of every government to see that there is no-one poor in the country, no one without housing, no one without good roads, no one without good schools, no one without money. It's the kindness of every country. Therefore, here is an appeal to everyone in the name of life on earth, in the name of humanity on earth: Don’t worry about your word “sovereignty”. It is meaningless. One missile comes in the capital, and the country is gone. That is the situation today.

‘Therefore, I advise all the countries to give freedom to the people, poor people, and I will take care of their poverty. We have a Poverty Removal Programme, and it is very widely available. So, here is some parental role for all the people in the world, for all the governments in the world.

‘‘And no government should think I'm against them. I'm not against any government. I'm against this kind of stupid and incapable sovereignty in every country. The whole thing is in a mess. All the politics, under all these words here and there, [are] absolutely unwanted and unrealistic. We want them to be realistic now.

‘So, we'll have a good time with the press, because some different kinds of themes of life are prevalent in the world, and I'm offering a very simple, very easy to understand and cosmically supportive to life programme.

‘So, let's have some interesting questions from the press. This should be the time to revert to complements. It should be the time to complement every government, which is absolutely clearly and definitely not competent in any country, because poverty remains everywhere, crime continues everywhere, weaknesses, human failings continue everywhere, punishment is everywhere. Therefore, this is incompetent administration of human society, and we have a programme to create a very competent, quiet, peaceful, parental role for all the people, all the governments in this. Yes?

Dr Hagelin: ‘Yes, Jai Guru Dev, Maharishi.’ 

‘I welcome the press with their questions.'

Question: Implementation of God's Law


Dr Hagelin: ‘Yes, Maharishi, Jai Guru Dev. And thank you very much for this remarkable presentation and unprecedented offer to bring peace to the world and to raise man-made administration to the level of God-made Law, Natural Law for every country. I would like to remind the press, those who are connected by telephone conference call, to phone in questions. Or you can address Maharishi questions via the internet by emailing questions.

‘The first question, Maharishi, is: God's Law, Natural Law, sounds superior to man-made law. But, how will Maharishi implement God's Law to govern nations and to guide life on Earth.’ 

God’s Law is not a new thing to be instituted; it is continuously administering the infinite diversity of the universe. God’s Law—it's only [necessary for] human consciousness, the collective consciousness of every society, to come on the level of that administration, that cosmic administration, which is there already. Natural Law is already there; it is already administering the whole thing.

‘So, we have to have a group which will attune its consciousness, its awareness with that transcendental field where this law is there. It may be difficult for many people to understand this, but it is easy to produce the effect. Every man can create that transcendental consciousness in himself, and that is the radiation of peace, and peace is pervading the world consciousness.

‘So, if some people find it difficult [to understand] God’s-law and all that, all that, religion and distinction and all that, doesn't matter if it is difficult to understand, but it is easy to achieve that thing.

‘And [after] all these 40-50 years, a huge amount of people are there, only they have to be put together, and that is enough of a peace force in the world. It has only to be organized. And organization will require some money. And money will come from those who are money people, or the Movement will go into some business kind of something. Money earning is not a difficult thing. The brilliant shake hands every day in the world market. So, it's all right.’


Question: How to Prevent a Nation from Acting Destructively


Dr Hagelin: ‘Yes, Maharishi. Following up on that point of Maharishi's, Maharishi has recently invited the wise well-wishers of humankind and philanthropists to join him in his effort to create permanent peace, lasting peace, through a fund that would support and sustain these groups of peace creators in the world.

‘Maharishi also announced in today's release that loans would be accepted from philanthropists who would like to earn a return while their resources are put to work to create peace in the world. Information about that investment for peace can be learned from the web site There's a link at about this interest-bearing fund to create world peace.

‘Maharishi, if a warmonger country doesn't want to invite Vedic Pandits there, is there any way to prevent that country from continuing to act destructively? How would invincibility be possible in the world as long as these destructive tendencies exist in certain parts of the world?’ 

No, it's the other way. The presence of darkness means absence of light. One could bring light; darkness will disappear.

‘So, it's not necessary that darkness disappears first, and then the light comes. It's not necessary that these warmongers disappear first, and then peace will prevail. No, no, no. Peace will prevail, and they will not be found existing. So, we create light, and darkness will go away. We create harmony.

‘Disharmony is the tendency to crime, and this is criminal tendency on everyone. And they have a logic that they want to create a crime-free society, but they are criminals, who are trying to invade and kill, and this and this. Lack of intelligence. But the lack of intelligence will only disappear with the onset of intelligence.

‘So, we create positivity, harmony, and all these tendencies will disappear. We don't have to fight them out—no, no, no. No amount of criticism of any warmonger nation will stop him being a warmonger. We create peace, and they'll disappear, that's all. Exactly the same way we light the light, darkness disappears, finished.

‘It's not the other way. I have experienced this for the last 10-15 years, sending the petition to this government, sending the petition to that government, this government. And government has changed two, three times, but no government did [it], then conclusion in my mind is that these are man-made governments who have man-made constitutions, who are incompetent to play that parental role for the people.

‘And how to do it? One way to do it is: invade them, smash them, put them out of missiles and all. But that is sin; killing is sin. So we'll not go for that. The other way is: light the peace, create peace. And the peace creating has been verified—that groups are capable of creating peace in their environment.

‘So we create peace, groups here, there everywhere, and create a big supply of peace creating people in the Vedic families in India. It's very, very easy. The whole thing is very simple.’ 


Question: On Corruption in Business and Industry


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, this is a question which is a little off the subject, but a very important question, on the minds of most people in the world today. It's a little bit long, it says, “America's war on terrorism has been joined on the front pages by a new crisis: corporate corruption at the highest levels of American industry. Several major companies have admitted to improper accounting practices, and stand accused of illegal appropriation of monies, amounting to millions and billions of dollars. Some of these companies are near bankruptcy. Yesterday. President Bush spoke on Wall Street and said that capitalism must have a conscience. And yet critics say that Bush himself is accused of some of these same shady practices when he was in business, before he became president.

‘My question is: what does Maharishi think of Bush's comment that capitalism must have a conscience, and how would Maharishi address this issue of corruption in business and industry?’ 

This corruption is on the same level as the tendency to kill and tendency to create war. All these are negative offshoots from a very, what to say, incompetent national consciousness.

‘If the country is pouncing on everyone, destroying everything, then these corruptions are much [more] minor, minor sins. So when they are creating big sins, in that all these things are natural, very natural. And therefore, nothing will prevent this natural negativity in the field of behaviour of the nation and all that, nothing, except a purified, pure world consciousness, peaceful world consciousness.

‘A peaceful world consciousness is the only answer, is the only answer, is the only answer. ‘That was why when this thing happened in US, I immediately said only 1 billion [dollars] will be enough to permanently maintain these peace creating groups. And even today I say: these millionaires and billionaires and 500 and all the glories that we hear, when they are now seeing in their own field of business, in their own field of earning, all these things are coming up, it’s time for them to wake up. And a few, a few billionaires, little by little, they can collect an endowment of a billion, that will make the task of creating these groups easier and quicker, otherwise more and more negative things will come up in the world, not only in the US.

‘It's the same story, the US may be prime mover of negativity, but it is the people who can save the country, who can save themselves and save the country. It has to be on a global scale; it has to be on a global scale. 


Question: On Rehabilitating India


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there are 2 questions from the Indian reporters abroad. The first has to do with India itself. The Indian government and people seem to have embraced a western style of functioning, rather than the traditional Vedic style. How do you plan to rehabilitate the country? 

Same way, same way. It's not the government that I am touching to improve the country—it’s not a government, no. I have said: governments are incapable of doing it, because man-made constitution. Some 50 years ago some people sat and made the constitution, and that is running in the government. What can I expect from them? They are sailing in the same boat of man-made constitution and it must be faulty and incompetent in every way.

‘That is why a cosmic solution is groups of Vedic Knowledge, Natural Law. And we cannot transform the government who are running by man-made laws to God-made law. So, we create separate groups; let them do what they want to do. But now they will find a changed atmosphere in which all the well-meaning, humanly conceived laws, they will behave better, they'll succeed better. Otherwise all criminals continue, and great Prime Ministers, and great Presidents and great this, and very great this—completely useless and fraudulent from the level of reality of human life.

‘Human life is cosmic. It's Vedic. Vedic is another word for “cosmic”. But how many people know the Veda, how many people know the science? Very few, very few, that is why the whole world is still in the dark ages. So, doesn't matter whether it's India government, or American government, or any government, or any government, doesn't matter.

‘They don't deserve anything, sympathetic or non-sympathetic. That's why I'm not wasting time on them, positively or negatively. I'm not criticizing them. I'm not favoring them, nothing. I'm minding my own knowledge. I'm establishing the groups on the basis of Vedic Knowledge, total Natural Law knowledge, which I know to be a right ‘thing to do. So, I do what I know to be right. Let others do what they think is right. 


Question: On Lord Krishna and the Vedic Technology of Peace


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there's a number of questions here on practical implementations, but pursuing a little bit more the Indian journalist, here's a somewhat philosophical question, perhaps. It says: why did Lord Krishna choose for war in the Mahabharata, rather than choosing for this Vedic Technology of peace?’ 

Krishna was all for Vedic technology of peace. He had Nistraygunyo Bhavarjuna, this is Gita. Nistraygunyo Bhavarjuna, get to the field of total Natural Law, get to the Transcendental field of Natural Law, and from there you would know what the natural process of evolution is.

‘The whole teaching of Lord Krishna is, we say Lord Krishna—he spoke about the reality of total Natural Law, that cosmic law which is parental to the existence of the whole diversity of the universe.

‘It's a different thing. Gita, I've made the Gita commentary, how many years ago, 20 years, 30 years ago. I've done this, this commentary on Rik Veda, commentary on Rik Veda, divided the whole thing into all those natural divisions in which Rik Veda stands. That is the book of Total Knowledge. That is constitution of the universe. Veda is the constitution of the universe. “Constitution of the universe” means every point of creation to every unbounded field of creation, every level of existence is in tune with natural evolutionary process, evolutionary process. That is Veda that governs the creation and existence of evolution—creation, evolution of every point, and the total field of life, creation, creation, creation, creation. And Veda is the cosmic constitution of the universe—cosmic constitution of the universe.

‘It is in our hand today. And it is in our hand today as a book also, but it is in our consciousness, in the abstract unbounded field of knowledge, Atma. There is the function of the constitution of the universe. Atma of everyone—the whole galactic universe is being run by that cosmic intelligence, we say higher intelligence. And we are teaching the people. Now we'll be creating groups like that for world peace. We're creating groups like that for world peace. And this is our parental role for all governments in the world.

‘We have created a global government, a global country of world peace, a global country of world peace. So, we are alright, whether in India or America or China or Japan, anything. Solution is cosmic, completely applicable to every individual—government or every individual person, every individual society—to every religion, to every field of politics, to the whole economy of the world, to everything, to everything. We have a parental role for everything.

‘It's not our work to criticize something. We don't amend someone by criticizing him, because someone who has a green glass on his eyes, he can only see green. Whatever we say to him, he'll say: yes, this is what I see, this is what I see. So, it's a level of intelligence. And we know in the seven states of consciousness, he may be under some state of consciousness.

‘We have the full knowledge of Totality, so we rejoice our parental role in the world, and we are trying to set an ideal administration in the world. Doesn't matter whether it's a, whatever, democracy or it is monarchy or it is, whatever it may be. But the main point is: humanly designed laws to govern society or Natural Law to govern society. Natural Law to govern society is from here, to there, to there, to there—infinite diverse galactic universe. In that we see, it is very protective to everyone—little galaxy, big galaxy, this, how many millions of sun and moon, and the whole thing, not a little human society here and there and there.

‘Man-made thing—man doesn't know what is behind him. He doesn't know what is behind him, and he tries to manage the fortune of millions of people. So, this is wrong that is coming out. If many people are wrong, one man is right, then that one man is right, finished. We can't say because many people are doing this, so they have a majority, so it must be alright. This is stupidity; this is ignorance.

‘Administration—I want to say something, it's enjoyable—administration is a thing of expert intelligence, and when it is given to the votes on the street, we are shattering its structure. Administrative intelligence should be in the hands of experts, not in the hands of the common vote. That's why all these governments, which are common votes, they are absolutely creating thunders in society. Some man comes, now he's a labor man, he's a labor leader, labor, labor, labor. Can you expect something good from a labor intelligence? Labor intelligence always needs a supervisor: you dig here, you dig here. And when the labor intelligence rules a country, what will happen to the people? Labor intelligence ruling the country. This is democracy. The whole thing is unwanted, whatever it is. It may be prevalent in the world, but it is unwanted, it is wrong, it is inefficient, lacks knowledge.

‘Any democracy means the administration of hooligans, who create a big noise, big noise, that's all, big noise during election, and they get elected. Such hooligans administering the country, what will happen to the country? The same thing as it is happening to America today or it is happening to England today or it is happening to Germany today. German intelligence is labor intelligence: 15 hours a man works, works, works, works, works. So, it's a working intelligence, labor intelligence. Can you expect anything ideal from a labor intellect?

‘When we review the world, this is the world in which we are living. And we cannot, we cannot do it. Someone who has a green glass, he will always see green, whatever he sees; a red glass—he will always see red what he sees. So, no use talking to them, no use discussing them, no use conversing with them, no use holding conferences with them; it's a waste of time of the wise.

‘We create an influence in which negativity will not sprout. That is the only thing. Bring the light, darkness will not be there. Maintain the light, darkness will forever gone. That is our programme, to create these groups of peace creating groups in the world. And then non-peace will never sprout.

‘It's a very beautiful projection that we are projecting, and I invite the press to, to propagate this idea to the people. And don't go by any country in this case. American press should not think that whatever American government is doing that is their sole right. Patriotism belongs to every national press. But we should know, I am suggesting to the press, the press should know that there is another side of it, and the side is that whether you keep on promoting undue promotion, giving undue promotion to the national patriotism, doesn't matter, that national patriotism is going to be enriched, superseded by international patriotism, global patriotism.

‘So, you have also the responsibility to save your nation. And this is the only way to save your nation, to let there be the influence of positivity, not support the open door to hell. Crime—punishment is a crime. Punishment is a sin. It only demonstrates incapability of prevention on the part of the government.

‘And the national press, motivated by supporting the national trend of a country, the national press will be a victim of sin, supporting sin. So you try to save your nations from being sinful. Try to save your nations. This I am addressing to every national press and international press.

‘Here is a formula: if you think that you are the carrier of the voice of the time, today, tomorrow, next day, next month, next year, then stand for truth, stand for your intelligence. Ask me questions about it, and take the answer. You are completely free to ask me questions about it, and take the answer. You are completely free to ask me question, and I have the answer. And if you think the answer is valid, write about it, and make it your own thought, make it your own thought.’


Question: On How Yogic Flying Can Prevent Violence


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there are quite a few questions here from the press.  One I think very basic question arrived by telefax from Andre Ko at the Daily Texan in Austin.  He says: “I don't know what the Yogic Flying Techniques you are talking about are. Could you please explain how these techniques can prevent people from strapping bombs on themselves and blowing people up, which is happening quite a bit these days in the Middle East in particular. 

Flying phenomenon is the same flying phenomenon of a galaxy. Galaxies are all in the empty space, empty space. From where they fly? They fly from the total Natural Law, and total Natural Law is in every grain of creation. Every galaxy is under total Natural Law, total Natural Law. That's why total Natural Law does not conflict with one another, here or there or there.

‘It's one cosmic intelligence, which makes one absolutely silent, floating in silence. That means dynamism in silence. That is the nature of Natural Law. It's dynamic, it's silent, it's dynamic and silent, it's dynamic and silent. That is what the scientific research has been telling. But how many are the total scientists in the world? Just a few dozen scientists. Only they know about the Unified Field and all that, all that. The whole thing is groping in the darkness.


Question: On Plans for the Establishment of Peace Creating Groups


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi there are quite a few questions asking Maharishi to comment on his concrete plans for implementation of Maharishi's peace programmes in the US and abroad. And I also wanted to mention that here joining us today is the honorable mayor of Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa, the newest incorporated city in the United States, who of course is making plans to dynamically expand that city to be host of one of these important coherence creating groups for the world, a group of 8000 here in the United States, which in some respects could counterbalance and augment the even more powerful lighthouse of coherence that Maharishi is creating at this time in the land of the Veda, in India.

‘So that question is, if Maharishi could elaborate somewhat on concrete plans for the establishment of peace creating groups in the US and throughout the world.’ 

‘I am proud of the mayor. In his name, it's win-win situation. Mayor of the Vedic City is Wynne. He's a winner. “He's a winner” means, in the field of administration, he is in possession of the preventive process to crime. If people follow the mayor of Vedic City, he will prevent crime, not only in his city, but in his state, but in his country, but in his world. He is win, win, win, win, win. I am proud of his name. I am proud of his power. I am proud of his intellect—that he is thinking of 8000 people—he can create Yogic Flyers in his city. And then he will be a shining star to guide the destiny of all the cities in USA, which will be guiding all cities in the world.

‘Dr Wynne is a winner of time value. Presently the time is for prevention in the world. He is aware, I am aware, all the press people are aware that US city, all the cities in US, all the administrators in US are going through a very critical time, a very dangerous time, critical time, because man-made constitution have led the whole country to destroy the world. That is the policy. It's a declared policy every day of America. That America will destroy this, America will destroy this, America will destroy this. It's a challenge to all the mayors of America. It's a challenge to all the governors of America, that America is being led by someone who is completely unaware of what science is, is unaware of what right is, is taking the people, whole country is being taken in the direction of sin and sin and sin.

‘So, it is the mayors who have to follow the Mayor Wynne of the Vedic City. One Mayor Wynne is competent to lead all these mayors of New York and Mayor of Los Angeles,and Mayor of all these big cities. Mayor Wynne is only to address to them his wisdom. Vedic wisdom, he has to share with all the mayors of America first, all the mayors of his state first.

‘He can be a torchlight, to bring the light everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. It's very necessary that the mayors of the country rise to real freedom in knowledge, and that is Vedic Knowledge, knowledge of total Natural Law, which Wynne has. Wynne is victorious, victorious.

‘Wynne go ahead, and put your knowledge to all the mayors of the country. Don't worry, the mayor of New York, and mayor of Los Angeles may have a big population, but much bigger is your knowledge. You pass it on to them with authority, you pass it on to them with authority. Their budget may be very much more, their population may be very much more. Each mayor of these big cities aspires to be a Governor now, like that, like that, like that. Aspirations may be more, but the time is to save the country. And administrators can save the country when the top administrator is driving the country to hell. So Mayor Wynne, give your message to the press.’

Mayor Wynne speaks.

Question: On the Will of God


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Mayor Wynne, for that summary of the technologies for elevating the quality of life in Maharishi Vedic City, which are applicable in cities all over the world, and your invitation to mayors and citizens from all over the world to come, visit and experience this high quality of life that you've created in Maharishi Vedic City, which is rapidly expanding to be the host of 8000 peace makers—professional Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits and Yogic Flyers for the world, here in the center of the United States.

‘There's a question here, Maharishi, one from the Spanish speaking newspaper in Chicago, The Raison, and it asks: Maharishi, Spanish speaking people are often very religious. I would like to ask a question about your vision of the Will of God that is still a bit confusing to me. If you are offering God's constitution to mankind, is it logical to think that since everything's been created by God, so isn't what mankind is living right now already an expression of the Will of God? What is the difference between the Will of God that we are already living, and the Will of God that Maharishi is talking about?’ 

I think the question is very, very intelligent. There is nothing beyond the Will of God. If one is suffering, that is also according to the Will of God. If one is enjoying, that's also according to the Will of God. From point to infinity of evolution, from point to infinity of evolution everything is the Will of God, depending upon how much of a point one is living, how much of infinity one is living. One can never be out of God, out of the Will of God. It's a matter of how much one is living, because there is abundance of dynamism, there is abundance in silence. How much of silence we are living, with how much of dynamism?

‘One has the potential of living total dynamism with total silence. That means total possibility. If one is not living total possibility, then one is not partaking of the total Will of God. If one is suffering, one is in very minute aspect in the Will of God. If one is enjoying, it's more in the Will of God. One is absolutely established in all possibilities, that is in total Will of God.

‘So, whether one is satisfied by living Will of God in small measures or bigger measures or bigger measures. It depends upon the education that he receives. It depends upon the administration of his country, what education will give them, what education will give them, what education will give them. So, everything is the Will of God, depending upon how much one shares the Will of God in one's own consciousness, how much of it, how much of it.

‘So, that is the situation, no-one is ever out of the Will of God. Hell he has created, then if he has created, those who are in the Hell, they're also according to the Will of God. Heaven he has created, those who are Heaven, they're also in the Will of God. So, depending on one's own karma, depending on what one chooses, that the door he enters, but he is always in the Will of God. Ant's life, elephant's life, tiger's life, bird's life, galactic life, all the lives are there in the Will of God, depending how much one partakes of the Will of God, one lives like that, like that.

‘Sinning also is in the light of God; virtuing also is in the light of God. Depending upon what he wants, that is his participation in the Will of God, that's all.

‘You're right in saying that everyone is in the Will of God, but it depends on one's education, how much of the treasury is there. It is different, different national coins and all that, depends on what coin one takes. It's also coming from the same treasury, like that, the Will of God, always.

‘No-one is out of God. Hell is within the administration of God's will, Heaven is in the administration of God's will. Killing within in the administration of God's will; saving within in the administration of God's will. What one gets is, simple formula is as you sow, so shall you reap, that's all. One little formula, what you sow is your sowing; what you get is the Will of God, the Will of God, Will of God, Will of God, always Will of God depending on whether you choose to be in Hell or in Heaven. Yes?’


Question: On the Value of Prayer


Dr Hagelin: ‘Yes, Maharishi, I think this is a, a somewhat related question from the Baltimore journal called Country Chronicle. What makes Maharishi's approach, these groups, these lighthouses better than having people in a country praying in their churches for peace? 

Praying is also on different levels. Prayer is always the path to God realization. Prayer is also the path to realization. A man with the bicycle goes on the highway. A man with a little bigger bicycle or a car, a man with faster speed, train—all are on the same road. One goes slow or one goes faster, depending on what he drives on, what he picks up.

‘Prayer from the verbal level has its set limits. Prayer from the mental level has its own level of effectiveness—much finer field of, of experience. Prayer from Transcendental Meditation, entering into the transcendental area, that has the maximum field, because that is a field of frictionless flow. Any little impulse from that most basic transcendental field, from the Self, is penetrating. It travels throughout the universe, travels throughout Nature.

‘Depends on from what level of awareness one projects one's prayer to God. Every religion, in a different wordings, in different phrases, is talking about transcendental prayer. Prayer from the transcendental level is instantly heard and instantly responded. The value of prayer cannot be undermined. The value of prayer can never be spoken enough. It is the way, it is the way to realization, depending on what level of speech or thought we pray.

‘Transcendental Meditation can be talked completely in terms of prayer. Any prayer, if it is from the finest level of intelligence, from that which Dr Hagelin says, Unified Field level of reality, where total Natural Law is fully awake. Prayer from there is a direct opening, direct entering into the open door. And some grosser levels of prayer, you knock and the door will be open; you have to knock, and the door will be opened.

‘No prayer will go in vain. Absolutely no prayer will go in vain, only depending on what level, how frictionless level promotes our thought of prayer to God, this God, this God. So, that is a very, very, very fortunate field of approaching God. Some people call it devotion. Some people call it prayer. Doesn't matter what one calls [it], it's the same thing.

‘And God realization is the supreme level of realization; it is in Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is unified wholeness, where the thought propagates in the whole creation instantly. An impulse here is an impulse everywhere on that level of Unity Consciousness, on that level of prayer.

'Prayer is absolutely glorious field of life. It's a technique of living, it's a technique of living, it's a technique of living. In whatever word we talk about it, it's glory. The glory of prayer can never be glorified in human consciousness enough. It's a supreme value of life.’


Question: On How Maharishi's Programmes Could Help Columbia


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much your Excellency, for this very lucid and extremely powerful commentary on the rise of the rule of Natural Law for the Bribri people of the peace loving country of Costa Rica.

‘Maharishi, there are a couple of questions from different countries, if maybe we could quickly address before we need to close. There's a message from the Columbian press, which I believe translates to: "Columbia has much terrorism. How can Maharishi's programmes help, and what can the people of Columbia do?" 

People of Columbia have to create a group. If they don't create; we are going to create a group there. And in the same way as this terrorism, this tendency to kill and to destroy in US will be eliminated, in the same way, as darkness is eliminated, without fighting the darkness, just by giving, bringing the light. So the world consciousness will be infused with harmony and coherence, cordiality and all the positivity.

‘In the same way, it has to be a global effort, it has to be. And we are making that global effort. We are not waiting for anyone; we are going ahead. And we are doing what others know, but we are promoting and we are making appeals to the press, world press, to wake up to the changing direction of time value. Time is now changing from aggression to peace, world peace, and the whole thing is very simple. The one cosmic intelligence that administers infinite diversity of the universe, that will be harmoniously creating a coherent world consciousness, and all these bubbles of ignorance will disappear, that's all.’


Question: On Maharishi's Plan for India


Dr Hagelin: ‘India is facing a lot of problems, not only war, but also poverty. Again from the Indian press, does Maharishi have a special plan for India? 

I have the same plan for the world that will raise India also to the grace of God. India also will rise in the same stroke. For India, especially for India, government of India can do. But my effort is global, everywhere. And because the Vedic Pandits are available, in large numbers in India, India is going to be the first beneficiary of this global rise into world peace.


Question: On Organizations Against World Peace


Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, the last question is from radio in Hungary. The question is: It is not in the interest of the superpowers, and certain underground organizations to have world peace. Therefore, they do everything to keep the conflicts going, and to sabotage the world peace project, since they are everywhere and know about everything. How much can they do to hold back the creation of world peace, and what can Maharishi do to balance it? 

I am aware of all their doings. I’m completely aware of their tactics to divide and maintain division in the world. I am fully aware of it. But, I don't have to mind that. I give them freedom to do what they know to do, and I take freedom to do what I can do. And my doing is: bring the light; don't fight with the darkness.

‘There was a time ten years ago, when I was trying to fight with the government, telling them: you should do this, you should do this, you should do this. But I realized that it has been a waste of my time to tell the government. Now, I have fully realized that talking about darkness, trying to fight the darkness, will not remove darkness, only the principle of a second element: bring the light, darkness will disappear. This is such a relief to me. And, now I'm adopting that thing: bringing the light, creating groups of enlightened people, and the world will be taken care of in a most natural way, like that, like that, like that.

















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