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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

18 January 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. A new, bright destiny of mankind—it is such a joy to feel it, to design it, and to actualize it. In the introductory remarks, Dr Morris, the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, has beautifully summarized the new gate of peace, prosperity, happiness, and invincibility to every nation in our world.

‘I said last week, “The arrow has left the bow, and it is to hit the target everywhere.” The whole thing is led on by total Natural Law, by Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Intelligence. It is in conformity with the Constitution of the Universe. The Constitution of the Universe is the constitution that administers the unified state of diversified multiplicity—uni-verse. It is a very beautiful time for the world, a very beautiful time for us to enjoy.

‘If there are any questions, it will be a joy to answer them.’

Question: Relationship of Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness to Waking, Sleeping, and Dreaming States of Consciousness


Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi, a question has come in from a neuroscientist who is studying higher states of consciousness. He was very intrigued by Maharishi’s address to the conference in Geneva about the seven states of consciousness and the relationship of Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness to waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of consciousness. He found this to be a new understanding about these higher states of consciousness, for example, the relationship that Maharishi made between God Consciousness and dreaming. He asked if Maharishi could further clarify this. Is this actually a different analysis than that given earlier in the history of the Movement, when Maharishi said that Cosmic Consciousness was that state where Transcendental Consciousness is there along with waking, sleeping, and dreaming? Or is this just a further and deeper elaboration of those same principles of the higher states of consciousness that Maharishi brought out earlier in the history of the Movement?’ 

Right from the beginning, higher states of consciousness has meant seven states of consciousness. There is sleeping, dreaming, waking, and Transcendental Consciousness—the fourth state of consciousness. Then there is Cosmic Consciousness—the fifth state of consciousness. “Cosmic” means the fourth state, Transcendental Consciousness, along with the other three, because all the other three are influenced by the experience of the fourth state of consciousness. Then comes God Consciousness, which is a very special state of consciousness where the supreme quality of relativity is brought into consideration. Of course Unity is very clear. Unity is the unity of all diversity. “All diversity” means two values—all values of knowledge and all values of action—all diverse values completely unified. So it is a holistic value—Unity.

‘It was the same thing right from the beginning, the same thing. The expression became clearer and clearer as the experiences became more clear. The explanation came as the experiences of the people related to those values could be seen. Intellectually and behaviourally, it could be seen conforming to these different states of consciousness.

‘It is a very beautiful thing that the enlightened individual is asking. We start from sleep state, and below that we put dreaming, and below that we put waking. Then we have Transcendental Consciousness. On the right side, we start to raise the pillar. On the left side, we brought the pillar down from sleep state, dreaming state, and waking state to the fourth state. Then, starting from the fifth state, you raise the pillar: fifth state, sixth state, seventh state. So the seventh state will come parallel to deep sleep. The sixth state will come parallel to dreaming state. The fifth state will come parallel to waking state. It is in the sequence that it develops. It is very realistic. “Realistic” means it conforms to the intellect; and it conforms to the basis of the intellect, which is Transcendental Being.

‘Beautiful question. It is the same thing that was being talked about and experienced from the beginning of the Movement. Now, because there are so many people who have experienced this, the effect of that has influenced the whole world consciousness—the whole collective consciousness of the world. Now, it is possible to have that administration which is the administration of the galactic universe—universe—versified unity.

‘Prime Minister, you have beautifully described the vision of the Veda by Rishi Madhuchchhandas. He saw the total Constitution of the Universe in the first syllable. Then, in the second syllable he saw unity and the whole field of diversity within the nature of unity. So unity is none other than diversity. Diversity and unity—both are the same thing, but intellectually they are two different things. The difference is only in the perception, only in the angle of vision.

‘This is expressed in the Vedic Literature; the thing is on the level of perception. In reality, it is eternally the same. “Eternally the same” means always it is unity and always it is diversity, and always it is unmanifest and always it is manifest. That is the reality of it, but to talk about it, differences are there.

‘It is a beautiful thing—a new destiny for mankind. This definition is from the Geneva Conference—“a new destiny of mankind”. What is going to shape the destiny of mankind? The Prime Minister has already defined it in his introductory lecture; it is in the field of construction. Physical houses have to be according to what will satisfy Natural Law, according to Cosmic Law. Education has to unfold Cosmic Law in the awareness. Health should conform to that which is continuity.

‘All these beautiful things will bring a new destiny to mankind. It is such a beautiful phrase, “new destiny to mankind”. That is the technology born of Vedic Science and Technology. It is Vedic Science and Technology that is eternally the same, non-changing, the science and technology of the Constitution of the Universe. It is very beautiful


Question: The Practicality of Reconstructing the Buildings of the World


Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi, it is interesting to note that today we are celebrating the birthday of Raja Dr Felix Kägi, the Raja of Switzerland. Raja Felix Kägi has created a tremendous stir in Switzerland with headlines everywhere, not only for his declaration of invincible Switzerland through a group of the nation’s youth practising Yogic Flying, but he has shocked Switzerland by declaring that all the major cities—in fact, all the buildings in the whole country—have to be bulldozed and rebuilt. Maharishi has mentioned repeatedly in the press conferences that this is applies not only to Switzerland but every country. Maharishi has just repeated again that everybody everywhere in the world should run out of their house as if it had been hit by an earthquake or as if it were on fire.

‘Maharishi, the question is: If every house and every office and every school in the world has to be reconstructed, is this not a project too expensive for the whole human race? To completely rebuild everything that has been built up in the world over hundreds of years is such a huge cost. Maharishi has suggested repeatedly that this is essential, because of the principle of everyone needing to be in fortune-creating housing. But how is it really possible to demolish everything in the world and reconstruct it all in a practical way?’

‘I think the question is very interesting. Our Finance Minister, Dr Feldman, has come out with a project of 300 trillion dollars for the reconstruction of the world—300 trillion! His genius of planning is in his coming down to a level of one million dollars profit to the builder or to those who organize this.

‘So 300 trillion is needed for the whole reconstruction of the world. When it comes down to earth, it is a million; it is half a million; it is a quarter million; eventually $100,000. So on the working level it is $100,000.

‘People are changing or righting their homes anyway—changing or righting hundreds of homes. So one does not have to think of the whole 300 trillion dollars for the reconstruction of the world. It comes down to small units, small units. The smallest unit is $100,000. People can work out $100,000 at their level. Even the $100,000 level, which is the least expensive level of reconstruction, gives profit to the builder.

‘It is the profits to the builder that will make the builders everywhere build. All the builders build the buildings for profit. The reconstruction of the world—our 300 trillion dollar project—has been brought out by an expert planner, our Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace. Being an expert planner, he brought the project down to one million dollars, then to $100,000. It becomes workable. He is a genius of planning; it is a genius plan.

‘How will it be done? It is because the builder who builds gets profit out of it—that is all. That is why; the builder that builds gets profit. This profit motivation makes the builder build and build and build.

So the 300 trillion dollars for one project, when it comes to the practical level, it is reduced down to a unit. Ultimately, the unit is just a $100,000—that is all—because a building will not be on the world level. Building will always be on the house level: one house, two houses, one house of 1 million dollars, one house of half a million, one house of a quarter million, one house of $100,000, like that.

‘When we look at it in terms of units, it is like a mile race: “A one-mile race! Oh, who can do one mile?” But the man who takes the challenge to cover one mile only goes a metre, a metre, a metre—one foot, one metre; next foot, one metre; next foot, one metre; next foot, one metre. In this way he covers a thousand metres, he makes a mile [laughter]. On the working level, this is the efficiency of design.


Question: The Future Fortune of Europe


Dr Morris: ‘We had heard that Maharishi was planning to award a degree to the great professor, Dr Klaus Butzinberger of Germany—the degree of Veda Vigyan Vidya Martanda. Maharishi, we would like to know more about this honour that is to be given, and the significance of the response from Germany for the new Vedic University there. What will Maharishi University of Vedic Science do for the future fortune of the German nation and for Europe?’ 

‘All honour and adoration and the supreme place of respectability will naturally come to those who are creating a new fortune for mankind, the builders of the unified structure of the diversified world. There will be a lot of honouring of the individuals who work for the reconstruction of the world. It will be the same way for the reconstruction of education; the same way for the reconstruction of health; the same way for the reconstruction of the presently understood lifespan of a man—one hundred, two hundred or more years. Actually, it is in terms of thousands of years. Everything is going to be bigger and bigger. Human individual destiny is going to be a collective destiny of unity.

‘It is beautiful. One little star, one little star, one little star, and the whole sky becomes full of stars. When it comes to building it, it is a very minute thing. That is why the sooner we build—reconstruct all the homes and working places in the world—the sooner we bring Total Knowledge to the field of education, and the sooner we build the prevention-oriented health care systems, the sooner we will enjoy our world free from suffering.

‘Now it is not a matter of talking. It is a matter of constructing it—getting it. Go ahead Prime Minister, inform the press that they have to announce the forthcoming new destiny of mankind. It is so beautiful.






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