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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

11 April 2007 Press Conference Highlights

An extraordinary message was delivered by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible defence in New York City, to UN ambassadors, government leaders, and the world press in a conference held on April 11 at the Global Financial Capital of New York in downtown Manhattan. This historic building which is located at 70 Broad Street, one block from the New York Stock Exchange.

Proven New Technology to Secure Invincibility for the Nation

The acute political, religious, and ethnic tensions that fuel violence and conflict in the Middle East and around the world can be defused immediately by implementing a powerful new “Invincible Defence Technology.” The new technology involves establishing in every country a small group of “peace-creating experts,” whose collective practice of advanced meditation techniques will enliven the Unified Field—the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s functioning.

The positive, coherent influence created by the group will calm hostilities and thereby prevent any attack.

“This is science—this is not a fanciful dream,” Dr. Hagelin declared. “I am speaking of a new approach to national security and invincibility that is based on the latest discoveries of quantum physics, physiology, and neuroscience, and which has been validated by extensive published scientific research. This new scientific approach provides a practical, proven solution to the problems of violence and conflict—and ensures that every government can immediately secure the safety and security of its people.”

Conventional approaches are powerless to safeguard the nation

Dr. Hagelin was blunt in his message, saying that governments have no choice but to look for an effective new approach to national security. “Conventional military approaches are increasingly powerless to protect a nation against terrorist attack, against new destructive technologies, or against missiles with pinpoint accuracy,” Dr. Hagelin said.

“Diplomatic efforts seem equally powerless. In a world divided by deep-seated hostilities and regional tensions, negotiated settlements and cease fires have brought temporary relief, at best. Paper treaties and discussions among representatives of warring nations are too fragile a basis for lasting peace,” added Dr. Hagelin, who also serves as the Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace.

Dr. Hagelin said the reason conventional approaches fail is because they do not address the underlying cause of violence and conflict: they do not relieve the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that fuel terrorism and conflict.

Effects of the Invincible Defence Technology

However, Dr. Hagelin said, a group of a few hundred to a few thousand coherence-creating experts in the nation (the number of experts depends upon the size of the population) practicing the Invincible defence Technology, which includes the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, will immediately:

• Defuse enmity in a potential adversary, thus preventing the birth of an enemy and the onset of war

• Create integrated national consciousness, strengthening the nation against any potentially disruptive influences from outside or within

• Create a peaceful and cooperative global environment, conducive to the formation of stable governments and the cessation of hostilities in regional hot spots

“When a proven technology exists that can immediately prevent conflict, ensure national security, promote permanent world peace, we must not wait even a single day to implement it. The invincibility of the nation and the peace of the world hang in the balance,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Maharishi’s Message to the World Press


Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. I was listening with great interest [Dr. Hagelin] and I want to inform the press that the press is very fortunate, and the world is very fortunate to have a well-wisher of mankind like Dr Hagelin. Dr Hagelin has translated in his scientific research all that he felt has been the voice and the practical programme of the Vedic Science and Technology.

‘Vedic Science and Technology—they are the expressions in a different language, but all that has been testified and proven, and now Dr Hagelin has come out with a torchlight in the darkness of the suffering world. What I have to say is that the world will be fortunate today or tomorrow and whatever day they follow the words of Dr Hagelin. He is speaking the language of today: today's modern science, today's physics, today's chemistry, as spelled out in simple logic—all those very intricate and highly scholarly expressions of the equations of physics and chemistry to define Total Knowledge and to define the results of that in terms of invincibility. All that has been spelled out in such simple worlds.

‘I was listening with great interest to the address of Dr Hagelin to the world press today. The world press should take this to be the nectar for every generation of mankind. His message of invincible defence is going to substantiate the administration of every government. Otherwise the history of governments has been fear. And out of fear the governments have been paying their dear sons and dear young men—they have been paying: “I'll pay you; I'll make you General and Colonel and this and this in order that you may fight the enemy and die on the field for the sake of the nation”. What is this stupid logic?! When the youth of the countries are put to fire, where is the nation? Such a stupidity in terms of safety has been prevailing in the governments. Now is the time for wisdom to dawn.

‘And everything that Dr Hagelin has spoken today, the world press has heard it. And if they have not heard it, they should hear it, and hear it, and hear it. And this is the only one message that they have to broadcast to their dear governments.

Press everywhere should make it their duty to broadcast, to tell the government, and tell the government, and tell the government until they come out of this stupid principle to destroy the nation, to kill the nation in order to have patriotism to the nation. “You are so patriotic!” And all these words of patriotism in the military (are) to inspire the people to die. The whole thing is such a stupid and merciless principle. This has been the basis of governments, governing through creating fear—not only creating fear, through creating the death of the precious youth of the country.

‘Now comes a hero of mankind. He says: “Now invincible defence”. And what can be such a well-wisher of mankind do except lay out the logical, intelligent arguments to say that if you do this, you'll be rising to invincibility. This is one voice in the thousands of years of human history about the governments. One government was afraid of the neighbouring government, one government afraid of the neighbouring government—even today, even today, even today. So, in this scientific age, go by the greatest scientist of the world.

‘And the world press and the world does not need anything more. I'll repeat a thousand times: the world press and the governments of the world do not need any more words than spoken today by Dr Hagelin in this world conference. I'll congratulate the world press to have such a leader of mankind who has that logic, that creativity, those mathematically correct principles that will substantiate the governing power of all governments.

All the constitutions, everyone knows—they are all manmade constitutions. Manmade constitutions, being so horrible that death was proposed to be patriotic. Now it's a different story: the days of enlightenment, the time for a renewed world.

Let Dr Hagelin's  words of today be repeated and repeated and repeated. He doesn't have to speak the same thing over and over again. The world press is very intelligent. But the intelligentsia of the world press is more in favour of the government policies. This is damaging to the world press itself. The world press should be fair and truthful and sincere to do good. And here is the ocean of all good in today's expressions of Dr Hagelin.

I congratulate the world press to be so fortunate to hear these words and pass them on to their dear administrators of their dear country. So, congratulations to the world press. I'll advise the same tape to be heard by the press until their country becomes invincible with a few hundred people* like that, like that, like that.

‘Look to the simplicity of approach. And look to the simplicity of approach which is going to confer invincibility—if you understand the word what invincibility means. Invincible is the Constitution of the Universe, which is handled with great surprise, with great creativity—greatest creativity—that everything in nature is progressing, progressing, progressing, progressing. Everything in nature is progressing, progressing, progressing. So nature of life is to progress conducted under the influence of the Constitution of the Universe.

‘Dr Hagelin is implementing that Constitution of the Universe, total Natural Law, Unified Field. He deserves to be the ruler of the world. And fortunate is the Global Country of World Peace where he has a position, supreme in the world: Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace—well-wisher of all mankind. Let his talk to the world press today be repeated and repeated.

‘I wish that the world press will be fortunate to inspire the leaders of their countries until—repeat the message—until their countries, their dear countries, their very dear countries, become invincible, integrated, positive, coherent, without any trace of negativity.

That is my advice to the press. And this is the conclusion of my shouting around the world for the last fifty years. But my language was different; it came from the Vedic Tradition. But now that language has been translated by Dr Hagelin in the current coin, in the language of modern science.

‘I congratulate you Dr Hagelin, and I congratulate the press. You have a press—intelligent press—dedicated to their country. And now they can make—the press can make—their dear nations rise to a high level of integrity, peace, prosperity, affluence in every way.

All glory to the Vedic Tradition of Masters, who have preserved throughout time the greatest scientific discoveries for prevention and preservation from disaster and from all negativity and from all ill health and all that.

So make your countries healthy, wealthy, and wise with this advice of the great hero of all times, Dr John Hagelin. I remember my Guru Dev.

‘Being able to talk today to the press, we don't have to ramble on every time the same thing, every time the same thing. Every time, world press, listen to this talk of Dr Hagelin until you have succeeded in convincing the leaders of your nations to rise to invincibility.

All glory to Guru Dev. And great glory to Dr Hagelin's great intelligence and his love for mankind to have a turning point from darkness to light.

Jai Guru Dev.’

*Maharishi is referring to the few hundred people, practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program, that are necessary to create an influence of peace and coherence in a country.




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