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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

18 April 2007 Press Conference Highlights

Immortality is Your Birthright

Maharishi:Jai Guru Dev. Dr Hagelin’s message today was such a joyful expression of immortality. I heard the last press conference Dr John Hagelin gave on invincible defence, and today I heard his most scientific expressions—simple and lucid. I am sure everyone wants long life. Everyone wants perfect health. Follow the greatest scientist of today. He is inviting you to have your birthright. He is telling you: You are born to enjoy invincible defence—defence against weaknesses, defence against negative influences, defence against ill health.

‘Immortality is your birthright, because the Unified Field is administering life in the universe. All life—today, tomorrow, next year, next century, the next millions of years—the same total Natural Law is the driver of everyone's life, the same total Natural Law. This Natural Law means an agency, an intelligence, which is invincibly, all the time, existing in a progressive manner. Natural Law is very progressive. Life is not lived on the level of its potential, because education about health is very, very poor.

‘Come on to enjoy your own birthright. Follow the greatest scientist of today who tells you immortality is that which is driving your physiology. Who is driving the physiology? The self-referral Unified Field with an infinite potentiality of perfection. Every individual by birth has been projected on earth in the Light of God. Every religion has been telling its followers, “Be in the Light of God.” Rise to the Light of God, which is silently, abstractly the driver of your life. Know it. Know that you are born in the Light of God. Know that you are the product of the Constitution of the Universe, the eternal Constitution of the Universe.

‘Now, Dr Hagelin is speaking the language of eternity. He speaks the language of total Natural Law. And total Natural Law is the very driving force of life. From birth to immortality, you have your own inner self-referral intelligence as the driver of your life. Know it. Dr Hagelin is recommending to you what the Vedic Literature has been silently offering to everyone, to everyone born with even the slightest intelligence. Education should primarily be in the mechanics of living immortality.

‘If you want me to speak to you, a thousand times and a million times I will ask you to listen to Dr Hagelin's exhortation on invincibility, on perfect health, on immortality. Immortality—nothing less than immortality—is your right. You are born in the human species. Man is divine. These words, “human”, “divine”, are words to lead you to perfection. This is the time of revival of living. This is the time when you are being promised that your life can be driven by Natural Law in authentic, reliable, and definite terms.

Total Natural Law is the Secret for All Good Fortune

‘Total Natural Law is the secret for all good fortune, including longevity of life. And we do not hesitate to say invincibility. Immortality is completely possible. The Vedic Literature is full of those promises that your own Self is transcendental, is beyond space and time. “Transcendental” means beyond space and time.

‘Throughout the ages parents have been desiring for their children to be healthy, happy, and successfully managing what they want to do. The fulfilment of the desires of their sons has been the desire of the parents all the time. Every parent would like his sons to be healthy, wealthy, and wise—and healthy, wealthy, and wise and on a long-time basis, if possible in immortality.

‘Mortality is there. We see some day one has to face retirement and one’s body departs. But nevertheless, the potential of life is not to retire from life; it is to continue and continue and continue. Here is a young scientist of today [Dr Hagelin] to put you reliably on that level of Total Knowledge on a scientific basis. And Total Knowledge is total knowledge of Natural Law. And Natural Law is the same Natural Law that has given life for millions of years in the past and will continue to do so for millions of years to come.

‘So, why not get into the stream of the Ganges and flow on to the endless ocean of life? Beautiful! I have been talking on this, and there was nothing special that I was saying. The wise of the human race, have been talking for millions of years. I have been doing the same thing that others have been doing. And I am very happy that a few million people are practising Transcendental Meditation. In the transcendental, self-referral consciousness is that sameness of total Natural Law which is invincible and immortal.

Invincible Defence and Immortality

‘I heard Dr John Hagelin talking, the other day, on invincible defence. I was so proud of every word that he spoke. Today, I heard him speak on immortality. Make these two talks of Dr Hagelin the two drivers of your car of physiology.

Use total Natural Law for invincible defence. Defence is through prevention. You do not have to face negativity. Use prevention-oriented defence, prevention-oriented health care—in advance! You continue to float on the ground of immortality. Continue to float “on the ground of immortality, invincibility”—that means in transcendental, self-referral consciousness. It is very simple. Millions of people are practising [Transcendental Meditation] and they have been practising throughout their lifetime. Throughout that time immortality was a continuum—is a continuum.

‘Invincible defence is a potential of your being, cosmic as you are, whatever you are. Even an English poet said sometime, “For men may come and men may go”—he talks of others, for others can come and others can go—“but I go on forever”. And “I” is always written in capital. “I” is never small. “I” am always capital. Everyone is given education to capitalize “I”. He knows that he is at least “I”, and “I” is always capital.

‘The whole civilization, the trend of every civilization, has been in the Light of God. God is the merciful God, the merciful. What is the mercy of God? He would like you to continue, continue, continue being healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Immortality is the nature of your Transcendental Consciousness. Transcendental Consciousness is immortal. Transcendental Consciousness [is] immortal because there is no reason other than its own status—it is transcendental, and that is why it is beyond time and space, beyond limitations. “Transcendental Consciousness” is not a new word anymore. Transcendental Consciousness is beyond space and time, and that is your own inner Self. You take a dive through Transcendental Meditation, and you are on the level of immortality. You are on the level of immortality.

‘Groups are practising this today. Dr Hagelin tells us that in America there are about two thousand people who have joined a group of invincibility. They have joined a group of invincibility. What they found, when they practiced Transcendental Meditation in groups, is that the group effect is tremendously powerful. The group effect of these Yogic Fliers is so tremendously powerful. Everyone feels buoyant, fresh, and they are continuing, continuing, continuing.

‘We are trying to establish these Yogic Flying groups throughout the world. Why? In order that the collective consciousness of the whole country, the collective consciousness of the whole nation will be lively on that level of transcendental—the invincible, immortal, transcendental level.

‘The “transcendental” level is no longer a new word. Certainly “immortality” is not a new word. It is immortal from time immemorial. Now, the Unified Field that has been described to us in equations and formulations of all number systems in a reliable manner by Dr Hagelin. There could not be anything better that you can ever hope to hear in life. Follow this scientist. You are the citizens of the scientific age. Follow this scientist. And modern science is just a miniature of the ancient, eternal science of life—we say "Vedic" science of life, because in Vedic Science we have the scientific results described and available in the Vedic terms.

Infinity is Immortal

‘One Vedic term, which you have been hearing from me and from the leaders of the Movement a thousand times, I will tell you: “Richo Akshare Parame Vyoman”—the Richas of the Vedas, the expressions of the Vedas, are in the Akshara. “A”' is eternity. Where is the reverberation of eternity? Where is eternity expressed in words? It is expressed in between two letters. Infinity, immortality, eternity is expressed between two extremes of infinity, eternity. What is that? One is unlimited and the other is point of the unlimited—infinity and point of infinity. Infinity is reverberating within its unboundedness and within its point—point and unboundedness.

‘Infinity is immortal because it is self-referral. All the activity of infinity is from the holistic to its point value. And this is the Veda. “Parame Vyoman” is a flat word for beyond space. The word is only available in space. Wherever there is space—in Sanskrit, wherever there is
“Akasha”—the word is audible.

‘It does not mean that where audibility is not clear there is no word. Audibility is clear also on the mental level and on the intellectual level. And these levels are not levels of human perception. They are not the levels of human senses. It is beyond the senses. The mind works beyond the senses. The mind works on its own level; intellect works on its own level. Being, the ego, the “I”, the Being, works on its own level.

Where is the level of Being? From infinity to its own point. From infinity to its own point, it is called self-referral. It is immortality, which is eternally self-referral. It is invincibility, which is self-referral. Because its nature is self-referral, it is never on any level of change. There is change in infinity, but the change is within its own transcendental level.

‘How is the transcendental level functioning? It is functioning from its unbounded nature to its point nature—within itself. This functioning is Vedic flow—the flow of Total Knowledge, flow of total intelligence, flow of total Being. That is why we say Transcendental Meditation is a practice for everyone, at least two times a day, when the sun rises and sun sets—morning and evening.

‘Thousands of teachers are available in the world, so no one can complain that he does not have a teacher. If you do not have a teacher, a new programme of Dr Hagelin’s is now to open to your countries. This a new programme of Dr Hagelin’s is to open Central Universities in your countries.

Central Universities for Total Knowledge are for everyone, because Total Knowledge, the Constitution of the Universe, the agency that runs the universe with perfect order, is no more out of sight.

‘Total Knowledge is available through the discoveries of the Unified Field on which Dr Hagelin has spent all his youth. Now, he is out to give you the gift of his finding. You just listen to him and follow him. His words are scientific. My words are scientific in the sense that they are from Vedic Science. Vedic Science is an expression of perfection, and modern science is just the replica of it.

Approached from the field of physiology, the physiology has been researched in terms of consciousness. Consciousness is transcendental in its character. And “transcendental” means beyond space and time; “transcendental” means beyond decay. That is immortality. That is the ideal of perfect health.

‘Perfect health is not only not falling sick. “Perfect health” means not falling sick all the time—healthy. Anyone who is healthy will be wealthy, and anyone who would be wealthy will be wise. “Healthy, wealthy, and wise” is an old expression even of English language. So those who do not want to go out of English can remain within the English language, but follow the words of a scientist: “Healthy, wealthy, and wise”. There is a great authenticity in the word, “immortality”. “Healthy and wealthy” means completely, not in any sense in scarcity.

‘You are born to be the ruler of the universe—you have only to learn Transcendental Meditation and practice to have the Constitution of the Universe in your simple awareness. If you do not have it in your awareness, then you do not have it. You may be very wealthy, but if the wealth is not in your awareness, you will always remain poor in the market. In reality you may be very wealthy, but if you do not have awareness of your wealth, you will always behave like a poor man.

‘The reality of life is very precious: you are immortal, you are invincible, you are Transcendental Consciousness. Just a few sittings of Transcendental Meditation will reveal to you what a wealth of bliss, what a wealth of happiness, what a wealth of Being you are. So, begin to live your inner reality and that is invincibility, that is immortality, that is human life. The human species, the consciousness and the intelligence of the human species, has that natural quality of immortality, invincibility.

Dr Hagelin is a Rising Star to Guide Human Life

‘Listen to the young scientist of today. Follow his advice. It is very good. Dr Hagelin is a rising star to guide human life on the scientific level. The movement of Dr Hagelin will create invincibility for every nation. Now today, he was roaring like a lion, inviting everyone to be in immortality. Great congratulations to Dr Hagelin.

‘The colleagues of Dr Hagelin are such shining stars of the human race. It is very good that they are at the important seat of learning, seat of wealth, seat of wisdom, New York, and from there deliver their message. The message is reliable. What you are—and everyone in the world is—is very reliably immortal. And that is what the vision of Dr Hagelin is; that is his message. He is only reminding you in the current coin of the market. He is speaking the language of science. So, follow him and follow him and follow him. All glory to Guru Dev. He is a very blessed leader of humanity.

‘Dr Hagelin, continue with your Prime Minister and all the Rajas of your government and all. Bless the world with what it is born to be. It is just a reminder. The potential is there—we remind, we remind, we remind. Open all your schools for which you have the programme. Open all your universities for which you have the programme, and open all the medical colleges for which you have the programme. Your base is total Natural Law, total wisdom, total enlightenment. Your message is the eternal message of life. Take the human race to be on the level that they are born in and in which they deserve to grow.

‘All glory to Guru Dev, the Vedic Tradition, the source of all science and technology, the source of all techniques to live immortality in the mortal phase of life. All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.



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