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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

12 April 2006 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. Yes? If there is any question from the press, now, we have talked enough, and we’ll continue to talk, but now is the time to eat the fruit*.

‘We have been watering the root of Total Knowledge. Now, on the scientific level, this Unified Field has been discovered. So, today's scientific education should be not the old test-tube laboratory experimentation, which now is a waste of time for the children. The Unified Field has been discovered. And now, we are with time, we want to make use of it. And the best use of it, I thought, was for invincibility to every country. The unified state of every national life will be the unit of world peace.

‘Very beautifully, we are going ahead on that. Now it is a matter of the world press beginning to see increasingly, as the days go by, as the weeks go by, as the months go by, see increasingly the integrated state of world peace, so beautifully described by the champion, by the lighthouse of this scientific age, Dr Hagelin. . . . Life is going to be lived in terms of the Unified Field, where it will be all prevention oriented.

‘Just a group in every country—that's all—a small group in every country and that we are going to do. We have enough sensible people in the world, enough sensible people in the world. Now, after fifty years, three, four generations have gone—more and more people are practicing that uniformity of life, that Unified Field of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe. And more effect of it is coming: much finer values of Natural Law, which constitute the physiology of the person, which constitute the whole behavioural values of society and the nation. They are all so beautifully penetrating into human consciousness that the world is getting to be grounded, rooted, in something very beautiful, very beautiful, very beautiful.

‘So, always, as always, we invite the world press to see, see, and see, and see that they can be instrumental in quickly bringing [this] home to the people throughout the world through all the media, through all the network of communications. These days one could be anywhere, and one can be everywhere. With this facility provided by the media, we will see that, without much loss of time now, the world is going to be transformed.

‘Great glory to the Vedic Tradition, which has been holding the fort of total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe. How beautifully Dr Hagelin described the Constitution of the Universe as belonging to everyone, belonging to every nation. Now is the time no one can be out of that light of life.

‘Dr Hagelin, bless the world press. If there is any question, we can answer it very quickly now, because we are so deeply engaged these days in creating that effect. We want to create that effect which we have been talking [about] all the time. All the time we were creating that effect, but now we want to do it more quickly, quickly, quickly.’

- - - - - - -

*Now is the time to enjoy the effects of rising coherence in world consciousness due to the long time practice in the world of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme.

- - - - - - -


Question: Peace Palaces Provide an Influence of Peace


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi, for those beautiful opening remarks. As Maharishi said, time is extremely precious, and Maharishi is deeply engaged in producing the actual effect of peace, enlightenment, and invincibility throughout the world. Having spoken to the press for so many decades, the time is very precious now for being dedicated to producing the effect rather than talking about it. If we have a few moments, interesting questions have arisen, as always. 

‘The first question for Maharishi is: I read that the new World Capital of Peace, which is being built in the geographic centre of America, will be designed, as Maharishi put it, to be “a concrete expression, on the level of brick and mortar, of the abstract, unmanifest Constitution of the Universe”. This leads me to several follow-up questions. Number one: What does the Constitution of the Universe look like? And number two: What is the practical value for the government and people of building a capital in such a cosmic manner?’ 

Maharishi: The purpose will be to see—just these words to see”—what the Cosmic Constitution is and what the capital of the administration through the Cosmic Constitution [is]. We say: just the first paragraph of the Rig Ved, the first paragraph of the Rig Ved.

‘Talking in terms of a paragraph, there are nine lines in that paragraph, and the nine lines are divided into—each line divided into three. So, one line is the total Constitution of the Universe. It has been expanded into eight lines. This is the first paragraph of the Constitution of the Universe. If you take a book of the Constitution—now I am reading how many lines are there right in the opening— there is one line in the opening, and that expands to, that sequentially expands to, the other eight lines.

‘Now, what are these eight lines emerging from the first line? They are the sequentially expanded version of the Constitution of the Universe. The whole first paragraph has 192 words, we can say. And each line has twenty-four words. And the first line is the source from which all the eight lines emerge. The twenty-four words of the first line expand themselves into 192 words of the following eight lines.

‘This is the structure of the Constitution of the Universe. I am describing to you how you can see the cosmic law written in language—how you can see. You see one line, twenty-four words, expanding themselves. I am not using the Vedic terminology; I am just using an ordinary vision.

Where is the Constitution of the Universe? In the first—the word is “Sukta”. I am using the word, just an ordinary word, we say the first “page” of the Constitution of the Universe. What it has? 192 words. How [do] these 192 words come out—from where? They come out of the twenty-four words of the first line.

‘How the twenty-four words of the first line emerge from the first word: that is the secret of all knowledge. All knowledge is contained in 192 words. All knowledge is more densely available in twenty-four words of the first line. All knowledge is densely concentrated in the first word, from where it expands into twenty-four words.

‘This is how you see—you see the Constitution of the Universe. You see with your eyes. And when you see with your eyes, Vedic Pandits say, “I'll make you listen through your ears.” Now, he recites Vedic recitation, Vedic recitation
, Vedic recitation. What's he reciting? He is reciting the melody of the Constitution of the Universe, that you can hear what you see.

‘Now we are structuring on the ground. We are structuring on the ground just that one paragraph of the Constitution of the Universe. Buildings are laid out according to that. First word, from there, how the first word expands: this is one more miracle of it. The Constitution of the Universe is, just supposing, [like] the description of any football, the football team: one man kicks [the ball], the ball goes here, the ball goes there, the ball goes there, the ball goes there. The Constitution of the Universe is laid out with such precision, and the precision of the sequence is what makes it tangible on the level of practicality of life.

‘Unified Field—the huge, infinite diversity of the universe—[is] sung in those eight lines. All that is sung in those eight lines is sung in one line, concentratedly. All that one sings in that one line—the total Constitution of the Universe—is sung in the first word, in one word. Everyone can see what the word is; everyone can listen [to] what the word is; everyone can speak what the word is. And when one speaks what the word is, then the brain functions—total brain functions.

One speaks from the throat, from the total throat; the whole physical mechanism is involved in producing that one syllable, “A”. This one syllable is the seat of the grand Master. We say: the seat of God—God speaks, the melody of God, bliss. All the music and non-music flows, flows, flows. That is the action principle, action principle. And you see the action principle.

‘We have structured the first Sukta of Rig Veda. There is one word of Rig Ved; there is one—we call it "Richa"—there is one verse of Rig Ved; and then we have a Sukta, a bigger one, Sukta; and then we have Mandala; and then we have ten Mandalas of Rig Ved—all in perfect sequence. And that sequence is found all over. It's all over. Whether one knows it or not, but one is driven by that, one is controlled by that, one is motivated by that. That is the field of Total Knowledge, we are structuring.

‘It was very beautiful when Dr Hagelin was laying the foundation stone of the Peace Government in the centre of America. He came out with just this idea, this question, and the answer to it: What is it? What is the Constitution of the Universe? John Hagelin said, “It is available in the mathematical equations of numbers.” And there is no flexibility in number. Number says hundred—finished; hundred—finished. So, that is one way of expressing something. The other way of expressing it: now [is] how the action principle begins, and it flows and flows and flows and flows, covers the whole range of space and time in flow. The other is a mathematical thing—we just say, and that's it.

‘We want to have a mathematical expression of it laid out on the ground for all time for people to see. This first letter is there and is there a gap after that, and then the second letter is there, and there is a gap after that. So, a word and a gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap—in this way, sequentially, the law is available. Where [is it] available? It's available in the field of the manifest. And where else it is available? It's available in the field of the unmanifest.

‘The gaps between words have the law, the Constitution of the Universe, in the unmanifest field. The unmanifest field is what we have been talking about—transcendental, self-referral. The whole story of the Constitution of the Universe is available in the gaps: one gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap and the word. Everything is pure Total Knowledge, pure Total Knowledge
, pure Total Knowledge. That means pure knowledge of the whole unmanifest [and] knowledge of the whole manifest.

‘This is the structure of the Veda. This is the structure of the Constitution of the Universe. It expresses, and it expresses the unexpressed. Both fields are governed by the same law, because one law has these two values as its own nature. The whole manifest, manifesting process, is the nature of the law. The whole field of unmanifest, the whole field of unmanifesting—there are two things we are counting. We are counting manifesting—we are counting manifest, knowledge of manifesting, the process—and the non-state of manifest. So, unmanifest is also governed by law—systematic law. There is order in the unmanifest field. And from where it comes? It comes from the basis of the manifest, which is the reality of the unmanifest.

‘The unmanifest, also manifest—this means Total Knowledge. Total Knowledge means silence and dynamism. The unmanifest is all the field of silence, but that “all the field of silence” is not inertia. It is awake in itself.

‘The transcendental field is not [like] when one is tired, when the brain is tired, one feels restful in that state—so restful that he doesn't even remember that, “I am feeling, I am experiencing silence.” He becomes completely silent, even in the sleep state. Complete silence, but that complete silence is energizing, we say.

When one is fully awake in the transcendent, which is Transcendental Consciousness, one is completely silent. That total silence is known by all the senses of perception getting to that state. You can't know it from outside. You can't know it from outside, because from outside, you are the witness, and there is the process of witnessing, and there is that object of witness. So, when you are out of it, you are—now I want to use two words—you are a “noun” and a “verb” and the total effect of the noun and the verb, which is exploration of the objective. But when you are in that state, you are yourself noun—you are yourself the knower—so, the process of knowing also you are and the object of knowing you also are there.

‘Therefore, two simultaneously opposite in characteristic qualities, two values—silence and dynamism—these two together constitute the Constitution of the Universe. One is always silent; and one is always dynamic. That is why it is the Cosmic Administrator. Nothing is beyond its jurisdiction. Constitution—Cosmic Constitution—nothing is beyond its jurisdiction.

‘[In] the present constitution of different countries: everything is beyond their jurisdiction. One country says, “I like this, I like this.” The other country [says], “My constitution is this. I like this, I like this, I like this.” In the present state of constitutions which govern the countries, there is nothing which holds together Total Knowledge.

In the Cosmic Constitution—the Constitution of the Universe—the knowledge of the unmanifest and the knowledge of the manifest, both are together, together, together. It is easier to be together in Total Knowledge rather than be a part of knowledge—either of the relative or of the absolute, either of the changing world or non-changing world.

‘So, the Vedic approach to knowledge is: know. Know what Total Knowledge [is]. There is a big exposure to this Total Knowledge in the field of language. What is that language? It's the language of the transcendental, self-referral consciousness. What is that language? That language is: lamp at the door. “Lamp at the door” means outside is light and inside is the light. And where [do] you stand? You stand at the meeting point of outside and inside.

‘It is the relationship of out and in—inside light, outside light. You stand in the middle of it. The whole Vedic Literature is dedicated to this silent level of Total Knowledge, which breathes Total Knowledge of outside and Total Knowledge of inside on the junction point, the meeting point. This meeting point is available between the first letter and how the first letter becomes the gap. There is the meeting point; it's the meeting point.

‘The definition of knowledge is Veda; the definition of Veda is “Mantra Brahmanyor Veda Nam Deyah”. Mantra and Brahmana together—two things. Mantra and Brahmana—these two things constitute Ved, Total Knowledge. And it is there within “A”. When we write this “A”, “I”, “U”—these syllables emerging from “A”—they are within “A”.

And because one can't write one within the other, one within the other—eight times they are—one within the other, one within the other, one within the other. . . we are expressing them on the ground [in] how the buildings of the Constitution of the Peace Government are being built, which Dr Hagelin announced when he laid the foundation stone of this city in the centre point of America.

Centre point of America—the law demands that the capital be established in the centre point of America. Not great wisdom is needed [to understand] why the centre point. The central point means that if you want to reach any place, you can reach easily any place, equally easily, so that your parental role is equally effective for the whole territory. That is why it's [at the] centre point. It is obvious, and it does not need much logic to say why it's [at the] centre. This is the law. From the centre you can reach everywhere more easily, more quickly. Your parental role could be equally distributed in all directions, if you sit in the centre.

‘I was very happy that day, when I heard Dr Hagelin while doing this [say] that I am laying the structure—a structure, a building, housing—where the abstract, omnipresent, omniscient, transcendental, self-referral totality of Natural Law will be seen by the people in one building. It will be explained in the next gap. Another building—it will be explained in the building [and] another gap, another gap.

‘What we have is a commentary of the Ved in the structure of the Ved itself. No one man, no one, can comment on the Ved. It is so enormously total in silence and dynamism both together—silence and dynamism. Only by being it, it expresses itself. From a distance, you can't see it. You have to
be it. Only in the state of Being is the process of becoming. Only in the noun, the verb is available. In the doer, the doing is available.

‘That is why we say: noun is verb, and verb is noun. This is at the junction of the noun and verb. This is the miracle of the grammar. Vedic grammar takes you onwards without losing your status in the backwards. Back and forward, back and forward, it establishes you on the junction point of the two characteristic qualities. These two characteristic qualities, silence and dynamism, belong to the physiology, human physiology. They belong to human mind. They belong to human intellect. They belong to human ego. They belong to cosmic ego. They belong to Atma—the Self,
the Self, the Self.

‘When we are laying the foundation stone for a government to be governed by the Constitution of the Universe, then we are preparing a home for it in terms of its own self-referral dignity. And in the self-referral dignity of the wholeness of the Constitution of the Universe, wholeness of Natural Law is there.

‘Wholeness of Natural Law is there, as I said, in terms of an absolute static statement, which is mathematics—no argument, nothing. Ten—finished, it is ten. A hundred—finished, a hundred. This absolute static way of expressing the infinite dynamism of the unified state of unity and diversity.

‘This is Constitution of the Universe.
Vedic scholars
—they have been reciting the Veda, and they have been defining the Ved in terms of Mantra and Brahmana, in terms of the word and the gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap.

‘The commentaries of the Veda that have been made have been made by human beings. What they have done is: they have mutilated the enormous, unlimited comprehension of the field of Total Knowledge, which is silence and dynamism together. It's beyond any human limitations of the field of language.

‘They have been reciting. What they have been reciting is word and the gap and the word and the gap and the word and the gap—as they got from their parents,
as they got from their parents, as they got from their parents. How they got it? Through the oral tradition of the infinite flexibility of the language. Infinite flexibility of the language had the characteristic qualities of unity and diversity together, and they flow. They flow from infinity to point value, from point to infinity, infinity to point.

‘There is a theory of the universe: pulsating universe—pulsating. What is this pulsating? From infinity to its point, from point to infinity. This is how the force of gravity pulsates within itself. That is the governor of the universe. In that is expressed the Constitution of the Universe—from one to many, from many to one, from one to many, many to one.

‘These are the two characteristic qualities of one law. And one law is the state of law, which silently moves. From where to where? From totality of manifest infinity to totality of the unmanifest reality, from unmanifest to manifest—that junction point,
that junction point, that junction point.

‘That junction point has been hit by these expressions of the nonflexible state of expression, mathematical numbers, this theory of numbers. Number theory is one way of expressing the total Constitution of the Universe with two values together—silence and dynamism. And the other: two values together in language, which flows, flows, flows, language, language. The language—then it has to flow. What flows in the language is silence. Silence flows, silence flows, silence flows—silence.

‘These two systems of gaining knowledge: through number systems and through flow of syllables, flow of words. It is enormously perfect, and now with the grace of our spiritual master, His Divinity—we say, "Divinity", with authority, we say, "Divinity"—Brahmananda Saraswati.

‘Dr Hagelin is that extraordinary genius in this age, who has the whole knowledge in terms of the expressions of the path, which is Vedic expression, and whole knowledge in terms of this mathematical reality—non-changeability. So, we have from both sides, in Dr Hagelin. He alone could say, “Yes, I am putting [this] to the direct vision of the people—on the ground, on the building, on brick and mortar—the structure of the Constitution of the Universe.”

‘All glory to the time, the changing phase of time. We have a scientist who speaks both languages: ancient science, where the scientist and the science—the technologies—they are all one; and the modern also, where also the scientist and this, they are all one,
they are all one.

‘Dr Hagelin, your expressions satisfy on both levels: the mathematical, inflexible, complete authority on its own; and language flowing in itself, with complete authority in itself. What a wonderful time for mankind. Now, with this, we are out to create invincibility to every nation, and that on the basis of invincibility lively in a few people in a nation—a few hundred, a few thousand, one thousand, whatever. Just that is our authority, and that is our joy, and that is our world.

Bless them, Dr. Hagelin. And answer all their questions’



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