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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Maharishi's Address
to the World Congress of Rajas —
The Structure of Total Knowledge

30 December 2007


Maharishi Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave the following profound talk to the assembly of Rajas, led by Maharaja Nader Raam.

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. Tomorrow is the day of celebrating that level of intelligence from where the speech returns. We have been on the expanding level—expanding level, expanding level, expanding level. And we are lead by the scientific expressions which from multiplicity converging to unity, converging to unity, and that tomorrow will be the time of the return journey of this process.

'There is an expression in the administration of Raja Raam: "Raam Brahm Paramaratha Rupa"—Raam is Totality. And what is that? That is expressed by the words so thrilling to us, so beautiful to express the inexpressible. Now you see the arrow hitting the target. And after hitting the target, the arrow returns to the bow. Both ways—from multiplicity, from many, to one unified, [and] from one unified return to the source of one, return to zero. Exactly what is expressed by the word, "A" to "Ma" and "Ma" to "A"? We have been through this beautiful concept being materialized in our self-referral intelligence which is in two parts: magnifying and unifying, diversifying and unifying. "A", infinity, converging to "Ma", point; "Ma", point, diverging to "A", infinity. And this is all the drama of someone who is an eternal spectator of activity emerging, and backwards, activity submerging.

'Dr Hagelin is enjoying this reality, because he sees both ways. He sees multiplicity converging, multiplicity converging, and convergence diverging—both opposite values of reality at the same time where the return journey takes place. That is why the Vedic expression in one expression defines what it is: convergence and divergence, convergence and divergence. Two opposite values are blended together in one expression of knowledge. That is Raam. "A" and "Ma"—"Ra", reverberation of infinity, converging into point, and point diverging into infinity.

'Convergence and divergence—what is this? This is the structure of Mandal, Mandal, Mandal. How many Mandals possible? Ten Mandals possible. And this is Veda. So all the Rajas and all their Ministers and all the Directors of every country, they are now swinging from diversity to unity, and there from unity to diversity. So when the flow of infinity is converging to point-value, the point-value is diverging into infinity.

'A very perfect vision in the expression, "At-ma". Same tone, same reality of "A-t-ma", same reality of "A-t-ma", when comes to be the direct vision, it is Raam. That is the silent administrator of the universe. And the silent administration of the universe was laid open by Raja Raam, our dear Raja Raam, ten, fifteen years ago when he expressed in words his discovery of the whole physiological universe from self-referral consciousness.

‘I am reminded of his expression, which he has expressed in his book, in his book of research, where he simply declares, without hesitation, in clear words, that it is the consciousness which is the physiology—of the brain physiology. And when I was reflecting on the words of Raja Raam fifteen years ago, he had mentioned—and I would remind our Rajas and all our great minds, the Ministers of the Raja—I was so impressed by the Minister of Finance today. He could spell out very clearly what it means to have self-referral reality, self-referral unified field. It's a beautiful expression. That is the expression of what? The Raam shoots the arrow, and the arrow hitting the target returns back to the bow of Raam.

‘And this is the anecdote: when Raam was walking through the forest from Ayodhya to Lanka, some Siddha, some Rishi, some seer of reality, offered to Raam an arrow that when that will be shot, the arrow will hit the target and will come back to the bow again. . . . Tarkash, the house in which all the arrows are put—the arrow goes out of that shot by Raam, and then hits the target, comes back to the house, eternal house again. So it never loses its presence in the house. Self-referalness is always maintained. And this is what has been brought to us after fifteen years of declaration of Raja Raam by the representative of Raja Raam today, the Raja of Invincible America.

‘What we are seeing here? Both ways, both ways of knowledge. From the powerhouse the light goes to light the darkness of sleep, darkness of outside house, and it does not disappear there. It does not exhaust there. It comes back to the powerhouse again. So the powerhouse of Total Knowledge is there. And now I'm entering in to a very delightful thing—this is not yet the time for me, because I wanted you to go through the forward journey, all the twelve values of infinity. Through every value you hit the target, you come to the total conclusion, total conclusion. And that will be the time for me to express the return journey for that: "Anvaya-vyatirekabhyam nishprpahcham prapanchyate".

‘This is the formula that spells out the expansion value—I mean the contraction value—from infinity to contraction to point value, to point value. Fine point to infinity will be the expansion phase. So, I was waiting for all the Rajas and for all the great minds of our Movement which are going to be the lighthouses everywhere in every country, whatever the country, whatever the language, whatever the mannerisms, whatever the culture and all that.

‘When you have done that under the very alert and very beautiful and very—just alert—under the alert intelligence of Dr Hagelin, when you have done all the twelve values, twelve values, twelve values, then will be the time to see the return value.

‘Dr Hagelin has taken us to the point value. From infinity to point value. Ananta akhanda—that means infinity to point—it converges, converges. This is what? This is one way of expressing Total Knowledge. Total Knowledge is not completed until we have expressed it in the other way.

‘This thing is very vivid, is very vivid in what is prevalent as business! You invest in business and the investment in business brings back to you multifold. Something comes added to it. So knowledge in the market, in the business, multiplies itself! It hits the point, and then back it hits the infinity of point.

‘Knowledge is both ways—not one way knowledge. Knowledge is in"Raa", "Aaaaaa" and "Ma". "Raaaaam", "Aaaaatmaaaa"—these are wonderful expressions, wonderful expressions. Right from the birth, what comes out of mother? "Aaaaaaaa". That is the whole journey from infinity to point—Atmaaa. And as the boy becomes a little more in this experience of "A" to "Ma", language gets created. And as the language gets created,"Aaaaa" begins to be expressed in its detailed constituents of eight Prakritis.

The whole Ved is the flow of eight Prakritis—AK NI MI LE PUROHITAM. It's a subject on itself. It's a never-ending subject, it's a never-ending subject. But that never-ending subject is the reality of self-referral consciousness. Self-referral consciousness means when the consciousness is exploring what is outside, it is at the same time exploring what is inside. As the consciousness exploring outside, so it is exploring inside also. This is just business.

‘In business one spends, and then one collects. And whatever is spent, for the time it looks it is lost. For the time it looks it is lost, but immediately it begins to look to be gain. So loss is a gain; loss is a gain. This is because the procedure of losing is inherent (laughs) in the procedure of gaining.

‘It's just a matter of memory—whether enlarging or contracting, enlarging and contracting. These two things were brought to the world by the concrete scientific research of Raja Raam, but that we will study when you have finished all your twelve, all your twelve values, outside, outside, outside, outside.

‘Then will come the time which will actualize to us that expression of Ramayan that when Raam was going to hit the Ravan, when he was walking to Ayodhya, some saint gave him—it was an offer. And what it was? Complete knowledge in what Raam has to go through. He has to go through abolishing, abandoning, destroying the enemy, because it is bringing infinity to point.

‘It is making infinity to point, but that is not one-time job. It is the quality of the bow of Raam Dhanush, the bow of Raam. It shoots the arrow, the arrow comes back to him. This is self-referral value.

‘Now, we use the new word, self-referral value of consciousness. So, consciousness is a field where this business is going on—business of losing and gaining more, losing and gaining more, losing and gaining more.

‘In the agriculture, you have seen, a farmer puts the seed to become completely destroyed in the field. Whatever he has in hand is gone to nothingness, but the farmer knows today it has gone into nothingness. Tomorrow it is going to come back multifold. So this losing is a process of gaining. This is called business. You invest, and you have lost your money. You have lost your money, and that comes multifold. It comes back to you—sometime 5%, sometime 10%, sometime 20%, sometime 100%.

‘And I hear there are businesses which bring out ten times. But what is the process of emergence of ten times profit? The process is completely losing the amount. And you don't know you have lost it, but it comes back to you.

‘That shows the business, which is obviously divided into two perspectives—losing and gaining. So nobody calls that a loss; everybody calls it a gain and gain and gain and gain. And this has been written down.

‘Now, I want to come to our field now, the field of the Rajas, and the field of the minister, Prime Minister's. And what is that thing? Silence working, silence in motion. When the seed is completely smashed out, gone into the earth, disappeared, and then appears multifold, one seed becomes ten, twenty seeds in a tree or wheat or rice or whatever—whatever one does agriculture.

‘So this whole phenomenon is really, appears to be in loss and gain, but it is one phenomenon of profit, success. So success (laughs), success in business has two aspects to it. First aspect is loss, second aspect is gain. So when you are going through all these twelve values, you are traveling through the path of loss, loss, loss, loss. You lose one, you lose one, you lose one, you lose one, you lose one. And every time you gain, you gain something, you gain something.

‘So when you have done all, and these twelve are just the specimen of all, supposing—twelve, twelve, twelve, and back twelve, and back twelve. So this loss and gain both together constitute business. And in the business of Raam there are two values—killing of the enemy and promotion of supportive friends, creation of supportive friends.

‘So what is this? It's only a matter of vision—the whole conclusion. Now the conclusion is that the whole creation, the whole creative process is a concept, a vision, a concept, a vision. And where is this concept spoken aloud in the language? That is the language which is expansion of"Aaaaaaa"—"Aaaaaa" first syllable of Ved. The whole flow of Ved is the expression of "Aaaaaaa".

‘And what is this? "Aaaaaaaa" elongated. "A" is made of A, A, A, A, A, A , A, A, A, A, A, A, A. So "A" on its own is the flow of Totality, till it comes down to "Maaa", "Ak", "Ak", "Ka", "Ka". "Ka" is a point. "A" is infinity. "Ka" is a point.

‘This whole structure is what we know to be Prakriti of "A", nature of "A". What is the nature of "A"? Fluctuation from infinity to point, from point to infinity. From point to infinity, infinity to point, from point to infinity, infinity to point. Infinity hangs on the point; the point hangs on infinity. So there is non-dual infinity, that is "Aaaaa". What is "A"? "A" is the flow of Atma. So Atma flows. Or Atma, flowing in "A", is Veda flowing, knowledge flowing. And knowledge flowing means from infinity to point. There is nothing unknown flowing. And this is the knowledge known to the knower itself.

‘There in "A", knower, knowing, and known—all the three values—are in oneness. So it's the oneness that appears to be flowing, and flowing in both directions—opposite directions—forward, backward, forward, backward. These [are] all the drama of knowledge. It's only a matter of viewpoint!

'All the eight Prakritis separating out from the ninth Prakriti. "A" is the expression of the ninth Prakriti dividing itself into eight-divided Prakriti. So ninth Prakriti is self-contained Prakriti. This self-contained Prakriti has an expression in the Vedic language: "Thou art the tenth"—"Dashamas Twam Asi". It has nothing to do with nine; it is the tenth. "That thou art." So . . . always tenth, tenth, tenth, tenth, tenth.

‘Tenth is one, zero. And one zero has emerged from where? One has emerged from zero. I'm going through the nine Prakritis. Then one is alternated. First was zero, and then one. And in the tenth, first is one, and zero is tenth. So it's just a drama of one—a drama of zero becoming one, and one becoming zero.

‘So it's the play of zero. Zero becomes one, one becomes zero, zero becomes one, one becomes zero. And between zero and one, there is one and zero—tenth. Thou art the tenth. And whole knowledge is in those nine values. And the whole knowledge is divided values of nine into one, two three, four, five, eight—into eight.

‘So the whole thing mental—and anything that is mental and divided and understood in this way is instrumentally brought about by another agency called intellect. Intellect is decisive. So one is abstractly wild, the other is the controller of the wild; controller of the mental activity is intellect. What is in-tell-ect? Self-referral . . . ego is the finer values. . . . And how do we know intellect? We know intellect again as the arrow going out and coming back to its place—the money being out in the market, gone in the mud, but it's coming out manifold.

‘That is how the ten values are spread up, and they spread up in the language of the Veda. This is the language of the Veda. And what is the language of the Veda? The whole body, the whole physiology. Fifteen years ago, our Raja Raam of this generation declared specifically total thing—seems to be total thing—but it's a total loss on its own level. It's a total loss on its own level. It's nothing. And this nothing is divided into ten Mandalas.

‘When you have gone through one way shooting the arrow, and then in these three, four, five days, whenever you finish it, and then we'll have return journey from there. So, not only in the outer direction is the administration, but the outer administration is an echo of the inner administration. Something is going inside; something is going inside—Atma—something going "A" and becoming "Ma", something becoming "Ma" and something becoming "A".

‘So this is self-referral language. This is in the Sanskrit terminology: Nitya Apaurusheya Veda. No one has made Veda. Veda is a self-made something. And that something has two values. It's nothing, qualified nothing; and nothing, unqualified nothing. Qualified nothing—Sagun Brahm. Non-qualified nothing—Nirgun Brahm.

‘There is one side of it, on the increasing side, bigger and bigger and bigger. On the other side, smaller and smaller and smaller. "A" becoming smaller and smaller and becoming "Ma". "Ma", bigger and bigger and bigger, becoming "A". So bigger and bigger and bigger, "A", is in the upward direction, supposing, and we keep Atma in the middle. So Atma, upper side, has two values: qualified by many and qualified by nothing, just like that. And all that is "Aaaaa". And downwards expanding—Veda. And Veda, into nine Prakritis, expressed in the very first Richa of Rik Veda. And then the eight spread out values of Rishi Devata, and Chhandas, and then all the eight values. And each of the eight values horizontally, and each—eight into eight—because eight inside. Each of it has a memory of the other inside, inside, inside. So eighty-four. Eight into eight, eighty-four horizontally. And the same vertically. And this is the structure of the Veda.

‘In the very first Richa, in the very first Richa there are these eight, eight, eight—twenty-four letters. And each letter is eight times further elaborated. That’s how it makes one-ninety-two. We have heard from Dr Hagelin how many times one-ninety-two, one-ninety-two, one-ninety-two.

‘From where they come? They come from the specific number system coming into play to describe the reality. And this is the self-referral commentary of the Veda in terms of Rishi, Devata, Chhand. Eight values of Rishi, eight values of Devata, eight values of Chhand—twenty-four values. And each of these values—eight times in the very front eight Richas.

'So the whole thing, the whole thing has been has been expressed by our Raja Raam in terms of concrete language of today's scientific age. His book, his research record, will be understood by us when we have gone one way and twelve. We are completing the twelve values, eight, nine, ten, twelve—two, three, four days—whatever it takes for us one way, and then the return way. And then we will see his book very specifically.

‘What is his book of research? His book of research is commentary of Veda, commentary of the ultimate reality. He brings out all the modern terms of all those values of the brain, this brain, this brain, this brain, and all this atom and molecules and vibrations and all. The whole thing is there. That will be the book which will give us a total . . . curriculum of the university. All our students will move, their intelligence will move, from infinity to point, from point to infinity, all in terms of eight, eight, eight, eight, and the whole of the Veda. . . .

‘You are starting medical colleges everywhere in the world. Your health system is going to be the masterpiece health system. First thing: it will not have any side effects like that that. It will not be any kind of poison inside. For that much quality of that knowledge is enough, but it is something more that that. It's not only unharmful, but it is healthful for education. And that knowledge—it's healthful to life means it should open infinity of life to everyone. And that infinity of life to everyone is the climax of knowledge about life. That is Ayur Veda. . . .

‘Focus your point on all these eight values. Twelve values are very beautifully being expressed—all these twelve values—by our modern speaker. He speaks modern language, and brings to you the vision of the transcendental reality. So when you have done that expansion, then will be the time to look into the Raja's expression fifteen, twenty years ago, so there is no mirage about it. That as the administrative body of silent value of Raja Raam, you'll be displaying very thoroughly, both from maximum to minimum, from minimum to maximum, minimum to maximum, maximum to minimum.

‘This will give you the lordship of sovereignty over life. That will be your administration on the level of silence—silence. So finish your absolute focus in these three, four, five days. This ceremony towards the end we have, we are facing a celebration day that we will honour in the name of Guru Dev* and rejoice that thing. And we'll continue on exploring all those, whatever three, four, five aspects out of the twelve aspects remain. And then, then we will revert back. For revert back, we'll go from expression to expression from the printed book of Raja Raam, which says very specifically what Raja Raam-ji says is the expression of the Veda.

‘So when you'll be opening colleges in your areas, the first thing will be: get yourself examined by Veda. What Veda? Rik Veda. This physiological value will give you examination of your perfect language of Rik Veda. This area of physiology gives you the knowledge of the Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, Krishna Yajur Veda, Shukla Yajur Veda. Very specifically Raja Raam-ji has indicated this is the area.

‘So, now what you will be? Now what your medical colleges will be? They will be the teachers of Veda. Anyone comes, come in this room where your physiology will be analyzed by Rik Veda. Having done those areas, analysis from Rik Veda, the result will be there is something to be tested by Sama Veda also. Now get yourself tested by Sama Veda. Get yourself tested by Yajur Veda. Get yourself tested by Atharva Veda.

‘This is actually scientific, rigorously scientific procedure of testing the body, where the tester who is testing is absolutely objective. There is no subjectivity in it. Subjectivity itself is objectivity there. So that is the tester who is completely impartial. He cannot make mistakes. Present the examination, whatever it may be, whether through the pulse or through any means of blood test or whatever test, whatever test.

‘The machines may fail, but the standard pronunciation about the condition in terms of the language, Sama Veda, will always remain that, because it's completely impartial. The language of the Veda is the language of its own make. Veda is its own language. That means Rik Veda has its own self-referral authority. Sama Veda has its own self-referral authority.

‘So all means of testing have their possibility of mistakes. But when the Rik Veda tests you, you are completely sure that is the final authority. That much, that much functioning has become less in your physiology. And Raja Raam's research has been: how this membrane here reverberates, that is the reverberation of Rik Veda; how this reverberation, which is the reverberation of Sama Veda, what it says about that, whether it's functioning properly according to that or not.

‘So this body to be tested by the Veda and that is your eternal diagnostic instrument of your college. Veda will test the body. Rik Veda will test so many things; Sama Veda will test so many things; Yajur Veda will test so many things. Now the test within test: not only Veda will say one thing, but it will say its ingredient also—internal. They will be Vedangas. Not only Vedangas, but inside of it—Upangas. Not only Upangas—the fourth level of testing—Upaveda, Upaveda. The fifth level of testing—Ayur Veda, Ayur Veda.

‘This is your perfect diagnostic instrument available within the different layers of physiology. What is an atom? That part of it—some part—is called "atom"; some part is called this. But that is the supremely self-sufficient diagnostic procedure which is available in the structure of the physiology. This is the contribution of Raja Raam—research. All Raja Raam research, all Raja Raam research and that has been so beautifully, completely cognized by the cognizer of everything which self-cognizes by our Raja of Invincible America, Invincible America.

‘It's such a joyful, it's such a joyful, it's a blissful field of knowledge. Knowledge is bliss. It's so absorbing; it's so absorbing; it's so absorbing that it shows gain in loss. And that is practically available in the market of the world, in the diversity of the world.

‘And without its hanging on to its source, the whole thing is loose. And that is why we find when the source was not available to human awareness, human awareness was tossed about from indefiniteness to indefiniteness And tossing about from one indefinite to other indefinite, it was tired, it was suffering, it was inadequate, it was useless to itself.

‘So, within another few days after you have completed your twelve values, and then you'll get into the return journey. Just that example: that some Rishi offered to Raja Raam that your house of arrows will never remain empty. Arrow will go, hit the target, and come back to you like that, like that. Just in this anecdote, the Total Knowledge is inherent. And in the Total Knowledge, total organizing power is inherent. When one opens the Total Knowledge, then opens to organizing power, there is science and technology both together, both together, both together.

‘So that is the area you are getting onto next week or next week or next week, whatever. Completely in it—nothing is important for you than floating on this field back and forth and back and forth. And everything will be so clear; everything will be so clear. That journey is automatic. And all the philosophies of the world will [be] practical values of your own intelligence.

‘It's very, very fortunate that there is a book of reference. And that is the book of reference in the modern language in English, in the textbook of the research record of Raja Raam-ji is printed in the Sanskrit language, in the language—eternal language—of Mother Nature. Then you'll be the shining star of Total Knowledge, and then you'll be the sunshine for all the levels of different shades, different darknesses. And very fortunate we are in this generation that we have this kind of total disclosure of total reality, the will of God or Constitution of the Universe or whatever we call it—different names. All those different names will be a reality of our own self-referral being.

‘And we have Dr Hagelin with us and the voice of Raja Raam. Raja Raam enjoys in his, in his completeness of two different values—spending and gaining a lot. And we have a true speaker of that language in our midst in the voice of America, and all that, all that. We are on a very good position today, and that is why we keep going back to the Puja** of Guru Dev, Puja of Guru Dev. And tomorrow Puja will be one more Puja, which has started its value in Brahm today, like that, like that, like that.

‘Dr Hagelin and Prime Minister, express in a few moments the whole field of knowledge that is awaiting all our Rajas and all our Ministers, and they are capable of giving concrete expression to their own reality, to their own self-referral value. This is the value from where the in-going language returns from there. It's inspeakable, its transcendental, but that is all that is the reality. Such beautiful field tonight is giving to that day tomorrow when our time will go in a state of complete unison with the blessing of Guru Dev.

‘So we are looking forward to tomorrow, but let's enjoy a few words. I was very moved by the grace of knowledge that were picked up and expressed by our Kuber-ji, by our Minister of Treasury of Raja Raam-ji. That’s why I just couldn't contain myself—everything bubbled out by itself! And then I remembered fifteen years ago that that is in print, but that print, we will go through that. But let's begin to enjoy its flavour even from tonight.

‘And what is the time now? It's the time about welcoming that time which will be absolutely bubbling through the total expressions of its value. So Dr Hagelin, bless the assembly, and, Prime Minister, bless the assembly. We have heard beautiful, beautiful remarks of Dr Feldman from the treasury of Raja Raam, and then let’s have a few words from the different language. Reality is the same, but different language. Let's enjoy in the waves of reality through these three levels: level of economy, level of knowledge, level of Totality from the Prime Minister. Jai Guru Dev.’

*The revered Master of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, is Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

**Vedic ceremony of thanksgiving to the Vedic Tradition of Total Knowledge



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