Maharishi's Global Press Conferences Highlights

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr John Hagelin and Dr Bevan Morris. link to press conference highlights archive
'Now I welcome the influence of the world press to bring the message of—Total Knowledge—to every individual in our world and invincibility to every nation in our world. Whatever life has been so far, it has been endeavouring to be better and better. Now should be the time to step onto the plateau of the fulfilment of all the endeavors of the wise throughout the ages.'—Maharishi

2 July 2003 Press Conference Highlights

Opening Remarks


Maharishi: Jai Guru Dev. It’s a great joy to see that the advancement in the scientific age has reached a level which will satisfy everyone in this generation and will be a smooth ground for satisfaction in all generations to come. Peace Government is the promotion, is the evolution, of the governmental organizations that mankind has been witnessing throughout the ages. When we compare the possibility for a prevention-oriented administration with the present administration, we thank the tradition of Vedic Masters from whom we have learned the philosophy, the programme, the practice whereby our single, individual awareness becomes competent to achieve our desires.

‘Our desire throughout the ages has been, the individual desire throughout the ages has been: “I should be happy, peaceful, affluent, fulfilled; my family should be peaceful, affluent; my nation should be peaceful, affluent, fulfilled; my world family should be all peaceful, happy.” This is the desire.

‘And all kinds of political activity, political principles, economic activities, economic principles, and principles of administration, principles for prevention from the [the birth of an] enemy, defence—all have been thought about and all together an administration is designed. There have been administrations—monarchical, dictatorship—all those different systems of administrations have been there, but civilization, as such, is still facing [problems], as it has been facing problems of all kinds here and there and there.

‘Therefore, each generation in the past, and even now in present, has been trying to improve upon everything: improve upon politics, improve upon economy, improve upon defence, improve upon medical care, improve upon education. But now it seems, with the blessing of the tradition of Vedic Masters, we are equipped with that knowledge and with that technology. And we have tried it out in the world—have been exposed to so many, many kinds of scientific researches and different theories of modern science coming up to establish that unified state.

‘All these developments in every field now result in the establishment of Peace Government. And Peace Government means governed through peace, governed through peace. Peace does not mean inertia—no, no. Peace means—one of the speakers today, I was very happy to hear, that the unifying influence, which unifies all diversity, that is to be enlivened.

‘Government has been functioning, economy in the world has been functioning, political, all these different areas of human concern, they have been functioning on the basis of activity, lot of activity, lot of activity—including punishment, including wars, including killing the enemy, including killing things. All kinds of unwanted activities have been in practice in the name of establishing order. But that, now, has come to a level where evolution will now take all human affairs to peace on every level. An administration through peace, Peace Government, will administer through fully developing the human brain physiology, through developing fully the health, developing fully defence.

‘Defence is not defence. Defence is not being used, no. What is being used is offence, offence. But offence, as a part of administration, makes administration invalid and insufficient and childish and unwanted. That’s all. Military to save the nation? Military is there to kill the nation!

‘Education has been so fragmented. Medicine has been so underdeveloped. We have heard all these wise and experienced professionals just now in this conference of the inauguration of Peace Government. Everyone has been waiting for such an upsurge of fulfilment in their field. Peace Government will be a government, and under Dr Hagelin’s guidance, prevention-oriented, prevention-oriented. Every field of human concern—prevention-oriented—will stop difficulties on the way. It will stop problems on the way, it will stop negativity on the way—and this is skill in administration.

‘The other day some press was very wisely expressing to me that that government is best who does least administration. And that is through proper education, proper healthcare, proper agriculture, proper economy. Economy has to be a balanced economy. Today’s economy, just as any other endeavour of human concern, is a failure. Economy is also a failure. Today’s economy is heart palpitations for the rich and heartlessness for the poor. All these people tell me: this rate is now more, this today and tomorrow and this. It creates palpitations in the heart of the rich. What is this economy which eats up life?!

‘So, in every case . . . life is lived in an undesirable manner. It’s lived in a very ineffective way.

[Missing some of the talk from the audio.]

‘There are millions of people in every country and the government has to support fulfilment of all these desires. This will be on the basis of developing that ability where people will be fulfilling their desires. Peace will be there when a man is trained to utilize the full creative potential of Natural Law, which is the cosmic capability to fulfil his desires. It’s a very great point.

‘‘A man has a desire. Now he has to work. Now he doesn’t get it accomplished. He has to work hard and hard and hard and hard. All these management values today are on this basis. Peace Government will create management schools, management colleges, where the individual will manage his consciousness.

‘His consciousness has two aspects to it: self-referral consciousness and object-referral consciousness. The awareness has to be so delicately awakened that it has diversity impregnated with unity—unity pervading diversity—that total infinite value of creativity of total Natural Law to be engaged to fulfil our desires. This is the education, and this is the Peace Government’s skill of governing: to educate a person to fulfil his desire. Let his mind be on that level of experience of total infinite creativity—that is through Transcendental Meditation and all the knowledge that the Vedic Literature provides.

‘And fortunately now, in this scientific age, as Dr Hagelin informs me, that Unified Field has been discovered. Diversity cannot be a phase. Only unity can be enlivened to pervade all diversity, and there will be perfection. They’ll be practically utilizing total Natural Law. And this is skill given to everyone in his student age. We’ll create the younger generation competent to fulfil its own desire and serve the interests of their parents and grandparents and all that, and serve the interest of their forthcoming generation.

‘So, Peace Government is a very natural evolution of the principle and programmes of government. Very fortunate that after these forty, fifty years of teaching Transcendental Meditation and creating thousands of teachers of meditation, now we are on the verge of perpetuating this field of knowledge that will enable every single individual to engage total Natural Law to fulfil his desires. Every nation will be Heaven on Earth.

‘Very beautiful. Very beautiful situation has come up. It’s a very fortunate day today to have started to inaugurate the Peace Government, Peace Government. Peace Government means totally competent of doing least in order that the whole population dependant on the government will be crowned with success on the individual level and collective level, national level and the world level. Our world will be, our world family will be, one united family.

‘It’s a very great joy and everyone—I was very happy to hear that the wise men of USA have endorsed this thing as their joy, as their joy to have the world family rise to a level of the wisest civilization in the history of the world where people will not suffer, where people will not face problems, people will not face difficulties on their personal level, health level, on every level. And collectively they will radiate the light of God.

‘God has not created man to suffer. God has created man in his own image. Every religion, no matter what, adores God as the merciful Father and that is the Light of God. Engagement of total Natural Law is like engagement of the father and mother for the children. They do everything to meet the requirements of the children. Like that, in the Light of God, total Natural Law will be made available through this Peace Government, through the education, through all the healthcare systems, through all these things that have been discussed.

‘And the Peace Palaces will be the Capitals of this Peace Government, quietly. I love the word of Dr Hagelin: that oasis of peace in all these big cities, oasis of peace, where peace will radiate to all areas of human concern. It’s a very good thing to see, as soon as possible, in every part of the world. The programme is about 3,000 [Peace Palaces], and that will be for every city of about 100,000 population—that is about the estimate.

These Peace Palaces will be the Capitals of Peace Government. Peacefully they will generate that silent influence of—we use that one word which would mean everything: to radiate the light the God, to engage total Natural Law. In whatever words we say it, but that means the total cosmic potential of creativity will be dawning on the individual level, and a few individuals in a group will make it radiate throughout the population.

‘It’s very good that the best mind of the Unified Field in the world, Dr Hagelin, has decided to put up a structure, a structure of peace. More and more peace in human awareness and more and more peace in the environment of the individual, in the society, everywhere, like that, like that. It’s a very good day, very good day. It’s a very good day in the centuries of life of the world that we are inaugurating today Peace Government in order to support the existing government, in order to peacefully, silently, effectively create that atmosphere of harmony in every country whereby, whatever the system of government— somewhere monarchy, somewhere dictatorship, somewhere democracy—whatever the system, that system will be successful.

‘All these different systems of administration are like different desires of the individual. Someone likes to enjoy salty things. Someone wants to enjoy sweet things. Someone enjoys sometimes, for a change, bitter things, or whatever, pungent things. So, different systems—differences are no problem. The problem has been lack of unifying quality of consciousness, which will keep all diversity in a proper, integrated state. And that this Peace Government will provide, and that will be a joy of every government. That will be a joy of every government.

‘The world is going to be a better world very soon and the effort of these things is going to be successful because its rise is timely for the evolution of science. Evolution of science means that discovery of the unifying quality integrating all the diversity. Very good.

‘Dr Hagelin, you have done very well. And the wise scientists and teachers and health professionals and all—United States is full of experts, and on the basis of their present experience, whatever it has been, they are all ready to plunge to a level of perfection. It’s very good. It’s a very peaceful thing. And you’ll establish your oasis of peace in every big city in the US and the world will follow. And the world will follow.

‘So, congratulations to all those who have participated in your thing. It’s a small, it’s a—eleven; that means one-one. Move of one. Move of unity. There is enough leadership coming to erect the edifice of Peace Government. So, congratulations to everyone, and this gives me great fulfilment after 30, 40, 50 years of teaching the experience of that power of peace in the self-referral consciousness of everyone. And all the scientific research that the scientists of America and the world have contributed: it’s a great thing. And what life ahead is: very bright fortune for mankind.

‘If there are any questions, we’ll entertain. It’s a great joy for the press of the world today, for the people of the world today, for the governments of the world today, and for the Creator God of the world today that we are rising in the Light of God. We are rising in our own potential of life, which is cosmic, all possibilities. This is the initiation of a government worthy of the scientific age. So all the scientists and all the great thinkers of the world, they are welcome. I congratulate them and very soon we’ll have a beautiful, beautiful administration for the rise of a perfect, ideal civilization.’

Question: On Maharishi's Basic Message


Dr Hagelin: ‘. . . There are questions, Maharishi, if you’ll be free to entertain some. The first is somewhat basic; the others more specific. First question: “Maharishi, for those of us who are new to your work, would you please summarize your basic message and how it relates to peace.”’  

Message is that the nature of life is bliss, and that is the Self of everyone. And therefore, it should not be any obstacle for one’s own self to be enjoyed by one. That is the basic message. For that, Transcendental Meditation and following all the do’s and don’ts that generally are very wisely publicized throughout the ages in the religious textbooks, in the scientific textbooks, even in the medical textbooks. Eat this and don’t eat this, this is poison, this is nectar, this is this, this is. All the good things, but in order to have them in the most natural manner, one has to contact that seat of all good in one’s own Self.

‘So, the message is to practically experience oneself and then have the knowledge about the Self from the scientific textbooks, from the Vedic Literature, from the religious books—what one should do, what one should not do. But the main thing is the experience of the Self, experience of Self consciousness. And publicly, the message is for Consciousness-Based Education, Consciousness-Based Healthcare system, Consciousness-Based everything, Consciousness-Based Administration. Consciousness—which is ones own Self.

‘So, not much has to be done. Only a matter of recognizing that the man was created in the image of God, and the light of God is within everyone and also is outside everyone. The whole galactic universe, how many millions of suns and all that, all that, they are all functioning by themselves. This is Natural Law, the Will of God. That is our essential message. Then the essential message will be practically utilized by the Peace Government. And now we say Peace Government of Dr Hagelin, the great scientist of our scientific age. That is our speech, that is our message.


Question: On Maharishi’s Focus on Politics


Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you, Maharishi. There is a second question: “You started the Natural Law Party in England, and it was going quite well here in the United States. And now it seems as if your focus has shifted. Have you given up on politics? And, if so, why?” 

I’ve not given [up on] politics. As I said, this is now the time for me to get on to the most evolved level of politics. In these two, three elections what I found was: it was a waste of time! This election, this, this—such a waste of time. This man said that and that man said that and this man said that and that man said that. This party, that party—such a waste of human energy. Quietly one would rise to a state where the thought will be fulfilled. So having found that all these elections are a waste of human talent—it’s a waste of human potential—I said to all the people: “Don’t waste time; get on to creating effect rather than creating noise.”

‘I was very happy to hear one of your participants half an hour ago [saying] that it’s the time for creating effect, not creating noise. It will be friendly. Out of experience we have learned that all these elections and all that are wandering on the opinion level. An opinion today, opinion tomorrow, opinion in the night, opinion in the day—opinion is varying, so one is wasting ones cosmic potential on trashes, on useless things.

‘So, this is more effective, and we will have the supreme purpose of politics achieved in the establishment of the Peace Government. Peace Government. Peace Government is the evolved state of politics in this scientific age where we have known all the most ancient structures of life to be governed by total Natural Law.

‘Otherwise, this present government, this election business—they are all manmade constitutions. And manmade constitutions mean full of human failings and full of human weaknesses. So why waste time shouting around: “Give me vote, give me vote and I’ll govern you!” The whole thing is a mockery. But, doesn’t matter—everything has its own time. When one plants a rose, one sees thorns first, and then the stem has to rise above thorns, the second thorns, third thorns and then the rose, like that.

‘So, this evolution of politics—and it is also true for all the economics, for all health and all—it’s evolving, evolving, evolving. So evolution is more fruitful then any state that may come. It has to be superseded, superseded. So politics has to be too. All these big, huge efforts in politics have to be superseded by peaceful performance, the technique of engaging total Natural Law in our own minds and accomplishing anything. You move the mountain through thought.

‘This is a very good time for evolution. The scientific age is for discoveries of new things, whereby new techniques will require less effort and produce more results—that way. That is the message.' 

[Dr Hagelin answers a question addressed to him.]


Question: Maharishi’s Message to the USA for Independence Day


Dr Hagelin: ‘Here is one question for Maharishi pertaining to the 4th of July. “In two days, Maharishi, on Friday, is the 4th of July, American Independence Day. Do you have a message for the American people on this day?” 

Peace Government in America is an example for all the 200 governments in the world. Let this year be setting an example of a perfect civilization on the basis of enjoying the Light of God, utilizing total Natural Law in one’s feelings, in one’s emotions, in one’s speech, in one’s behaviour. Rising to perfection can be a message of this year’s anniversary of the US country. That will be very good to have Peace Government for every country in the world.

‘And we are offering these capitals of world peace in every country through these Peace Palaces. And we are offering Consciousness-Based Education, Consciousness-Based Healthcare, Consciousness-Based Agriculture, Consciousness-Based Defence, Consciousness-Based Administration. “Consciousness-based” means cosmic-energy-and-intelligence-based human life. That is the message of this year for the freedom of the country. That will be all right?

‘Dr Hagelin, this was a very good day today before the day of declaration of independence of America. So this is for the world to follow, for the world to follow, world to follow. A peaceful, happy civilization—life in bliss. Doesn’t matter, we are aware how life has been terrible. Doesn’t matter how darkness has been in the middle of the night. But now is the time for the dawn. The light is dawning, and therefore, we can only welcome the dawn. Don’t worry about the darkness. It’s going and going and gone already. Beautiful time for the world.' 


Question: On If the Peace Government Supports War to Create Peace


Dr Hagelin: ‘. . . The question is: “In a world in which war seems to perhaps provide some measure of success in creating peace and preventing our country and others from being overrun by those who would cause such harm, how do we, the US Peace Government, provide support for that type of administration, the Bush administration for example, that believes in the principle of pre-emptive war of peace through violence. How does the US Peace Government support that type of administration.” I think that question is for Maharishi. 

War can never be supported, whether it is from Bush, the President of America, or whether it is from a labour union, somewhere else. War, killing, destruction is always crime and crime can never be supported, whosoever does it.

‘A criminal feels he has murdered the man, and he was successful, he is brave and all. But he’s a criminal! No matter who does it, whether he is the president of a country or the president of the world. This is because the government is established on the manmade constitution. And manmade constitutions are full of human weaknesses and human failings. That is why, when someone sees someone is coming to kill—“so let him come to my door, and I’ll kill him”. But prevention-oriented killing means we kill the desire of the enemy to become our enemy. Prevention-oriented administration. So such a thing can never be supported, whosoever he is.

‘And Peace Government is going to be a successful government. Peace Government is going to be successful government because some 8,000 people in US—for the world we are counting some thirty, forty thousand people on Yogic Flying, practicing this unfoldment of their own Self, Self-referral consciousness, will do the trick. That is why even if there are hundred Bush’s like that, waging hundred wars like that, a few thousand Yogic Flyers in the world will not allow it to happen, will not allow it to happen, will simply not allow it to happen. The desire of killing, the desire of destruction will be eliminated or will be destroyed before it comes up.

‘So, that is our conviction. We light the lamp. Darkness is taken care of. We light the lamp. We stand for the lamp. All the destructive tendencies, whether they are American tendencies or British tendencies or any tendencies, they are not going to last long. Hitler—there was a time, Hitler. Hitler swayed Europe. Where is Hitler? Completely gone, forgotten, hated by the people. And Germans would be afraid of creating another Hitler. Like that, Americans tomorrow will hate creating another Bush.

‘Peace Government will be like the lighted lamp, which will disallow the birth of darkness. Period. Prevention. That is very clear. We can’t compromise it with darkness. . . . The only way is to bring enlightenment in the world consciousness, enlightenment in the world consciousness. . . . Someone who can create a lighted lamp, he’ll never support any shadow of darkness whatever. 


Question: On Maharishi’s Confidence to Create a Better World

Dr Hagelin: ‘‘… Maharishi, here is a question: “Washington is a city full of promises, many of which—some would say most—are not kept. Yet you speak so confidently of your ability to create a better world when throughout history so many others have failed. Why such confidence?” 

Because of the nature of life and a very simple approach to unfold that nature. Finished. There’s nothing complicated in our programme to create a better world because life, as such, has a cosmic character to it. All the Laws of Nature are busy at every level of evolution of life. All the Laws of Nature, they are already functioning within the individual. And Laws of Nature, they are taught to the student, taught to the single individual. Only the experience of total thing was lacking, so now we provide it through the experience of the Unified Field theory, mathematics, and direct experience, by being it through Transcendental Meditation.

‘Because of these two things being so natural, we have all hopes of success. Only people have been suffering so much that many people religiously feel that suffering is essential to life and all that. But, nobody likes to suffer. This natural state of life that nobody wants to suffer, nobody wants pain and all those difficult things, that is in favour of totally living life.

‘So, what we are saying is natural. And we are not responsible why other people have failed. They may have missed this point. They may not have had guidance from their Gurus, from their guides. But we have a very competent tradition of Vedic Masters where the knowledge, basic knowledge of life, of the Self, of the soul, Atma, is complete and no obstacle to it.

‘Vedic Literature says—Bhagavad Gita is a part of Vedic Literature—it says there is no obstacle to living perfection, because the very nature of life is like that. There is no artificiality in it. We don’t create anything new. It’s already [that] the man is made in the image of God. That’s all. God’s Light is not foreign to man. [It is] something that is natural, so it’s only a matter of knowing it. And in this case, the knowing has to be so intimately on the level of Being.

‘Transcendental Meditation takes the awareness to the Being level, to level of total Natural Law, makes the mind soaked with that value, and then the mind comes out saturated, fully enlivened in the quality of total Natural Law. It is the total Natural Law, which is already in function at every level.

‘So, we are not doing anything unnatural, and we have the experience of 30, 40 years. And scientists have verified this from every level of their knowledge. Physics, chemistry, physiology, mathematics, all different scientists have verified that this works. And this naturalness is the quality of life, natural fullness.

‘That is why we have now the confidence in our establishing a Peace Government. And now we’ll have Peace Government. It may take time for us, because for one rose to blossom, it has to grow through so many thorns in the stem. But that’s not necessary anymore. That’s not necessary anymore. It’s not necessary anymore.

‘Now, today’s inauguration by the expert in the field of public life, gives us confidence that two things are in our favour. One is the perfection of our knowledge, and the other is frustration with the knowledge which has been guiding human life so far. So, from that side and from this side! We have perfect knowledge, and perfect knowledge is now in research. So, these experienced people, these very good people, are good enough to have that much needed effect produced. This Peace Government is to produce the effect. In order to produce the effect, some publicity has to be done, and some people have to speak about here and there and there.

‘But, now, in every state of USA, we’ll have Peace Palaces and all that, all that. The whole programme is so timely that our readiness to do it in theory, and in practice, this is one thing. The other thing is: from the other side, people are feeling frustration about it, whatever it is—darkness and all that.

‘So, from both sides, the inauguration of the Peace Palace has been a very great, joyful inspiration for us, and hopeful for all future of mankind. In our world family forever there will be better, more civilized efforts, more positive, more Light of God will be enjoyed by everyone. Really, very beautiful time. It gives us such great satisfaction of our working for the betterment of the world for all these 30, 40, 50 years. Beautiful, beautiful. All glory to Guru Dev. All glory to our master. All glory to Vedic wisdom, the complete wisdom of life.  


Question: On What Transcendental Meditation Is

Dr Hagelin: ‘. . . So if I could pose just three more questions. The first—another basic, but an important one, perhaps—and it is: “Although I have heard about TM in the past, I’m not clear what TM is exactly. Is it quiet thinking, prayer, a form of self-hypnosis? Is it hard to do? Would Maharishi define it and explain how it works?” 

TM—you can have one more new word just to enjoy about it: timely management. Timely management. You want to manage the day? Do TM in the morning. You want to manage the night, very peaceful and all that, all that? Then meditate in the, practice TM in the evening.

‘And TM, technically: Transcendental Meditation. And “transcendental” means something that transcends all boundaries, transcends all boundaries of space and time, transcends all boundaries of thinking process, because a thought moves. A thought moves from gross to the subtle, and rises from subtle to the gross. Transcendental Meditation is fixing of the mind to slide down automatically to the unmanifest field. This is self-referral consciousness, self-referral consciousness, that Unity consciousness. Unity consciousness.

‘This Peace Government is the government on that level of peace government. Peace Government. That is why it will be fruitful. It will be useful. It will be fulfilling to every level of consciousness.

‘There are seven states of consciousness. Ordinarily people live three states of consciousness: waking consciousness, dreaming consciousness, sleeping consciousness. Transcendental Meditation is the fourth state of consciousness, pure consciousness; Transcendental Consciousness, which is Cosmic Consciousness; which is God Consciousness—feeling the presence of God, seeing the creation of God, thinking all thoughts, all actions, all behaviour in the Light of God. This is God Consciousness. And Unity Consciousness—Unity consciousness, is as if you have gone on the top floor. Other states of consciousness: you are rising, you are rising, rising, rising. And now, Unity consciousness on the top floor.

‘We have created Global Country of World Peace, administration worthy of the people in Unity Consciousness. And now, the science and technology Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Hagelin, a noted, leading scientist in the world, he has practically established this concept of government on a very concrete level that just a few people, only a few groups here and there and there and there, and the world will be in peace forever.

‘So, this Peace Government will be the government to satisfy every level of consciousness, whether the people are waking, dreaming, sleeping, and all those seven states of consciousness. It will be suitable for all states of consciousness, because peace is a reality which is pervading all levels of evolution. All levels of evolution, peace is permeating. That is the effectiveness of Natural Law and that is why Natural Law is most economical.

‘The world economy has to have Natural Law-guided world economy. Politics has to be guided by the unifying value of peace, which is pervading every level of evolution, every level of evolution. The whole knowledge is so beautifully complete in its theory and so marvellously complete in its practical application, in its practice. So, we’ll have a very beautiful time for the world. Beautiful time for the world.


Question: On the Role of Students

Dr Hagelin: Maharishi, we have one last question from the press that has come in various different guises, various different forms. The question is: “There is a huge, historically unprecedented peace movement among the youth and student age today, probably as a backlash against the bellicose policies of the Bush administration. What does Maharishi see as the role of students in the Global Country of World Peace and the U.S. Peace Government?” 

Student time is a very precious time in the world, and they have to develop the skill of utilizing total Natural Law to fulfil their desires. Students should not waste their time in these political things here and there, because it’s a waste of time. For students, everything is a waste of time, because if they waste their time and do not develop fully the skill of engaging total Natural Law in their desiring procedures, then throughout life they will not be successful to the extent that is possible for them. And, therefore, students should never be utilized for these slogans and these rallies and all that. No, it’s a waste of national resources. It’s a waste of national resources. Don’t use student life in creating noise for this reason or that reason. No.

‘They should be given to experience pure consciousness and all knowledge about the different states of consciousness and all that we are teaching in our education. And everyone should be knowledgeable about his health. Not that the health is not taught to students. No, no, no. Vedic Education makes a primary achievement in the total Natural Law, total Natural Law. All these forty values of the Vedic Literature, forty values, they are precious values for every mind to have, for every intellect to enliven.

‘Student life is very precious life. It should not be wasted in these slogans on the street. No, no, no, no. That politics is cruel which puts the student to demonstrate here and there, because children will do what you tell them to do.

‘But, they have to concentrate in gaining the awareness of the Unified Field of Natural Law in theory and practicing TM, taking the mind to be Transcendental Consciousness, taking the intellect to be Transcendental Consciousness. And then, as they grow in age, as they grow to become young men, they will have the ability to spontaneously utilize total Natural Law to fulfil their desires. That’s all. And, therefore, students should never be directed or requested. No, no. It’s crime against life to put the students to waste their time with slogans on the street and all that, all that.

Question: On the Formation of the Peace Government

Dr Hagelin: ‘Before we close I just wanted to ask Maharishi if he had any comments on the formation of the US Peace government and its role, The Global Country of World Peace—any final comment for the press before we summarize and conclude this launch of the US Peace Government here today.’ 

Establishment of the Peace Government, as I said, is a result of the evolution of administration in the world, evolution of administration, and that comes at a time when Unified Field of Natural Law has been discovered, when the inner man, the soul of man, in self-referral consciousness of the individual, has been completely discovered through the Vedic Literature. And therefore, make hay when the sun shines. In this time, in this generation, in this scientific age, the knowledge is very complete.

‘And from the other side, every intelligent man experiences that the things are not satisfactory, and then they are coming to participate. And everyone should come to participate and engage the people, engage the people, morning and evening, an hour, everyone morning and evening an hour, in the name of peace for himself and for his city, for his country, for his world.

‘And you’ll say in your scientific language all about the simplicity of establishing this world peace. And you have done a very good gesture in asking the scientists: invest your intellect in different fields of practical life in society to awaken the interest of all other people so that groups are there everywhere, morning and evening. And that will be the government in peace. That will be Peace Government, which will fulfil the religion, which will fulfil the purpose of politics, fulfil the purpose of economics, fulfil the purpose of health, prevention, defence. All these very beautiful things will come to be actualized through today’s performance. It’s very admirable that you have taken a good practical step as an example for all other people from different countries.

‘And great congratulations for all those who have joined you and great congratulations to you, who thought of setting up without much delay, as a timely response for the fulfilment of the requirement of the world. And you explain to them before you wind up, your final programme of establishing these groups everywhere through these Peace Palaces, the whole programme that you have summarized in the introduction and in your inaugural speech today.




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