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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

12 January 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Question: Maharishi’s Message for 2005

Dr Hagelin: Maharishi, we have a question from the press since this is the beginning of the year and a great time of global celebration. Each year at the beginning of the year, there is a universal desire to say goodbye to the problems of the past and look forward with freshness and hope to new solutions in the New Year. Does Maharishi have a particular message or a particular approach he would like the global press to deliver to the people of the world at this time of year, when the desire for a peaceful new future is strong but yet the reality of the present is still one of considerable turbulence and uncertainty? Jai Guru Dev.’

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It's a great joy today that this press conference comes when I am absorbed in celebrating the fiftieth ceremony of the worldwide Movement. As an answer to your first question, for which I congratulate you, the press, I would ask you to hear the message of the celebration today. Dr Feldman will read out to you the message of today, and there will be the very great satisfaction that you are expecting to hear from us today. You have it? Dr Feldman is in the midst of all the Rajas and His Majesty Raja Raam, and they have a message for the world press. Listen to it.’

Dr Feldman: ‘Jai Guru Dev. We have the blessings of Maharishiji on this Golden Jubilee Celebration 2005, starting with our homage to Guru Dev and the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters, who have provided us with the knowledge to bring personal enlightenment and the experience of freedom and invincibility throughout the world, and to create a peaceful world. Below the picture of the world and all the flags of the world, we have the pictures of all the Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace. And it reads, 

‘Programme for the Year 2005: To create a strong Vedic India to actualize the Constitution of the Universe for creating and maintaining world order for individuals to enjoy enlightenment and freedom in fulfilment, and every nation to enjoy invincibility. 

‘To achieve this objective, the Global Country of World Peace, under the parental care of its first ruler, His Majesty Raja Nader Raam, is going to establish Maharishi Vedic University and its colleges and schools throughout the world in 3,000 places where Peace Palaces have been planned. 

‘Curriculum of Maharishi Vedic University, Colleges, and Schools: Study and actualization of the Constitution of the Universe through the following faculties of Maharishi Vedic University: 
1. Education     
2. Health     
3. Agriculture    
4. Management, Business, and Industry 
5. Architecture     
6. Law and Order
7. Invincibility
8. Music and Arts
9. Science and Technology
10. Public Administration
11. Astrology and Astronomy 
12. Language
13. World Peace/World Politics  
14. Economics     
15. Computer Science
16. Communication
17. Engineering
18. Religion
‘All these eighteen faculties of Maharishi Vedic University together actualize for every student the eighteen fundamental areas of the Constitution of the Universe contained in the Vedic Literature, inscribed in the human physiology, and discovered through scientific research by His Majesty Raja Nader Raam.  

‘Every week, every student will go through all these areas of knowledge for their practical and theoretical values. This is how Total Knowledge, the Constitution of the Universe, is going to become a living reality in daily life for the whole human race to remain always in the evolutionary direction of Total Natural Law, the will of God.  

‘The Year of the Golden Jubilee of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s worldwide Movement—the year 2005—has launched the supreme programme for actualizing a global, theoretical, and practical programme through the Global United Nations. This will bring fulfilment to the age-old desire of the world to see all nations unified in harmony and peace so that our dear world will become a beautiful mosaic of differences. This is to fulfil the Vedic aspiration of enlightenment to every individual and invincibility to every nation—all good to all in the light of Almighty God.  

‘All glory to Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati, the illustrious light of the Vedic Tradition. Jai Guru Dev.’ 

Maharishi: This is the message of today’s celebration. Dr Hagelin, this has answered the question of the press—a very timely question—and a very complete answer.
‘The specialty is that it's not only the extension of goodwill and words but it is offering a practical programme—a practical programme. The first thing is that the Constitution of the Universe, even in principle, is not known in such details as it is available in the Vedic Literature. [In the] modern physical sciences, for which Dr Hagelin is a beautiful authority, the Unified Field is the field of the Constitution of the Universe. But in great detail, all these values—Puranas, Smritis, Shrutis, Ayurveda, Jyotish, and all these beautiful values of knowledge—constitute the knowledge and practical programme of the Constitution of the Universe. And the practical technique for everyone to actualize it in his daily life is through the practical programme of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying.
‘It is a great new knowledge with which this Vedic University is coming up. It will take away all the needs in every field of knowledge—education, health, and all those beautiful areas of knowledge which have been described here, eighteen faculties, And [regarding] the eighteen faculties—the knowledge is there in detail in the script, but all the details are brought to personal experience in daily life so that life will never be out of the golden path of progress.
‘This is new knowledge which will create a new generation of life—a new human race. We are very proud of having [paid homage to] our tradition of Vedic Masters. And with this knowledge we are establishing the permanent homes of this knowledge everywhere as the Capitals of the Global Country of World Peace, under the care of the greatest scientists of the world. We have a great hope for all future of mankind.
‘Dr Hagelin, comment on this. And then we entertain other new questions from the press.

It is a great delight today, in the midst of all the Rajas and His Majesty Raja Raam, it's a great delight to think with the press and proclaim a very positive and very complete and very practical programme for everyone and every nation to breathe Cosmic Constitution, the Constitution of the Universe.’  

Question: 8000 Needed to Fulfil Maharishi’s Goals

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, this second question is a related, very interesting question about how many committed people Maharishi would need, or like, in order to successfully transform the world. Maharishi has said recently that it will take just a small number of people in every country to create a better world. Interestingly, one of the world’s most famous social scientists has said essentially the same thing, and I quote, “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

‘Maharishi, how many committed people do you need to fulfil your goal for the New Year, which is enlightenment for every individual and invincibility for every nation? And who does Maharishi feel is best suited for the job—students, working adults, or retired people?’

Maharishi: A small, very small, fraction of the world’s population—six billion people. It will be blessed by a group of 8,000 Yogic Flyers—one thing. And regarding who would be the best choice, if we have a choice, then we will take Vedic Pandits. They will practise Yogic Flying alright, but in addition to that, they will have Vedic recitation, which is the recitation of the Constitution of the Universe, which will enliven the Constitution of the Universe in the whole world consciousness and thereby will have all tendencies in the world to be in favour of evolution all the time. No one would be allowed to go off the highway.
‘Just these 8,000—and, to be safe, a few 8,000 here and there. In every field of engineering, one takes four times or six times or three times or five times the strength needed. So here also, we can take two, three, four, five times of 8,000 people here and there and there.
‘If it is given to me, I would do that in India, because Indian Vedic families have that way of life whereby the Vedic words, when they are pronounced, they enliven the physiology. When we say any word—when we say any words, any syllable, any word, any sentence—different parts of the physiology become lively.

Maharishi further explained that each word or letter has its own place in the physiology, which becomes thrilled when that word or letter or syllable is pronounced. The Vedic Language is that language which is directly connected with consciousness, which turns into physiology.

Transcript of Maharishi's talk resumes:
There is a level of intelligence, of consciousness, which delicately has a junction point between the value of consciousness and the value of physiology. So, the Vedic words have that value of enlivening that junction point of consciousness and physiology. And this is how, due to the Vedic recitations, the physiology becomes habituated to function in that direction which will always be like feeding the root of the tree and supplying nourishment to the whole tree—feeding the root, feeding the root.
‘Vedic language is that which is the script of, or which is the impulse of, the Constitution of the Universe. When we say “Constitution of the Universe”, we mean that value of intelligence which is the knower and the process of knowing and the object of knowing—all these three. Knower, knowing, and known—they are all in one value and that is the value of the Constitution of the Universe. That is the value which the world has been singing in the glory of God—the light of God from the religious point of view, and now, recently, in terms of the united field, Unified Field, the quantum field.
‘So from the science—from the science of physical value, physical sciences—and the science of consciousness which is the Vedic Science and then the science of the abstract but Almighty God, who is always prayed and
always prayed and always prayed [to]—in different, different values, the life is enjoying coming onto this, we say, the royal road to perfection. Religion is a royal road to perfection. Religion is a royal road to perfection.
‘This is part of the Constitution of the Universe. It's a whole; it's an objective wholeness of the Constitution of the Universe, and it is available in terms of eighteen, eighteen, eighteen. Eighteen Puranas are there in the literature; eighteen Smritis are there; eighteen values of the Shrutis are there, and Ayurveda, and all this Jyotish, and Gandharva Veda—the Vedic music. All these are very beautiful and very secret and very delicate and most refined and the total value of Natural Law, which have to become a living reality in the case of every individual, and it has to become a living reality in the case of a nation’s collective consciousness and the world’s collective consciousness.
‘We are very fortunate to be enjoying this great gift of the Tradition of the Vedic Masters. What the world needs is a strong Vedic community. What the world needs is a strong Vedic India. What the world needs to be is a strong Vedic world. “Vedic world” means a world of knowledge, and a “world of knowledge” means a world of no mistakes, world of no failures.
‘It's possible;
it's possible; it's possible to create. And we are on that. We have launched this today, in this fiftieth celebration of our world Movement. We are training Rajas; we want to continue to train Rajas. We want many Rajas. “Raja” means the administrator. The administrator we want to create. The administrator we want to create
—the administrators of the Constitution of the Universe.
‘What the world has had for so many centuries is constitution[s] made by man, man-made constitution. Man-made constitution, with all their weaknesses and human failings, is creating havoc in the world. Now we want a constitution which is absolutely untouched—can never be touched—because its reality is in the transcendent. Its reality is not within the boundaries of space, time, and causation; boundaries are not there. That's why the transcendental reality is ever the same. “Transcendental” means it doesn't change; it's ever the same.
‘And what is ever the same? The unmanifest is the same. It is this unmanifest which is the Constitution of the Universe. And how the unmanifest is the Constitution of the Universe is the reality of the eighteen Puranas. This is from the Vedic Literature: eighteen Puranas, eighteen Upapuranas—eighteen main Puranas, eighteen subordinate Puranas; eighteen Smritis—”smriti” means the memory—and eighteen subordinate memories; and eighteen values of the Shrutis—of the Vedas; and the eighteen Upavedas—”Upaveda” means Ayurveda, Gandharva Veda and Sthapatya Veda. All these are very beautiful, total fields of knowledge for everyone to be on the top of the world—the commander of Natural Law.
‘Rig Veda says, “He who does this from the transcendental level, Natural Law—total Natural Law—serves him.” And now, this is how we define an educated man in our world. We open all these universities in order to complete the field of education, in order to complete the field of health, complete the field of agriculture—all those beautiful things that have been. Eighteen fields, eighteen faculties of the Vedic University, will be there to bring to human awareness on the intellectual level, the level of human intellect, and we'll settle it down at the basis of human intellect on the level of the individual ego, collective ego, the world ego, collective consciousness of the whole world.
‘That is going to be our world. And that is our joy today to declare that we are having a springboard now. And the whole thing is in very good hands of knowledgeable scientists who are deeply religious people. All our study of science and technology will be the study of the Constitution of the Universe, which will be, in theory and in practice, the totality of Natural Law, which will deliver total life to every student.
‘It is a beautiful development that has come about. And for that, we are very grateful to the grace of Guru Dev from the Vedic Tradition.

It’s very beautiful, Dr. Hagelin? Such a good time. You can invite Dr. Morris? Let us hear his message to the world on this New Year of the Global Country of World Peace now. It’s such an enjoyable time today. ’

[Dr. Morris speaks]

Question: Ideal Administrators

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, there is one more question from the press that seems to be very apt and relevant to the beautiful vision that Maharishi has brought out to the world today on this 12th of January. The question has to do with the training of ideal administrators—the training of Rajas. Maharishi spoke recently about ideal administrators and said, “The ability to think from the Unified Field, the field of consciousness, gives the ability to utilize at will the greatest administrative faculty of the universe.” What is the greatest administrative faculty of the universe to which Maharishi refers? And how will it make an administrator ideal?’

Maharishi: Those who can radiate total Natural Law—that means perfect order—those who can radiate perfect order, Rajas are those administrators. And now we will be training teachers and professors and experts in higher and higher degrees of compactified knowledge on a living reality.
‘Because the Constitution of the Universe, to be really gained, is not only a matter of lectures and discussions, it's far beyond the intellect of every person. It is really on a level of Being—should say Being, Transcendental Consciousness—which is the level of the Veda. The Veda is structured in the language of the transcendent. And that is why Veda is eternal, and that is why the law—the Constitution of the Universe—is eternal. That is why it is non-changing, and that is why it is reliable and it is authentic: it is non-changing. Anything in the relative is open to change, is subject to change, but the Constitution of the Universe, which is the cause of everything, is beyond relativity. It is in the field of oneness which has the memory of everyone.
‘The word “memory” is a very great element which has to be scanned out and known in all possible ways. And all these memories—eighteen big, big volumes of the Smritis—they are the different aspects of the memories, the world of memory. And “memory” means what is to come in future on the basis of what was behind. The past has the memory of the present; the present has the memory of the future. So, memory is something that comes up from the unmanifest.
‘But the unmanifest is never absent. The unmanifest gives rise to the manifestation within the unmanifest. That is how we say, in simple words, diversity in unity. Unity is an assemblage of all diversity. That is why human awareness can be unity potentially lively in diversity. Silence and dynamism,
silence and dynamismsilence and dynamism are the structure of the Constitution of the Universe.
‘It is a very beautiful, delightful thing. The experience of it is in terms of waves of bliss, waves of bliss,
waves of bliss. So the study and experience of the Constitution of the Universe is going to be in waves of bliss. It's not going to be a task for the student, because [for] every student in the modern education and in the past education, examination is a concern to the students, but in this case, normal behaviour is in terms of bliss; it is not a task. The karma is not out of effort; the action is not out of hardship, is not out of strain, is not out of hard work. Fulfilment, or progress, is not out of hard work. It is out of bliss, which is the opposite of hard work. It's enjoyable.
‘It is a very great thing. Study in the Vedic University is going to be a joy from beginning to end, all the time—no stress, no strain, and the onset of Total Knowledge enlivening all possibilities.
‘It's beautiful. The New Year comes with this message: all possibilities, enlightenment to the individual, and invincibility to every nation, permanent world peace. Glory to Guru Dev, and glory to the administrator of this beautiful new world, His Majesty Raja Raam. Jai Guru Dev.

[To Dr Hagelin]
With your remarks, cheer up the press.’



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