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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

10 August 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. The switch has been put on, and the light is growing. Our efforts continue to be more and more in intensity, and the area of their influence is growing in the world.
‘Why is this happening? This is happening because our offer is in demand. What is the demand of the people? Peace, happiness, life free from problems, life free from difficulties, life free from failures, and life free from sickness—all this is the natural requirement of every individual. And because [of this] we are offering this. From where are we offering this? We are offering this from within ourself. And we are offering to everyone from within himself, so it is a transference of Self to the Self. That is why there are no hindrances on the way.
‘People want that which we have noticed and which we started to give and give and give. Now, we are giving on a larger scale, that is all. Even fifty years ago, there was the same higher level of consciousness, purity of self-referral consciousness, the same Transcendental Consciousness; now, there is also the same Transcendental Consciousness, but now in terms of a group. One hundred, two hundred, five hundred people in one place, they purify the whole country’s consciousness. Eight thousand, ten thousand people—and they will purify the whole world consciousness.
‘The phrase is—the proverb is—“God helps those who help themselves.” We started to help ourselves, and then we got the Grace of God, we got the Light of God. Now, in the Light of God, we have a holistic approach, an approach for groups, an approach for nations to rise to Unity. And it is happening. And we are glad to repeat our promise week after week that it is happening and enjoy when it is happening and participate in the global happening of world peace.

‘If there are any questions this week, it will be a joy to answer them. There can be no inquiry which cannot be satisfied perfectly on this level of every country rising to invincibility, to affluence, peace, harmony, happiness, perfect health, and freedom from negativity. All those nice things that we can think of are going to be experienced by everyone in our present generation.  

‘We are laying foundations, we are laying buildings, and we are putting up all the packages of knowledge through universities, colleges, these medical colleges and all the agricultural universities—all these different universities. In a very systematic way, we are laying the foundation stone of Total Knowledge for everyone. Then no one in any generation will remain deprived of Total Knowledge. That is our proud privilege. It is our proud privilege to offer everyone Total Knowledge and the application of Total Knowledge in daily life. 

‘If there are any questions, Dr Morris, it would be a good time to answer them. It is always a joy to answer the questions.’


Question:The Mechanics of Vastu Bringing Good Fortune


Dr Morris: ‘One point of the Global Reconstruction Programme that Maharishi has brought out is the reconstruction of houses. Maharishi has been referring to them as “fortune-promoting homes” which are needed by everybody in the world and have to be built especially for all the poorest people in the world immediately. The question that has come up from the press is: How does a home, an office, or any building promote good fortune? It seems like a home is bricks and mortar. So how does one get from bricks and mortar to what happens to a person and the good luck they might have in their business or in some other area of their life? What are the mechanics, the instrumentality that relates the bricks and mortar of one’s house to what happens when one does business in the market, for example?’ 

‘Now, it is not the bricks and mortar, but how the bricks are laid out and how the front wall of the house is laid out, whether it is laid out properly north and south so that the main entrance of the house in the centre is facing east. This entrance of the house, facing east, is facing the source of life energy from the sun. East provides the rising sun, and the rising sun means life-giving rays of the dawning sun. It has a great influence when the sun enters the main room, the main entrance, of the house from the east. It is said in the ancient architecture, Vedic Architecture, that this is the best influence on the house.
‘Orientation, we call it, orientation of the house. That means whether the entrance of the house is on the north or on the south or on the east or on the west—these are the four directions. If the house is tilted thirty degrees towards the south or twenty degrees towards the south or north or east, the tilting of the house also has its own influence. It is said that the entrance in the southern direction is very inauspicious; it is as inauspicious as the value of the entrance in the north is auspicious. If it is tilted towards west, maybe twenty degrees, sixty degrees, eighty degrees, whatever, the degree of tilt has its influence.  

‘It is all stated. People do not have to believe; just they have to see in what disorientation they are living—how the house is tilted in what direction. We have the whole literature, which says how much inauspicious is the entrance tilted in this direction or in this direction, in this direction. It is not a matter of believing. The record of the Vedic Literature is the result of this scientific architecture.
‘One does not have to go out anywhere. Go on the street, see what is the entrance of the house. Ask the people, those who are living with a south entrance or one tilted towards this or tilted towards this. See what is recorded. Then you will know: it is not a matter of discussion. It is not a matter of discussion. It is a matter of preferring either to continue in a questionable house or quickly change it to a a satisfactory set-up in the house.  

‘Not knowing this thing that a lot of unhappiness and suffering and pains and ill health and quarrels—a lot of these negativities people are facing—[is] because of their living in inauspicious homes. So people should quickly decide to leave their inauspicious homes and ask the builder to build them auspicious homes.  

‘So far there was no universal voice about it. Now and for some time in the past, we have been raising a universal voice. So people cannot say, “No, I did not know; I did not know.” You did not know that if you put your finger on the fire, you definitely have to be burned, whether you know it or not. Ignorance of law is no excuse.
Ignorance of law is no excuse. If you are living in a badly oriented home, you cannot but have to reap the bad influence.  

‘Therefore, listen to our advice, and my advice has proved to be good for the people for the last fifty years. Quite a large number of people in every country are having the good effects from my advice to practise Transcendental Meditation. They learned it, and they found it is very good. Thousands of them, in their enthusiasm to help their friends became teachers of Transcendental Meditation. They influenced so many lives for all positivity that now we have a programme to collectively help national life—collectively help.
‘Now our position is that we are going to create these groups of advanced technique practitioners of Transcendental Meditation—these Yogic Flyers. We are going to train groups in every country, and negative trends will find their way out. Just you put on the light, darkness disappears—simple. There is no argument in it, nothing. Light does not bear with darkness, that is all.  

‘I said the other day to the world press to find their country’s government administrative homes, parliament homes, and homes of the president, prime ministers, ministers, MP's homes. They will hardly be found properly laid out. In improper layout of homes, the effects are all predicted, whether one knows it or not.  

‘Natural Law is Natural Law. These are all the principles of Natural Law—how to behave, how to speak, how to do this thing, how to do this thing. All the relationships in the world—they have gone in all the religious books and in all the teachings of the politics of the world—how to behave, how to behave.

There are military etiquettes; there are all kinds of international rules. But those who know Natural Law, those who know the religious law of their own religion, they know that if you violate, if you harm your neighbor, then it is called a sin. If you do wrong to someone, it's called a sin. And then there is no way that you will not get the effect of the sin that you have harmed any other man.  

‘All these beautiful rules of behavior are prevalent in all cultures, in all languages, in all countries. What we are teaching is how to create a man who will not make mistakes according to his own religion. A mistake in one religion is always a mistake in the other religion also. One mistake in the field of politics anywhere is a mistake of politics everywhere. A mistake in economy—you lose money, you become poor—is in every case the same thing. 

‘We have adopted a programme for every nation, through the groups of every nation, through our university programmes, and through our health-promoting programmes. We are going to establish health care. The basis of our health care is that health care level of the Constitution of the Universe which upholds the health of every galactic world, the constitution of every galaxy, and the constitution of every country in the world.

‘Our slogan has been—and it is now going to be realized—“Heaven on Earth”, the simple expression,“Heaven on Earth”. We are on the way for everyone to enter into the Heaven on Earth. If it is a dream, it is such a beautiful dream, and “dream comes true” is a phrase that we enjoy. 

‘So have some questions, if there are questions in this area.


Question: Influence of the Sun on the House


Dr Morris: ‘Yes, Maharishi. The global press would be very interested to learn that Dr Fred Travis, Dr Alarik Aranander, and Dr Keith Wallace have been researching about orientation and the coherence of the human brain. They found a very clear distinction between facing east, which produces high coherence, and facing south, which produces very low coherence. This reflects upon what Maharishi was just saying about the orientation of the building towards the rising sun. 

‘A follow-up question about that, Maharishi, is that His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam has also located the sun in the brain and the sun in each of the cells in the human physiology and in the DNA. So the sun is clearly inside the physiology. Maharishi has also indicated that the same word for sun—Surya—is also in the field of all the Devatas which are in the Parame Vyoman, in the transcendental field of existence. Could Maharishi elaborate further on how the influence of the sun on the house and the orientation of a person in the house actually affects the individual on the level of his physiology and his consciousness?’

‘We can say there is sun inside. What does the sun do? It radiates light. It radiates light through the eyes and enables the eyes to see. It radiates the ability to hear. What we hear through the ears, it hears. All the five senses emerge as the rays emerge from the sun. The sun is within the physiology. Like that, it radiates different aspects of gaining knowledge, through all the five senses and through all the five organs of action, from one place. And that is the place of the Self—self-referral consciousness.  

‘Atma, the sun, or Totality, Brahm, different names do not matter, but they have those characteristic qualities. Each name refers to some special, characteristic quality, which is the same thing. It is one thing that has many names. Like the sun has a name for each of its rays: the eastern sunray of the sun, the western sunray of the sun, the northern ray of the sun, the southern ray of the sun. It is the same sun radiating in all directions. That is the holistic administrative centre for the whole body and for the whole environment of the body.

The environment of the body is like the point. What is the environment of the point? Infinity is the environment of the point. The point—one point—and all around is infinity, infinity, infinity.  
All these Devatas are not concepts. They are the realities that actually perform activity in their own self-referral, eternal silence. Silence and dynamism, silence and eternal dynamism, this whole area is administered by something. And that something is the administrator. That administrator is called "Devata".
‘How do these Devatas work? It is all inscribed in the Vedic sound—sequentially emerging sound from the state of complete silence. This complete silence—unity—governed by the dynamism, the controller, the administrator of all diversity is Devata. Vedic sound, Vedic flow of intelligence, is the administrator of everything from point to infinity. That is within human speech, and from that human speech, that divine intelligence and energy becomes lively and acts and reacts in the whole universe.
‘It is a beautiful field of knowledge—the knowledge of the administration of the universe. For that, we are opening colleges, universities, medical colleges, agricultural colleges, and engineering colleges. The present system of education is not satisfactory from our point of view. Whatever may be the glory of all the different universities in the world, for us, it is a waste of time—simple waste of time. It is a waste of time—“waste” starting with “w”, as in “wrong”.
‘Whatever the age of the parents is—now we have gone beyond the student age—you can direct the life of your students to dive into this ocean of knowledge, own Total Knowledge, behave according to Total Knowledge, think according to Total Knowledge, make decisions on the ground of Total Knowledge, have your Being breathe life on the level of Total Knowledge. Then you will be honoured anywhere you are. Your desire will be honoured by all that is honouring the well-being of the whole universe.
‘It is a beautiful knowledge. Do it today, or do it this evening; do it in the night. But do not postpone for mañana; do not postpone for tomorrow. “Mañana” is a phrase in Spanish. Spaniards are fond of mañana: “Yes, we will do it mañana, mañana. Postpone until mañana. We do not know whether the next hour is going to belong to us or not. So, do not think of tomorrow. Do it today. Order your builders to build you a fortune-creating home and get out of the wrong home.  

‘You cannot take advice from anyone. Just see for yourself. Take a compass and see in what direction your window is. These little things— windows and doors in the north, south, east or west—are one aspect. There are so many minute, minute values. Ask your builder; order the builders. I am also asking the builders to offer the world fortune-creating homes.
‘Advise the builders to get out of their homes which the builders have built in ignorance. Neither the owner of the house knew what he should live in nor the builder knew how to do it. It is for the builders to stop building homes as they have been building, without the knowledge of this Vedic Architecture. It is called Vastu Vidya. Live in a home according this, and so many of your worries, anxieties, misfortunes, and failures will disappear. You will have a fresh breeze of freedom and affluence all around. 

‘Dr Morris, tell them. Words are not able to express enough the urgency for every single man—for the sake of his family, for the sake of himself, for the sake of his profession—to quickly order a new home. We are building Peace Palaces everywhere. Our Peace Palace will have a department honouring and organizing all the people who quickly want to stop living in these non-Vastu homes and order the builders to build Vastu homes.


Question: The Education of Children

Dr Morris: ‘The point that Maharishi makes is so telling for every person in the world. What an incredible waste of life for people to be living in wrong homes, creating all kinds of unnecessary misfortune for themselves, when they could easily live in a properly oriented home that would promote their fortune and promote the peace of everyone living there.
‘Maharishi, there is another question based upon your addresses in previous weeks: Often you say to everyone that the children in the schools should “Know that by which everything is known.” The question that comes from the press is: What is that thing that enables everything to be known? How can the children get that? And how does that one single thing allow the child to know everything?’

‘What allows the child to know anything is some specific part of the brain functioning. If the brain functions while facing the north, it allows the child to see something pertaining to that. Any part of the brain, specifically functioning, allows that particular experience for the boy.
‘All experience is possible when the total brain functions. Now when does the total brain function? The total brain functions when Total Knowledge is fully awake. The degree of wakefulness measures how much the brain is awake and functioning.
‘The total brain functions—now this is important—in the experience of unboundedness. Transcendental Consciousness is that experience of unboundedness like the unboundedness of the ocean from here to there, everywhere, no wave in the ocean, silent ocean. Like that is the experience of Totality.
‘Any experience in the relative means the brain is functioning pertaining to that relative experience. But the experience of Totality, the experience of no space boundary limitations, the experience of unboundedness alone makes the human brain function totally.
‘Total brain functioning is utilizing the total Natural Law of energy and intelligence in that process of functioning. Total brain functioning is the criteria for having the unbounded energy and intelligence of cosmic law, total Natural Law which engages the infinite creative potential of total Natural Law in our awareness. The awareness in that state is capable of commanding the total creative intelligence of Natural Law.
‘This is why everything can be done by that settled brain, where total wakefulness is the reality. The total functioning of the human brain, on that level, is fully awake with the total creative intelligence of the Almighty—total Natural Law. The ability to function in that is through familiarity
of our conscious mind with with that level through Transcendental Meditation, through the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation, and through the TM Sidhi Programme that demonstrates Yogic Flying.  

‘Yogic Flying is the demonstration of gaining control—I am using that word, underline that—gaining control over the force of gravity. Now I want to say something more on that. It is gaining control over the force of gravity, which is the common force that maintains equilibrium in the midst of the enormous speed of galactic spread. The whole galactic universe is completely administered with perfect order, which is gravity. Yogic Flying is the demonstration of—I would again use the word—control over the force of gravity, which is the supreme power in the ever-expanding universe. That is the administrator of the supreme power of whole ever-expanding galactic universe.

Gaining command—again I am using the word command—is no exaggeration.This is the statement of the authority that the Yogic Flyer is developing in his awareness, the silent command over the force of gravity, which is the administrator of the whole universe. 
Nothing more can be said about it. Fortunate are those—fortunate will be those—who will have it. We are going to make it available to everyone. 

‘We are wasting our time speaking. We are now creating the effect. Take it, today or tomorrow, or do not take it—postpone it, keep on postponing. The choice is yours. Either continue to dwindle in darkness or rise above problems and control the controller of the universe. That is all that we can say.

‘World press, tell your favorite governments to take a compass and see where your president is living, where your prime ministers are living, where the assemblies are held, and where the parliaments are held. Ask them, in order to do justice to their position and to do justice to the power of spending money of the poor people which they collect through their taxes, to demolish their parliament homes and demolish their residences and demolish places where they have anything to do. Look to the high court buildings, where the judges make their judgments. Look to the doctors’ places, where the doctors prescribe healthy medicines. Look anywhere, and see whether the people are living and behaving in properly laid-out Vedic
homes regarding their east, west orientation, and all that.  

‘It is such a joy to offer. And see how—whatever we say—people hear, and see how they do not hear while hearing. But it does not matter. Everyone is under the influence of their bad living. The badly oriented houses do not allow them to think properly. So we do not expect them to hear properly, think properly, or act properly. As long as they are living there, we cannot expect them even to think properly. 

‘It is a very strange situation. We are telling them so simply such a nice things. They may listen and then say, “Yes, yes, yes”. The same thing we have been telling the world with loud voices, “TM, TM, TM, Transcendental Meditation”. Then they say, “Yes, yes, yes.”
‘It is good that they should know to do it, whether they believe it or not. Just go by the symptoms. Measure for yourself and decide whether, knowingly, you still want to continue in that house which is going to bring bad luck each day, tomorrow, and the next day. As long as you live there, more and more inauspicious things could happen, and you would not know why. So better come out quickly and find your way on some reasonable basis.





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