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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

Celebrating the First Month of Global Raam Raj
28 August 2007


Maharishi Maharishi Yogi inaugurated the first month of Global Raam Raj and celebrated the light of a new dawn of Heaven on Earth for the six billion people, in the 192 countries, of the world with the traditional ceremony of gratitude to his Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Badarikashram, Himalayas.

Maharishi:Today’s Puja is very, very fortunate for us. Today’s offering, that I will be offering to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev, will be on behalf of the whole population of the world—each offering on behalf of the six billion people of the world, more than six billion. I am going to offer the usual, traditional, eternal procedure of Puja to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev for the first month of Global Raam Raj in the world.

‘We rang the bell of Eureka of Raam Raj, Global Raam Raj, last month on the full moon day, and today is the first celebration of the Global Raam Raj. In every offering today, my each offering has a meaning of six billion—more than six billion—offerings to the feet of Guru Dev.

‘This first puja, after the first month of the global establishment of Raam Raj, is like the first ray of the dawning sun, which has already started to spread the light of pure knowledge, totality of knowledge, and already has started to dispel the darkness of the night. The dawn of a new age of Raam Raj, Heaven, is dawning on earth. Let us all—those who are with me, the Rajas and Ministers of Maharaja Raja Raam—make offerings together. “Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa.” Let us offer each offering today to Guru Dev, to the light of Brahm, total bliss consciousness.

[Maharishi and the Assembly perform Puja to Guru Dev and the Holy Tradition of Masters.]

‘The offering of six billion people of the world today—devotion and duty—we are offering to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev. The devotion and duty of six billion people of the world, we have offered to you, Shri Guru Dev. We are asking for continued showers of your kindness on earth, as it has been always, year after year, in our memory of the present generation for fifty years.

‘We are offering our duty. We are offering our devotion. We are offering our one-pointed attention to your command, Guru Dev, which we have in the eternal Constitution of the Universe, in the Vedic flow, the flow of the Veda. The flow of the Veda is our guiding light. That is our guiding star, set in its proper effulgence Guru Dev, by your Grace.

‘We are offering our duty, our devotion. We have what? The unmanifest abstract totality of Natural Law, which we take it to be your own blessings on earth, the Constitution of the Universe. We have found, Guru Dev, the Constitution of the Universe is the flow of our own Atma. Six billion people of the world have the same Atma. The flow of “A” to “Ma” and “Ma” to “A” is Atma. Six billion people of the world are flowing from “A”, infinity, to “Ma”, point, and flowing from “Ma” to “A”.

‘This, Guru Dev, we have known to be a display of memory, display of Smriti. It is the display of the characteristic quality of the Atma of six billion people that we find flowing in terms of Veda, Total Knowledge, starting from the fountainhead of all knowledge, “A”. Guru Dev, you have given to us in one simple syllable, “A”, the infinite organizing power of nature embedded in the Atma. And Atma as Atma is the same Atma for all of the existence of six billion people. That is our field of Being. That is our field of performing. That is our field of becoming. So, in and out, Atma, Oneness, Unity, grand Unity—in the Vedic terminology Brahm, Totality—we understand in terms of Unity Consciousness.

‘We are basking, Guru Dev, in the sunshine of your Grace. We have offered today what you gave us. In that we feel communication with you, union with you.

‘We are reminded of the exhortation of the Constitution of the Universe: “Aham Brahmasmi”, “I” of “A”, “I” of “Ma”, “I” of flow of “A” into “Ma”, “I” of flow within itself, Kriya Shakti all in the structure of Gyan Shakti. Guru Dev, this is your blessings. We, the six billion people of the world, are basking in this sunshine of your Grace, Guru Dev. Our puja is successful, and this is the first Puja of Raam Raj. This is the first-month Puja.

‘We established Raam Raj, last month on Guru Purnima. And today, the first month, we are celebrating the sunshine of Raam Raj, even though it is the first ray of the sun. But, that is the ray of the dawning sun, which has dispelled the darkness of the night. “Raam Raj dukh kahu na vyapa” [in the reign of Raam, suffering belonged to no one].That is the clarion call of our achievement for the six billion people of the world, 192 countries of the world, the clarion call: “Now, every country bask in the sunshine of the Total Constitution of the Universe, Total Natural Law.”

'This whole spread of Pure Knowledge, Guru Dev, is your grace, is your simple nature, in which we had the fortune today to dive, in this beautiful celebration of the first month of Global Raam Raj, first month celebration of Global Raam Raj. The darkness of ignorance is already over. Of course the midday sun is still to shine. That will come. The midday sun will come in six months. The midday sunshine of Raam Raj, total brilliance of Raam Raj will come in six months, but each month is increasing intensity of Raam Raj. The light is increasing each month each month.

‘With today’s puja to Guru Dev, we feel your treasury of Kuber is now open to us. Your treasury, inexhaustible treasury, is open to us. We feel today the door of the inexhaustible treasury of Kuber is open to us.

‘Really this first month has proved to be the month of successfully digging the foundation of eternal Raam Raj. In that administration of Raja Raam, suffering belonged to no one. The world will bask in the sunshine of bliss. The Constitution of the Universe of the ever-expanding universe has quietly taken over and that we see practically. Purusha has taken over—eternal silence. Purusha has enlivened the eternal silence, and the door of affluence, positivity, invincibility is open. . . .

'Day after day, month after month, year after year, the clarion call of bliss and self-sufficiency—no conflict, no negativity, no suffering to anyone—will be more loudly heard. Long will live the descent of Heaven on Earth. Global Raam Raj is ringing the bell of Eureka as far as administration of society and the ever-increasing population of the world is concerned.

'All the Rajas and all the Ministers of the Rajas are silently vibrating with energy and intelligence and radiating the light of life, which is the light of Being, which is the light of bliss.

'Purusha administration has taken over the administration that was being guided so far by the eight Prakritis. So far the divided eight Prakritis have been administering life on earth, and now the unified state of the eight Prakritis, Para-Prakriti, which is the nature of Purusha, is taking over. This is the first month that Raam Raj descending on earth is being witnessed.

'The omnipresence of Raam Raj comes out to be our experience today. The door of Kuber is open. All the gods have opened their doors. And during this month—yesterday or the day before yesterday—I heard that the Raja of India, Raja Harris, has organized and achieved in India the target of 20,000 Purusha. Purusha will reign society. Purushottama is “Ram Brahm Paramarath Rupa”.

'The reign of Raam, Brahm, has been switched on. Just the thought of 20,000 Purusha in India is the life of India, the state of enlightenment. India is the land of the Veda, the land of the Constitution of the Universe. And where is the Constitution of the Universe? In the status of silent, self-referral Para-Shakti, one with Purusha, the very nature of Purusha.

'It was heartening to hear two days ago that 192 Purusha have taken charge—one Purusha for one country. That was the day I thought, ''Raam Raj is established.” With one Purusha for one country, the administration of the country is going to be on the self-referral Brahm level, the level of Totality. Immediately I found fulfilment rolling in front of me, fulfilment on the supreme level of civilization—the supreme level of civilization unfolding.

‘Where is the seat of supreme administration? In one single syllable “A”, which is the syllable of Atma of everyone. Six billion people of the world are breathing in and out the nature of their own Atma, which is in reality one Atma expressed in the bodies of six billion people.

'Totality is at our disposal now. Totality of the Constitution of the Universe available in our own Atma in the life of six billion people—in themselves—is Veda active. It was hidden from view. Guru Dev said, “Pashya, pashya, pashya”—see, see, see. See the reality. See unity in the apparent phase of diversity. See the unlimited ocean in the waves of the ocean. See unity, total Natural Law, in the diversity of space and time.

'This is just the display of Nature. Naturally all are the expression of the same Unity, the same Atma. And when it is the same in everyone, this is the unity of multiple values of Atma. This is called in one word, Brahm, in one word, Unity—Unified Field of Natural Law.

'During this month, our leader of the scientific world, Dr John Hagelin, [Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace], has defined the Atma in everyone to be one and the same, and to be the Unified Field. . . . Two days ago, Dr. Hagelin was expressing to Purusha where the seat of Purusha is, where the seat of total Natural Law is. And he was defining it in terms of Atma. He was defining it in terms of the Vedic expressions. Vivartvad. Vivartvad. “What you see you become.” It was such a joy.

'This is the outburst of the dawning sun that has eaten up all the darkness of the night. This is the achievement of the world today, an achievement of all times. The Unified Field is the inner reality of every one of the six billion people of the world. All have the same Atma, which is blissful in its character. Being blissful it will never decay, because that is the climax of existence. With such beautiful exhortations from Dr Hagelin, I thought, "The game is done, and we will stand victorious. The referee of the match has whistled, the goal has been done. The parties struggling have declared victory.”

'This is the situation today, and after two, three days from today, in the first month's celebration of Raam Raj, what is going to come? An unexpected, unimaginable bright future on the level of enlightenment of single individuals and on the level of enlightenment of the whole nation and the whole world. There are 192 countries in the world and 192 Suktas [verses] of Rk Veda. It is as if 192 are the expressions of the administering agency of order in the world, which is now coming in full force.

'Time has changed. I keep on listening to someone saying, "Something good is happening, something good is happening everywhere.” What is this? This is not out of nothing. It is out of the level of reality of the world today. Something good is happening everywhere. The voice of Purusha just sings this thing, “Something good is happening in the world.” It is a beautiful exhortation of reality, the eternal reality, something good happening in the world. This Purusha is singing because there was Kali Yuga, and there is going to be Sat Yuga.

'Remember, we celebrated Sat Yuga one day, but that has come up to be the first ray of the dawning morning. Quite a few months ago the night started to decline. But by now the ray of the rising sun has come up in the sky. It's a beautiful day today. It is very timely we have offered to Guru Dev. It is very timely Guru Dev has blessed us. He has opened the gate of Kuber to us. . . . Now we have the door of Kuber, the inexhaustible treasure of affluence open to us. . . .

‘So, what have we offered to Guru Dev today in this Puja? The open door of Kuber. Guru Dev has opened the door of Kuber to us, and we offer to Guru Dev the open door of Kuber. So from his side, from our side, the door is completely open.

‘All of the Rajas and Ministers are so full of inspiration, and everyone wants to speak and is anxious to offer their achievements. . . . Day after day we will continue. All the Rajas will offer their achievements, and each achievement will indicate, “Yes, this is one feature of the door of Kuber opening.”

'It is an absolutely miraculous time value that has dawned as the blessings of Guru Dev. Next month we will offer to Guru Dev—we do not know what we will have to offer, because we have offered everything. But next month our offering will be fuller than this month, because then we will have a brighter sun.

'Today, we have only the first ray of the rising sun. In one month there will be a bigger brightness, and next month there will be a bigger brightness. Every month we will have the monthly celebration of Raam Raj. We will be celebrating in bigger light, bigger light—eternal Being.

'All glory to Guru Dev. We got this opportunity to celebrate the Puja to Guru Dev. This is the first Puja of the first month of our blessings from Guru Dev, the first month of achievements. Jai Guru Dev.

‘Jai Guru Dev. Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati, Vijayante Taram.'

* Guru Dev, Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

** Purusha are men devoted to a programme designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace.



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