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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

25 April 2007 Press Conference Highlights

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. I was so delighted to find the fulfilment of my long life, or life-long aspirations to see a better world during my lifetime. It was fifty years ago that I started the Spiritual Regeneration Movement. That the world is aware of. I went through waves of successes here and there and there throughout time. And today the exhortations of the leaders of my Movement are so convincing from every level.

‘I invite the world press to inform their readers that anyone who has slightest intelligence would find the fulfilment of all that he can aspire to in his life today just by following the advice of all these leaders of the Movement, who are roaring like lions. One logic after the other, one logic after the other, one logic after the other—anyone who has any slightest intelligence would feel fulfilled following their advice and rising to a pinnacle of his life which he could never have imagined. For these few weeks, I have been watching from day to day, from day to day, very simple, very convincing arguments. What else can be the message?! I'll repeat a thousand times, and I'll ask the press to repeat even a few times to their wise readers—anyone who has slightest intelligence should come out of the fog of his mind.

‘Investors so far have been functioning through fear of risk, fear of risk, fear of risk. I ask them, if they could see risk-free investment for building hospitals, for building schools, for building fortune-creating homes, for building invincible defence? I invite the press to not waste time in reporting wasteful, exciting news here or there or there, which they have been doing all life long. Be sincere to your pen. Be sincere, be faithful to your readers. Challenge the readers. If the readers have any intelligence, they should come out of the fog of investment. Even if they have ten dollars, twenty dollars, a hundred dollars, a thousand million, a hundred million, a billion, a hundred billion, five billion, twelve twenty billion: our organization is for giving them a choice. Anyone who has any money to invest get much more, earn much more by investing in our programmes—very much more, almost double.

‘If this is not convincing, ask them: have you even the slightest intelligence in you, since you are investing in all this fearful? I must express one thing I don't like to say, but I must say: the world economy has been cruel to those who have a lot of money. When they invest here and there, their hearts are palpitating, and mind is confused. There are so many agents to advise them this, this, this, this, this. And they find risk here, and they find risk here, and they find risk here. Risk-prone profit is what they are earning!

‘How much wealth is there? Trillions of dollars are there. In this New York market trillions are rolling every day, this side and this side and this side. And so much of the population is suffering—they are poor. And so much of the population is suffering—they are poor.

‘When we say, “Poverty Removal Programme”, [they say], “Oh, how you are going to do it; how you are going to do it?!” Listen to the simple arguments of these lectures which our leaders have put forward today—very simple words. I am asking [the press] very strongly to inform their people. If they can read your writings of confusion and stress and strain and all the useless values, if they can read that, they should read a hundred times our simple advice on where to invest to earn more money than anywhere else they would invest.

I am not going into details because the details have been so beautifully displayed by our speakers that if they have any intelligence, anyone who has the slightest intelligence and anyone who has the slightest money to invest, the road is clear for him to invest and feel fulfilled emotionally—not just earn more money, but earn the delightful emotions that they have improved the health of the people, that they have improved the functioning of the people, and that they have improved everything in the field of administration. They have opened schools. They have opened these.

All our aspirations for investment have a fulfilling role for any investor. And if they do not want to go by emotions of fulfilment, they can continue with tears in their eyes, with trembling hearts. This is a challenge for the investors of the funds of the people, those who are managing all those big, big, huge funds—pension funds and all that.

‘Take the advice of your well wishers of this time, Dr Hagelin and all our leaders of the Movement, who are now gathered with great interest. They have been giving conferences and speaking every day. Listen to them. Listen to them and follow them.

This is a very great offer to the world, and we are going to succeed. We are going to succeed; we are going to succeed. We have a plan and programme to make every country invincible. And if these words have any meaning, the world press would understand it—what it means to be invincible. If one’s nation does not rise to invincibility, he will have no life tomorrow, because sovereignty has a begging bowl today. Sovereignty is not strong. Sovereignty is not strong today. It can be washed off very quickly tomorrow.

‘Our offer is
[to have] just a few hundred people—just a few hundred people—learning this art of engaging Natural Law and making national consciousness integrated, raising national consciousness to a high level of invincibility. The dreams of the wise of the ages past are coming to be fulfilled by this aspiration. It is simple, and we want to start in every country. Every country is our dear family, a unit of our dear family. We do not want any country to be under the sway of the other one, under the fear of other one, like that. We want to raise the national consciousness of every country to a high level of dignity to the extent of invincibility. If invincibility has a meaning for those who are listening to these words, anyone who has the slightest intelligence should follow and enjoy.

‘All glory to the Vedic Tradition who had this knowledge. And all glory to the scientific tradition today, which has discovered the age-old principles of the Vedic Tradition for man to be radiating the Light of God. All religious scriptures, heads of religions, have always said, “Man is made in the image of God.” These are not trifling words. Now the people of every religion will realize these simple words of their religion in the name of their God. This is such a beautiful joy.

‘Dr Hagelin, you have raised the flag of freedom for man and invincibility to every nation. The world is indebted to you for the simplicity and the simple logic with which you are inspiring everyone to get onto this real joy of life. Life is bliss. Life is cosmic. So you establishing institutions of leadership where you are going to train leaders which will maintain a high level of invincibility in every nation, a high level realization for every religion, and perfect health in every country—all the good that one could ever imagine and express.

‘I am very proud of the Ministers of Raja Raam's domain. It is beautiful! And the Rajas are being trained more and more and more. That leadership is being trained in the world, which is going to transform the world. It's going to transform the world; it's going to transform the world. They are not doing any favour for the Movement—no, no. Those who participate, they will do a favour for themselves, their environment, their families, and their countries. It's beautiful knowledge. It's beautiful.

‘Every day I am hearing the exhortations of our leaders. They are roaring like a lion in that little house, 70 Broad Street [New York City]. They tell me, it is a good address for roaring like a lion, because it is a new message. It is the same old message that has been given out by the wise of all ages. In every age the wise have been desiring the people to be happy, desiring the people to be happy and peaceful, but now there's invincibility, integration of national integrity, perfect health, longevity.

‘I heard the other day a beautiful expression from Dr Hagelin: “Anything can be transformed into anything”. Has the world press in its past history ever heard a serious man say he has the technology for transforming anything into anything? And he has the technology of invincible defence. And he has the programme for a long, long life in immortality. This is that beautiful platform which he is giving out that has been unheard of in the history of mankind!

With these achievable formulas for every man singly and every nation collectively, the whole world is being set on the path of enormous dignity. The world is destined to rise. Now it does not depend on anyone to do this. It is the wind; it is the northern wind that is going to sweep the whole thing. It is happening, happening. Watch it and enjoy it or suffer from it.

‘All glory to Guru Dev. All glory to God. All glory to the Central University. All glory to the leaders of the court of Raja Raam. All glory to life, to human life. Jai Guru Dev.

‘Dr Hagelin, continue to speak your simple mathematical equations of the Unified Field. Bless the world. Jai Guru Dev.'

*His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, Maharishi's Master.



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