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'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

4 April 2007 Press Conference Highlights

The Understanding of Vedic Knowledge in terms of Modern Science


Dr Bevan Morris: 'I will read out the questions from the press starting with a question on modern science and Vedic Science. Maharishi, the founder of the Global Country of World Peace, often speaks about the ancient Vedic wisdom of India in the language of modern science. Why is it that Vedic Knowledge can be understood in terms of modern science?

‘The Vedic Rishis of India, that is the sages of the ancient Vedic Tradition of India, did research in consciousness by virtue of their very deep practice of meditation, Transcendental Meditation. They were able to dive deeper and deeper into their individual consciousness until they discovered at the basis of their individual consciousness, a universal ocean of consciousness or intelligence.

‘They discovered that this single, universal ocean of consciousness is actually the source of every individual and of every plant and animal and mountain and sea and nation and world and solar system and galaxy and universe. It is all based in one field, one universal field. They called it Atma, and they experienced it as having a fundamental sound, “Aaaa”. It made a long sound, “Aaaa”. And then they experienced the mechanics of how that sound, that single sound, “Aaaa”, collapses within itself to a point of the infinity of that sound, “Aaaa”.

'Within that emerged eight fundamental impulses of nature’s intelligence. And from within that emerged sequences of sound, huge sequences of sound which embody the laws of nature and how those laws of nature express themselves in the DNA and the human physiology, and in the earth, sun, moon, Milky Way, and all the galaxies of the universe.

‘They experienced everything in this reality, which is called the seventh or highest state of human consciousness, Brahmi Chetana, as just the vibration, the reverberation of a single universal field of intelligence. And they experienced in their own words: “Aham Brahmasmi”—I am that Totality; that is I. The whole universe with everything in it and all the intelligence flowing at the basis of it is just myself, I am infinite silence; I am infinite dynamism; I am Totality; I am the totality of Natural Law; I am the total universe. This is their direct experience, not a philosophy about it. This is how they experience their life. And they felt that this field is just bliss. So it is a very fulfilling state to experience unity with everything in creation. And this has been the experience of the sages through all of the ages.

‘In recent times, there have been two such great sages in the Vedic Tradition. First was Maharishi’s Guru Dev, or teacher, Brahmananda Saraswati, the Jagad Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in the Himalayas, a great, great sage, one of really the highest level that could ever be found at any time. His was a life of legendary proportions. He was a great Master of all of the techniques that give this level of experience of Unity Consciousness. And he trained Maharishi. Maharishi joined him as a young man and spent some twelve years with him. During that time, he taught Maharishi all the things that Maharishi has brought to the world. And Maharishi himself came up to that same level of Brahmi Chetana, of Unity Consciousness, that “I am the Totality” experience that I was just describing.

‘These are the great sages, and they experienced the fundamental reality of the Laws of Nature. Long before science was even thought about, they had experienced this reality directly, not through intellectual gyrations or mathematical implications or logic, but just actually directly experiencing the hidden reality of all the Laws of Nature at the basis of every expressed phenomenon in the universe.

‘Now, in the present time, science has come to the level where it aspires to know that level. Science, over hundreds of years, started to look into all the phenomena that are observable in creation and to reduce them to simpler and simpler and more universal principles, such as Newton’s laws of motion and Maxwell’s laws of electromagnetism. Like that, so many basic laws explained a wide variety of phenomenon. Then, science developed quantum mechanics, which explained even more subtle and fundamental levels, the way in which everything is functioning on the level of fields, the basic fields that exist in the universe.

‘Einstein, as well as other scientists, aspired to go beyond this, beyond even four fundamental forces. Einstein felt that everything should be found to be just one—there should be one force. It was Einstein’s feeling that for the absolute simplicity and elegance of explanation of the universe, ultimately, all diversity, all different laws of Nature, should be found reducible into one, single, universal principle or field at the basis of all, from which all laws of nature express themselves. Yet, in his time it did not happen.

‘However, when Maharishi first began to teach the world, he was strongly encouraging all the physicists whom he met, including many Nobel Laureates, to keep going in this direction, telling them that there is such a Unified Field—it is not just an aspiration of mathematics or of quantum field theory, it is actually there—it is real—so please discover it from the intellectual level, from the mathematical level. By the nineteen eighties, the development had come that these Unified Field theories began to be formulated. . . .

‘When Dr, Hagelin speaks to us, he always speaks in terms of zero point motion, that there is a unitary motion of a single field that is found expressed in the laws of electromagnetism, the Strong Force, the Weak Force, the Gravitational Force, and in the fundamental kinds of particles that are there—the bosons and the fermions. They are all just vibrations of one single field, universal field or Unified Field.

‘The reason why—it is a long answer—but the reason why modern physics and Vedic Science can be understood in terms of each other is that they are two descriptions of one thing. They are exactly the same reality being described. In one case, it is the Vedic Rishis who are describing the reality of the unity of creation from the level of direct experience of actually becoming identified with that field during the deep dives in consciousness through Transcendental Meditation and the advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation.
The modern scientists have done it by simply and logically going step by step until they reduced an infinite variety of phenomena to a few hundred laws and then to four basic fields and then, finally, to one universal field in which all of the intelligence of nature is ultimately lively. It is a self-interacting field which, as Dr Hagelin points out, makes it a field of consciousness. It is awake inside and interacts with itself. The Unified Field is not a dead field; it is awake, it is self-interacting, it is self-referral, and from within itself, it creates all the laws of nature and the whole universe. So the reason Vedic Knowledge and modern science can be understood in terms of each other is because they are describing exactly the same thing.

‘It is a great moment in the history of the world when the intellectual approach of modern science has glimpsed what the Vedic Rishis have been talking about through the long history of the whole human race. It is a confluence of two great traditions of knowledge: the Vedic Knowledge of the Unified Field and the modern scientific knowledge of the Unified Field—they come together now. This is Dr Hagelin’s great speciality and why the press should grasp every opportunity to talk to him and be enlightened by him—he knows both of these things. He is a brilliant quantum physicist, and he is the greatest quantum physicist because he knows both these angles. He has had the experience through the Vedic Knowledge and has understood it completely from a living Master of that field, Maharishi. He understands it in great detail in terms of modern science, as a quantum physicist, and he knows how to show the identity of these two in very precise detail, very elaborated detail, at the level of the equations of the Unified Field and their correspondence to the basic structures of Vedic sound itself.

‘So that is the answer. It is a long answer, but it is just that Vedic Knowledge and modern scientific knowledge can be understood in terms of each other because they are the same knowledge, the same thing. However, the Vedic Knowledge, as Dr Hagelin will point out to you, has the advantage that it provides technologies of the Unified Field, the deep experience of the Unified Field by groups of Yogic Flyers. These technologies of the Unified Field trigger the power of that field—Maharishi calls it the Constitution of the Universe. They trigger the extraordinary qualities of that fundamental field of creation allowing it to take a very prominent role in the life of every nation, support the government of every nation and the people of every nation so that the problems that have existed up until now simply will not be there. The support of that totality of Natural Law in the Unified Field for the nation to be invincible, healthy, happy and peaceful, full of good food and all good things will come when the groups of people apply the Unified Field, use the Unified Field.

‘The Unified Field is not an intellectual gossip now. It is not just a mathematical delight for the two-hundred physicists of the world who actually understand the equations. It is an actual, practical, living reality as it was in the ancient times of Vedic India, when it was said, “Raam Raj Dukh Kahu Na Vyapa”—in the reign of Raam, suffering belonged to no one. There was no suffering at all.

‘That time is now coming back into the world because of the Unified Field-based approach to the invincibility of nations and to the elimination and prevention of all problems in the world. When we say “Raam”, we do not just mean the ancient king, Raam. “Raam Brahm Paramarath Rupa” is another expression from the Vedic Tradition. “Raam” actually means Brahm. Brahm is the Totality, the totality of Natural Law. So, when we speak of the reign of that reality of Raam , it is the reign of that reality of the Totality which is the administrator of the entire universe. Let us give a hand to that, and then we will be able to create a really heavenly world.

‘That is in fact, as Maharishi keeps pointing out to us, what this time of the human race is all about. It is actually happening now. It is not a question of “Oh, let's hope it happens”; it is actually happening right now. It will be a joy for the press to witness and report the continuing transformation of the world to greater unity of the family of nations, to permanent peace, to affluence for every nation on earth. And it will be a joy for every nation on earth to fly high the flag of invincibility and to really feel completely fulfilled in its administration, particularly on the level of prevention of all suffering in the life of the nation.’




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