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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

20 April 2005 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks

Maharishi: ‘Jai Guru Dev. We have been telling for the few weeks past that we don’t have much time to speak now. We are engaged in creating effect. Whatever little effect we can create, that is worthwhile now. Talks we have been [giving] there for fifty years. Practically we have been teaching to the people everywhere. And now we have a very clear perspective that the world was living very immature life, very childish life, mistaken life. So we now, with all the experience of these fifty years, have created Peace Government—and Peace Government on every level of administration.
‘One level of administration we have of a Peace Government is enormous number of galaxies in the empty space. They are functioning, they are behaving—more and more galaxies coming up all the time, but the administration is so perfect, so orderly, so systematic, that everything is in perfect orderliness. So, there is a level of administration which caters for the infinite variety to be run on perfect orderliness.
‘This exemplary system of administration we are putting now on every level of intelligence or consciousness or any level of life. In the world, we have different levels of life: some very immature, some more mature, some more mature, some more mature. So we say: some very unintelligent, some more intelligent, more intelligent, more intelligent. Some we say: creative, and some more creative, some more creative, some more creative. Each level of growth has to have a different treatment, like the growth of a plant. When you have the plant in the seed form, it requires a different kind of nourishing. When the seed sprouts, it needs a different kind of nourishing. When it grows, it requires a different kind of nourishing.  

‘Like that, human consciousness has different levels of evolution: waking, dreaming, sleeping consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. These are the levels of growth of consciousness. From complete state of inertia, where there is no consciousness—it’s all sleep, deep sleep—to waking, drowsy. In the waking you see something, something else; you see something, something else, something. In the waking you come, and you have something, something. You go to the transcendental level— it’s a different world. Cosmic Consciousness is a different world. God Consciousness has its own different uniqueness of the quality of life—experiences are different, understandings are different, behaviours are different. Unity Consciousness, ultimately, the Totality.
‘What was lacking was a very clear, a clear distinction in the quality of administration, in the structure of administration. Of course there is nothing to structure in sleep state of consciousness—it’s a state of silent consciousness, completely. You can’t control in the dreaming state of consciousness. It has its own topsy-turvy feeling. You see something, you see a tree, and you see it’s not a tree—it’s an elephant or it’s a tiger or something, something, something. Some misconception—missed shots, you can say. There is something, and you see something else, something. And then the waking state, like that: you see something, it’s something else; you see something, something else.
‘[There is] Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. So, we are setting up different levels of administration to help the people in different states of consciousness. All the time, when you could take the world as a whole, there’ll be some people more intelligent, some less intelligent, some very less intelligent, some very unintelligent: levels of consciousness.

The administration of these different levels of consciousness is not adequate. There is some distinction, there is some distinction: intelligent people are behaved differently; they have a different level of society. And unintelligent people have their own world, just like labour and a supervisor and a director and a manager, like that, like that. So, the work is going on. But as such, governments are not there to handle consciousness as such. Behavioural values are the values of the physical body, but the basis of all that has been found to be consciousness.
‘So we are structuring Peace Palaces in the world. And that will have a government, or an administration, suitable to help the people in different states of consciousness. We teach Transcendental Consciousness, and when they grow into Cosmic Consciousness, then we teach them some advanced techniques. Then they grow in values; then we teach them some advanced techniques, some advanced techniques, in a very systematic way—as systematic as the run of a government. Laws are there; laws are there.
‘When the people are not completely aware of the laws of behaviour on that level of consciousness or on the other level of consciousness, other level of consciousness, then lack of knowledge of these different levels of consciousness does not give the people competence to behave properly on their own level of consciousness. That’s why problems arise, and suffering comes, and all incoherence and all difficulties arise. This is because the guidance is not there. Sickness rises because guidance on health is not there. Difficulties arise—people meet with problems and failures—because the guidance is not there. The guidance is not there.
‘So, we are constructing Peace Palaces, where different departments of the Peace Palaces will guide the people on the level of their consciousness. When they are only in the waking state, and they have nothing to do with the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, then they are given the techniques of Transcendental Consciousness. And when they get the Transcendental Consciousness, they have to rise to Cosmic Consciousness; they are given advanced techniques, advanced techniques. And then they rise to God Consciousness, and then they rise to Unity Consciousness— different levels of consciousness for different worlds of different states of consciousness.
‘We are on a very fundamental level of total knowledge of Natural Law and training the people to govern, or to administer, successfully different levels of consciousness. First is the measure of different states of consciousness. Subjective experiences are the real measure of a state of consciousness, whether Transcendental or Cosmic or God Consciousness or Unity—personal experiences. Now this is subjective evaluation of one’s level of the society that he belongs to, level of the world that he belongs to.

‘Now, fortunately, we have developed—our scientists have developed—this brain mapping. So, from the objective measurement of the functioning of the brain physiology, they are trying to develop the standards of measurement for different states of consciousness. So, this will be objective examination of the physical body about how, on what level, is the functioning of consciousness—whether it is along with pure consciousness or not, whether waking state is in tune with whatever little of the Transcendental Consciousness, pure consciousness, or not.
‘So, these different states of consciousness measured, and advanced techniques and proper guidance given, and the world will have a very systematic, sequential evolution of life. All these odds will not be there in the society, because every man will have his proper evaluation of the level of consciousness, and he will be given the proper diet, proper medicines, proper etiquette, proper behavioural values. All these things are different in different states of consciousness.
‘There has not been a measure of consciousness so far, and that is why the society was tumbling between higher-states-of-consciousness people and people in lower states of consciousness. These governments have become a complete hodgepodge of all kinds of—what you can say—illiterates. Some intelligent people are faced with [a] large body of illiterates, and they shout aloud, and in every government there is opposition and all those nasty things, which don’t behove with the dignity of a government.

‘This Peace Government, which Dr. Hagelin is structuring with the scientists of every country: every government will have some standard of administration to go by. Every government will be the first beneficiary of the activity of this Peace Government, which will administer different levels of consciousness with different techniques, with different techniques, with different techniques. It’s a beautiful opening.

‘And with whatever we have started—with whatever little we have started—but it seems, I hear, some kind of indication of some more soothing air in the world today than last week and last week and last week. Dr Hagelin, tell the world of the changing qualities of world consciousness. It’s a very small measure, but nevertheless, something is indicating that something better is happening.
I’ll ask the world press to tell me now in all these meetings, what they feel—if any rise of positivity and betterment in any part of the world, in any measure. So, I’ll ask the press if they have found, in this week, something which they can mention to me.’


Question: Scientists and the Peace Government

Dr Hagelin: ‘There is, Maharishi, a question or two on this subject of the Peace Government and how it is going to work, if Maharishi wouldn’t mind addressing a question: “Maharishi recently urged the world’s top scientists to take an active role in the administration of their countries and structure their governments to mirror the flawless government of the universe. In this way, Maharishi said, scientists will create ideal administration and raise their nation to invincibility and render life free from mistakes and problems. My question for Maharishi is this: Many people believe that scientists, with their development of dangerous technologies such as nuclear weapons and genetically engineered foods, are not the saviours of mankind, but have actually put the world at risk. So, how will scientists under Maharishi’s program save the world and not destroy it?’’ ’ 

I am going to invite the scientists, and Dr Hagelin is already ready to do it. And we’ll spend a week, two weeks, with the scientists. And they will see that whatever they have understood to be the so-far reality, a little further than that is the Transcendental Consciousness, that level of total Natural Law which functions from a level of invincibility. And that can be harnessed by human consciousness. And that will create a coherent world consciousness.
‘And coherent world consciousness will be like the lighted candle in a room, and darkness will not be seen, that’s all. We light the light, and darkness disappears. We bring higher level of consciousness. We purify the consciousness of the individuals, a few individuals, let them live together according to the laws of the administration of the universe. And then there’ll be harmony generated. With harmony, all the disharmony will disappear, that’s all.

‘We increase positivity, and negativity will disappear anyway—don’t have to fight negativity. It’s a very royal stand. That’s why we call it government. Peace Government is a government as invincible in our world as it is in the universe. Invincibility, totality of Natural Law, to help everyone’s life, like that—and develop the potential of the individual, which we have been saying is cosmic all the time.  

‘So, these are the values, understandable to those people who are experiencing Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying. This is the way to go. And now we are establishing this permanently, so that this gift of Total Knowledge, this gift of the Veda—the gift of the land of the Veda, India—will always be available to mankind. And we will have a beautiful world family to live in. It’s going to be, it’s going to be, in the same way as you keep on increasing the candlelight and keep on increasing the intensity of light, that’s all.
‘And I would like to ask the world press today to make an appeal to all these financial institutions of the world, whether they are banks or private institutions—whatever they are. Ask them to enjoy celebrating this onset of world peace and participate in creation of the Peace Palaces as soon as possible.
‘Dr Hagelin, tell them your plan for constructing these three thousand Peace Palaces. And it can be done; it can be done in a few weeks. Only, those organizations—financial organizations, whose profession it is to give loans—they give loans and participate in the construction of permanent peace-homes in the world. In every city of the world, we would like to have a Peace Palace where people of every level of consciousness would be directly helped to go to higher states of consciousness.
‘So, the programme of these Peace Palaces—it’s a great programme, it’s a great programme. Words can never convey the great thing. Only we have to get onto producing the effect now. And for permanent peace on earth for all future: establishment of the Peace Palaces.

‘Participate, participate. Participate in your own city; participate in your own city. Participate to build the Peace Palace in the cities of your friends. Participate to build Peace Palaces in the cities of your enemies, so that your enemies cease to be your enemies; they’ll be fulfilled in their own life in their own cities.
‘From every consideration, it’s very, very necessary that these Peace Palaces are built overnight, overnight, without waste of a day or night. And then, from that day, we have the world in heaven.


Question: The Enlivenment of the Brain Through the Transcendental Meditation Technique

Dr Hagelin: ‘Maharishi, a rather deep and interesting question has come up because of all the focus these days on the brain and the Transcendental Meditation programme and Vedic recitations’ ability to bring coherence to the brain. This is the question from the press: “The brain has become big news in the media these days, as evidenced by the massive global press-coverage on the recent brain conference at Maharishi University of Management. And, in particular, there is great interest in the prefrontal cortex of the brain—the so-called CEO of the brain, which is responsible for judgment, planning, and coordination of the whole brain. These frontal areas shut down during stress, and they wake up during Transcendental Meditation. What could it be about transcending, is the question, that wakes up the all-important CEO, the master coordinator of the whole brain?” ’ 

The thing is, some activity in the brain produces corresponding experience. Any experience means some activity in the brain. Some physiological sensation in some part of the brain produces some activity that the eyes begin to see, that the ears begin to hear, and all these different experiences. ‘In Transcendental Meditation, there is no one point of experience. So, no one area of the brain functions. It’s the functioning of the total brain that experiences that unbounded field of intelligence itself.
‘The experiencer experiences its boundless existence—unbounded intelligence. That’s why it’s called “transcendental”—it transcends boundaries. When it transcends boundaries, it utilizes total brain, every aspect of the brain [is] alert. The whole brain physiology functions. There is no other experience than this experience of unbounded consciousness itself that can use all aspects of the brain. And when all aspects of the brain are fully alert, then we say cosmic intelligence is awake.
‘So, brain physiology has that competence to function in totality and thereby comprehend the unbounded transcendental field of consciousness pervading everything at the basis of everything. Total Natural Law is a value that is lively on this level of consciousness—total Natural Law. And when total Natural Law is lively, then you can influence, and you can organize, you can administer, all things from the supreme level of unified energy and unified intelligence—a supreme level of living life on earth.
‘So, brain physiology has that competence to function in totality and thereby comprehend the unbounded transcendental field of consciousness pervading everything at the basis of everything. Total Natural Law is a value that is lively on this level of consciousness—total Natural Law. And when total Natural Law is lively, then you can influence, and you can organize, you can administer, all things from the supreme level of unified energy and unified intelligence—a supreme level of living life on earth.
‘All kinds of activities have their basis, their source, in the non-functioning, fully awake, self-referral consciousness, which relates to the total brain functioning. This human brain functioning has that competence to function on a level which is the level of functioning of the government of the universe. While functioning in the relative, it is completely functioning on the level of the absolute.
‘So, this is a level which does not leave [out] any aspect of silence or any aspect of dynamism—all aspects of silence and all aspects of dynamism at the same time. That is why total brain functions and enlivens total silence and total dynamism. This is Unity state of consciousness—Brahmi Chetana—in the Vedic terms, unified state of self-referral consciousness, in terms of physics, and all that Dr Hagelin has described in terms of chemistry, mathematics. Those who have heard today’s introductory lecture of Dr Hagelin, he specified today: these are the words from chemistry; these are the words from mathematics; these are the words from biology; these are the words from Vedic Science—very clearly indicated. Relate that with the functioning of the total brain.
‘It’s like a billionaire. When he does business from his level, then he is a billionaire. If a billionaire functions from the level of millionaires, then he is not intelligent—he is not enjoying life to the fullest possible degree. So, joy of life, successful living of life, achievement of life, depends upon the use of consciousness. And the use of consciousness depends upon how the brain physiology functions. And how the brain physiology functions depends on the level of consciousness. And consciousness depends on the level of physiology.
‘So, this simultaneity, or this coexistence of consciousness and physiology is a great discovery in the field of science. It’s a great discovery in the field of art. It’s a great, great discovery in the field of commerce—commerce which changes here and there. So, here is something which behaves in a field of silence. Silence and behaviour, dynamism and knowledge—it’s a very complete living of life. Life has to be cultured this way.  

And now we have the administration. We have the administration of the Peace Government, which will handle peacefully this peaceful functioning of the physiology—all peaceful functioning of the physiology, all quiet functioning of Natural Law, which was out of hand, which was dumped into the field of ignorance. It was suffering in the wastepaper basket. And man thought he is a practical man! But total practicality was hidden from view, was not available to man. And now this new Peace Government will do it quickly.  

‘This establishment of the new government is from two levels. One: I got frustrated with the stupidity and ignorance of the existing governments. Absolutely useless people who don’t do anything for their own life—they come out to regulate or administer the life of other people. Such great ignorance! And in the name of administration, they fight each other—all what happens in these parliaments here, there. In democratic parliaments, fighting goes on. So the frustration that those people couldn’t take this thing and couldn’t become better: this is one reason for my starting the Peace Government.

‘Another reason is: I thought, to pacify my own frustration, I thought, “Why ask them to do? Why not do [it] yourself? Someone who has the light, he only can show the light to others. So, why waste time in asking other people? Why waste time in asking and suggesting other people to do it? Why not do it?” From this frustration, and from the possession of the solution, came out this thought that, “Let’s do it ourselves. If very immature people can form governments, why can’t we do it? We can do it more successfully, more easily, more comprehensively.”

‘We created a world government. All these governments are concepts—simple concepts, just concepts. So, we conceived of a government, global government: “Let’s have a global government.” And global is not a thing that we created new. We started to participate in whatever was there already. Global government is already there; universal government is already there; government of the universe is already there. It is administering the universe with perfect order—already there. So, it’s not our creation, it is naturally there.

We started to sneak into it, participate into it, quietly participate into it. We got some techniques from our teachers, and then we just allowed it, allowed it.

‘So, from these two values: frustration on the one side, and fulfilment on the other side—because we have the solution, why not give it to the people, give it to the people?
‘It’s a very good thing. Dr Hagelin is now asking all the scientists to wake up to their responsibility. At least some scientists here—even a few—one, two, at least there are in each country who are more sensible about the finer aspects of Natural Law. So, they are better; they are more intelligent. Their consciousness is more awake than others. And they are to become aware of the Totality. One more step ahead is the practicality of starting to function from that level of Unified Field, from that level of total consciousness—some little [bit].
‘So, the material is there. And now they’ll be collected soon. I’ll spend a week, two weeks with them. And they are already those intelligent [ones]: fine, I don’t have to do much on them. Only, they have to start experiencing that thing which they are aiming at discovering after some time or whatever—after some time, after some time. They’ll find fulfilment in their own programme of researching the reality, and then they will be the silent administrators of their level of consciousness.

‘That will be one level: national level of Peace Government everywhere. And like that, there will be a state level of government; there will be city level of government—just like the mayors are there and the governors are there and the presidents are there. A very good thing.
‘Only, the individuals have to think that they are compelled to pay tax to their government. Tax. If you don’t pay tax, you go to jail. Tax you pay—and what you get from the government? Some good roads; you get some electricity, some organization of the waking state of consciousness. Like that, every single individual must think it is his duty, whether he is asked or not asked.

‘He should pay some waves of delight—we don’t say tax. It should be a joy of everyone to contribute his share of wealth to help build these Peace Palaces, run these Peace Palaces—and as many Peace Palaces everywhere in the world—so that any man anywhere is served for his level of consciousness, and he is helped to be in higher states of consciousness. It should be everyone’s responsibility
‘So, anyone who is earning anything, don’t ask that Maharishi should ask him—no. Why should I ask? You should request Maharishi’s organization to help you, and help the organization. It’s a mutual participation in making life better and better. It’s a responsibility of the people. They don’t have to be asked by it. Just as they are compelled—they have to give taxes to the people—it should be their own responsibility; it should be their own joy to make the treasury of the Global Country of World Peace as full as possible so that large numbers of Vedic Pandits and large numbers of [Yogic] Flyers in the world could generate that intense influence of world consciousness in harmony as soon as possible. Do it as soon as possible.’  



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