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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

8 February 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. One thought comes to me. It's a sort of fresh thought; maybe I have repeated it in the past. I'm always analysing why this government or that government or that or that has not yet adopted a system—a knowledge—that I am promoting. What is the reason for it? I seem to have hit against a right solution to this question: Why the governments have not yet adopted it? The answer is: They are not in a position to do anything other than what they are doing.

‘A government is not in a position to do anything other than what it is doing, because what a government does is motivated by the collective consciousness of the nation. This is important. A government is governed by the quality of collective consciousness of the nation. And therefore, whatever the quality of collective consciousness—very wise or very foolish, full of knowledge or full of ignorance—whatever level, that is the level of performance of the government.

‘Therefore, in order that the governments do what I say, I have not to talk to the governments, because talking to them is a waste of my time. Knowing that a government is governed by the collective consciousness of the nation, if I want to improve the government, I must improve the quality of collective consciousness of the nation. And that is my job now.

‘I am adopting policies and programmes to improve the quality of national consciousness. And then automatically, whether it's the same government or a new government or whatever government—whatever government will rule the country—it will rule by increased positivity, increased coherence, increased harmony.

‘Instead of working on governments and wasting time, my focus will be hundred per cent on improving the quality of collective consciousness of the nation. And the collective consciousness of the nation, whether a small collective consciousness or a big collective consciousness, is always wanting to have more economy, more harmony, more wealth, more affluence. And here I give them a means of raising greater harmony, greater positivity, and greater affluence on the level of national consciousness.

The result will be that wherever I have created a group of coherence—a peace-creating group in a country—wherever I have created a peace-creating group in a country, automatically the collective consciousness of the country will motivate, inspire, and lead the government to do its parental role for the people freely, speedily, and successfully. This is—if you think it's is a new thought, then this is a new thought; if you think it's the projection of the same old thought, then it's the projection of the same old thought.

‘Dr Hagelin, explain to them that when, a few weeks ago, we said, “The arrow has left the bow,” then now, today, what the arrow is, is being made clear. The arrow is to clean and clear the fog in the collective consciousness of the nation. And our objective is with reference to every country in the world. Therefore, our objective is to improve the world consciousness—collective consciousness of the whole world. The collective consciousness of the whole world family: that is our target. And we are achieving it and accomplishing it by increasing the number of Yogic Flyers—added to that [is] the influence of the recitation of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda.

‘If there are any questions on this, we will answer them.’

[Dr Hagelin speaks about government.]

Question: The Structuring Dynamics of Total Natural Law


Dr Hagelin: ‘There are some questions from the press today regarding what Maharishi is planning for the governments of the world. In particular, there is a fascination with this principle of invincibility, and programmes to produce invincible defence for a country. This is a question pertaining to the mechanics of invincibility. Maharishi spoke last week about the structuring dynamics of total Natural Law. He said that Peace Governments will use these structuring dynamics to create invincible nations. Would Maharishi please explain what he means by the term “structuring dynamics of total Natural Law”, and explain how this process can create an invincible nation?’ 

The structuring dynamics of total Natural Law are available where the two different qualities of Natural Law, one unifying and one diversifyingthe unifying quality of Natural Law and the diversifying quality of Natural Law—these two opposite qualities meet. At their meeting point is the structuring dynamics of total Natural Law.

The “structuring dynamics of total Natural Law” means all positive trends—unifying trends—and all diversifying trends are functioning together. And their functioning in togetherness is the structuring dynamics of total Natural Law. “Structuring dynamics” means that one kind of dynamics, the unifying dynamics, is not able to oppose the diversifying mechanics. Both of them together, they function. And this is the functioning of all possibilities on the level of total Natural Law.

Structuring dynamics [means] that the dynamics of the unifying value and the dynamics of the diversifying value don't go separately; they go in unity. That is why the functioning of total Natural Law is a field of all possibilities. Whether it is the dynamics of the diversifying value or it is the the dynamics of the unifying value, they are together
functioning. And this is the marvelous unifying character of what we say [is] “Total Natural Law” or say [is the] “Will of God”.

‘This is the time, in this scientific age, that this total dynamics of Natural Law functioning has been realized by every physical science and by the old science of consciousness—the science of intelligence. In this scientific age, we are blessed with the total information about the two different dynamics of the realization of anything—the two different dynamics: unifying dynamics and diversifying dynamics. They go together.

‘That's the force of gravity. On one side, it is gravitating; on one side, it is doing the opposite. From somewhere it is repelled; somewhere it is being attracted. So, attraction and repulsion—the force of gravity presents the total dynamics of the Constitution of the Universe. This is the functioning value of the dynamics of Natural Law.

‘This is how Natural Law functions. When it functions, it is Natural Law [that] functions. In any minute degree of positivity or in any minute degree of negativity, or big positivity or big negativity—it's the total Natural Law that functions. That is the dynamics of total Natural Law. It is very easy—it's very easy to understand also.’


Question: Formula for Governments to Create Invincibility


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. This is a follow-up question that actually comes from a different source, but it is also on invincibility. Maharishi has said that government scientists of every country should have the knowledge of how to design invincibility for their country. What would this design look like? Specifically, what would be required? What changes in public policy are necessary for a government to make its nation invincible?’ 

‘It will be a waste of time to think of changing all that is there in the government. The government is not in a position to change. The change has to be on the level of the collective consciousness of the nation. That will be the initial motivation of the government to do what it can do.

‘Government cannot do anything other than what it is doing. Government cannot do anything other than what it is doing already. So, if we want the government to change, we have to change the feeder of the government. We have to change the collective consciousness of the nation.

‘For that we have a formula: we just create a group of Yogic Flyers. Just create a group of Yogic Flyers—a hundred, two hundred Yogic Flyers for small countries and a thousand, two thousand for big countries—that is completely enough. Our proposal is to open schools and colleges. The younger generation will bless the collective consciousness of the country, and that will change, modify, improve, and bring fulfilment to the parental role of every government. That's it.

‘Our programme is very well basically designed in a very flawless manner on a supreme level of logic and faith and reliability and invincibility. It is a very good time for the world to just enjoy. A few people in the country—hundred, two hundred, five thousand, two thousand people—getting this teaching in their life for their own enlightenment, and the result will be: they will be most patriotic to their country; they'll be most serviceful to the people, to others.

‘The torch has to be on in order to give light to others. A group of enlightened people radiate that enlightenment and improve the quality of collective consciousness around them. That is what the policy is.’


Question: The Missing Value in Students’ Lives


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. That is very clear. This is another question that has to do with collective consciousness. In the last few months, tens of thousands of college students all over the world have heard public lectures on the Transcendental Meditation Programme, prompting the following question from a member of the press. Maharishi, what is the message of Transcendental Meditation that is appealing to so many young people? What is missing in the lives of these students that motivates them to look to your meditation for hope and fulfilment?’ 

‘The nature of life is cosmic. That means huge. The nature of life is huge. Ignorance of this nature makes the people dependent on the sensory perception. Eyes can see only so much; ears can hear so much; you can touch only so much. So, the world of sensory perception is very limited. And the basic potential of life is cosmic, huge beyond any sensory perception, huge beyond any mind, huge beyond any intellect; it is in the field of the transcendent.

‘So this is lacking. What is lacking is knowledge of the full value of life in the cosmic realm—unlimited value. Ignorance about that makes one remain limited to small, small engagements and small, small doings. That will never satisfy anyone; it doesn't satisfy anyone. Nothing can satisfy anyone other than the knowledge of one’s unbounded value: “I am Totality; I am Brahm, Totality; I am everything.” And that not by superficial imagination, but by the proof that if I think something, Natural Law obeys me; I command through my thought; Natural Law takes over and accomplishes things for me.

‘This education, this knowledge—this is all that is needed. And education should provide it. Health programmes should provide that stability, that perfectly functioning physiology which will cater for that kind of Transcendental Consciousness. Our programme is: just follow and you'll follow your own value of life. And you will be able to command infinity and all that Totality—huge.

Question: How One Can Create Whatever One Desires


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you, Maharishi. Maharishi has just referred to the remarkable phenomenon of spontaneous fulfilment of desires—the growing ability to fulfil a desire by a mere soft impulse of thought. This is a question on that subject for Maharishi. Maharishi has said that an individual can create through desiring, which Maharishi described as “stirring the field of the Devas, stirring the field of Creative Intelligence on its own level, stirring the world of the administrators of the universe.” Would Maharishi please describe what he means by “stirring the field of the Devas”, and how this will allow one to create whatever one desires?’ 

The ability to comprehend: now take a man who is drowsy—only ten per cent awake; another—twenty per cent awake; take a third man—fifty per cent awake. The degree of wakefulness decides the quality of life displayed, the degree of wakefulness—wakefulness about one’s potential, infinite, unbounded.

Unbounded is the potential of man. Knowledge of it makes one penetrate on that level, which we say [is] omnipresence, omniscient, omnipotent. That is the level of total Natural Law—commandable in a very natural way by every human being.

Scientific research on the coherence in brainwave functioning and all that—they are all there to show that what we are saying is tested and proven. There is no doubt about it.

‘Great ignorance in the field of education, health, all those things: They are not properly up to the mark, not properly up to the level of human life—no, no, no, no. Human life is divine, full of divinity, full of all good and all possibilities. It is just a matter of knowing one’s potential, rising to one’s Self. On the level of one’s Being, all that is available to everyone. And here is a shortcut for making transcendental Being into common awareness.

‘My message to the world will be: just tell the world to follow, in this scientific age, Dr Hagelin, a scientist of a distinguished character. He has in his company a majority of the scientific geniuses of this age. He has the blessings of the greatest scientific genius of this age, Maharaja Nader Raam, who in one stroke from his reseach said, "All physiological expressions in creation have their basis in the field of consciousness."

‘And consciousness, in its reality, is transcendental to all that is relative. It's eternal, infinite, and that is the basis of all life. Acceding to that, the collective consciousness of every nation can be on a level of that administrative intelligence which we say [is] the Constitution of the Universe. It is within the grasp of human life in this scientific age. It doesn't need to go to any past time or any future time of expectation. It's right here. Take it, and enjoy; don’t take it, and continue to suffer. There is no choice.

‘Because suffering is not liked by anyone, everyone wants to run away from suffering. That is our strength: that everyone wants to enjoy. We say, “Now, enjoy. This is the information. This is what you are. You enjoy. You deserve to be the administrator of the universe. So, why waste your life in small, small things?”

Question: The Experience of the Text of Natural Law


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. The next question is in reference to what Maharishi said last week about the Veda and Vedic Literature as the text of total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe. Maharishi said that through Transcendental Meditation, the text of total Natural Law can be made consciously lively in the individual mind. The questioner understands that meditation takes the mind to the field of silence, and believes he knows what that experience is like. However, he does not think he has experienced the text of total Natural Law in that silence. How and when does the text of total Natural Law dawn in human awareness? What is that experience like? What is the practical value in daily life of experiencing the text of total Natural Law?’ 

‘You have to practise advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and in those advanced techniques, you'll experience through practice that which is total Natural Law, where [there are] two contradictory values—positive and negative. That is constructive and destructive; there is collapsing and emerging. The two you'll see simultaneously, where consciousness on one side is a language in terms of sound, and on the other side, it is in terms of physiology. There you will see how the physiology is resulting from the field of consciousness. It's an experience; it's an experience.

‘So you take advanced techniques of Yogic Flying, TM Sidhi Programme, and you will experience that when the mind gradually, gradually becomes more and more capable of refined perception, on that level you will be able to see, “Yes, this is positive, this is negative; this is collapsing, this is emerging—two different values. This is silence, this is dynamism.” It's an experience; it's an experience; it's an experience.

‘Then you will see what is the sound of the Veda, and what is the gap between two sounds—the word and the gap, and the word and the gap. This is what the flow of Veda is. It is an experience on your own level of consciousness.

‘And there you will feel—what will you feel? Those agencies which are called Devatas. You will see the Devatas in the words of the Veda, and you will see different Devatas changing the words of the Veda in the gaps. The secret of the Devata is in the gaps. The gap is what you experience in Transcendental Consciousness.

‘This is why the Veda says that in this field of the collapse within the gap you have the Devata, which makes the abstract, which makes the unmanifest flow. The unmanifest flow is how the gap flows from one side of it to the end of it, and then transforms the initial word into the following word—the flow.

‘Who makes it flow? There must be someone who makes it flow; and there must be someone who can start the flow, maintain the flow, and end the flow. These are the agencies, the instruments—these are the scientists who start the flow, who maintain the flow, and maintain the flow in a particular order, and then end the flow. This is the world of the Devata. This is the world of those agencies who maintain the dynamism in the field of silence.

‘It is most delightful, and it's a most enjoyable field of knowledge. This is Vedic Knowledge. It's an experience; it's an experience; it's an experience. Take these formulas that we have received from Guru Dev* and we are giving to the world. There are, I think, a few thousand teachers of Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation.

‘So, we are providing that experience where the Vedic sounds can be recognized—what the sounds are—not only the sound, but who is at the basis of the sound, the Devata. Because the sound flows, when it flows from one point to the other point, from one to the other, from one to the other. Then, in sequence, some other Devata takes over. One Devata goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here. This is the structural dynamics of the Vedic Language. This is the structural dynamics of the total field of knowledge which is at the basis of all creation in the field of the unmanifest.

‘This is Vedic Science—all about what it is there there in the field of the unmanifest. There is a world of abstract realities in the transcendental field. There is a world of that, and that world is more competent and more capable than our world which is limited to sensory perception.

‘Our world of sensory perception is also governed by the Devatas. Eyes have their own Devatas; ears have their own Devatas. It's a matter of knowing them, and knowing them on the basis of their causal value, the causal value. Because this is not the common education, that's why people don't know what is the cause; they just surmise on the effect. But the education should take people to the basic values of transformation. And they are there in the structure of the Rk Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda.

It is a world of its own—but that's a world of the eternal existence, infinite range of life, infinite possibilities. That is at the basis of the unmanifest; that is unmanifest; that is unmanifest. The Vedic expression to explain this is: “Richo Akshare Parame Vyoman, Yasmin Deva Adhi Vishve Nisheduhthese Richas, the Laws of Nature, the Constitution of the Universe, is in the transcendental field. There, in the transcendental field, reside the Veda. The word is “reside” the Veda.

So, they are not a conceptual reality; it is a physical reality which resides somewhere. Where does it reside? It resides in the transcendental, self-referral field of consciousness—eternally resides there. They are not a concept; they are not a concept. It's a concept to those who don't know. So, not-knowing people. . . can say anything.

‘So, we are all right. We would like to close, because I should attend to the unmanifest now. Dr Hagelin, give them today’s news and bless the world press.


*Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.



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