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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

23 February 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. Very good, Dr. Hagelin—how beautifully you have been addressing the world press. The whole field of knowledge is a matter of—as you have said in the introductory remarks—the functioning of the total brain. So, to train the brain to function totally is human rights—human development. And that has been the proprietary knowledge of the Vedic Tradition from times immemorial. The field of knowledge, the science and technology of total Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect orderliness, is now available to human intelligence through human programme of utilizing the total functioning of the brain.
Total functioning of the brain: that is described in so many words in such huge, countless pages of books of Yoga and Vedanta and Karma and Shiksha and Kalpa and Vyakaran. All these different values of Vedic Literature, they come out as the clear expressions [of] all knowledge and the action-principle of knowledge, that is available at the basis of all creation. And now, the human mind can be trained to have a grip on it, to function from that level. 

So it has been our great delight, for our own joy, to remain in that area and guide the people who come in our contact so that all that they desire can be completely accomplished by them without any strain, without hard work, without any failure, without any problem, in a very easy manner. And this is this area of Vedic Knowledge.

Now, teaching it for fifty years in the world, we have come to a conclusion: that we can train governments of the world to be so completely competent to make use of the total Natural Law, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect orderliness—perfect orderliness. So, we are now inviting governments to engage our scientists, our experts, our technologists, our teachers of consciousness, who can raise the consciousness of the individual to that high level of the universal consciousness which conducts all activity in the universe and manages evolution of everything. It is within reach—within easy reach. It is the area of Vedic Knowledge.
Now those who don’t understand, they don’t understand. Gradually, gradually, they’ll begin to understand. They’ll know that there is something they are missing in life. What they are missing in life? They are missing real happiness. What they are missing in life? Missing the Light of God! They belong to some religion; they belong to some religion, and they do what their religious preachers say. But their life is like the fish out of water—fish out of water.
‘That is why our Movement has come to a level that it’s now creating the administrators of the world. Fourteen Rajas have been trained during the last year.

‘When I called them for Raja Training—Raja Training means training of the administrator—I thought two months¬, three months, four months will be enough. But [for] three months I was training them; then I was not satisfied. That means: the fruit was still raw. I wanted a ripe fruit. We continued month after month, continued month after month, continued month after month. And I wouldn’t leave them, and they wouldn’t leave me, because there was something more fascinating day after day, week after week, month after month. But I had not succeeded in bringing them to that level of intelligence which is the intelligence of the ruler. Intelligence of the ruler means: fully lively in total Law.

‘Law—we call it Natural Law—there are, of course, all kinds of laws. One law is Natural Law; the other is manmade law. All the constitutions of the different governments are manmade constitutions. Some time—maybe hundred years ago or twenty years ago or fifty years ago or five hundred years ago—some men sat around. And the wise people thought, “How should our society be administered?” They made those laws: they made a constitution of the universe—“All will follow it.”

‘But a manmade constitution is always and always not complete. Any manmade principle, any manmade practice, any manmade procedure, will always have weaknesses of human mind. And weaknesses of human mind means: failures and full of problems on every level of life. So, manmade laws—they must have ineffectiveness, because manmade.
‘That man is all right, when man is made in the image of God. That man who is made in the image of God, that man who has God in his awareness, who is just acting in accord with the Will of God that is the Constitution of the Universe, that Will of God—that man is made in the Will of God. But if that level of consciousness has not developed, then the man is behaving as if not made in the image of God. That’s why suffering and all kinds of those things.
‘So, now it’s a matter of our ability to create that sweeping influence in the whole world consciousness. I am saying now: sweeping influence in the whole world consciousness which is free from human inceptions, which is free from human failings, which is free from human weaknesses.

‘It is all full in the nature of the evolution of everything—evolution, evolution, evolution. From point to infinity: evolution, evolution—from the unmanifest seed of a tree, sprouting into a tree and becoming branches and leaves and flowers and fruits, and fruits becoming ripe. So much manifestation, ‘til the fruit is the same seed from where the tree grew. So the growth of the seed is the growth of the emptiness within the seed, and again that emptiness precipitates as a seed again. So this—from seed to seed—is the whole field of evolution, whole field of evolution.

‘It all depends upon how a child has been educated. And before that, it depends what the child is, what quality of physiology he is born into. There are so many species in the world, so many millions of species of insects, and all these mosquitoes and animals and ants and monkeys and elephants—different species. And each has its own language—each has its own language. And each has its own pace of evolution, pace of evolution.
‘So everyone—what he is—is obviously based on who is he who is born, and where on earth he is born, which country he is born, with what parents he is born, and how he is born, and how he acts. The whole field of knowledge is one aspect of Jyotish—one aspect of knowledge—which knows everything, can calculate everything precisely. It’s astrology and all those things. So the whole field of knowledge is there. It’s a matter of how much of the Total Knowledge is given to the child—in what country, in what country.

‘From this point of view, education is appalling. [There are] great universities—and every president of the university is proud of his university. He is proud of what? He is proud of big knowledge. Where is the knowledge? In all the libraries. The president says, “In my library, there are so many hundred thousand books. Any student can read any books.” What are those books? They are the accounts of failures of life. All those books that every library is full of is the account of failures in life—absolute failures in life. They have written their experiences, and the next generation reads that and falls into the same “blind leading the blind’ and all that, all that.

‘Vedic Knowledge—Vedic Knowledge [is] what Dr Hagelin has so beautifully expressed. Now, we have been hopping around all these years, fifty years and all that, proving to everyone that what we say is correct, what we say is correct. And now we sit like an elephant. And now our offer to the world is supreme knowledge. And the supreme knowledge is in the intelligence of the rulers. Government is supreme knowledge.

‘So, we are asking the government to know this knowledge: how to govern as the universe is governed in most perfect manner and always eternally governed with perfect orderliness. With all the infinite diversity of the universe—the universe is uni-versified—unified and versified: unity and diversity, unity and diversity together. This is a field of consciousness which has Totality lively in its structure, lively in its flow, lively in its silence.

‘So, we are inviting the government: “You make a contract with us.” As a government, when it wants to build a bridge, it calls for tenders—it calls for contracts. Now I am inviting the government to make a contract with my university—Vedic University. And [these Vedic] universities are there, colleges are there, in Europe and America and India, east and west, all over the world. The thing is there. Contract with those universities; contract with those scientists who can stimulate total Natural Law’s intelligence and energy in order to fulfil our desire. Make a contract, and be capable of achieving anything. This is my offer to the world. And make hay when the sun shines.

‘I am completely aware that all these people who are supposed to be experienced in politics—someone says, “I have been there thirty years in this government, and ten years or twenty years in that government and this government.” But you have been in that government—what you have been handling was manmade constitution. That means the total assemblage of laws which are made by man, which are not comprehensive in their range of influence. They don’t range from point to infinity—totally at the same time for everything always—no, it doesn’t.

‘So the constitutions of every country are limited; they are very limited because they are manmade.

‘Fortunately in the world, Vedic Culture has been culturing that intelligence of Natural Law which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order. The order that exists in Nature: so many suns and so many moons and stars and galaxies and all these structures, so much of water floating in the empty space, so much of water floating in the empty space, the whole field of gravity and all that. All these different laws!

‘One can only surmise, one can only say, awe-inspired, “How?! This is such big, huge—oceans moving around in empty space for years together, for millions of years; water bodies moving around and not falling off, [due to] the force of gravity, the huge power and intelligence of Natural Law.
‘Now there is a class of people: they are called Vedic—Vedic. “Vedic” means—“Veda” means knowledge, pertaining to knowledge. The very name is pertaining to knowledge. This class of people, Vedic class of people, have in their tongue, in their throat, in their palate, in their mouth, the pronunciation of those values which are not humanly conceived, which are not humanly made, which are natural values of infinity and its relation to its point—infinity and point, infinity and point. This is that transcendental field.

‘And there is a class of people in the world called Vedic Pandits—Vedic class of people, Veda. They have their own language. That language is language of Nature. In one sound of this Vedic language, “A”, total Natural Law is fully awake. Total Natural Law fully awake in one syllable “A”, in one syllable “I”, in one syllable “U”, in one syllable “Ri”. These are the syllables which have expressions of Natural Law in complete assemblage, in a unified state, unified state. These Vedic Pandits have that from their tradition. And just a few words here and there—they reveal the whole thing.

‘What is the phrase? “Yogasthah kuru karmani”—one phrase, which we have been repeating to the world. “Perform action from the state of Yoga from the state of unity.” That means: get into the unified state of consciousness; perform from there. That means: perform from the level of silence.

‘“Perform from the level of silence” is one conclusion of Vedic Science, which holds the unmanifest, transcendental field—unmanifest underlined, unmanifest—nothing in the manifest. But the unmanifest, unmanifest field—how does it function within itself? The infinity of the unmanifest field relates to its own point of infinity. So, infinity relates to its point of infinity—that means: its own nature, its own nature.

‘The motion—there is circular motion. That’s why it’s called “Mandala”. “Mandala” is a circle, circle, circle—one after the other, circle, circle, circle, circle—circular motion. So, the whole field of Natural Law functions in circles. And these circles have different, different kinds of characteristic qualities: “A”, “I”, “U”. These are different, different sounds. But each sound is a complete expression of the Constitution of the Universe.

‘It’s miraculous that the whole universe could be conducted, the whole universe could be ruled, by one syllable. And that syllable is a syllable which expresses what? Silence. Silence. Expression of silence is the Constitution of the Universe. Expression of silence is the Constitution of the Universe.
‘That is why Vedic programmes are for the individual awareness—for the mind, individual mind, to flow on that level which is transcendental, but it’s still a flow: “Para ki chetana”, the Transcendental Consciousness. Transcendental Consciousness—it’s a frictionless flow of infinity to its own point. And this is not what is humanly made constitution. This is self-effulgent Constitution of the Universe, self-effulgent Constitution of the Universe.  

‘So, there is a class of people, Vedic people; they have all knowledge about it. They can perform; they can speak some words from the Vedic Literature, from the Veda—from that field of the transcendental reality, self-referral consciousness, self-referral intelligence. They have those procedures from the self-referral consciousness—they are called “Yagyas”, they are called “Graha-Shantis”—to prevent problems from rising.
‘This is the parental role of the ruler. The ruler rules by what skill? By his parental skill, which has the ability to prevent problems. And once you have developed that intelligence in a child, for life he’ll be free from problems, from limitations, from difficulties, from crying, from ill health—all those things.
‘Beautiful field
and now, come and take it. Come and take it. This is a field of knowledge where whatever you are, you may be the monarch of all the whole world, but you don’t know this knowledge. So, for your own sake, for the sake of your own chair—you represent the head of state, you are the father of the nation, you are the mother of the nation, you are the parents of the nation, the nation looks to you—you should learn how to nourish the children, how to prevent them from making mistakes. You should learn. And we are ready to give you the knowledge.

‘But now, after fifty years, I am speaking from that authority. I ask you to learn. I know you are the president of this country and president of this country. But, you are hopeless! President of the country you are. You deserve all respect from the people, and people do respect you. But the people know you have no power.

‘What can a government do? What can a president do? He has power to make statements. One day the government of—any government, say any government—the government comes, and he says, “Oh, these burglars came, and they robbed the bank; the burglars came, and they occupied this palace; burglars came, this; ministry of that country came, and it destroyed this.” They can make statements. But they cannot prevent you from going wrong.

‘Governments are not in a position to prevent problems for you! They have the authority: they tax you. Until yesterday, you were paying that much tax. Today, you must pay more tax and more tax and more tax. You can only look to them: “Have mercy on me.” And what is their mercy? Absolutely no knowledge how to handle the problems in advance.

“Heyam dukham anagatam.” This is the clarion call of administration—Vedic Administration. “Heyam duhkham anagatam, Heyam duhkham anagatam—“Avert the danger that has not yet come”. This is the voice of the [Vedic] government.

‘No government can say that they can really prevent problems. They can proclaim: “Oh, that country, military has come there, and military has come there, and now we have to fight the military”. Then they have the authority to put you to go and die with the enemy. But they don’t have the authority to eliminate the enmity from the enemy.

Vedic Pandits have those techniques whereby they do the Yagyas. They do their performance, they do their performance; they do their knowledge, they perform their knowledge. And whatever they desire, that comes to be. If they desire country to be free from enemy, there will be no enemy born, either inside the country or outside the country.

‘Where is the government that can avert the danger? Every four years, the system is to change the government, because every government proves to be useless and proves to be fatal. In four years—four years are enough for any government to prove to be completely useless. And new people come, and people hope—hope that they’ll do something. And they see what they’ve done. One year gone, two year gone, three year gone: they are left with the statements of these ministers, statements of these presidents. But what these statements do? Blind leading the blind!

‘Now is the time we have some ointment for all the blind to revive their vision—begin to see the truth. We can create groups in every government, that will create huge, indomitable strength of coherence and harmony in national life—an indomitable strength of coherence in national life. No enemy will be found either inside or outside.
‘Take this thing. Take this knowledge. Today, I am inviting you. Tomorrow, your people will hoot you out. There is a place, there are engineers, but you are not employing them to create a powerhouse, and you are allowing the darkness to continue the whole night. There is a chance for you to engage the expert light-makers to create a powerhouse, but you are not using them. You don’t deserve to be our government. This is how every government, every head of state, every Education Minister, every Health Minister, every Defence Minister is going to be hooted out, today or tomorrow.

‘Why let that calamity come to your career? Why not, in advance, rise to enlightenment yourself personally and have the technique to create enlightenment in your national consciousness?

‘So here is a call—a practical call here—it’s a practical call. And we are inviting you; we are lovingly inviting you; we are lovingly advising you. And you have the authority now to tax anyone, put anyone to jail, put anyone here, put anyone here. But you can have a real, real, a parental role for the whole children of the nation.

‘So, either take it or continue to remain what you are. If there are questions, I am ready to answer questions. But each country has to do it. There is a saying that everyone has to take his own cross. Everyone has to be with one’s own fate. Wake up today, and you’ll be better off tomorrow. You don’t wake up, and the people will leave you thinking you are sleeping and you are gone.

‘Dr. Hagelin, you have been speaking for all these times. But tell them all that the time of speech is coming to an end. It’s time of action. Strike when the iron is hot. It’s very hot now; it’s very hot, now that the destructive forces are up.
‘It is time for action. Strike when the iron is hot. It is very hot now; it is very hot, now that the destructive forces are up. I am starting another course for these Rajas [Administrators] today or tomorrow—from the full moon we are starting.
‘Dr Feldman can tell the press all that he has designed for the next step of operation of our world Movement—all these World Peace Bonds. We are going to circulate World Peace Bonds. We are going to issue these bonds in order to have all the buildings that are necessary in the field of education, health, and all that.
‘Bonds—as people do in any other business, so people will invest their money, will earn from that, and the world will have Peace Palaces everywhere, Vedic Medical Colleges everywhere, Vedic Schools everywhere, Vedic homes, Vedic structures, and Vedic Architecture everywhere. The whole life will be in full accord with Natural Law.
‘This is our offer to the world, and we are very happy to do so. The world, we think, will never be the same world.'

Dr Hagelin: ‘Jai Guru Dev. Thank you so much, Maharishi, for this extraordinary, comprehensive exposition of Total Knowledge, and how total Natural Law can be applied by anyone for the flawless administration of individual life and indeed the administration of entire nations.

‘In a moment, we will hear directly from the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, who has crafted with His Holiness Maharishi’s input and guidance a powerful step in the implementation of Heaven on Earth, a prevention-oriented ideal administration for the world, through the issuance of special bonds—World Peace Bonds. These bonds will immediately allow the creation of ideal educational institutions, Vedic educational institutions in very country, and Peace Palaces in every country of the world, so that the six billion citizens of the world will have access to this life-transforming knowledge of life in accord with Natural Law and the development of the total brain. . . . ’ 

Dr Feldman: ‘In each area, the Raja will make available in the 100 centres in his domain these World Peace Bonds in five areas of activity: the World Peace Bonds for Education, the World Peace Bonds for Health, the World Peace Bonds for Organic Agriculture, the World Peace Bonds for Defence, and the World Peace Bonds for the Construction of Peace Palaces.

‘These bonds will be denominated in very handy denominations so that even at the level of about $1,000, people can afford the bond. After three years, they can cash it in for $1,200—something like that. They will be readily available soon in that range so that everyone can participate. If our local person in one of these 100 centres sells 500 bonds for construction, then we will have raised $500,000, which is enough for the bank to finance the construction of a building of $2.5 or $3 million. That will be enough, of course, to build our Peace Palace in that city.
‘By a very small portion of the population of every city purchasing a beautiful World Peace Bond that is accessible to almost everyone, the Peace Palace can be built. Likewise we can raise funds in the field of education for the construction of schools, in the field of health for the construction of Vedic Colleges and Health Centers, in the field of agriculture for the expansion of the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Project, and in the field of defence so we may have permanent groups of Yogic Flyers for that city.
‘Those who will raise these funds will be trained. We have been training the Rajas in the most fortunate, sublime training that could ever exist on earth. Maharishi-ji has been training the Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace himself, and now the invitation is extended to all those who will be gathering the means for the construction of these schools, health centres, Peace Palaces, agricultural fields and greenhouses, and for the groups of Yogic Flyers, who are the essence of our offer of enlightenment and invincibility to the world. . . .’



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